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  1. Yesterday
  2. I wish I had a use for these! They're very pretty.
  3. Ah yea, VBA is always going to be there for lovely macros and stuff. I completely agree with that one - it's a good language but not so much for full on development anymore.
  4. Last week
  5. Lowered the prices on these guys! still negotiable
  6. Not super frequently, but we have a lot of Excel templates we maintain, so it has its use cases. I try to stay away from it as much as possible though when there is a better solution
  7. @DaRule You use it still frequently? The closest that I get is VBScript in our lovely legacy applications.
  8. VB6 was my first as well, still useful to this day sadly
  9. At work this week, I saw a phone book which then made me start a conversation about old technologies that we used. The first actual programming language that I used was Visual Basic 6, made a few programs on there with my friends in high school, afterwards we did Java. How about you?
  10. okay i tried a different items coloring tutorial, what do you guys think?
  11. Earlier
  12. @DaRule - That looks pretty awesome
  13. New preview of the battle system:
  14. Cool thank you. How do I get to her tutorials?
  15. @LIZ That's a really good book, Elz is a friend of mine and a very talented artist. You could use some of her works as a guide for the level a lot of people like!
  16. here is a book i did doing this tutorial, is it okay looking? link https://www.deviantart.com/elz-art/art/Item-Tutorial-for-Daelune-188255999
  17. Recently I've been on a bit of a Podcast kick, finding and listening to a bunch (some of which I listen to end to end). Here are the ones that I'm actively listening to: Art of Product Full Stack Radio Code Newbie Podcast Base.Cs Podcast ChangeLog Coding Blocks Podcast Syntax.fm BaseCode Podcast Zen Founder Laracasts Snippet How about you?
  18. Bumping this. I'm available right now for work, especially after seeing my first tax bill as a freelancer.
  19. This is really interesting! I'm trying to think back to when I took anything huge from Stackoverflow. I think mainly use it for solutions to problems I have and links to available packages/libraries which have their own licensing. There might have been a time or two that I completely copied a javascript solution but I could never track it down now since it's such a part of development. Where would you even find licensing info for that? What if it's just a code snippet? There's a lot of grey areas here. I could definitely see the problem for when people post their own solutions and link over to codepens or their own repos. Like you, I wasn't aware of this either but will keep an eye out in the future.
  20. I was listening to an episode of Coding Blocks podcast, and they pointed out something huge that I didn't realize until I heard it about the license for code available on Stack Overflow. Excerpt from their podcast notes: If you use code from Stack Overflow, you need to give attribution to the person who wrote it (and where it was) but also need to change your license to the same license that they have! This is kinda huge because I know of how much of an invaluable resource Stack Overflow is for developers, I use it fairly regularly in my day to day work if I have questions or just want to see an example.
  21. Oh thank you never thought to look there.
  22. First of all, thank you for the compliments! The game is designed with mobile-first in mind, so that is an accurate assessment. It is meant to be played casually, not take a huge chunk out of your day.
  23. That is impressive! The design looks to me like this may be very mobile friendly, is that an accurate assessment? I could see myself playing this from my phone while away doing errands.
  24. A preview of our pet color changing feature: https://twitter.com/ExabyssGame/status/1214717835559108608?s=20
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