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  1. thank you. is there a link i can upload it to desktop?
  2. how do you animate in SAI program? i would like to learn how to animate items. i want to learn how to make items move or glow. i use SAI as my main program but i do have painter essential 5. though i am not good at using it yet. so any help would be very nice!
  3. poke lots of stuff still for sale. taking offers on everything
  4. Solpets: New NPCS + Premium Sale

    wow the npcs are really cool!
  5. anyone else need artwork done?
  6. i am open for commissions right now if someone needs art. i can not draw real humans or animals though
  7. poke...will take offers. i do not want them to just sitting in the for sale file.
  8. added a halloween pack.
  9. dress up monster?

    thank you
  10. will take offers on everything. just send me a pm and we can negotiate a price. ^__^
  11. added some small critters. will look at all offers for the critters and items. i do not want them collecting dust.

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