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  2. Hiya~ I hope you are doing alright! I'm an Artist and I've been looking to join a project for a while~ I can offer Items Art, Characters/Npcs (human, furry, anthro, etc) and even Logos and other promo Art! ✦Icons: ---- ✦Logos & Promo Art: ---- ✦Characters: ---- - Contact & Commissions info - ✦Commish info + prices! -- ✦You can contact me via: * Discord - sterkiherz#7005 *Twitter *Email - [email protected]
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  4. Updated with some Halloween items - hopefully the first set of many!
  5. Sorry for lack of updates everyone. Our plans for this year kind of took a turn unfortunately. I am hoping for the holidays coming up we will be able to have a few more updates for you guys. We will have our usual sales at the end of year, so keep checking back! As for right now, we have made slight changes/fixes on some pages that we hope you all enjoy (especially if using mobile ;)). @Chari-Artist is also working on getting back in their groove and has made us the Lebaa Totem. The totem allows you to change a pet's current species to the Lebaa species. It is now availabl
  6. @Leaftrill I just got an email from Verpets this morning. I tried to log in, and that account didn't work, but I was able to make a new one!
  7. Not yet. The only one I have been using is Mysidia which is fantastic, but really needs updates and additions. I am just trying to make that workable as I can.
  8. Still looking for a long-term dev! Hourly rate of $40-$50 depending on the project, working on a feature by feature basis.
  9. @MissyMaster Any luck finding one for this price tag? I know there are a few free ones out there that are being worked on, like LoreKeeper, and Haunt Framework. Less than $100 is very cheap for all of the work that would need to go into a product like that (with such a niche market).
  10. Hope this is allowed- bumping this back up as bills are flooding in this month! Open for any art.
  11. Faenaria - Homepage / Facebook / Twitter Faenaria is a browser-based virtual pet and avatar community focused on all the fun, interactive features that have made Virtual Pet sites last through the ages! Our website is still a work in progress, with plenty of room to grow and flourish. Our aim is to offer users an engaging, Fantasy-inspired experience. We will continue to release a plethora of mythical creatures for you to collect and customize! Our avatars are already live, providing you with many options so you can show off your personal style to the world! We are in the process of integ
  12. Updated information. I might be open to doing avatar work as well. But it would be a similar shading style.
  13. lowered prices for each items pack. i want to get rid of them. edit: i am gone for two weeks
  14. @Demona What game from this list are you talking about?
  15. Many apologies to you guys ( @Demona @Issa @Herbal @MasterDaye ) for not responding to any of you for a long time. It would appear that the thread here hasn't informed me of replies so I just assumed that there was no responses. I'll update the topic with what you guys have added above!
  16. My husband and I are moving next week and we're a little short on funds for the deposit (they decided we'd need last month's rent in advance as well and so we're trying to scrape it together). To make up the difference before the 9th I'm taking some quick character commissions! The image file will be 400x600px - waist up only. I have a strong anime style. I retain all rights to share artwork to my portfolio/dA. Artwork is for personal use only. I will have my signature on each piece, please do not remove it. Please send me a PM to discuss details! Pricing - USD via PayPal • Lines+F
  17. With card games being on the up and up, I really don't see why this wouldn't work. Seems like a unique and interesting take on the average pet game, I'd be pretty interested in it!
  18. I've wanted to come back to build a pet site as a passion project for some time, but I finally feel like I have something that not only can bring back a little nostalgia, but also contend with other modern games and have potential to grow into something fairly big. I wanted to explain the concept and see if anyone has thoughts, or if there's interest in the game. If so, I'd happily setup an early access page to start gathering future users to test with. Concept: Collect, buy & trade pet cards via decks to brawl with in the arena in casual, or competitive ladder. When you're ready, you
  19. Hello! Im looking for artists who just want a simple side job to help me occasionally with artwork on my petsite!! from avatars/clothes/addons etc.. to maps, pets, pet addons... basically whatever anyone would like or like to do or if I need something specific I'll let you know- I'd draw them all myself but my wrist wont let me.. and I apologize that this is a volunteering Job- However! I also have miniworlds- so if you want a pet site- and you dont know how to code/want to code- and just want to do art I will gladly let you create a world area on mine and I'll do most of the coding work!
  20. Hey! I promise I have been working on things... lol! I just keep updating minor things in the Discord. So heres the compiled updates. --I've put the clothing stores together- so now theres no separate color in/precolored shops. the only ones that will stay apart are the base shops since there are so many lol. --I've added a new "likes" system, you can now like peoples pets! It doesnt have any purpose except to show love to a pet you like. --Hidden shops should now work --Theres an energy system on site now to deter people from abusing the fave pets and them finding items. t
  21. I realized my wording for my pricing was super confusing before! I've updated it to hopefully be more clear ;o; I apologize!
  22. items packs are $40 USD. toys and mushroom's are $50 each not including the monsters, will take offers on them.
  23. I haven't done any recently, but I can dig up some old examples probably- but I'm very interested. I'll drop you a mail when I find them!
  24. I did a clean install on the local server and that's the error that it's showing me, referring to that file
  25. I checked the file over and it seemed fine to me - the problem might lie somewhere else. Do you want to try a clean local install of the script?
  26. I'm on the hunt for an artist who can do area location maps for a new project I am working on. The style is a more simple cell shaded one with gradients used at times to match our current item and pet assets. But we don't have any location areas done yet that need to be matched so this will be defining the exact style going forward. The first piece will be a fair grounds type area that's on a dock with a couple specific points of interest defined. But we have other areas and the full map that will need to be done as well. Let me know if you are interested with some examples. You can
  27. class_appcontroller.php Here it is. I did not modify it. The local server has the same files as the online one. I had modified some files on the online server but then I realized that I didn't need to so I'm gonna do a clean install with the same files as my local server whenever the control panel starts working again. So taking it as the local server having the correct files, this class_appcontroller.php file should be the one that's causing trouble.
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