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  2. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by whereisthend. They received 1,944,000 IP! Game Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 268: Marcos Second Place, with a score of 225: WoozinessCoined First Place, with a score of 57800: Shade Second Place, with a score of 1290: Snap Third Place, with a score of 1000: WoozinessIce Breaker First Place, with a score of 680: Wooziness Second Place,
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  4. It's that time of year where IcePets offers it's biggest discounts -- Black Friday! Some Users wait all year for these amazing prices, and we won't let you down. Be sure to act fast since these deals will only be available from November 27th to December 4th 23:59:59 (IcePets Standard Time). The upscale Golden Touch is offering their 25% discount on all stock now! All IceCash purchases come with a 50% bonus and double the Treasure Chests, if applicable. If you purchase a 6 or 12 month Account Upgrade will grant you 1 or 2 months free Account Upgrade respectively! If you want to read
  5. Silcoon has completed our Totem collection for all of our current pets. Totem's allow you to change your current pet species to the chosen totem pet. They all cost 500 sCoins each and can be bought in the Enchanted Forest shop. We are still having our sCoin sale! Check it out at the bank.
  6. It's soft, it's cuddly, it's adorable -- and starting today, it can be yours! The Plushie Sharshel has finally joined Terrafrost, and it's just stitching to be your new best friend. Funded by @IcePrincess, this new Pet is super loyal and will never leave your side, and it's always in the mood to play! But do be gentle with them, because they may need patched up from time to time. If you want this wonderful new Pet to be a part of your family, just check the Snow Jar Igloo for the Plushie Sharshel Morphing Potion; they'll be stocked on the shelves every now and then. But if you don't want to
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  8. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by irissa. They received 1,714,500 IP! Trivia Result Trivvy has a new question for you! Click here to try question #138. Trivia #137 was answered correctly by 14 people! Game Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 297: RedSloth Second Place, with a score of 263: Wooziness Third Place, with a score of 96: DracaineCoined First Place, with a score of 24100: smallsamoyed
  9. if you still want some help, I wouldnt mind helping out. I haven't worked on anythign yet but I can show what I can do
  10. Sorry for a bit of a late reply (my 4 month old is starting his teething so he's been a little more restless) @CaityJuju I'd love if you could link some of your literature examples! I may also have some SucoCat items I'd love done from you! If you have any price quotes for both, please let me know You can DM me here or give a boop on Discord @CynicalRaptor You can either DM me here or we can talk over Discord! My discord ID is Shino#5863
  11. @andrheathecat Take a look at OnlineGaming.Directory - it's a companion site to this one, which is working to list and provide details about other game sites.
  12. Hey there, People call me Andrhea or simply cat. I study ilustration art in Gent Belgium. One day I would love to work, or own my own petsite. here you can have a look at my work, I will be updating this page whenever I have some new stuff for you guys. if youd like to see more personal work you can find me on instagram: @andrheathecat or contcat me on discord: andrheathecat#1345 Items: pets/animals:
  13. @Shinobu I feel honoured! How is the best way to chat, would sending a message over here suffice, or would you like to chat elsewhere?
  14. heyhey I am new and was wondering if there was a list of petgames? I want to get into making art for petgames so I would need to check out what people do and or are looking for ^^ Also I may play some myself
  15. Hey there! I'm looking for work as an artist and I'd be happy to give it a shot. I could also help with writing lore/descriptions if needed as I use to write many fan fictions and original stories, and my writing is pretty good. Here's my DeviantART gallery with all my work. Let me know if you're interested! I look forward to your response. Thank you. https://www.deviantart.com/caitybee/gallery/all
  16. The latest batch of Plushies to be updated with the revamped basic colours and new design are the Yellow, White, Snowdrift, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Brown, Blue and Grey Xephyr Plushies. With this many Xephyr Plushies in one location it almost feels like a real herd of them out in the wild! Good thing these ones don't need to be fed. Adding to the group, Turquoise, Pink, Ice, Black and Cottoncandy Xephyr Plushies can now be collected. As with their counterparts they can be purchased from Plushie Palace. These will be rewarded from the Book Quest immediately, but in one week will be r
  17. @CynicalRaptor I'm actually very glad to see you've posted! I saw your post after I had made this and wasn't sure how up to date it was, but I'd love to chat and see about getting a price range for you to work on SucoCats pieces!
  18. I’d be very interested in working on item art, companion animals and miscellaneous art, I can style match to an extent. I’ve got a board here, but plenty more examples aside from that from unreleased projects that I can’t put out in the open yet. https://thegaminglist.com/topic/1663-artist-for-hire-pets-items-maps-etc/
  19. Hello everyone! Shino here with a bit of an ad. My husband and I are looking to do some serious work getting some new simulation and roleplay games running and in order for us to do such a thing, we're looking to hire dedicated artists and loremasters that we can have completing work regularly for persistent releases of new content across multiple projects. We're hoping, within the next coming month or two, to take out a bit of a loan to use as a startup fund for the projects that are top priority: my horse sim, Pony-sim, and a DeviantArt based art role play (possibly 2) SucoCats. A possible s
  20. Konnichiwa Ya'll! Your friendly Site Owner Ittermat here! I've got some new stuff for ya! I've been working off and on on some new stuff- just cuz I enjoy adding new stuff... Unfortunately it has to be new stuff within y realm of ability.. butttt its better than nothing right? At least im tryin! I redid the Other site icons so they fit better and now have tooltips! Energy bar needs some tweaking so we added a thing that lets you know the numbers at 100/200 , 50/200 and 0/200 Added some more plantera outcomes too! The bakeneko shrine will now catch yo
  21. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by irissa. They received 1,561,500 IP! Game Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 364: Neomysterion Second Place, with a score of 301: Wooziness Third Place, with a score of 280: ExemplaryCoined First Place, with a score of 40400: Wooziness Second Place, with a score of 38550: SAS Third Place, with a score of 16580: WrentenIce Breaker First Place
  22. The winning entry from our Costume Design Contest is here -- the Searcher Costume, designed by our own @Lokki, has been given a breath of life and is now available in the Grooming Parlour! Perhaps you will want to wear one of these next year during Phantasmoire? It is advised to be careful with the long mask, it would be a shame to poke someone with it. Fans of Ducky Items will rejoice at the release of these Ducky Slippers, funded by @Silvy. Wearing these will feel like walking on clouds -- very cute clouds. Grab an extra pair from the Grooming Parlour in case the others get worn out! Spea
  23. Once again open for commissions. Can do pets, maps, items. I would also consider working for a site instead of freelancing. Thank you!
  24. Good Evening, CE players! Time for a fun update! November has arrived, which means the departure of our wonderful spooky genes and the arrival of our exciting Forest/Prehistoric theme for the month of November. This news post will cover our new releases to the Market Shops and Cash Shop, new development progress, pending features, and more! November Releases The Market Shops and Cash Shop have a ton of new fun goodies to collect! This is our final month for warm autumn genes, so be sure to collect them while you can before our December freeze hits. We predict luscious greeds and reds along
  25. I don't and haven't seen a lot of trading going on. I started out as an artist and learned PHP/MySQL, JS, AJAX, etc. because I couldn't afford to commission someone for it or the commissions fell through. From my experience, coders are harder to commission. You have to worry about security and how their work will affect you in the longrun. Buying some art here and there is a lot easier, though, and usually less investment.
  26. As the title says, is accepting custom art (for games, personal characters, etc.) something those who do backend/frontend coding do? What about accepting code bits for art commission? Say, an artist needs a secure login or creature generator but doesn't know where to start and a coder needs a new pet design or a town map and can't afford it, is that a reasonable trade? I pretty much expect the answer to be no but i figured it would be worth discussing since a search didn't bring up this question. Any way if you are a programmer or artist tell me why you would or wouldn
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