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Found 10 results

  1. MySmallix: Entering Development

    My Smallix is now entering serious development. Updates are posted once a week on facebook Hi Everyone, my name is Virgil One and I would love to share with you, MySmallix, a semi pet simulation criss-crossed with role playing elements. In My Smallix there exists 2 types of creatures, the smallix and ordinary livestock. The objective of the game is to bring balance back to the various forests which produce insufficient vegetation. You will use your 1st smallix creature to recruit livestock in the wild to get the livestock to perform tasks in the various forests. As you perform different tasks with your smallix and command the livestock, your smallix will grow and develop different features. Creature - lifecycle -- where you start Sooo....much...effort...to do so little..... Some smallix creature proto-types The game play perspective --- when it slowly comes together MySmallix does have a full story line but rather then share it here, it would be best for me to save that as a surprise for you. The story is actually in novel form and some parts are rough around the edges, however the core aspects have been fleshed out for us to develop the game around the story. Platform wise, MySmallix will be fully playable on your mobile phone, however it is equally designed to play on your laptop/pc's web browser. The game is served over a webpage for the phone and pc and lots of care is being put into the interactivity aspect. When will this project go into beta? Truth be told, I am unsure. As of the day of this post, there's 2 core mechanics that I am still fleshing out. To not set the wrong expectation, I don't want to share the detail of what those mechanics are suppose to do but I am still in the process of experimenting with them. I need to ensure there's enough game to play. So that factors in when I'll have some type of game for someone to beta test. Secondly the artwork for the various components of the game are not complete. Environment assets are being worked on, smallix and livestock creatures are being worked on and hopefully in 6 weeks character art can be further produced. The core characters in the story have been sketched & designed but a lot more work needs to go in for the vision that I have and so this impacts the release. Tell me more about pet characteristics I'll just come out and say it but there is no breeding in this game. This game will focus more around what your pet eats and leveraging its skills to grow and evolve. The abilities and skills attained from evolution will serve various purposes towards performing actions to restore the environment. Smallix creatures do develop to a point where they have full combat capabilities but this is not the core aspect of the game play. So defeating other creatures is one of the things you get to do but not the focus. Livestock will serve other functions which is still being fleshed out. The goal will be you taking a journey with this pet and you being responsible for developing its abilities which maybe functional or social. You also go on the journey of managing various livestock and other smallix creatures. Additional Info After answering a few questions, it has completely alluded me that I never made any mention to some of the social aspects included in MySmallix. I have always been a strong advocate of games that incorporate nurturing of communities and social activities within games. I don't want to oversell the features we plan to put in place, rather once it's fully functional and the beta hits, it will make more sense for you to see how the social and community aspects which we put into the game fit into everything else. I know this is a bland answer but it's moreso me ensuring that we don't oversell our ideas to you so that you walk into this with a fresh perspective. Rest assured since this game is online players will be able to interact with each other to some capacity. My job with my team is to ensure that we provide the platform where this interaction is fun and compelling with the proper safe guards. Also, I wanted to share some small thoughts about my approach towards the beta. The fact of the matter is, there are tons of games out there which you could choose from. The fact that you would want to give our game a shot considering there's thousands upon thousands of amazing games out there is of tremendous importance to us. Development has started and beta is nowhere in sight but our team is building the beta around the methodology that any achievement earned by a tester at any stage of the beta will not be lost or wiped but kept for the duration of the game. I've personally experienced beta's where accounts get reset to 0 and I hate it. As a developer now myself I won't waste your time. Helping me fix my game is an effort on your part. The fact that I would wipe out your progress whether bugs occur and cause oddities, is not a part of the principles of our team, everyone's time nowadays is valuable and we refuse to take your time for granted because we know we don't want our time taken for granted. With that said, the beta is going to be broken down into 6 phases where phase 6 will represent a true beta where we open things up more to the public. With each beta, different game play components will be introduced. These are not large aspects to the game play but they should add a new dimension to the game. The game does feature a story which is carved to the side but drives the entire game. You can play straight through without ever fully knowing any of the story, but we will release the story in comic form in a piece meal fashion. For the beta, the goal is to take some of the comic issues (which are about 29-30 pages) and condence them to about 3-4 pages in comic form. If you want to check it out you can, its short and sweet or you can not check it out at all. The story we have drives the game mechanics, the creature abilities and the tasks you must fulfill when you play so we had no choice but to flesh out the story. It turns out we loved the story so much and fell in love with the characters that we simply had to do a full blown comic. With all that said, it wouldn't be fair for me to not give you guys a sneak peak at our characters and what's in store, so here are some more spoilers: Character Roster Last thoughts Feel free to ask me any questions to your hearts content, I know I've left a lot out and I didn't want to ramble. I am the owner & developer of this game.
  2. Welcome yet another new species color: Lapis! To change your current pet to the new lapis color you can buy the Magic Lapis Gem in the Crystal shop! Thanks Loki!
  3. Hello! Im searching for staff members for my in progress virtual pet site! Im hoping to find people who will work for free (as even I dont make money off my site) You need to be reliable for one, willing to help/volunteer and wanting us to succeed as much as us creating the site want to succeed! You also must be at least 15-16+ Even if you only "work" part time thats fine too! Any help is appreciated! For the list of open positions please go here! I am also looking for moderators to help keep an eye on things- but I only give those positions to people I really trust so you need to prove yourself first ^^ You can either email me at atrocitypetsite@hotmail.com or pm me here on the forum, or reply to this topic...either one! Thanks and have a great day!
  4. I am going to use my previous site as the adoptable human game.This is a website for those who are wanting to adopt humans and humanoid hybrids and such.the current artwork hasnt been done for the site yet, but all I can tell you is that some animal artwork has been done by BTD, a moderator of Hewan.The Game's Structure & LayoutwipWebsite: https://hewan.jcink.net/index.phpInformation Part 1 - Human AdoptsAgeAnthros/Furries/Humanoids: Baby = Orphan Kid = Juvenile Teenager = Adolescent Fully-Grown = Grown-Up Anthro/Furry/Humanoid Senior = Elder Anthro/Furry/Humanoid Robots/Animatronics: Baby = Cyber Kid = Bot Teenager = Android Fully-Grown = Grown-Up Robot/Animatronic Senior = Elder Robot/Animatronic Humans: Baby = Baby Kid = Kid Teenager = Teenager Fully Grown = Adult Senior = Elder Pregnancy and BirthingBreeding:Humans get too old to breed and produce offspring at 60+ years of age. Humanoids get too old to breed and produce offspring at 80+ years of age. Anthros get too old to breed and produce offspring at 70+ years of age. Furries get too old to breed and produce offspring at 50+ years of age. Animatronics and Robots never get too old to breed and produce offspring, however, when they do get old age, that is over 90+ years, you'll have to buy batteries to help them function properly, since there machines. Inbreeding is more likely not to happen within Animatronics or Robots.Offspring:For Animatronics and Robots, they give birth to 1-2 offsprings at a time, due to them requiring power in their battery system to give birth. Anthros and Furries however only give birth to 3-4 offsprings at a time. Humanoids only give birth to 5-6 offsprings at a time. Humans can give offsprings up to over 7 newborns at a time.Information Part 1 - Animal AdoptsWe wont have many adoptable animals on our site, mainly humans. Our GuidelinesThis isn't anything compared to the 'Terms & Conditions' of Hewan --> When signing up to Hewan, Please know that you have to be PG13 here, Since I also have this linked to my Chicken Smoothie, so that also means it must be family friendly, Anything not family friendly will get a warning, strike or get reported. --> Please do not use swear words, No swear words at all unless you try to censor them! --> Please do not harass or bully others please, that behaviour won't be tolerated on here --> You are allowed to talk about offsite trading stuff, but don't talk about games that have banned off-site trades. --> Please do not ask people to pay you 'real money' for Hewans, Instead they can pay in these currencies listed below! Chicken Smoothie, Wajas, Flightrising, Mweor, Eldemore, Lioden, Wolfplay, Basically anything that will allow it. --> Please do not mini-mod on forum posts unless I've said that you could. --> Advertisement's are allowed, However, they must not be MA15+ or 'scam' like ones, or be anything to do with paying in 'real money' --> Yes, you may roleplay, but it must be family friendly, and have no romance unless it's censored or whatever. --> No gossiping about other users, If you do not like a user, Please just block/foe them. thank you. --> Random chatrooms/chats are allowed! So don't you worry --> If you have anymore concerns, please do pm me. thank you!Terms & ConditionsThis isn't anything compared to the 'Guidelines aka Rules' of Hewan Note: This is written by a third person point of view --> When signing up to Hewan, Please know that the administrators of Hewan will have access to all your information, such as IP address, email address, and passwords. --> Also, when signing up to Hewan, you agree to abide by our rules at all times, if you do something wrong and know you are sorry, please do say so and apologise. --> When you get 2 warnings, nothing bad happens, but anything over 3-4 warnings can be considered pretty bad. --> Please email Oakhearted, the head admin of Hewan: bamitzcheyanne@gmail.com. about any issues to do with Hewan or users, etc. --> Do not post about issues with other members and staff, instead please do pm or email Oakhearted, since he's the head admin of Hewan and he'll see what I can do. --> Please no posting any content that is scam-related or survey related, the only surveys allowed are safe ones that don't give a virus to your computer, and surveys that don't say 'you've won a free iphone!" 'you're our 100th visitor! this is not joke!' etc --> Hewan strives to be a game for everybody, of all ages, so please try to communicate family friendly style. It is well appreciated, only adult stuff allowed is rants, puberty and growing up. --> The admins moderate everything you do on Hewan, and the moderators only moderate about 60-70% of things, So advanced problems are prefered to be discussed with an admin of the game, Moderators don't have access to everything. --> You are allowed to spam, advertise, promote your clickables, etc. Only if they abide by our rules and are safe for everybody to look at. --> When you break a rule on Hewan, A moderator/admin may most likely message you about it. Don't be scared, we try to be as friendly as we can be --> And last but not least, This site also runs by your cookies on your computer. Last updated: 7/07/2018 We will soon have our own contact email for the game!Hewan's Social Medias:Instagram - havent made yetTwitter - havent made yetFacebook Page - havent made yetTumblr - https://adopt-a-hewan.tumblr.com/Discord Server - https://discord.gg/jWv8SvGAmino - havent made yetWe are currently looking for:Artists - preferably pet / animal onesHelpersWelcomersMore is gonna be added soon!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm currently looking for more work to take on as I have no hours at my seasonal job during the winter! I've worked on contract for various pet sites in the past on pets, human avatars, clothing, items, NPCs, and backgrounds. Right now I'd like to specifically look for icon/emote work (like the first examples), however I am open to anything you might be needing to have done. I've got my full portfolio on my website, and other art/doodles on twitter. Portfolio Site ♥ Twitter I can be flexible with styles, and have attached a few examples of past work. Items are priced at $3-5 per depending on what your needs are, and other types of art are negotiable! I accept paypal with USD, and typically send out the files as PNG or PSD depending on your needs. Recolors are negotiable, I usually include 3-5 for free though it depends on how many recolors you would need and how work intensive they are. (Ex; simple color swaps VS multi-color fur patterns.) Please feel free to contact me here or use my email, teatimejess@gmail.com. Thank you!
  6. STATUS: Open for the Summer Season. Accepting payments in USD or GBP only, at their current exchange rate. Hello! I am a freelance artist, familiar with the sim/virtual petsite scene. I am proficient in both 2D and 3D work. I am also capable of pixel work. Some of you may know me! I am also available for game assets, comic work, illustrative work and personal commissions. Please note. I am also a proficient writer and available for such work! Current Situation: Open full-time, indefinitely. Links: hello@artofelm.com | artofelm.com | All Socials: @artofelm My Process: Price Quotes and Examples The following examples have been used in commercial projects, and are here for portfolio purposes only. Please do not use, redistribute or copy under any circumstances as they are copyrighted to their respective owners. Estimates are based on a rate of £8p/h or $10.50p/h. Please note that this is between the National Minimum Wage, and the London Living Wage. Humanoids: A semi-realistic Style * Headshots and busts: £30 Halfbody: £65 (waist - knees) Fullbody: £85 Humanoids: A cell-shaded Style, that is cartoonish in nature* Headshots and busts: £20 Halfbody: £50 Fullbody: £75 Avatar Sets: A cell shaded style Prices negotiable. Price quote will depend on how many base bodies, facial elements and outfits are needed. Items: Cell-shaded Style £3-5 Items: A Semi Realistic style. £4-5 Larger items: A Semi Realistic Style £6 Backgrounds & Maps Prices negotiable. Please expect anything from £60-300 depending on complexity. Sketch Example Pets Please expect prices to be similar to humanoids. See Humanoids for example of a stylised semi-realistic example. *At this price I can throw in an optional expression change if asked. No more than 2 extra expressions. Extra miscellaneous work (One Possibly NSFW) Previous Clients - Novilar - Lacuna Cube/ Lurania Kingdom - Splatterpunk - Misc Clients
  7. I don't know how to use the gameowner tag so I listed a bit of people I thought might help. @Game Owner: How do you guys decide on how pets get adopted? I notice that some of you opt for the neopet approach where you choose from a big selection of adoptables, others choose the pokemon approach with limited starters but opens up to more pets later, then there is the questers where you give said npc a specific item and you receive your first pet, then their is the random ones where you get a random pet by moving around the pet map. What are the advantages of each approach? What are the disadvantage of each approach? Is one system better than the other? How does one choose which one from the other? I am trying to get a consence first before I start coding my pet layout as this needs to be addressed before I start beta two building. @Anoua @Digital @Aminirus @Nalkaria @Niabi @Bingo @Cassandra1891 @DerpWolfie @Elfen @Feuerqueen @goatsey @Hare @Hasi @Imperial @InuMimi @jakdacrowe @Jackalune @kami @Kesstryl @Kiara @Leef @Lady of Baskerville @Martyn Thoughts?
  8. Sizes

    Hello! When selling pre-made items and pets what sizes do you guy recommend? I was thinking 100x100 for items and 400x400 for creatures
  9. Kinder Pets

    =============================================================== Some Item Of Kinder Pets :- Alpha Testing News :- Check It Here You Can Private Message Me Here If You Are Interested In The Game Discord Chat-room Server Invite Link :- In Discord Server You Can Get Updates Regarding Kinder Pets & You Can Suggest Ideas Also Invite Link Of Discord Server
  10. Hi there! I'm super interested in working for a virtual pet site creating pets/human avatars if possible. I'll get some actual pet examples up soon but for now here's just some general art examples. They're pretty large so under a spoiler they go. I've sold a lot of online commissions in the past and present but I haven't actually gotten to work for a pet site before. Rates are negotiable and vary greatly depending on the amount of hours per week I'll be expected to work as well as creative freedom and revisions. I also have some Shop Keeper styled examples using Flight Rising dragons and items from my selling threads over there.

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