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  2. Hi! I'm interested. Here's my portfolio https://www.artstation.com/espeneldritch
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  4. Hello all! Long time no see ~ I thought it was time to make a new updated board with lots of awesome new art to share! I am an illustration artist who dabbles in a bit of everything - creatures, animals, items, NPCs, backgrounds, etc. I have several regular customers from virtual pet sites and am hoping to expand the client list for some new juicy work. Some clients include(d) Egg Cave, Dappervolk, Kuepets, and some other more secretive projects names. I am open to both one-time gigs as well as being added as a permanent artist on any projects. Feel free to post, private message, or contact me through my other social medias: Instagram | Twitter | Portfolio | Discord: Vlorrie#2548 Pricing $5 USD each 3 for $12 10 for $35 Recolors: $0.50 each Bulk pricing available Pricing is set for 100px images and includes PSD files Pricing Sketched, lined, colored, and shaded Waist-up: $35 Full Body: $50 Bulk pricing available Pricing Sketch Only: $15 Sketch + Lines: $25 Lines + Color: $35 Lines + Shading: $35 Lines + Color + Shaded: $50 Bulk pricing available Base Packs Base packs include 2-3 family/related creatures with PSD templates that can be altered/recolored. Mutations, genes, or accessories can be added, either by yourself/another artist or commissioned by me. 2-Base Pack Pricing Sketches Only: $30 Sketch + Lines: $40 Lines + Color: $60 Lines + Shading: $60 Lines + Color + Shaded: $80 3-Base Pack Pricing Sketches Only: $45 Sketch + Lines: $60 Lines + Color: $80 Lines + Shading: $80 Lines + Color + Shaded: $100 Bulk pricing available Illustration Prices vary depending on complexity and style. Please message me with specifics so I can give you a quote! Goodies For Sale I also have a few miscellaneous goodies available for anyone interested. Specifics/details can be given if requested. Wildebeest Family set - Removable Tails and Horns, recolorable PSD files Asking $75 Angelic Donkey Family - Removable Horns (not pictured), Manes/Tails, Wings, and Halo, recolorable PSD files Asking $40


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  7. Hello! its me again! We're still working on things I promise! **We reset everyones pets due to all the errors I caused- these should no longer appear **fixed a few of the avatar items ***Added a Daily free currency page ***There are now Seasons added to the side bar! **Cron jobs should be fixed and reset properly STILL WORKING ON/ADDING (NOTE: alot of these are on the to do list...When/whether they get done right now is unknown-) **Adding a monthly riddle page with prizes **Working to finish the forums **Pet sicknesses/ailments and the medicine **Fixing the Arcade layout to work again..its got messed up **Fixing the Tooltips and where they appear as well as fixing the lightboxes on maps **Fixing the ability to buy from hidden shops **Fixing/adding the diary system **Progress bars for thirst mood/hunger etc **Showing where a user is on the site in the online list **Ability to breed with other users pets And soooo much other stuff! (I have a long list of things to do!) CODING WE'RE WAITING ON **Battling system /everything that goes with it **The fixed recolorable avatar bases I'll keep ya'll posted! thank you for your patience!
  8. I'm working on a front end prototype for my game Logo needs a bit of work and I'm not 100% on the background but it's going hahaha
  9. Sharing some npc art for a game And some wip adoptables stages for a commission
  10. Hi! Currently looking for a background artist, preferably in a semi-realistic style. Nature scenes is what I'm going for. I'd like to see some examples! Payment will be discussed. PM or reply to the thread. Add examples and a price estimate. Thanks!
  11. Doing Art Fight this year: https://artfight.net/~jakdacrowe So I'm just gonna post the ones I've done so far!
  12. 07/03/2020 Update Notes -Battle music has been added to the game -FAQ section added detailing elemental strengths and weaknesses. -Skill attack grids have been added to the individual pet pages. -Sign up page now has a space to put who referred you. More details regarding the referral system will be announced in the coming days as it is implemented.
  13. Hi I may be interested, I don't see any examples of your style though
  14. We are having a sale starting now to July 7th in honor of our birthday on July 4th. New users that sign up during this time will get 200 sCoins and 10,000 sPoints to start with for free. We will also have sCoins and premium memberships on sale. For sCoins they can be bought at the bank. We currently use Paypal for all our transactions. Today (July 4th) you will be able to get a free gift in the "gift area". The link is located in your inventory. We also have a new birthday layout available for all users! Happy Birthday to us!
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  16. I am interested in this project! Do you have theme references/style board created for a starting point? Will send a PM.
  17. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone with a good eye for RPG GUI layouts. The layouts that I need are partials of full screens meant for mockups used in presentations and a pitch deck to various investors I'm in contact with. I'll provide the following for you to work with: - Art assets including templates, icons, items, etc. - Any additional art assets you feel you need (I'll purchase them for you to use) You'll be paid immediately for the layouts based upon what we negotiate. I'd prefer someone that has interest in being part of the project in the future. My goal is to add a few interested talents to a pitch deck that will be going out to investors along with estimated salary requirements, etc. However, it's not a requirement to be committed to this, but -again- it's preferred. Thank you and please reach out to me, Alan
  18. @dracula - Absolutely! And have no issue working to that deadline either- I'm currently furloughed from the Lab so have all the time in the world for art.
  19. New updates: Passive Skills --- -All creatures now have passive skills that unlock up until level 20. These can be viewed on the skills section of your pet. Battle Controls --- -Attack and healing skills now binded to 1-3 keys. -End turn skill now binded to X and 0 keys. -Switching targets now binded to Q and E keys. -Executing an attack now binded to ENTER key.
  20. @CynicalRaptor Are you open for item commissions? I may have somewhere around 100 I'm needing done for Nov/Dec.
  21. Seeking a quick and effient item artist to complete a large number of items for Folk of Lore. Perhaps somewhere around 100 items may be needed by the end of December. I'll get an exact number for you, if you're interested. Style is below. There are a variety of food and material items neeed.
  22. Great work! Sending you a message about some possible work!
  23. Well I need help with setting it up for my website. Installing it! I've tried several times but I'm missing something. Maybe it is since I don't know how to install apache. I've only transfered the files to the server with filezilla. So obviously I'm not doing enough. If you think you could help me set it up I'd gladly pay you for the help. I just want to get started playing around with it and learning. But I just get a headache of trying to make it all work right now.
  24. @rajira What are you trying to change / what questions do you have for it?
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