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  3. We've already reached 36% of our funding goal! I couldn't be more excited to be off to a good start! Keep in mind that for a pledge of just $5 you will given beta access to the newly coded site!
  4. I'm so excited to post that we got a new Kickstarter launched! The staff and I have been working on this project for the last couple of months. Originally we were just going to do a site fundraiser, however, in the end we thought something more official might bring in new members and further grow our community. This also gives us a chance to bring back the KS rewards from our first Kickstarter, allowing users to get them who missed out before. Ultimately, we really believe that this is the best course of action for the site. These upgrades will make our future better and brighter! So please, head on over and check out the campaign, share it with your friends, and if you can, pledge to get amazing rewards! As always we love each and every member of our community! We look forward to undertaking this new journey with you all! PORTAL TO KICKSTARTER
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  6. New Father's Day items have been added to the Holiday shop. We have a new snuggly also for the Snuggly collection! All of these items are available until June 23rd.
  7. We are still looking for artist so feel free to message!
  8. @oakhearted I’m sorry, I unfortunately can’t do them for free.
  9. I'm looking for someone to do a handful of simple concept sketches to illustrate the classes and races of our upcoming RPG system. We have 8 classes and 8 humanoid races. (we can combine the two categories so we're just doing 8 pictures instead of 16) I have a small-ish budget as I'm just wanting some nifty splash art to release alongside class descriptions. Hip up shots I think. If you're interested please post or PM me! I have descriptions and can come up with reference images.
  10. Hey I'm renek! and im looking to do some item art, character busts or even environment objects, such as houses, trees, etc. (sorry no pets) Would love to hear from anyone looking for art and that thinks my style might be a fit! Please message for prices Fastest way to reach me is by email ( bockowocko@gmail.com ) or just pm me. Note- I don’t do any animation.
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  12. This seems really promising. The art is very good and the lore seems well thought-out. It seems like if every pet is unique and hand-colored, that might be a lot of pets you have to create, so I am a little nervous about how that will be sustained. But, maybe I'm worrying too much. There are a lot of promising ideas here. Best of luck with this project.
  13. (ANON) Magic & You Author: Pansy Peterson To some creatures, magic comes naturally. To others, it doesn't. Sometimes, even among the race of magical creatures, there are some individuals who aren't magically inclined. For those unfortunate souls among us who find themselves with a lack of magic, there is still hope. After generations of research, experiments, breakthroughs and horrific failures, I have concocted the solution; a potion that will grant you magic! It is not quite perfect yet; the effects aren't permanent and will wear off after a while. But while it lasts, there's magic. I have to warn you: this potion is not for the faint-hearted. It requires some rare ingredients, a difficult and long process time, and a strong stomach. But if you succeed, it will be well worth it. Let's get brewing! Ingredients: 3 Eyes of Newt 2 tablespoons of Wolf's Milk 1 Lion's Tooth 1 Little Dragon 1 drop of Blood of a Goose 2 Bat's Wings 1 Hawk's Heart 1 Hundred Eyes a pinch of Unicorn Root 1 cup of Blood 1 litre of water a secret ingredient Equipment: a heat-resistant kettle an oaken ladle a mortar a glass flask a cooking fire Put the water in the kettle and heat it to exactly 78 degrees Celsius. Let it sit at this temperature for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. While the water heats up, grind the Eyes of Newt, Lion's Tooth and Unicron Root in the mortar. When it's a smooth paste, add 1 Bat's wing to this mixture. Grind until smooth. In the flask, mix the Wolf's Milk and the cup of Blood. Swirl to ensure it mixes well. Add the contents of the flask and mortar to the water. Stir counterclock-wise only! Bring the mixture to a boil at 100 degrees. Let it boil for 4 days. Grind the remaining Bat's wing, Hawk's Heart and Hundred Eyes in the mortar until a smooth paste. Add this to the mixture in the kettle, and stir clock-wise only! Let it sit for 23 minutes. Take the kettle off the heat and let it cool to 46 degrees. Once the temperature reaches this exact limit at de drop of Blood of a Goose. Don't stir! And now comes the final step, the most crucial of all, involving the secret ingredient; belief! All you have to do is believe this potion will grant you magic. Pour your every fibre into believing it. Believe, and you shall have magic.
  14. Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr |Instagram| Patreon July 2019 Hello, everyone! It's been a while since you've heard from us. We've been really busy working behind-the-scenes to bring you Figment, and we're excited to say that we're planning to launch alpha in mid-to-late July! In this update, I'd like to take some time to cover some features of gameplay and lore. And then I'll show you some new art. 😉 But first... What is Figment? Figment is a lore-heavy mishmash of a lot of funky-cool ideas, focusing neither on Human Avatar or Pet, but trying to find a balance between the two. There will be questing, exploring, crafting, and expanding the overarching storyline based on decisions made by the playerbase. Here's a peek at our landing page. LORE Fanterra (WIP globe) Welcome to the world of Fanterra, a planet blessed with latent magical energies, where all of your wildest dreams can come true. The starting land, known as Imagine Nation, will be a tutorial town. A very folksy little place, forests and cottages, but filled to the brim with travelers from all over. Very bright and colorful. (WIP town) Erabarrow is the second town users will be discovering, and is very much like a walk through time. Each NPC shop will be themed after the 1920s / Gatsby era, with a twist. Climate would be the most picturesque weather, at the base of a mountain range. Nestled in a cozy forest. Cross Crest is the third town, based off the idea of Alternate Realities. Would have a lot of neon and inverted colors, almost like a space theme. Could also be a potential hot-spot for magic, thus a town where many fae / dragons gather. Potentially snowy, in a valley surrounded by peaks and shrouded from the world. Those are the three towns slated for Alpha/Beta, but there are other town concepts yet to be revealed for full launch! Magic Referred to as Dawn and Dusk. No magic is truly ‘’good’’ nor ‘’evil’’, but is dependent on where the user draws their magic from. A third, more powerful type of magic is known as Eclipse, a mix of the two schools and only achievable through bonds of the purest friendship. This does not have to be limited to users / pets, but could be shown through relationship building between NPCs. There are leylines running deep beneath Fanterra’s crust, which is the source of all magic on the planet. Because of this, all species have the potential to perform magic, but dragon magic is the most powerful. Fae Fae are, like dragons, beings made of magic. And although they are weaker than dragons, they are more numerous. The Fae are separated in two royal courts representing Dawn and Dusk, each wielding its correspondent magic. Both have a royal lineage currently represented by queens, and they are near always in some sort of conflict, be it all-out war, be it more subtle. Each court is associated with what's called a "Deity Dragon". The Aurora Court is led by the Dawn Queen, short and chubby, androgynous but masculine-leaning. The Eventide Court is led by the Dusk Queen, tall and lithe, androgynous but feminine-leaning. Dragons Fanterra is their planet. High-tier magical beings, outranking Fae. Although not every dragon is attuned or even in control of these powers. Like Fae, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Dependent on location and what sort of magic is present there. Snow -- Heavily feathered/furred. Medium. Desert -- Scaled. Large. Jungle -- Feathers are more vibrant. Small/Medium. Mountainous -- Feathered or scaled. Enormous. FEATURES Pets The starting pet options are a cat or a dog. Offered in "natural" colors, like Dalmatian, Calico, Red Merle, Black & White, etc. When you first join the site, you have the option to choose your “starter pets.” You may choose up to 2 pets; cat and dog, cat and cat, or dog and dog. You may not choose the fur type or breed of your new pet/s. Instead, once you make your species choice, the site will pull a premade pet from the starter-pet database. The specific pet (or pets) the players get is completely random, and some of the randomized starter pet “coats” are rarer than others. These starter pets will be only pets on-site that multiple players can have copies of. The rest of the pets on the site are 100% one-of-a-kind and individually hand-colored by a site artist. Ways to obtain pets include roleplay / explore events and contests. For premium currency ("Wisps") you may also get custom pets, where you submit a prompt and a site artist designs your new pet for you; or, you can breed your pets to receive offspring designed to look like a mishmash of the parents. Critters A pet for your pet, often found via dreaming (a random event). The type of dream your pet had (daydream / nightmare / etc.) would reflect in the type of critter they get. Some critters can also be found through adventure, through eggs, or given out as quest rewards. Each Critter is made up of a mix of two species from Earth. Other Features Adventuring system Quests Crafting Professions Breeding Human Avatars Collectible Forum Vistas Shops & Galleries Alchemy Library / Readable Books Weather Pedigrees Customs Stud Service Pet accessories Monthly events How you can help support our development For those who don't know, Patreon is a subscription-based platform that allows fans to monetarily support creators and their visions in exchange for cool benefits. For us, Figment is a passion project, and every contribution - regardless of amount - helps us add extra perks and artwork to the game. Consider supporting us here. Moving forward, we are making changes to the Patreon tiers so that you can get even more cool perks, without having to pay more! Changes to the following tiers: $10: Supporter forum vista Entry to monthly raffle for a custom pet Alpha key Alpha ribbon Fennec-fox-hummingbird Critter Paint of the month AND (NEW), (1) you may request a copy of any non-Patreon-exclusive Critter; provide a color palette / photo to inspire a site artist to color you a new Paint! OR (2) you may request a pet with natural patterns be colored for you, to be distributed among the site starter pets. $50 (now $40!): Pick a breed of cat or dog (ie: Pitbull, Bengal, Husky, etc.) that you'd like to see on the site, and we'll make it! We'll even give you a custom copy, colored to your specifications. Creator forum vista --- That's it! I will leave you with some more pretty art. 😉 Thanks, everyone! Some concept art!: Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr |Instagram| Patreon
  15. We have a new sidebar along with new customization features. You can show/hide your human avatar and shout box. If you have a premium account you can also hide your active pet and myNav. You can also now unlock new layout themes by buying a crystal from the Crystal shop. Premium users are also now able to change their profile color and the style of their social buttons. Just go to your settings by clicking "Personal" in the top nav.
  16. I don't have in real money to pay, but i could pay with items from flight rising, chicken smoothie if possible. or just art freely done? comment or pm on here if interested in doing art for hewan adopts and such
  17. Hi team, As above, looking for an artist to come on-board at Caniquus who can produce realistic greyscales of dogs and/or horses (happy if comfortable only doing one or the other). Please email me on admin@caniquus.com with samples and pricing. There is a lot of work to be done, coming out of my own pocket, so looking at a cost-effective pricing please. Thanks!
  18. Loki has made yet another beautiful theme to match with one of our pet themes. The Celestial theme! Here is a few: Most items are sold at Pierre's Vêtements Chic. Some are in Celine's Hair Salon.
  19. It’s not strange. He did it to me nearly couple years back. Kept in touch stringing along over a couple months saying he was ill then nothing at all. Fortunately didn't lose any money though.
  20. The pets you have so far look cool and the site has a pretty design. I hope you get the email issue fixed soon.
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