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    @Boltgreywing Ah, we are all guilty of worry too much at times. It's only human after all. :)
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  4. Looking for a Project

    @BeingI had Syntax set up to work on my stuff and then she just disappeared
  5. Survival rpg dinosaur game! (in dev)

    This looks amazing! Being a huge fan of literally all of the games you listed, I'm really excited to see this one's development! I'll be keeping an eye on this
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  7. Survival rpg dinosaur game! (in dev)

    Hello! Little update! Later tonight I am going to try streaming my remake of some tiles (and possibly create new ones). I may also work on some map/area creation. If anyone would like to watch, follow me on Mixer. You can also join my Discord (The Roost) where I will post an announcement some time before I stream. 🙂 Also I have decided not to update on the game as much as I was, since it takes time away from me actually working on it, plus I think it would just look better to release a bunch of cool stuff at once instead of sporadically haha. I will continue posting here and on my blog with weeklyish updates! Thanks!
  8. Hello Everyone! There are quite a few things to list in this update, so we are going to do just that, list the new or updated features along with some screen captures of them. Sound good? Then let's get started! Firstly, I am sure most you have noticed already, but a Discord widget has been added at the bottom of the user panel, be sure to join us if you haven't already! Next, we have a feature that should have been implemented much sooner and is long overdue, you may now split/separate stacks via your Travel Bag or storage. (Click to see larger image) Oh, and I am sure you will be pleased to know that companion aging is now a thing, which means your companions can now grow older going from baby to elder, meaning you will be able to mate your baby companions one day! And for inquiring minds, it takes 2 weeks to grow from a baby into an adult and 2 months to go from an adult to an elder, so 2 Months and 2 Weeks until it's elder stage. Speaking of companions, markings have been added to cover all of the age groups for each species, which means that the Adult Ice Dragon can now use each marking in the Breeding Simulator. Along with that, Elders have been added to the wild and the levels have been altered for the adult and elder stages. (@Reakeda's Seaside Sunset (#217)) Next, we go on to probably the largest feature in this update, Swaps. Players can now use swaps to exchange items as well as currency. You can have up to 12 items on a swap lot and include a message of what you are seeking to swap for if you want. Also, you may browse swaps or search for swaps containing a specific item. (Click to see larger image) (Click to see larger image) But let's not forget about the player shop additions, you will now be notified if anything from your shop sells, who bought it, the quantity they've purchased, how much you made and what currency was used. Along with that, we have added a player shop search feature, which can be found under the "Shops" menu. (Click to see larger image) (Click to see larger image) (Click to see larger image) And while we are on the topic of shops, two new NPC shops have been added which both are using temporary NPC's. These shops are Taming Supplies and the Fashion Boutique. It's time to get your taming spheres/capsules and keep a lookout for new fashion. (Click to see larger image) (Click to see larger image) Alright, so we have yet another feature that should have been added sooner, but adding it now is good because at lease we were able to place pet gene data on there now, give a round of applause for companion profiles! (Click to see larger image) Also, in an attempt to try and bring more users and activity to Cybura, we have added some potential benefits to referring new players. If you refer a new player and they purchase Alpha Access, you will receive Alpha Access as well or 5 Tokens if you already are an Alpha user. Same goes for if you refer them and they purchase Beta Access, you will receive Beta Access or 3 Tokens if you already have Beta Access. So now if you are unable to get Alpha or Beta access yourself, you could gain it just by referring someone who is able to. But if you refer them and they make a token purchase then you will receive 50% of the token amount they purchased (For clarity, if they purchase 50 Tokens, they will receive all 50 and in addition you get 25, but not 25 of their actual tokens.). So pretty much, when the new player makes their first purchase, you will receive a bonus for your referral. (Click to see larger image) Lastly, for players without Alpha Access, we have updated the trial popover to include a button that reads "Not Now (Delay for 10min.)", which will dismiss the popover for 10 minutes, allowing you to read bulletin board posts without starting your trial, as well as choose when you want to start your trial (thanks goes to @Mandalay for this suggestion)! And even more exciting news is that every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) non-Alpha players who login will be able to enjoy full Alpha Access! That's 48 Hours of Alpha you can enjoy every weekend! The First Alpha Weekend starts from 8/18/2018 - 8/19/2018 11:59pm! (Click to see larger image) We hope everyone enjoys and thank you for playing Cybura!
  9. Only 4 accounts under #30 left! (23, 24, 28, 29).
  10. Looking for a Project

    I would be interested in a longterm coding partner after my last 2 flaked on me. I am happy to pay for work and for art (actually have bought a few pieces of art already and the artist is happy to do more!) I've got the domain sorted and a large document detailing aspects of the site and happy to discuss anything that might pop up when you're coding. I just... need someone to code it haha. I was hoping to get some form of demo up by the end of the year but sadly I doubt that now....
  11. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    I too have not heard from them in months. I hope it works out.
  12. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    @judda The 15th is also the last day I had contact with him. His profile on here shows that his last visit was June 30th though.... But I'm sorry to hear that you've been without communication as well. Today marks two months later with no update... I hope he's alright but some kind of quick communication (at the very least) is really necessary at this point. I hope he does return to refund people.
  13. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    June 15th was the only day I heard from him. I messaged him a little while later (June 23rd) and low and behold, he had vanished again. ~judda
  14. Those are excellent examples, actually! I'll send an email to you to with details on what I'm looking for so I can possibly get a price quote ^-^
  15. Pet site vs Pet world

    @Angel: I don't plan on making it a chicken smoothie type site. Users will be able to take control of just forums and groups not individual galleries and the like. I don't think my site does the wysiwg approach. I probably can't call it a pet site but I can't call it a world either. Its just different. @Mobotropolis: I think I can manage the upload traffic but will probably have to hire additional staff as it gets bigger but I think it will be worth the expense.
  16. @Shinobu I'm not exactly asked to draw birds very often, but I assure you I don't have an issue drawing them at all. These are all the examples I could find from this year, and the others would be from prior years. Hope these help anyways since I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for as an example.
  17. I love your style! Do you happen to have any more examples of birds like the snowy owl? I have a project in mind that I haven't started yet because I suck at drawing birds xD
  18. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    Thank you both for letting me know! Sorry to hear that you haven't had any luck either
  19. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    I last heard from him in June as well.
  20. Seeking Background Artist

    Sounds good. Thank you!
  21. Seeking Background Artist

    @Aminirus Pfft oh yeah I've no doubt you can do backgrounds. I'm familiar with your work and it's always lovely! And yes, I know what you mean about da. I basically just use it for fun uploads (like ocs, rp stuff, and general nonsense). But I'll go ahead and pm you here.
  22. Art Packs For Sale

    A pack of halloween themed items for sale. The whole pack is $10USD for five items with a fully customizable PSD file that you can use to recolor for different combinations. All of the items come on one PSD file, you buy full rights to all items included in the pack. Please mail me if you are interested.
  23. Seeking Background Artist

    Either or would be good @dracula . I don't have an exact replica of your desired style, so I know not everything in the examples I provided would be perfect. The lines are definitely one thing that is different, but mainly wanted to show that I understand that the background and its pieces are drawn in rather than just straight up colored and painted. I'm not moving from DA, just limiting my time there heavily. It's no longer as ... reliable... as it used to be and I can't continue to use their endlessly breaking system, if you know what I mean. It's good in its own way, but no longer is as functional for my purposes as I'd like it to be.
  24. Well, since the lines are already available and it's just greyscale, I could do it for half the cost I normally charge, which thus make all 90 items total around $180 and I can definitely get 60 of those to you by October, if not all of them. I don't currently have any work scheduled for September so you'd be the top priority then. Let me know if that is good with you and we can discuss things further if you'd like. Thank you for you interest @Deloryan!!
  25. Seeking Background Artist

    @Aminirus I'd be looking for thicker lines than the examples shown but if you're up for it, I'm always happy to commission you! Should I note you here on on da? Not sure which you frequent more. Last I heard you were moving from da? Or maybe that was someone else.
  26. @Aminirus Would you be able to draw horse tack realistically on about 1000x1000px size on greyscale. We already have the linearts available, but need it to be coloured and such. I think I have about 90 items that need to be done. Preferably all of that before October, if not possible, then 2/3rd of it. I have a few of them done myself if you want references, but I'm neither good nor fast at drawing that stuff xD I also want commercial pricing as we'll highly likely use it to put it on the horses and create posters and cards from it to sell. Could you tell me if you'd be up for the task and tell me how much you think that'll cost ?
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