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  2. The concept shot is growing on us, but if you can improve on it please get in touch! Paying by Paypal. Also need a graphic artist to start now creating animated avatars, we'll regularly be buying these.
  3. Last week
  4. The syntax has changed, you need to use User.find_by(vname: some_value) https://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveRecord/FinderMethods.html#method-i-find_by
  5. No problem at all - Thank you for letting me know!
  6. The Lost Fable

    Having a fun time with this, back in the game.
  7. Long term paid staff spot open for animated avatar artist. And if you've done logos, I'd love to see past work! The example shows some pets we're opening with, involving all or some with our name and made with your creative touch would be awesome!
  8. thank you. is there a link i can upload it to desktop?
  9. I use the SAI animation assistant whenever I animate, It's a very useful tool 😄
  10. how do you animate in SAI program? i would like to learn how to animate items. i want to learn how to make items move or glow. i use SAI as my main program but i do have painter essential 5. though i am not good at using it yet. so any help would be very nice!
  11. Show off what you are working on

    Messed with same of the Chibi Bases they had on Furvilla. So here's what I got for my villagers so far.
  12. To refactor or start from scratch

    @Feuerqueen: Basically what I mean is that say for example in order to add this new feature I need to jump through the hoops of a then I need add said code to b then to c, then all the other features available and so on. Other times the code can be written extremely badly and not be able to see how to get it to work.
  13. So I am having a bit of an issue. I have a user_id that is filled with the string bbones. Yet when I try to search for it using User.find_by_vname it results in a nil value being returned. What weird about this is that the vname actually does exist in the sql table itself. In Rails 3.2 this worked fine and I had no issues, but with rails 5.2 it doesn't seem to work. I could really use some help with this issue as I have no idea why this is occurring. This is a snippet of the code from my colorscheme helper def displayColorOwner value = "Colorscheme List" somevalue = params[:user_id] if(somevalue) userFound = User.find_by_vname(somevalue) if(userFound) raise "I am found" value = (userFound.vname + "'s colorschemes") else raise "I am not found even though: #{somevalue}" end end return value end
  14. Show off what you are working on

    Here are some adoptables we sold recently!! We're doing a fun little thing where we have a certain theme for these new adopt sets, which we're calling series 1. The first was the sweets set, and the second recent one was the plants set. For these we have 1 taller bipedal design, 1 quadruped design, and 1 squishy bipedal design. We've also thrown in some pets for goals during the auction, so those have been fun to come up with as well!! ✨
  15. The "Let's get to know each other" thread

    How old you are: 23! What your gender is: Female Where you live: California What you do: I'm a youtuber with my fiance under a different name but also do a lot of art & commission sales on deviantart under this name! On youtube we do different things such as animations, let's plays, speed drawings, etc. But for this brand we do lots of cute art, sell adoptables, take commissions, and work on plenty of creative projects where virtual pets are involved!!! How many pets do you have: 1 sweet and nervous chihuahua! Though living with our friends, they have 2 cats and 1 shiba inu as well!
  16. The Lost Fable

    Hey all, i figured I would throw up a quick update here. The trajectory and angle of The Lost Fable has changed considerably recently, and therefore I have decide to team up with @Claws (We co-created IcePets) to push the contents of this project into something even bigger and better! The new project that that this is being used for is now called Project Petsite. You can follow our updates at: Discord: http://www.ProjectPetsite.com/discord Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ProjectPetsite And we are expecting to start testing with users feedback early in 2019 🙂 Thanks Nate
  17. The "Let's get to know each other" thread

    How old you are. 20 What your gender is. Female Where you live (can be general or exact). Alberta, Canada What you do / What you are studying. I'm a 3D modeler and a Illustrator How many pets (and/or) kids you have. 3 Cats, and 300+ gallons worth of fish/invertebrate in multiple tanks
  18. The "Let's get to know each other" thread

    How old you are. 50 What your gender is. Female Where you live (can be general or exact). Dallas, Texas What you do / What you are studying. I'm a homemaker atm but learning C# and Unity (to help a friend with their game). Making a game has been a back-burner dream of mine since pong. Literally. My mom worked at Texas Instruments so even in the late 70s I was learning snippets of DOS from the programmers there. I've always been interested in programming but life just took me other directions. Now that I have time, I'm going to see if I can figure out how to make that game I'm always dreaming about it my head. How many pets (and/or) kids you have. I have one dog (Boxer/Lab mix) and one daughter, the best thing I've done so far.
  19. looking for fun breeding and collecting game

    You can always try out Atrocity.. we have breeding and things- Lots of parts/addons. and 3 current types. Plus tons of items, NPCS places to go, we're working on an awesome battling system...and many other things! Heres some pet examples. If you refresh the page you'll get something different!
  20. Welcome a new species color: Gingerbread! It is only available from November 1st to December 31st every year. And to change your current pets to the new gingerbread color you can buy the Magic Gingerbread Gem Cookie! This is a holiday item.
  21. To refactor or start from scratch

    Well in my case it makes it definitely more maintainable. And what do you mean of "can't add any new features"? I was always able to add new features because my code worked. I did this 6 years long. I was always adding new features, even bigger ones and doing new events and stuff. But now it is so much easier for me to add new features. And also the PHP 7 compatibility was a huge factor for me. I had to touch every script anyway to make it work on PHP 7, so why not do a complete recode then? For me, it worked out. Before I did the complete recode I sometimes refactored some scripts when I couldn't find the bug. That helped a lot along the way too.
  22. @Claws: That is pretty good advice. How do you know if your players are wrong or you are wrong in the way the economy works?
  23. To refactor or start from scratch

    @Digital: The way I handled my code was to add features when the code base was good. However when I ran into issues when I got to 14 controllers something had to give and so I had to refactor the code so that it was cleaner. This worked for a while but once the major bugs cropped up, I had to do a major overhaul of the entire code base meaning I had to rework everything. However by doing this I was able to add new features to my website and the code base way more stable then it used to be. @Anoua: You should only rework the entire code engine or refactor it if you can't add any new features to the site, otherwise you should touch the code all that much. If you have major bugs a recode of the entire engine from the ground up might be worth investing in. I know its something to not be taken lightly but if you have extremely bad bugs this is kind of your only option. Your on the right path though. @Claws The big question is what is junk? It can mean many different things to different users. @Feuerqueen: One of the big things when using OOP is to remember that OOP doesn't make your code more maintainable. OOP for the sake of OOP is bad code and you better off in writing procedural. Its the way that you use OOP in the way that it makes the most sense. Here is my question to you what if you can't add any new features to your website due to the way the coding structure is written, how do you wind up handling it? Do you say lets rewrite the whole thing from the ground up or do you refactor the code?
  24. Seeking staff members for a virtual pet site

    Still searching!
  25. Would love to get back in touch with more old friends!
  26. Solpets: New Battle Opponent!!

    Looks like fun, love the art!
  27. poke lots of stuff still for sale. taking offers on everything
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