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  1. ★ RPGs BeastEon Tumblr This is a development blog of a browser game made by a 2 man indie team. Everything posted here is not set in stone. We may revamp things, change them completely, or throw them out and forget if they don't fit the concept anymore. BeastEon is a virtual pet sim / virtual world browser game featuring strategy and RPG elements, infinite procedural explorable world, self-learning pets with AI engine, dynamic coloring of pet images, extensive lore and many more! Folk of Lore: Kindling Homepage / Facebook / Tumblr Folk of Lore is a multiplayer, browser based game which encourages and rewards players for interacting with each other as well as npcs. Begin your journey in a postmodern world where dark magic has transformed the world and all its inhabitants into creatures of myth and folklore. Build your character as a hero or antihero, and directly influence the game's story by participating in events and quests which raise or lower your character's karma. Capture, battle, and breed elusive creatures called cravaries and explore the vast, open world of Lore. Seek guidance from your npc Pathseeker and ask for hints to unravel the hidden information and unlock new playable characters! Lorwolf Homepage / Discord / Facebook / Instagram / Patreon / Tumblr / YouTube Lorwolf is a browser-based virtual pet RPG game currently in development. Users will be able to create their own fully customizable Lorwolf that will lead the pack as they bite, claw, and rip their way through the chaotic lands of Loria. Novilar Homepage / Facebook / Patreon / Twitter Novilar is a virtual pet RPG. Go on adventures and unlock the secrets of your new home alongside unique animal companions. ★ SIMs ClanHeart Homepage / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter Clanheart is a strategy based virtual animal SIM. The user can form a clan of creatures, establish territory, and fight for additional territory on! Deearly Homepage / Discord Invite / IndieGoGo Campaign / Tumblr Deearly is a Deer Breeding SIM. Your deer exist in a magical world which opens up tons of opportunities they wouldn’t have normally. Don’t worry, though, the deer are still deer. They simply have sentience- they can’t use a cellphone, work a toaster, or spit fire. … Well, no guarantees on that last one! Leviathan Myth Homepage / Discord / Facebook / Patreon / Tumblr / Twitch / Twitter Leviathan Myth is a free-to-play browser sim where you breed and battle dragons to make your way to the top of the Great Wall! Enjoy dynamic images on 11 dragon breeds, seasonal maps, and many useful items to collect. We are in a development stage but we are open to the public. Wild Howlz DeviantArt Updates / Facebook Group "We have been saved ... but not in the way we intended. Several generations ago, the world came to an end with a new dawn bringing forth a world humanity had believed to be all myth and stories. The remains of the past are scattered across the globe and things are no longer what they seem. Wake up to discover this new world through the eyes of the wolves, a creature once believed to be an ally to humans. You must find a way to survive, to grow stronger, and to find the answers to the mysteries scattered across this once glorious kingdom." Wild Howlz is a game where you raise and grow a pack of wolves and learn how to survive, battle, and explore a vast world full of mystery, wonder, and monsters. The game concept began back in 2013 and has undergone a few changes since then. It went on a several month long hiatus, but with new eyes, new inspirations, and new motivations, the game is coming back and is in the works once again. We are only a two man team right now, so the work is a bit slow, but we want to get this done and present not only a visually appealing game, but one that provides challenge and intrigue with near endless possibilities. Wild Souls Homepage / Discord Invite Wild Souls is a fantasy wolf sim, where you're put in the paws of your very own wolf! Survive in the harsh and beautiful lands of Frekiheimr as you forge relationships, hunt, explore, and uphold the responsibilities of your rank in the pack. ★ Adoptables Hewan Homepage / Discord Invite / Forums Hewan is a website where you can adopt animal and humanoid species. We have a point a point system (but we don't have a shop coded yet) and an adopt system is up and operational! ★ Virtual Pet Sites Aethria Homepage / Discord Invite / Instagram / Facebook / Tumblr Enter the dream... Create virtual pets, dynamically grow mini pets and items, explore, chat, and more! DapperVolk (Currently in Closed Development) Homepage / DeviantArt / Instagram / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter Dappervolk is an upcoming online virtual avatar and pet game with a painterly art style and RPG elements. DuelingPets Homepage Duelingpets is a virtual pet site where the object is to create your very own pets and monsters and do battle with them. The pets and monsters will be added eventually in another beta. Currently the site will be able to support art content, music content and video content. There will be a forum available that will allow users to subscribe to topics, moderators, and be able to chat with other users. Forums can be taken over by other users if the time that the owner is gone exceeds a specified threshold. Exabyss Homepage / Discord / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter As a citizen of Sanctum, the last bastion for human life, you have enlisted as an explorer. The Abyss is a vast and mysterious ecosystem that appeared as a precursor to the apocalypse. Scientific advancements have led to the discovery that, through a soul pact ritual, it is possible to tame the wild and violent creatures within the Abyss. Use the power of the abyssians to battle your way through its depths and uncover the truth about the apocalypse. Furvilla Homepage / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter Meet the Furvilla villagers! Create villagers, teach them skills, and immerse yourself in the towns of Furvilla! Mythaura Homepage / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter A web-based browser game where you can own mythological beasts, breed them, battle them and more. NeverGuardians Homepage / Discord / Tumblr / Twitter A web-based browser game where you can own mythological beasts, breed them, battle them and more. Project: Petsite Homepage / Discord Invite / Twitter Project: Petsite is in development, open for player testing Jan 21st 2019, a virtual pet site that is fully mobile friendly! Saylua Homepage / Discord Invite / Facebook / Reddit / Tumblr / Twitter Saylua is an in development virtual pet game that takes place on tidally locked planet split into a light and a dark side. There will be different regions and creatures to discover on each of the sides. Seripets Homepage / Forums / Facebook / Twitter Welcome to Seripets, the all new virtual petsite just around the corner! With high quality art, we have tons of pets for you to choose from and endless plots for you to unlock! Start your adventure in the desert and proceed to find your way back to the village where you are sent off to battle the ferocious sand monster and find yourself in hospital where you meet the prince or princess... Tattered Weave Homepage / Facebook / Twitter The Tattered Weave is a social forum site where you explore a world riven by chaos, make friends with the elusive kith, play games to earn prizes, and craft. ★ Mobile Applications Nothing just now. ★ Games Which've Shut Down Kaylune Homepage / Discord (Invite) / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter Kaylune is a virtual pet browser game that has been open since 2014; however, for a while, Kaylune's administrative team had put the site into a downtime up until July 2018 in order to make site updates and fixes to bring the users the best game experience possible! Sadly the game has been closed and is now up for sale via this thread.
  2. ★ RPGs Leayph Homepage Leayph is an online roleplaying game where you can collect, breed, and train amazing creatures, as well as battle other players and their creatures. There are already hundreds of items you can equip to customise your human avatar. Every month new items are added that you can collect and equip, from detailed robes and coats to boots to hats, including special accessories like wings, tails, or cat ears! Currently registrations are open but are limited to 13,500 accounts! PokémonPets Homepage / DeviantArt / Discord / Facebook / Forums / Instagram / Pinterest / Reddit / Twitter / YouTube Pokemon Pets lets you collect, train and battle with your favorite Pokemon! It's a free online RPG with people playing all over the world! Strive to become No:1! Whether in collecting or PVP! Pokemon Pets is an absolutely free Online RPG! (Absolutely no cost!) Play the game online in your browser, no plugins or downloads! Some of the features in this game include: Exciting live PVP battles, Challenging NPC trainers and fearsome gyms! Featuring over 520 maps, very fluent game play, Private messages and an easy to use market system! Over 2500 unique Pokémon from fakemon, fusions and much more! Each Pokémon is unique thanks to our EV and IV systems! Collect your favorite Pokemon from the original games or partner up with some of our exciting new fakemon composed by our community! Wolf Haven Homepage Wolf-Haven is a Wolf-based Role Playing Game where you can explore, hunt, take quests, join a pack and take down powerful enemies while becoming one of the most powerful wolves around!Wolf-Haven is one of the first Web RPG games to be created and proudly hosts a community of writers, gamers and artists! ★ SIMs Animal Acres Homepage / Facebook Animal Acres is a feature rich browser based animal simulation game. This virtual pet site is free to play and allows you to own, breed, train, and show a wide variety of animal species from real life to mythical creatures! Species include horses, dogs, unicorns, goats, dragons, and more! Canis Novus Homepage Named for "The New Dog", Canis Novus is actually a combination of very ancient dog sport combined with some of the more modern dog sports. It is a semi-realism based game, probably one of the most realistic out there (with the understanding that with any sim game it can only be "so" realistic). Canis Novus focuses heavily on the dog as a working animal, but also makes use of in depth conformation shows for those that enjoy that aspect of the dog fancy.. Equiverse Homepage / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter Equiverse is a competitive horse sim game in which you can create, breed and show your very own horses! Here, we encompass the realistic aspects of owning horses - from caring for them, breeding them, showing them, and much more. Exhibited Homepage / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube Revisit a place time forgot and embrace the chance to start raising your own virtual pet dinosaurs! Raise your new prehistoric pets from egg to adulthood, style and structure your own packs and battle your way to supremacy! In this wonderful online world there's a whole multitude of fun to be had, and it doesn't stop there - not only do herds of herbivores make their way into your farms for you to raise and breed, there's also an array of colourful prehistoric fish available for you to keep -- challenge yourself to own the best self-sufficient dinosaur farm there can be! With tons of beautiful art, fact files on every dinosaur species featured, genetics to breed for, unique flash games, a diverse and vibrant community and lots of fun things to do, don't waste time! Join Exhibited free today and break into a new evolution of pet game! Flying for Home Homepage / Facebook / Instagram / Twitch / Twitter Flying for Home (FFH) is a simulated horse racing game that has been open to the public since March of 2013. It is a fully automated site with actively involved developers and a wonderful, welcoming community. Members often say the game is one of the most in-depth and engaging horse games they've played, with multiple layers of strategy that take time to master. There are 5 breeds of horses, a complex and unique genetics system, individualized stats, traits, and appearances for each horse on the game, racetracks around the world, and plenty of options to tailor the game to your own goals and preferences. Races typically run twice each week and horse care is only mandatory once per week, which makes it popular among working adults and college students who don't have time to commit to daily care sites. That said - you can easily keep yourself busy throughout the game by interacting with the game's fun features, expanding your stables, and engaging with the community on a very active Discord server. Furry Paws Homepage / Facebook / Twitter Choose from over 200 different dog breeds and build your kennel from the ground up. Master 16 different dog sports. Build fame and become known to players around the world as the best breeder, the best trainer, or the best competitor. Best of all, Furry Paws is FREE to play! Horse Phenomena Homepage / Facebook / Instagram A classic virtual horse and dog game, updated for the modern internet. Horse Phenomena is a leading horse and dog showing and breeding game. We designed it with nostalgia in our hearts, but today's player in mind. We have something for everyone, whether you’re an expert trainer, a trophy collector, a rankings-topping champion, a casual social butterfly, or a talented artist. Howrse Homepage / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter Breed horses, enter competitions and manage your own equestrian center! Join a community of more than 12 million players! You can get this game on Android via the Play Store or on iPhone via the App Store Leporidae Homepage / Facebook Leporidae is a free to play online rabbit breeding and showing SIM. There are no downloads. Once you have an account, you can start buying virtual bunnies, raising litters, growing your herd, and competing against other players in an interactive online community! Lioden Homepage Lioden is a revolutionary twist on the SIM game experience - be the king of your very own pride of lionesses, breed the best cubs, defend your territory and battle other lions for supremacy. Lucky Lapine Homepage / Facebook / Twitter A fun, realistic breeding game where you can breed rabbits and guinea pigs. We pride ourselves by making the game as realistic as possible, and yet keep it fun, exciting and easy to learn! We have rabbits and guinea pigs to choose from currently, with big plans to add more, such as the soon coming rats. Each species is drawn in our unique, super adorable and yet super realistic style especially done for our site by our very talented artist and features as many genetic colour and coat variations as possible! Mweor Homepage / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter Welcome to Mweor! Raise, breed, and explore the world with your very own mweors, cat-like creatures which come in various species. Mweor is free to play! Breed mweors together and raise their mwittens. Markings and colors are passed down through simple genetics to offspring. With 10 species of mweor discovered and over 85 markings available, the possibilities are endless! Explore with your mweors, defeating enemies that threaten the safety of the Mweor Preserve. Your mweors will grow in power as they gain experience and you will earn fame for each victory! Wooly Hooves Homepage / Facebook At its heart, WHILS is a breeding game mixed with an rpg type game mixed with a standard browser type game mixed with a strategy game mixed with an adventure game. Complete capricious quests, fight ferocious (often vegetable) foes, level llamas, and selectively breed llamas in attempt to raise the most powerful herd in all of Whilso! ★ Adoptables Chicken Smoothie Homepage Adopt free virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie! Collect new pets every month, watch them grow, dress them up and trade them with friends! Create artwork using our free online Oekaki app, and join clubs, roleplays, and discussions in the Forum! Get started right away by clicking the link above! Dragon Cave Homepage Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly! ★ Virtual Pet Sites Acitius Homepage ? Aywas Homepage Aywas is a collectible pet site for older teens and adults. Adopt as many pets as you want, and explore the seven regions of Ay for wild pets to capture and add to your collection. We are a submission-based virtual pet website, so you can color pets, create items, and create Human Avatar clothes for everyone else to enjoy. We offer battling, breeding, mini-games, an active forum, and the ability to create your own custom aywas. Color the adoptable bases, and even edit them to look more like your characters. The possibilities are endless! BeastKeeper Homepage / Forums BeastKeeper is a free browser fantasy pet keeping and breeding game. • Adopt Dragons, Gryphons, Unicorns and other fantasy pets • Train your pets and challenge your friends on Arena and Battlefield • Research pet genetics and develop the best breed • Explore islands to find the treasures of the old empire • Breed your pets • Create custom pet skins and personalize your pets Daylight Pets Homepage "Daylight Pets is based on the recently colonised asteroid, Cruithne. Several people migrated here from Earth and you are one of the chosen few!" Read more... Register here at Daylight Pets now and you can start exploring this unique place! You might even make a couple of new friends. Eliyo Homepage / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter Eliyo is a fantasy world ripe for exploration. Play as an adventurer gaining loyal companions, pets, by capturing or breeding elons. Elons are creatures that inhabit the land and much of the world is influenced by them. An elon is an intelligent animal with basic instincts, desires, and needs. Felisfire Homepage Welcome to Felisfire - Planet of the Xenofelinoids. It was all over the news, all over the world. The United Terran organization, a coalition of Terran governments, launched an exploration to one of the myriad of M-class planets. Scientists from around the globe joined the expedition. Flight Rising Homepage / DeviantArt / Facebook / Reddit / Tumblr / Twitter / YouTube ? Goatlings Homepage Goatlings is a free-to-play virtual pet site, fun for all ages. Get your own lovable sidekick by adopting a virtual pet goat! Then name them, raise them, and train them! Play games, explore, and find treasure with your cute friend! Meet the interesting residents, challenge unruly baddys, interact with friends, open a shop, start a collection, and make your mark in the Goatlings world. Grophland Homepage Your great adventure awaits! In an age of adventure and exploration, only your guidance will keep the Grophs safe from danger and disaster. Raise Grophs, defeat monsters, complete quests, explore new lands, find new items, and much more. Icepets Homepage / Facebook / Google+ / Reddit / Twitch / Twitter / YouTube Explore the cold world of IcePets alongside your IcePet, your loyal companion. Change its look by using our unique closet feature, enabling your pet to change back to each and every color you previously unlocked, discover secret plots and avatars, play games, complete quests and chat with our incredibly heartwarming and welcoming community. The site is always growing, one step each day, so join for free today to make sure you don't miss out on the fun! Khimeros Homepage Khimeros is a unique online virtual world where you can breed your own virtual pets, create and customize avatar characters, forage and craft collectible items, play games, and interact with other users through our forums, blogs, and live chat. Kingdom Sky Homepage / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitch / Twitter Enter a virtual world of floating kingdoms, majestic guardians, and thousands of items you can collect, sell, buy, or trade. You can customize your own persona, train your guardians to be the best, play games, and join our various events and contests. We are a small, friendly community and we are only missing you to be a part of it! So join us today for free and find your place among the skies of Kingdom Sky! Marapets Homepage / Facebook MaraPets is a free virtual pet site with 21 fun-filled virtual worlds and dress up dolls. We are always creating and adding new content to the game. Thousands of kids, teens and adults visit us every month to play games, make friends, and take part in our active community events and contests. MaraPets allows each player to customise their own profile, create their own free website and dress up their own cartoon doll. Explore each world, filled with games, shops and activities as you train, educate, battle and look after your own Marapets. MisticPets Homepage ? Mycena Cave Homepage Mycena Cave is a community that encourages creative expression through writing, art, and storytelling. You can play games, collect many different pets, and focus on developing your own original characters. Neopets Homepage / Facebook ? Rescreatu Homepage / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter Welcome to the world of Rescreatu, one of the fastest growing online virtual pet games on the internet. Begin your journey by hunting for eggs on any of four diverse planets. Hatch a Creatu of your very own which you can raise, train and care for. Make friends, explore for rare items and discover an array of different Creatu roaming the planets. We welcome you to adventure with us through this unique and unpredictable universe. Subeta Homepage Enter a fun community where you can adopt a virtual pet, dress up a human avatar with thousands of different clothes, and make friends on our forums! Join today to pick a pet, get a starter kit of cool items and start having fun right away! Hundreds of users are enjoying Subeta right now, why aren't you? Sylestia Homepage / Instagram Welcome to Sylestia, a Free to Play Virtual Pet Browser Game. Sylestia offers a wide range of your favorite Virtual Pet Game features! • Create fully customizable Pets from over 20 different Species. • Capture, Generate, or Breed as many Pets as you like. • Create fully customizable Avatars from thousands of collectible items. • Explore the vast regions of Sylestia through an open world RPG system Verpets Verpets Verpets is a Virtual Pet Site with about 53,522 users. Here at Verpets we try as hard as we can to create a safe, fun, and exciting community where all sorts of people come to take care of a virtual pet, battle, make friends, play games and interact with the world of Verpets. Whether you want to chat with friends or be the best of the best - Verpets is the place for you! Wajas Homepage Collect, design, breed, and sell your own virtual wolves here on Wajas! We have sixteen different canine breeds, hundreds of patterns and markings, over twenty genetic mutations, and thousands of items at your disposal to completely customize your own canines. Test the limits of your imagination and sign up today! ★ Mobile Applications Nothing just now. ★ Games Which've Shut Down Paladore Homepage Tap into the world of Paladore and collect amazing creatures known as Pali! Join the ranks of the Paladins and play in a cutting edge browser-based MMORPG. Embark on your own adventure, complete daunting quests, battle fierce and daring opponents, and come face to face with other Paladins! There has no been no news from the owners of Paladore as to why it shut down, this thread will be updated should any information come to light in the future. Torva Cattus Homepage / Facebook Welcome to Torva Cattus, a revolutionary sim whose reason for being created is to help our majestic Felines. Torva Cattus, uses a fun realistic and fantasy mixed game setting to educate and entertain our players. In this game a player can rescue, nurse, breed and re-release wild feline species. With unique imaging and an opportunity to really make a difference in the future of many species Torva Cattus is really a game of many experiences. This game shut down at some point between 2018 and 2020, we do not have information on why.
  3. ?Welcome all? about me: My name is Femke, I am an artist from Belgium. Here I show you what I can do, from gems to animals to fantasy creatures to other goodies to backgrounds even icons and banners. From pixel art to detailed painting and lined work even some realism. One day I plan on making a pet site for myself to, so I will be looking for coders as wel in the future. So if anyone ever plans out a new site I am also always willing to help build it from 0 This will get updated with more work as time goes on. my work: My price list and deals: places where I work at/ help: Atrocity owned by Ittermat contact me at: discord: blackjashin#1345 instagram: @blackjashin here: @blackjashin some more work of mine
  4. Nightfury has made us a new npc for quests! Loki has made us new banners and icons for the game section also. Here is a few . . Head over to the Games section to see them all!
  5. My Smallix is now entering serious development. Updates are posted once a week on facebook Hi Everyone, my name is Virgil One and I would love to share with you, MySmallix, a semi pet simulation criss-crossed with role playing elements. In My Smallix there exists 2 types of creatures, the smallix and ordinary livestock. The objective of the game is to bring balance back to the various forests which produce insufficient vegetation. You will use your 1st smallix creature to recruit livestock in the wild to get the livestock to perform tasks in the various forests. As you perform different tasks with your smallix and command the livestock, your smallix will grow and develop different features. Creature - lifecycle -- where you start Sooo....much...effort...to do so little..... Some smallix creature proto-types The game play perspective --- when it slowly comes together MySmallix does have a full story line but rather then share it here, it would be best for me to save that as a surprise for you. The story is actually in novel form and some parts are rough around the edges, however the core aspects have been fleshed out for us to develop the game around the story. Platform wise, MySmallix will be fully playable on your mobile phone, however it is equally designed to play on your laptop/pc's web browser. The game is served over a webpage for the phone and pc and lots of care is being put into the interactivity aspect. When will this project go into beta? Truth be told, I am unsure. As of the day of this post, there's 2 core mechanics that I am still fleshing out. To not set the wrong expectation, I don't want to share the detail of what those mechanics are suppose to do but I am still in the process of experimenting with them. I need to ensure there's enough game to play. So that factors in when I'll have some type of game for someone to beta test. Secondly the artwork for the various components of the game are not complete. Environment assets are being worked on, smallix and livestock creatures are being worked on and hopefully in 6 weeks character art can be further produced. The core characters in the story have been sketched & designed but a lot more work needs to go in for the vision that I have and so this impacts the release. Tell me more about pet characteristics I'll just come out and say it but there is no breeding in this game. This game will focus more around what your pet eats and leveraging its skills to grow and evolve. The abilities and skills attained from evolution will serve various purposes towards performing actions to restore the environment. Smallix creatures do develop to a point where they have full combat capabilities but this is not the core aspect of the game play. So defeating other creatures is one of the things you get to do but not the focus. Livestock will serve other functions which is still being fleshed out. The goal will be you taking a journey with this pet and you being responsible for developing its abilities which maybe functional or social. You also go on the journey of managing various livestock and other smallix creatures. Additional Info After answering a few questions, it has completely alluded me that I never made any mention to some of the social aspects included in MySmallix. I have always been a strong advocate of games that incorporate nurturing of communities and social activities within games. I don't want to oversell the features we plan to put in place, rather once it's fully functional and the beta hits, it will make more sense for you to see how the social and community aspects which we put into the game fit into everything else. I know this is a bland answer but it's moreso me ensuring that we don't oversell our ideas to you so that you walk into this with a fresh perspective. Rest assured since this game is online players will be able to interact with each other to some capacity. My job with my team is to ensure that we provide the platform where this interaction is fun and compelling with the proper safe guards. Also, I wanted to share some small thoughts about my approach towards the beta. The fact of the matter is, there are tons of games out there which you could choose from. The fact that you would want to give our game a shot considering there's thousands upon thousands of amazing games out there is of tremendous importance to us. Development has started and beta is nowhere in sight but our team is building the beta around the methodology that any achievement earned by a tester at any stage of the beta will not be lost or wiped but kept for the duration of the game. I've personally experienced beta's where accounts get reset to 0 and I hate it. As a developer now myself I won't waste your time. Helping me fix my game is an effort on your part. The fact that I would wipe out your progress whether bugs occur and cause oddities, is not a part of the principles of our team, everyone's time nowadays is valuable and we refuse to take your time for granted because we know we don't want our time taken for granted. With that said, the beta is going to be broken down into 6 phases where phase 6 will represent a true beta where we open things up more to the public. With each beta, different game play components will be introduced. These are not large aspects to the game play but they should add a new dimension to the game. The game does feature a story which is carved to the side but drives the entire game. You can play straight through without ever fully knowing any of the story, but we will release the story in comic form in a piece meal fashion. For the beta, the goal is to take some of the comic issues (which are about 29-30 pages) and condence them to about 3-4 pages in comic form. If you want to check it out you can, its short and sweet or you can not check it out at all. The story we have drives the game mechanics, the creature abilities and the tasks you must fulfill when you play so we had no choice but to flesh out the story. It turns out we loved the story so much and fell in love with the characters that we simply had to do a full blown comic. With all that said, it wouldn't be fair for me to not give you guys a sneak peak at our characters and what's in store, so here are some more spoilers: Character Roster Last thoughts Feel free to ask me any questions to your hearts content, I know I've left a lot out and I didn't want to ramble. I am the owner & developer of this game.
  6. Hello. I'm a Game Owner of an online avatar forum website. We'd like to expand our team in order to produce more progressive development source, and possibly help us attain a more "2017" feel. For a long time we tried to stay local to our staff team (as being natives to the website), but we really need dedicated applicants who are truly willing to help us move forward. These are long term positions. Requirements for Any: Must be 18 years of age or older. Must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Must use Discord as the main source of contact. Must be willing to work with a team. Must be ambitious, adaptive, and creative. Job Offers Available as of 2018: Development Lead You must be... ... educated, and skilled in PHP, CSS, HTML, and JS. ... dedicated to working on a long term project. ... willing to accept direction from Technical Directors and Administration. ... able to take control of main projects in order to establish best out come of productivity for the user base. ... creative and willing to design aspects of the website to retain a more professional and updated look. Some job projects could include... ... changing interface. ... adding new game features or site feature content to new or pre-existing code. ... fixing old coding placement and errors. ... allowing user suggestions to create a format or prototype of project to enhance their game play (when agreed with Administration). ... being available as needed if possible site wide error occurs. ... working with Technical Support to be aware of the site statistics. ... and more. 2. Developer You must be... ... educated in any one or more of the following: PHP, CSS, HTML, and JS. ... willing to accept direction from Technical Directors, Development Lead, and Administration. ... able to take control of main projects in order to establish best out come of productivity for the user base. ... creative and willing to design aspects of the website to retain a more professional and updated look. ... willing to assist Development Lead as requested. Some job projects could include... ... changing interface. ... help with adjusting game or site feature content based on lead proposal. ... fixing old coding placement and errors. ... allowing user suggestions to create a format or prototype of project to enhance their game play (when agreed with Administration). ... and more. 3. Game Developer You must be... ... educated in any one or more of the following that allows you to complete your project in an efficient manner: PHP, CSS, HTML, and JS. ... willing to accept direction from Technical Directors, Development Lead, and Administration. ... able to take control of main projects in order to establish best out come of productivity for the user base. ... creative and willing to design aspects of the website's games to retain a more professional and updated look. ... willing to assist Development Lead as requested. Some job projects could include... ... changing game interface. ... help with adjusting game feature content based on lead proposal. ... fixing old game coding placement and errors. ... allowing user suggestions to create a format or prototype of project to enhance their game play (when agreed with Administration). ... and more. 4. NPC Artist You must be... ... dedicated to working on a long term project. ... willing to accept direction from Art Team Administration. ... able to take 'personas' and create your best imagery of the description. ... creative and willing to design aspects of the website to retain a more professional and updated look. ... skilled in your profession and be able to appeal to a large audience. Some job projects could include... ... creating headshot, bust, or full body appearances for NPC characters. ... creating art work that reflects an item created by another site artist. 5. Game Artist You must be... ... dedicated to working on a long term project. ... willing to accept direction from Art Team Administration. ... able to take control of main projects in order to establish best out come of productivity for the user base. ... creative and willing to design aspects of the website to retain a more professional and updated look. ... skilled in your profession and be able to appeal to a large audience. Some job projects could include... ... creating main and thumbnail images for in game items. ... creating backgrounds or in game theme decor. Payment: Per project, per hour, or per weekly/bi-weekly (can be negotiated). PayPal only. (allows currency tansfers as needed, site is in USD) 50% Off site currency, or ability to be paid in site currency. This will be discussed upon application completion. More information about this project can be obtained after submitting your interest in a Private Message to this account. If interested please submit the following: Name Portfolio Position interested in. Why you are interested (optional). When we confirm your message you'll be redirected to our official application to learn a bit more about you and send you more information about us. Thank you in advance for your time.
  7. I've been playing a game called "Rain World" lately. It's a game where you, a slugcat, journeys alone through a harsh and unforgiving environment. And as basics: Be Cautious. Nope a LOT. Watch out for the Rain. But without compressing it like nuts: Rain World is a game where you play as a helpless slugcat. Progressing through the game requires you to find Gates and unlock them by having the right Karma level. Karma is raised by eating the minimum amount of "food points" (min of 4, max of 7) and Hibernating in Shelters. There is a timer of rain. And when the rain hits, it is IMPOSSIBLE to escape it. Except by Hibernating in Shelters. Currently I have two videos up on Hitbox.tv for my own gameplay of this... Terrifying game. Industrial Complex (Area 2, 07/04/2017, 55mins) - http://www.hitbox.tv/video/1299537 - features a lot of deaths. a lot of crying. and death by rain at the end. (video is a tad laggy.) Industrial Complex (Area 2, 08/04/2017, 35mins) - http://www.hitbox.tv/video/1299707 - features actual progression, and opening of the gate to the Shaded Citadel. Has anyone else got this game and cried at how ridiculous it is?
  8. (Please do not post your personal information here, always contact me through direct messages for inquires ) Hello! I'm Maricela Ugarte, also known as (Chutkat) over the interwebs~ I've been a freelance illustrator for quite a while and have worked on several online and mobile games for companies all over the world by doing creature design, background art and assets. I have also won several awards for illustration, two of the most recent ones were the "Illustrators of the Future 32" and "World Challenge by Grafolio". If you have any question, feel free to send me a message! I'm pretty accessible. I speak English and Spanish Fluently and I can have basic conversations in Japanese. (In case one of these is your main language) Website | Games Portfolio | Linkedin | Deviantart |Tumblr | Pixiv Commercial Rate for beginner projects / individuals: $20 USD / hour | Or hire me a whole month for 120 hours of work for $1800 USD If you'd like a quote for your illustration or project, feel free to send me a note! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Illustrations Non-Commercial Price & Overall Information: http://chutkat.com/commission/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Background Art _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Creature Design _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Assets Thankyou very much for reading! (Please do not post your personal information here, always contact me through direct messages for inquires ) ________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Asset Packs https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/35255 I forgot to add, I have a 2d asset pack in the unity store. It costs $30 and it comes with around 100 tiles that you can use to build your own world. I need to revamp it soon, but as far as I know, when I revamp it you get access to the updates. These can be used outside of unity as well I think, since it includes the png files. Games I've worked on: The Tower of Princess, Shall we Date: Wizardess Heart, Clanheart, Dapper-Owl, Saylua, Horse Reality, Eqcetera, Mis Otros Yo, Pulso Nocturno.
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