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    • Anyone know how to get in contact with Travis these days?
    • Santae is seeking a community manager and marketer to maintain all of our social media postings, help run the discord server, and get the word out about Santae, this would be a paid position
    • Hello! I have room for one additional google ad client. My services include creating google ad images along with creating + maintaining new google ads. Clients will be responsible for the ad campaign cost, which is separate from my services. I am currently working with Xanje + @wynnyelle and have had fantastic results! Feel free to reach out via discord to discuss site needs - mae0107
    • Devlog #4 — Five tastes, five play styles The cat art is slowly coming in! Our resident artist has a lot to learn. Here’s the first draft (to be reworked during public beta)! This flourcat is Glaze-d (like a donut!) B&W making-of gif here. Moving on, we’ve fleshed out how personalities are assigned and slowly revealed—all implemented about 2 months ago! But… Pivoting from personality Tiny snag: we want to relate personality traits to effects (like slowing trust gain, or increasing the likelihood of certain autonomous actions). With dozens of personality traits, each with the potential of affecting multiple areas of interactions with pastry-cats, there is a real possibility that the overall behavior of a pastry-cat becomes muddied and unpredictable. As it stands, the current implementation of training activities feels like a mishmash of potential—some tastes are considerably slower to train at the onset. When a pastry-cat begins training, their progression in certain tastes is pretty substandard—this begs fixing! Time to revisit the core traits of a pastrycat: the five tastes. (And swing back to personality in a future post.) Five tastes, five play styles Right now, the five tastes are interchangeable, which is boring. Catering to specific play styles has long been in our sights. You know: the strategists, the completionists, the collectors, the competitors, the roleplayers. Why not support these play styles concretely? This neatly solves our problem with interchangeable tastes: by associating each with a distinct play style. So picking one or more tastes to devote your bakeries to is tantamount to subscribing to one or more play styles. Something for everyone We’ll briefly whet your appetite for each taste, then reveal a big picture for the deeper interplay between taste stats plus their corresponding play styles and associated features and how the two things buff each other—then finally dive into our umami taste! Here’s how tastes and play styles match up: Sweet pastry-cats are all about competing. We’re planning five types of athletic competitions to specialize in too, and sweetness boosts athletic performance. If you’re madly into tailoring training regimens and are hyper competitive—into the rat-race and all—keep an eye on this one! The classic feather teaser, a 1-star toy To cover the umami taste quickly before we dive deep, this specialization scratches that crafting itch. Pastry-cats gather materials while hunting (and, in the future, you may collect materials while exploring the wider worlds) and you can gather ingredients by grooming them—all to craft into a wide assortment of toys, tools, and accessories. Trust (as well as obedience & empathy) are important for all pastry-cats, but especially affect bitter pastry-cats. The bitter taste is for those who love text-based roleplay & RPGs, and who want to see the pastry-cats as cats to bond with. RPGs old and new are our inspiration. Exploration (with your cat!) is most certainly relevant here! Any player worth their salt should be a top breeder! Breed for saltiness if you enjoy the thrill of perfecting breeding matches, growing strong lineages, and obsessing over intricate genetics. We’ll have your standard Mandelian inheritance, of course, but also some outlandish systems that are themselves a sort of mini-game, shall we say. Tart pastry-cats are for the aesthetic. If you love to collect pretty things, decorate, hoard, and customize, we’ve got you covered here! We’re planning on freeform ways to customize the presentation of cats and a novel way to colorize each breed. Legions of tasty cats So the appetizer above may be a little abstract! More specifically: each taste’s training is buffed by associated features (crafted toys, in the case of the bitter taste) each taste’s current stat value can mildly buff that pastry-cat’s interactions with other associated features maxing a taste stat provides another boost (adds a bonus to their athletic competition score, for sweet cats) maintaining a legion (well, maybe just 100) of quality cats of a specific taste nets you a bakery-wide boost This will be gradually hammered out. Basically, we want to achieve a nice positive feedback loop for each taste and have taste-training feed into the very features that define each play style. Crafting, now & soon We’re focusing on MVPs (minimum viable products) here! Think of it like an onion we’re slicing for you: layer by layer. Our first layer is rudimentary, practically vanilla. Choose which toy to craft What’s implemented Umami pastry-cats engage in play to train. Which toys they play with hold a lot of sway in their training: they’re more engaged by higher-star toys 🌟🌟🌟 and toys made with materials they’ve personally gathered. While crafting and playing with toys are fully implemented, yet-to-come are pastry-cats hunting for the materials and picking favorite toys (which gives a tiny boost and keeps their interest high). A snippet of the crafting form—note the pawprint symbol indicating the pastry-cat’s personal contribution Crafting, along with a pastry-cat’s success in gathering, are clearly vital for its umami training. Higher-star toys train umami faster but are far more elusive to gather. The future of toys & crafting As hinted at, pastry-cats may eventually show favoritism for one particular toy—be sure to keep it in stock and repair it! You’ll also need to keep a good variety of toys in your toy box, as pastry-cats will grow bored from too much repetition. But you can also delay boredom with fancier versions of the same toys—using all 8 feather slots for a feather teaser, for instance, or choosing more exotic variants of feathers. Different variants of the same material (silk string vs. flax string) lead to different durabilities. For minimalist purposes, crafting is currently a one-click wonder. Later, there will be crafting durations, cooldowns, and limited slots—and perhaps a few more novel aspects to come. Auto-crafting might be somewhere down the line! We’re cycling through the five play styles to give each their fair attention, but I for one am excited to properly brainstorm interesting ways to handle crafting. Next post… we may be spinning up a whole new system for training Fewer actions, tighter strategy—let’s just say a larger spreadsheet is involved! And your pastry-cat’s distinct personality will require an entirely customized strategy!
    • Thanks, I managed to fix it! You gave me the idea by suggesting to print the output but turns out the code was in the wrong file lol. I was trying to compare the two values in the file that generates the image when really it needs to be done where the image is displayed so if the 2 timestamps don't match it forces the image to regenerate. It's working now! 😄
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