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  2. One more hairstyle we just added:
  3. @judda Very true! You have drummed this into my head enough that I hope it'll stick. Just like most things: the more backups in more places, the better! I have over 17,000 items personally I am going to try to sort through to help, but my most recent list on a sister site (subetalodge.org) isn't up to date. Sigh Can just imagine how stressed out the staff is as well.
  4. Not just a backup - but also off site or at least off server. Because if you lose your server, then you would lose your backups and wouldn't be able to recover. I know with IcePets, if we lose the server, it would take less than a day or so to recover from where we left off, all code is kept off server in source control, as well as all assets!
  5. Today I was alerted by a fellow player to a thread created by Subeta's owner, Keith. I was a little hesitant to click since I had just been venting about my frustration with not being able to play the site for almost a year properly due to lag and debating on just finally calling it quits (not that I wanted to) - and her frown face emote prior to showing the link had me concerned. Little did I know what I was in for... I'll go ahead and also link to the official announcement made a little earlier today|here|. You will note there was no news posted until today, despite this being an issue found on March 24th. Subeta had a glitch in their new wardrobe system, resulting in several (amount unknown) items being removed across the board. Typically this wouldn't be a problem, simply consult your backups - right? Unfortunately, the backups stopped running about four months ago. Users are upset and staff is about to be very overworked. We can only hope they bounce back from this like so many other hiccups they've had in the past. Let this be a lesson I thought we all already knew: Always create a backup. Even if it's automatically done, always check it - especially if you're releasing a new feature. Don't forget! Sometimes the simplest things we learn when we start out, can get overlooked.
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  7. 6 new male hairstyles, 5 new facial hair styles, and 4 new female hairstyles are now available!
  8. Hello all! I'll add more as inspiration hits. Available for commissions - please PM me for more details (and examples)! All art be provided in .SAI, .PSD, and .PNG formats. All payments through Paypal, please. Elemental Eggs (300x300px) - $25 USD Tulip Plush (300x300px - 3 recolors; additional recolors add $0.25 USD each) - $4 USD Assorted Vegetables (200x200px - 13 unique images + 5 recolors) - $40 USD (Bell Peppers, Butternut Squash, Turnip, Parsnip, Potato, Pumpkin, Zucchini, Sweet Potato, Mushroom, Carrot, Eggplant, Onions, Tomato)
  9. Hey guys, I'm Maxim, a PHP developer at heart, that dabbles in front-end work, in the past I have worked on modular gaming and to be honest I miss working on a game. Due to recent events my schedule cleared up quite a bit, meaning I'm available to work on new projects. I've written a tutorial series on how to implement the pokemon battle system in VueJS (mainly to teach VueJS specific concepts): https://medium.com/@maximkerstens/vue-js-explained-through-pokemon-ac49516ba5d3 My website contains most links that showcase some of my work: https://happydemon.dev/ Skills PHP 7+ Imagick/GD Laravel Javascript (ES2015+), VueJS, NodeJS Web sockets (real-time communication front-end/back-end) Server setup CI/CD setup (code deployment) Work process Send me a message or a mail that outlines the project you would like me to work on, to get the ball rolling. If we click we can start outlining the work that needs to be done and divide it into tasks. I'll add time estimates to the tasks so we can start planning in work Lastly I'll send out a quote for the initial month, once it's approved I'll start work I would prefer to get 30% of the quote up front, while the remaining 70% can be paid after the work has been finalised and validated. Pricing Depending on the size and duration of the project I can offer hourly rates between $35 and $50, depending on the volume of work. Communication I live in Belgium (UTC+1), however I will do my best to match up part of my schedule so we'll both be online on the same time. I'm happyDemon#5070 on discord, I'll also give out my e-mail address after the initial intake, skype is also an option.
  10. i get bored easy so i was doing watercolors and pet site art too. here are my fishy and cat.
  11. https://www.exabyss.com/ Our avatar system has been released! You can access it from the Explore page and begin customizing your own character. More options are coming, don't worry!
  12. All bases purchased from me by VelvetVixie are theirs to edit, sell (real currency or fake), and generally to do with as they please. credit as the original artist is not necessary but appreciated.
  13. Hello everyone! I want to share a little insider look at our advanced marking system and Artist CP on warrenz.net. I was going to post in our update thread, but this seems like a topic all its own. This system has been working wonderfully and the artists have been having a lot of fun with it (along with players). So here it is! The Crystal Cave The Crystal Cave is where users can apply markings to their rabbits, or just view them. ^ Above is the 'all rabbits at once' view. If you want to see what all of your rabbits in a certain pose or gene would look like, you have the option to flip through them quickly. If you just want to work with one rabbit, you can click on them or use the link from their profiles. The single rabbit view has extra marking selections. Items (marking stones) are used to apply them (if you have the item in your inventory, it gets used). You can also edit existing markings with an item, altering the opacity, hue, brightness, and saturation. There's also a randomizer if you just want to edit a rabbit's markings randomly (this randomizes the opacity, hue, saturation, brightness, and patterns of markings). But I'm skipping that for now. Artist CP The artist CP is for artist drawing new markings for pets (you must apply for an artist position to access it). It provides resources and an upload button so you can easily keep track of everything. At the top of the page us the upload button. Then a place for Admins to approve uploads. They get automatically added and become instantly available in the Crystal Cave (no having to manually name and upload these). Below the upload button that are the marking types, and at the bottom of the page are the different poses and a list of markings that are most needed for them. You can download the pose template here. (The unreleases poses/markings are censored out of this screenshot.) If you click on a marking type, it brings up the examples page. This gives you: - detailed instructions on how to draw the marking - examples of pets currently on the site with that marking (can refresh for a new set) - all existing files of that marking type You can also click on any pose to view every marking currently available for that pose. That's it! Thus concludes a rundown of our markings system. I also want to add, we combined it with the semi-reliastic genetics that were originally all we had on the site. So every rabbit has its own genotype, and markings can be added separately (which may interact differently depending on the genes). For example, most markings don't show up on albino pets (except spirit markings and special markings). We are also working on adding accessories, which will share the same system.
  14. Usernames I have gone by in the past on other forum based websites where my adopts are used. Rescreatu VelvetVixie Lioden VelvetVixie Gothicat World Bonejack Gaiaonline no longer a member, but was Velvet Vixie Discord ShadowBracer
  15. I need verification to use the bases I have purchased from my fellow users as such I would request that the users I have purchased the bases from would post here, stating the bases purchased, and the use permission upon which is given.
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  17. Hare


    Updates since December 19th A lot has been happening these past few months! We have been working on smoothing out the marking system features, fixing bugs, improving our staff panels, and streamlining gameplay. Thank you all for your comments and I'm glad you're enjoying the updates =D Features - New blocking features have been added so you can now block sales/auctions in addition to forums and messages. - Guides have been added for the marking system. All Litters When viewing all litters, you can now quickly and easily set all prices at once or choose whether to keep your kits. New Items Several new items were added including the Extra Forage (which allows your rabbits to forage again for the day) and Random Name Stone (which randomly generates a new name for your rabbit). New Pose This new jumping bunny was added as a new basic pose you can find.
  18. Kinda marking this for the (faaaar, far away) future! I have had an idea for a sim game for quite some years now, so it would be great to finally make it a reality
  19. I think most of the affected countries now have done some type of lock down / social distancing for their people. The USA has shut down most schools in affected areas as well, in some cases until the next school year! (They switched to online learning where they could). Has this affected anyone's schedules? Are you working on your site more or doing other activities? If you're now working from home, or school from home - are you finding it more difficult to get things done?
  20. @Chixulub When I say framework, I am really meaning a completed, live game. My biggest regret is purchasing incomplete work, whether that be a framework OR paying a developer as they went as opposed to a per-feature basis. This has resulted in quite a bit of wasted funds and headache on my end. However, this is just my opinion! I have seen copies of games sold on this forum a few times, so it is worth some research. This route allows for more focus on customization your unique features rather than tons of investment in "standard" features. Best of luck!
  21. @Vix Thank you this is an extremely helpful post for us to at least get some of our bearings. In response to your pointers: 1. When you mention that you can buy pre-completed frameworks, where might we be able to search or inquire about that, and where can we get a pet-site framework? Would it be necessary to buy another pet site, seeing that a pre-bought framework would have to emulate one? What languages are these templates most often written in? I can certainly start saving money to buy a template, and if it saves us some money and largely eliminates the need for continuously pay to a developer for hundreds of hours of service, I'm all for it. 2. I'll be sure to look into the website regarding that server and forums, thanks for that tip! 3. Hmm yea from what you are saying perhaps there is a lot to the front-end development I can learn on my own if need, as of now I'm going to learn HTML for sure. But yea, if we end up needing to hire someone it would be on a per-project basis I suspect.
  22. @halichu Not sure if you are up for some freelance work
  23. First of all, good for you for thinking about this before starting. A lot of people start pet sites without realizing the true costs involved. Some helpful resources are: So You want to be a Site Owner... and How to Plan Programming. Adding to what Vix has already said: 1. Programming expenses have multiple factors involved including the complexity of your game plans, the skill level of the person you hire, and the country they're from. That means costs could be anywhere from $10/hr to $100/hr. It all depends on who you hire. If your game is a really simple one, you could get away with 100 hours worth of work but could easily increase to 1,000 hours depending on what all is involved. The answer is: you can't know the final costs until you move forward with a programmer who can estimate that for you. 2. While in development, you can use a $5/mo server from Digital Ocean or a comparable hosting company. Once you open to testers then to the public, this could go up to hundreds of dollars depending on traffic, server setup, etc. 3. Again, this depends on the person and their hourly rate. Usually a frontend developer can be hired for a bit cheaper than one to develop your site (known as a backend or full stack developer) so you may want to hire someone different. 4. Since you have art and writing covered, other things you might not be considering is any costs of other staff such as a community manager or marketer. Supportive software like something to send emails should also be considered which could range from free to $100+/mo. Merchant fees is a big cost for purchases on a game. PayPal is the most widely used because of its international reach, and they charge 2.9% of each transaction + $0.30. So you would never want to have $1 purchases in your game. Despite all of this, don't think that you can't afford to build a game. Many games take multiple years to build which would spread the costs of development out to be more affordable. You can also try to get an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) up and running to get testers and possibly financial support earlier on so that you aren't supporting everything yourself. Good luck on your pet site!
  24. @Bedouin is a programmer that keeps track of everything, they recently posted an in depth review for their game! A Financial Peek into a Public Beta Game They also wrote a few things on planning a game to help out with that learning curve! Planning Your Game Part 1: How to get started Planning Your Game Part 2: How to plan programming Then you can also read a bit about the "technical" side of the house here!
  25. Hello there! I am happy to share some of my experience in this area. I hired out for art, design, development, and some writing for my pet site, so you are already on the right track providing the art yourself! Anything you can do on your own, do it. Development is very, very expensive. 1. It is really hard to give you a price range here since there's tons of ways you can go about this part. You can certainly hire a developer to build out your whole initial framework, or you can go down the path of purchasing a copy of a completed game to modify. If I could turn back time, I would have saved enough money to just purchase and modify to fit my needs. I have watched many new games lose steam right after the basics are completed (registration, various profiles, economy areas, etc), which is really sad. You are also spot on with your realization of needing some basic dev knowledge to help keep the cost of maintenance down. Udemy has some awesome videos that are pretty easy to follow! I personally have not found the time to work on my own skills, so this advice is easier to dole out than actually do 2. This part is super easy. I personally use Server Pronto and really like their service. There's quite a few threads on this forum discussing servers! 3. So, generally you would have a front-end designer for the actual UI and a back-end developer for the implementation. Some have both skill-sets, but I generally had my designs converted to HTML/CSS so my back-end dev didn't spend so much time on that aspect. From a cost perspective, this really helped. My front end person charged about $30 for each responsive design, but this would have been triple the price if my back-end dev did both parts due to the difference in their hourly rates. Back-end rates, in my experience, have ranged from $15-$60 per hour. I now work on a "per project" rate so it is easier for me to keep track of a budget. For example, I would send the details of an assignment and a quote/completion date would be generated from those details. 4. The biggest cost will always be development, so it is important to make sure your plan makes sense to avoid costly "do-overs". Trying to take user input/feedback into consideration will also help dramatically! Depending on the type of game you have, I think professional writing is a great addition as well.
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