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  2. Have you had your eye on the Token Booth recently? If not, you might want to start, because we're swapping out the last batch of old Phantasmoire themed Items! Starting today, you can get the Bat Plush, Candycorn, Pumpkin Soup, and Pumpkin Ice Cube at the Token Booth. These will be available until October 23rd, 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so be sure to give Cecie a visit and stock up on some tokens. Additionally, until October 30th, you can now visit the Haunted House every two hours. You now have more chances than ever to see some spooky sights and potentially snatch up some prizes! View the full article
  3. H3 Meter Feed/Play Values View the full article
  4. Oh really? I accepted every single application the first wave. Though apparently some applications didn't go through. >-<
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  6. Boo! Did we scare you? Phantasmoire is in full swing, and the sweet n' spooky season is bringing tons of scary surprises for you and your Pets! Grave Digger is open once again for Phantasmoire this year, with all new prizes -- wait, is that a Sweet Present hiding down there...? Grave Digger will refresh every 30 minutes once a present has been found! You can search once every 30 seconds (or once every 15 seconds if you have used the UHD on select features around the site, found in the I.C.E. Shop). Grave Digger will be available until October 31st at 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so get digging while you can! For the rest of this weekend, the Snowman Quest will be buffed! From the 15th until the 17th at 23:59:59 PM IST, all Snowman Quests will have double the daily limit, and double the prizes. What a chilling surprise! View the full article
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  8. I'm already on the discord server I applied the last time applications came around but unfortunately didn't get picked, but that's luck of the draw I'm really looking forward to seeing where this can go! And yea, I completely understand the value in doing the Patreon, development is not easy and it takes dedication and the desire, and to be just you doing stuff and it not bringing in any money is rough mentally! I know that from experience
  9. Aww thank you for the kind words! Yeah Patreon is a risk but with the amount of time and effort put into it having the support helps. That and the server bills, the sudden growth means I have to keep upgrading the servers lol. You can hop onto our discord server (link is on our site, not sure about the rules of linking here) to check up the updates and keep in the know, and don't worry - we have applications. Right now it's every 4 months as we want to slowly grow (instead of massive leaps) but it may become more frequent soon. The next sign up date is the 15th of December and when you visit the site that day it will show a button to link you to the application form to join. Also, if you're really interested and what to see what we have to offer, if you hop on the discord and message me I can give you an invite link to join our test server. Though the experience isn't fully the same - it'll give you a general feel of the site to see if it's worth applying/supporting.
  10. Welcome, Jackyls! We briefly interrupt your Haunted Faire festivities to bring you some new friends: Jackyls! Jackyls were created by 40mg(DeviantArt) and then owned and developed by TropicalPrimate (DeviantArt) and EXxiilED (DeviantArt). We have recently obtained ownership of this wonderful species and are excited to bring them into the realms of Lythbound! You can read all about Jackyls on their newly-added species page and there are also two subspecies added to Gryfons and Axomaurs respectively, based on species designs by NorthernRed (DeviantArt) and TropicalPrimate (DeviantArt) respectively. Other than new information, we will be porting the original Jackyls masterlist on-site today! No ownership will be changed during this import and Jackyls will also be receiving an announcement on their end regarding this update! If you own a Jackyl and already linked your account to DeviantArt before this announcement, please contact us via Support Ticket to get those ownerships updated! If you newly join after this announcement, simply link your Lythbound account to DeviantArt and your Jackyls will automatically be added (as well as a special achievement for having been involved prior to Jackyls joining us here)! Additionally, Jackyls will be available for creation via MYO tickets as soon as the masterlist import is complete! You may also want to take a look at their subspecies, as a rather monstrous one is available right away which might interest current Haunted Faire visitors... (Monster Jackyls can be created via the Moonsbane Potion, currently available from the Haunted Faire!) Once again, welcome to our new friends! (Thanks to Raishiteru and CakeBird for species adaptation work!) View the full article
  11. Hello everyone and happy few days until HoFa! Breed Redo: Shetland Pony! Surprise! Today, the redo of Shetland Ponies has come a bit early. We figured it would be more fun for all to have a few days before HoFa transitioned to enjoy the new Shetland Pony art. Grade Images Several grade horse images have now been completed! Congrats to players Holli, Raine, WildBrumby, LilCat, Daria, and Shokubeni on their hard work!! Arabian: Palomino, Golden Palomino, Leopard, Varnish Roan, Light Palomino, Cremello - complete Seal Buckskin Clydesdale: Classic Champagne, Leopard, Blanket, Varnish Blanket, Varnish Roan, Golden Palomino, Chocolate Palomino, Buckskin, Tobiano, Overo, Splash White Shetland: Varnish Blanket, Varnish Roan Fjord: Pearl, Varnish Roan, Varnish Blanket Ingot Sale As a reminder, ingots are on sale for up to 35% off! Included in the ingot sale, we have brought back packages which include spectral and magic token sacks. The ingot sale will run for today until October 15th, 11:59 PM EST/ gametime. The Transfer We will begin the transfer to Horse Fable on October 16th at 10 AM EST/ gametime. We expect downtime to be roughly 5 or so hours, but this could take longer. This means no one will be able to access the Eqc site and a message will direct you to HoFa once we are live. During the transfer time we will be chatting on the HoFa Discord and hosting a few games. Be sure to join us over there! What Moves Over? All horses, ingots, items, currency, etc. will move. Anything on your account will move over to HoFa except EXP. New Things! HoFa has many new things, but they will be slowly released from October 16th - November 6th. This is to ensure the game plays as it did before and is bug free before we add in the big new features. When you are able to log into HoFa, you will notice a very new layout and navigation changes. There will also be several newer features for you to see such as a few quality-of-life edits (mass unequip) and more! The Eqc Discord The Eqc Discord will be archived and a mass message sent to everyone with the invite link to the new HoFa server. When on the HoFa server, you will have to follow directions to be able to join and view all message channels. This also applies to everyone currently on the server. Please note, as we transition some channels, it may take awhile for some to go live such as crossbreed campaign channels. It may take a few hours to edit the server to display all channels for you properly, but we will be working to get it back to our usual! Patience is Key! Bedouin and I are a team of 2 working to move a massive number of files and a huge code base. Although the massive amount of coffee we will consume should keep us on our toes, we ask during the transfer for everyone to hold off on any non-emergency messages or emails. On the 16th, we will mostly be away trying to ensure everything is running smoothly and everything moves over properly. We thank everyone for your patience while we are going through such a wild time! We would have never gotten this far without you all, and we are glad you have stayed with us during this transition. If we are greatly needed during the transition, please contact a moderator via Discord or email [email protected] If anyone has questions between now and the transition, feel free to comment below, on Discord, or via email. Cheers, Bedouin & Curly View the full article
  12. As of recently, you may have noticed some spooky happenings here and there. Perhaps you feel a sudden chill while you're alone in the house, or you hear a creak in the floorboards during the night. No need to fear, though--it's just the ghosts of Terrafrost! These ghosts are super friendly and will do you no harm. In fact, if you happen to encounter one, you'll have the opportunity to "trick" or "treat", and possibly get a prize out of it. These ghosts speak in ancient spooky tongues, however, so they'll have trouble communicating with your Pets... unless they have a Phantasmoire colour. The ghosts will disappear again October 31st 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) so if you want to pay them a visit, do it soon! There's a limit to how many ghosts you'll encounter in one day. However, if you obtain a Ouija Board from the I.C.E Shop, you'll be able to reset the counter and meet even more ghosts! They'll be in stock until the end of the month, and at 150 IceCash (135 for Gold Users), it's certainly worth the price. View the full article
  13. Hello, hello! It's been a bit since our last flash game, so lets have one now! I will draw TEN winners from all valid entries to pick their choice of Fall Seasonal Doodlecorns. "What is your favorite SPOOKY critter/being?" Does not have to be real. You must include your ID. You can explain why, but it's not necessary. That's all folks! I will staff only this post once it's over. Ends: at 1 PM EST time. View the full article
  14. Follow us on Social Media! Thank you Sahryd #11662 for giving new life to our social media accounts! :) We invite you to join us on Facebook and Instagram for news, puma showcases and more! [ Click for Facebook! ] [ Click for Instagram! ] And a minor item update: • Some new grounds and branches scenery can be found in A Change of Scenery! • As well as some fun autumn leaf animations in The Garden Path! Check out Leo's Loot for some gifties if you haven't already found them! ;) View the full article
  15. You may have noticed your Wulfer howling a lot more frequently after the moon rises. Maybe they aren't sleeping through the night... maybe... they're showing their Phantasmoire spirit! As you can see above, the Phantasmoire Wulfer has been revamped! Both the Pet and the Potion have beautiful new artwork that you can see on-site today! We hope you love your wild, wonderful werewolf! If you are having trouble seeing the new artwork, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac. Additionally, our local Terrafrostian chefs have been busy creating two new scrumptious snacks - the Lemon Bar and the Mac & Cheese Meal! The Lemon Bar was funded by @Shibe, and can be purchased from Affogoto. It will be rewarded from Snowman Quest starting today, and requested by Candy Quest in one week. The Mac & Cheese Meal was funded by @smallsamoyed, and can be purchased from Glacial Grocer. It will be rewarded from Candy Quest, and requested by Space Quest in one week. View the full article
  16. Happy almost HoFa time everyone! We are extremely busy working but wanted to give a small post today. Pick December's New Breed! Do you have a breed you’ve always wanted in game? Today, we are opening up a rare opportunity to be able to pick a new breed! To cover the art cost, we are auctioning off the chance to pick December's new breed. This means the winning bidder is able to pick what breed they would like added to the game in December! Bidding is open from now until October 14th at 6 PM EST/game time. Click here to bid. Game Transfer Keep an eye out for a news post shortly with details about the transfer to HoFa. Our move to HoFa is October 16th. Ingot Sale Ingots are on sale for up to 35% off! Included in the ingot sale, we have brought back packages which include spectral and magic token sacks. The ingot sale will run for today until October 15th, 11:59 PM EST/ gametime. We have lots of art plans that can be started with enough funds! Help us get there! HoFa Updates As a reminder, Horse Fable updates will not be posted to Eqcetera. Instead, they can be accessed through 2 channels: HoFa socials or by signing up for updates on horsefable.com , we suggest both following socials and signing up for emails. Our goal between now and when we launch HoFa is to really concentrate on building the social media channels and increase awareness about HoFa in general. We’re planning email updates biweekly or weekly until launch with sneak peeks into some sparkly new features. [ Facebook ] [Instagram ] [Twitter] Sign up for email updates at horsefable.com Cheers, Bedouin & Curly View the full article
  17. Thankfully Laravel makes 2FA/MFA easy enough to implement, and I trust their safety standards to back me up when I tackle parts of the project directly related to security like this! I've gotten pretty stringent about the security of my accounts as well so this was DEFINITELY on the list of things I personally wanted, as much as anything haha
  18. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by Cowpro. They received 2,314,800 IP! Trivia Result Trivvy has a new question for you! Click here to try question #161. Trivia #160 was answered correctly by 46 people! Game Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 343: Fearless Second Place, with a score of 305: catboy Third Place, with a score of 131: yuckyratCoined First Place, with a score of 61030: TaNi Second Place, with a score of 35330: tishybug Third Place, with a score of 32210: silvermonkeyIce Breaker First Place, with a score of 38330: yuckyrat Second Place, with a score of 10020: TaNi Third Place, with a score of 9355: bibliopossumIce Snake First Place, with a score of 115: whereisthendJar Match First Place, with a score of 1670: Fearless Second Place, with a score of 1512: Requiem Third Place, with a score of 1364: inamiRed vs Blue First Place, with a score of 32: Fearless Second Place, with a score of 9: whereisthend Third Place, with a score of 7: yuckyratSharshel Says First Place, with a score of 6500: bibliopossum Second Place, with a score of 5060: catboy Third Place, with a score of 3850: silvermonkeySurvivor First Place, with a score of 145: Fearless, catboy Second Place, with a score of 134: whereisthend Third Place, with a score of 112: gummyratzView the full article
  19. Pin and Password recovery is working again! Sorry for the delay, and thank you Jesse for working tirelessly to get it back online for us! View the full article
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  21. Have you enjoyed the leaves floating by in the autumn breeze? The scent of candy, pumpkins, and something creepy in the air? We hope this Phantasmoire season has been wonderful for you! But we wouldn't want you to celebrate without us! Starting October 9th, you can stock up on classic Phantasmoire Items at the Token Booth! You can build up your collection with our spooky, special selection of Items such as the Scared Black Cat Plush, Phantasmoire Novyn Mask, Phantasmoire Dovu Wrappings, and Pawbert! These Items will stick around until October 15th at 23:59:59 IST, when they'll rotate to another creepy collection -- so clean out your candy buckets and spooky-scoot your way to the Token Booth! View the full article
  22. I absolutely love this! I use MFA everywhere that supports it, it started out as "an annoying thing we do at work". But then the value of it slowly crept in. It's available on TGL as well for anyone who wants to use it. Thank you @Jackalune and Lythbound team for keeping security of accessing accounts top of mind!
  23. Lythbound now offers Two-Factor Authentication! Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds a second layer of security to your Lythbound account by linking it to an authentication app (such as Google Authenticator [Android / iOS] or Authy). This app then generates a limited-time six-digit code, which becomes required anytime you log in. Adding this means that anyone trying to log into your account needs both your password and access to the device which is displaying your code. We do not require 2FA, but recommend it as an extra layer of security. When you enable 2FA, you can then request an emergency backup code. Keep this code somewhere safe, as it can be used to disable 2FA in case you ever lose your linked device, and it will only be displayed once. You can activate 2FA on your account via the navigation: Personal -> Account Settings -> Two-Factor Auth (2FA) View the full article
  24. Get some crayons and coloured pencils or open up your art program of choice, because it's time to get creative! For this year's Phantasmoire contest, we want you to design a spooky, Phantasmoire-themed Companion. We want a brand new, totally unique design -- so don't base it off an already-existing Companion. Also, the first place winner will have their design made into a real Companion! As always, make sure to read the rules before entering this contest. Rule 1 - Work must be entirely your own. Please do not trace original artwork or use Google images, but image manipulation of IcePets art to create graphics is acceptable. Rule 2 - One entry per User. Rule 3 - While you may use existing IcePets artwork in your submission it must be modified in some way in order to create your idea, not just a one-to-one of something on IcePets. Rule 4 -Your submission cannot be something that already exists on the site. Rule 5 - Your submission cannot be identical to other existing Companions, designs or ideas outside of IcePets; you may make references with your Companion, but it cannot be a direct copy. Rule 6 - Art must be kept PG-13. For example, you may show blood, weapons, or mild violence, but not gore or dismembered limbs, etc. All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets. Rule 7 - Keep your entries private and please don't share with other Users! Rule 8 - Staff reserve the right to dismiss a submission if it is hard to view or appears no work was involved. Rule 9 - Your entry must be uploaded and sent to Mochihugs by October 22nd, 23:59:59 (IcePets time). Prizes 1st Place - Gold Contestant Trophy - Golden Competitor Stamp - Phantasmoire Snow Jar - Pet Ghost Costume Item of choice - 1 Companion Bed - Your Companion idea made into an Item (and sent to you) - 200,000 IcePoints 2nd Place - Silver Contestant Trophy - Phantasmoire Snow Jar - Random Ghost Costume - The Winner's Companion once it's made into an Item - 175,000 IcePoints 3rd Place - Bronze Contestant Trophy - Phantasmoire Snow Jar - Random Ghost Costume - The Winner's Companion once it's made into an item - 100,000 IcePoints All Participants: A full Haunting Treat Bag As always, we look forward to seeing what you'll come up with. We know there are plenty of artistic Users in our community, so it's time to let your talent shine! View the full article
  25. I've seen people post about games on Flight Rising. It's been a couple years since I've been on though so take that with a grain of salt.
  26. Huh, I knew there was some drama or something with Dynasty, but it wasn't a game I kept myself updated on so a lot of the behind the scenes stuff I didn't get to know about. Hope you find a game that scratches that itch.
  27. Sorry for the delay! Welcome October! The most wondrous of months. A time when a young pumas mind turns to costumes and danse festivals and.... mystery... by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.... View the full article
  28. Forum Trick or Treating Hello, hello! I'd promised to let you all know when we decided on the dates for the Forum Trick or Treating, and we've finally got those dates for you! We will be running the Forum Trick or Treat event from October 17th until October 23rd. That's a full week. To note: while the overall event is shortened, all threads made during the month of October will be able to partake in this event. For those who do not know what the Forum Trick or Treat event is, please check out this Library Page that has the original News Post's information on the event. Additionally, we will be rolling out the other contests and events on the 17th for Fall Fest, so be on the look out for those! We hope everyone has a safe spooky season and is ready for the fun and festivities coming up! View the full article
  29. Feel free to contact me on here if you're interested! I'm checking on here now and then!!
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