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  3. After a month of festivities, games, and celebration of love, Amourok has finally come to an end. Just as they had worked together in the very beginning, the Ancient and Mythical Pets are taking down the Amourok decorations and cleaning up the confetti. In addition, shopkeepers are putting all Amourok-themed Items back into storage until next February. It's been a wonderful holiday, and Xaric and Zeiss are grateful to everyone who participated! Want to find out if your team is the winner? Head over to the Event Page to find out! There's trophies and other awards being given away, so be su
  4. We have been approved and money has been sent!
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  6. After nearly a month of festivities and fun, Amourok has nearly reached its conclusion. Starting tomorrow, Amourok items will no longer be stocking in NPC shops, and they will be removed from the ICE Shop. To make sure this holiday ends with a bang, Full Hearts will be restocking even more often than before. Whether you're Team Mythical or Team Ancient, you'll want to take this opportunity to support your team and give it your all; so head on over to the shops and scour the shelves for Heart Fragments and Full Hearts! While Amourok may be ending at midnight today, Heart Breaker will be ho
  7. Firstly, thank you everyone who donated to this! Two days ago we sent in our ad request to FurAffinity, so we are looking forward to hearing back soon! Thank you @Vix for putting this together for us!
  8. Wow, haven't been on here in forever. Been on a nostalgic petsite kick so it's nice to be back though!

  9. FriendFest February 13th - February 26th Chatting Thread Question Thread Partner Thread NPC's to NPC Thread Partner Story, Design, Dressup Letterbox Contest User to User Minigame Where in the world is Herman Users to NPC's Mingame Consider this your friendly reminder that FriendFest ends on the 26th at 11:59 PM. Please get all entries in before then, this will be the only reminder! ♥ View the full article
  10. Last week
  11. It's time to get your ducks in a row, because we're releasing a huge batch of Ducky themed items! The first four Duckies we'll introduce are simple, solid colors; the Black Ducky, Brown Ducky, Turquoise Ducky, White Ducky, and the Ice Ducky. These charming little guys will look simply adorable on your bathroom shelves, and they can be purchased at the Toy Trunk. You can also get them as a reward from the Plushie Quest, and starting next week, the alien of the Space Quest will be looking for them. Up next are the Love Ducky, Snowdrift Ducky, Cottoncandy Ducky, Cubed Ducky, Dreamworl
  12. For me personally, it's a mixed bag. I tend to pick out the colors I want for shading and highlights, but I often do use multiply for pet site art, and sometimes to enhance the shading of multiple areas with one color. I like this technique sometimes, but it doesn't work on multiple items so well if there is a large difference in the values.
  13. The end of Amourok draws near! To ensure that the winner is a surprise to everyone, both team’s respective scores will be hidden until the end of the event: February 24th, 23:59:59: IcePets Time. But that doesn’t mean things are winding down; Full Hearts will be rewarded much more frequently in Heart Breaker, and you’ll start seeing them on on the shelves of the Token Booth, Quest Store, and the Raffle Store! You’ll have more chances than ever to help boost your team’s score and rack up some Event Points to spend in the Amourok Store. Attention all poets! Here is your friendly reminder t
  14. As Faenaria's pet system is largely based on being able to create your own custom designs, we are putting into place another way to obtain pets. "Shop pets" will be premade designs, available for purchase from, you guessed it, pet shops! While our wonderful programmer, Indy, gets to work on the code, the art team has been working on the initial designs that will be released when the feature launches. Here's a preview of some of those designs!
  15. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by Lokki. They received 2,636,100 IP! Game Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 358: Mikasa Second Place, with a score of 231: Fransis Third Place, with a score of 25: TchaikovskyCoined First Place, with a score of 50260: coyotee Second Place, with a score of 42530: tishybug Third Place, with a score of 30380: TchaikovskyIce Breaker First Place,
  16. End of Festival coming up! View the full article
  17. Got some new trivia, and in honour of Friendfest, this one's all about famous friends. Cherish your friends, folks, they're the family you can create for yourselves! View the full article
  18. Good afternoon, CE players! What a wild week it has been! Thank you all for your patience as I have been away this week braving the Texas snow-pocalypse. This news post has a few quick updates: - CE Birthday Contest - Pending Market Releases - Development Updates - Bug Updates CE BIRTHDAY CONTEST As many of you have read on the Discord - CE has officially hit 2 years of live development! Another fun fact - did you know Celestial Equine’s original name was Marvel Horse and opened in 2010? After 3.5 years of live development we made the decision to briefly close are revamp to bring our fanta
  19. I use multiply for shadows and then overlay or sometimes screen or luminosity (depending on the effect I want) for highlights. Ultimately, there isn't a right or wrong way of shading - it's all purely objective imo.
  20. Coming soon to a Youtube near you! February 26th we will be hosting our first official game night. It's been a long week of prepping it, and it's finally ready to roll. So join us for LOADS of chatting, Q&A, and games! Starting somewhere between 7 PM and 8 PM EST time. (Giving myself some leeway in case going live acts up again, haha.) It will last two or so hours, so feel free to pop in whenever! **In the future, I do hope to make this more of a "game day" where I pop on multiple times through the day to hit as many timezones with games and chatting, rather than a
  21. I 90% of the time use multiply. I 90% of the time use multiply. My SO says they also use multiply a lot.
  22. http://www.icepets.com/images/Pets/Zabeu/Zabeu_Mythical.png For centuries, the Zabeu has been a mysterious and elusive Pet to Terrafrostians all around. Now, they've become even more magical -- or perhaps Mythical would be a more accurate term, for the Mythical Zabeu has arrived! An affectionate yet timid creature, the Mythical Zabeu is certain to trot right into your heart. With its opalescent horn and silky flowing mane, it's truly a sight to behold! If you'd like the Mythical Zabeu as your own, you'll want to get yourself a Mythical Snow Jar. These can be obtained at the ICE Shop year-
  23. SAI is my primary drawing program and PS Elements is my secondary, But when it comes to shading I tend to use the same techniques. I use several layers for different reasons, First I start out with the base flat colors, then use darker tones of those flat colors on a different layer, then do a layer of lighter colors. Then I move onto using a black color but with the 'overlay' layer setting as my main shading. I'm told to never use black in shading, but for me it tends to look really nice when used under Overlay. From there I use another overlay layer for light, and mess around with other la
  24. I got into a debate with my husband the other night. He uses multiply layers to shade (using primarily purple and blue tones). I very rarely do this, and when I do it's more of a base/guide than the actual shading. Instead, I use color shifting. What are your thoughts? What techniques do you use to shade?
  25. Bumping this up. Faenaria is still looking for a programmer to do some work for us. I have more details, but would prefer to discuss in private. I can be contacted on Discord or via PM here.
  26. I was talking to someone else who said my site also has a 'failing to open stream' error
  27. Earlier
  28. That change looks like it is forcing the redirect of all routes which doesn't seem right. The 500 error is caused by an issue in the code not a redirect issue from what I was looking at on Saturday. This will require more digging.
  29. Thank you @TonyWatkinsArt! So happy to have you
  30. Pride Loading Update View the full article
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