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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I’ve been on and off pet sites and sim games for the past 7 years, and I’ve dabbled between art and writing. I decided to mainly pursue art in the end (I will also post my art later on) but right now I would love to be hired as a writer since writing is also something I love doing! I enjoy writing short stories as a hobby, and I also did some writing for my own game or for friends. ——————————————————— Below are some examples: 1) “You find an apple on the forest floor! You quickly snag the sweet fruit for yourself before the worms get a catch of it.”
  2. Let's make your game lore jump up and GRAB your players right in the imagination. I'm a professional copywriter with 15 years' experience writing for websites, newspapers, magazines, travel guides, e-books, email marketing and so much more. Storytelling with emotion is what I do best. Your players should do more than play - they should laugh! Cry! Immerse themselves in the world you've worked so hard to create! I can help that happen. Let's work together. Reply here or hit me up on Discord: Cactus#6673
  3. Hello folks! My name is VVren, previously known as Splatterpunk - had trouble getting into my old account, so I wanted to pop back in and make myself once more available to the writing world. My experience stretches back over the last decade, with my early credits as an item and world writer for Icepets when I was still in high school and later as a bestiary writer for Beastkeepers. I currently own and run an ARPG at deviantart known as Vesper-End, and am the primary writer for the ARPG as well, responsible for creating everything from new items and their uses to enormous free roam locat
  4. IcePets.com is seeking talented writers and editors. IcePets writers are tasked with bringing life to the cold world of Terrafrost. Responsibilities will include writing our news, book content, item descriptions, flavour text, and plot/event text. You must be willing to adapt to our style guide, which is a modification of the Oxford Guide to Style. This position is paid with in-game currency, based on the amount written per month. Requirements: Excellent written communication skills in English Strong knowledge of proper English spelling, grammar, and syntax Basic gr
  5. STATUS: Open for the Summer Season. Accepting payments in USD or GBP only, at their current exchange rate. Hello! I am a freelance artist, familiar with the sim/virtual petsite scene. I am proficient in both 2D and 3D work. I am also capable of pixel work. Some of you may know me! I am also available for game assets, comic work, illustrative work and personal commissions. Please note. I am also a proficient writer and available for such work! Current Situation: Open full-time, indefinitely. Links: [email protected] | artofelm.com | All Socials: @artofelm
  6. I'm looking for a writer to help me with creating a choose-your-own-adventure style story for Ekos. Let me know if you are interested with some examples/pricing. There's no big time frame right now, as I'm still finishing coding on some of the site. Basically, it will need to be a series of different paths that a player will travel along. sentence or two of events, options the player can take, and then how it links up with other events. Here's an example: (Start) {Alias} sets off on their journey... Go north to the forest. (2) Go west to the mountains. Go east to th
  7. Hello, I'm a 17 year old high school student with dreams of pursuing a creative career and am currently looking for work writing for pet sites because they've always been something I loved. I've written since I was very young and my writing has been complimented by various people so I'm hoping it's of appropriate quality for this type of job. Because I have low experience in this area, I would be willing to work for fairly cheap prices just so I can become more knowledgeable and experienced. Please contact me if you're interested in discussing working together! Writing sample attached.
  8. I am looking for a *volunteer* writer to help me write some promotional material for my company website. I've tried myself but it sounds very mundane and robotic. I'd be willing to trade some coding time if you have a project that needs some attention. If you are interested please inbox me. Regards, Paul.
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