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    We have made it past 1,000 users (again . . haha)!!! In honor of this celebration we are releasing 2 new pets. Yes, two. Look how adorable they are: Thanks to our artist Loki for making them.
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    Morning. Think I'm far enough out to actually start the building. I bought a server, domain, and have everything set up and configuration on my server. That was the easy part. Now, I have to figure out how all of this is going to work. Since I don't really have anyone to bounce this off of anymore (long story) I'll do it here. Behind a "You Must Register" Wall, of course There are still some questions I need to answer as far as lore goes, but I think some stuff can be made up as we go along. The concept seems pretty solid, at least. I know what I'm building towards.
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    Hello all! It's been a while since I was around or posted. I had been feeling so burned out on my site, but recently found new inspiration and we seem to be gaining steam again. Previously known as Origins, Faenaria is a site focused on avatars, RPG, and pets. We are currently working to bring our lore to life as well as integrating pets into our avatar system. There have been a lot of recent updates, some new spooky items released for our avatars, and an influx of new members! If you're looking for somewhere to hang out, dress a pretty avatar, or (coming soon) follow a bad ass story, then check out Faenaria! We've definitely got something for you! Join Faenaria
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    Goals Revamp Officially Live! Our long promised goals system revamp has officially been released!
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    Blog Post link: https://blog.toyowlet.com/2018/09/devblog-5-t-rex-in-game-ailments.html Discord: https://discord.gg/JM6h4Qm Hey there! Exciting news, T Rex is finally stomping around in game! Check out the video below to see a few of them in action! T. Rex So yep, as you can see, T. Rex is in the game! Its top and bottom facing animations still need to be done, but since it has at least its side walking animations, I can start testing it out in game and adding onto its behavior ("AI"). I've decided T. Rex will be a creature that pairs only with its mate, and will tolerate only its mate and children in the same area it's in. It will tolerate herbivores if it's not hungry. It will attempt to kill any carnivores (including other Rexes) that are in its territory. Dino Behaviors I wanted to touch upon dinosaur behaviors (or "AI") a bit in this post. I am going to attempt to make dinosaurs act as natural as possible. They will have basic needs, which I'll list and describe in detail below: Appetite - Basically food and water combined. Appetite will drop in value over time. A dinosaur can raise its appetite value by eating its preferred food (plants or meat). Dinosaurs may occasionally visit water for a drink if they're close enough as well. Social - The need for the dinosaur to group with others of its kind. Instead of a value, this will likely just be a true or false variable. For example if the dinosaur is a loner, we'll go with: "social = false;" or if the dinosaur does group, we'll use: "social = true;" Aggression - This will be a simple true or false variable as well. If set to false, the dinosaur will be timid and attempt to flee from extreme situations. It will also be passive around other dinosaurs and the player. If set to true, the dinosaur will be aggressive and will attempt to fight other dinosaurs and the player if they wander too close. You can imagine most carnivores will be aggressive, but there will be a few herbivores as well that you may not want to get too close to. (; These are the main three needs I've thought of. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or in the discord if you have ideas for other needs! Dino Ailments Using our poor Rex as an example, wild and tamed dinosaurs will get ailments dependent on some factors. If a dinosaur is starving, there is a small chance of it getting sick with the "Saurian Flu". Dinosaurs who have recently been wounded also have a chance to get infections. Pictured above you will see Parasites, Bumblefoot, and Saurian Flu afflictions. Wild dinosaurs are mostly out of luck if they come down with an ailment, but tamed dinosaurs can be cured as long as the player notices the disease in time. Ailments will gradually damage a dinosaur over time until it dies or the dinosaur is cured. Dino Skins & Variants Wild spawned dinosaurs and hatched dinosaurs will have a small chance to spawn with a skin variation. Dinosaurs will have at least 1 or 2 variations. Most of the "wild" type skin variations will be natural mutations such as albinism, melanism, piebaldism, leucism, erythrism, caeruthism (fictional) and xanthism. Once breeding is implemented, dinosaurs can hatch with unnatural skin types and patterns by breeding parents with certain mutations together. Pictured above are three mutated T. Rex, in order: Caeruthic, Albino, and Melanistic.
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    A pack of halloween themed items for sale. The whole pack is $10USD for five items with a fully customizable PSD file that you can use to recolor for different combinations. All of the items come on one PSD file, you buy full rights to all items included in the pack. Please mail me if you are interested.
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    I've found out that some of the projects he marked completed for me were also unfinished, buggy, or not fully set up to work as the guidelines listed. However, just based on my own situation and what I've heard from others, he wasn't always truthful about his progress. I wouldn't hold your breath on paying for the completed code if he returns @Lucille. It's likely that he was only partially started, if at all. Maybe when he didn't have as much on his plate he could catch up, but I think he just took on too more than he could handle and his health kept holding him back. Regardless, it looks like there are way too many projects large and small (more than who have posted here) to excuse this poor business practice. I wish him well and hate to sound so harsh, but there's no reason to have kept us in the dark for so long before just disappearing altogether with so much owed work left behind. I'm going to attempt to open a Paypal dispute as well.
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    Adsense is Google's program for you to serve ads ON your site, not to advertise your site. (I do have experience with this as well.) Google Ads is for you to advertise, and I've done it a really long time ago and didn't get a whole lot out of it, but their advertising methods have changed a lot in recent years. It's worth a shot! Ultimately $50 isn't a whole lot to spend on an ad campaign, but you can do it and see where it gets you! For whatever it's worth, I haven't had a lot of luck with any type of online advertising - between ad-blockers and people training themselves to ignore them (when was the last time you actually paid attention to a banner ad, let alone actually followed it?), the return on investment is pretty low in my experience.
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    No worries! The same to you @Pepper-Head! ❤️
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    @Lucille Ah, I'm sorry for my misunderstanding! I wish you the best of luck with your Paypal dispute and can get those funds to better use for your game soon!
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    @Pepper-HeadI've already paid him in full, so there is no balance left now. When there was $300 balance left he refused to release the code until I paid him what was owed. Then, come to find out it wasn't even finished so he held it hostage, I pressed for an emergency fundraiser, got everyone hyped up, and he disappeared and left me with, pardon my language here, but half-assed work is the only way to put it. Like you, I do want to be understanding and not harsh, but agree none of this is okay. I'm so sorry so many people were left holding the bag.
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    I started off with a concept I've dreamt of bringing to life for years. Now I'm 5 months into learning my languages of choice and have just begun building a basic UI, registration & login system as my first few steps into development. I am very motivated and excited for the future because nobody in our gaming niche has designed a game that is similar to the concept I have in mind, so unless there is someone out there already working on the same idea, it's going to be something quite different and fresh. There is usually some aspect of it in games, but it has never been a central theme of any pet or sim browser game to my knowledge. It's the one thing that really drives me: no one else has made this game yet. Thanks for this thread by the way. I appreciate the insight of others here, it's quite helpful!
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    I agree with the posts before. Things can look nice and everything on the paper or in your mind but when you're actually working on it you may notice that things do not work out as intended. I started with my game 2011 with no programming knowledge. I taught myself one year while working on the game. 2012 I launched the very first alpha version with very basic content. Only a few friends of mine were invited into it to test it. After 10 days I opened it up to the public but did not advertise it at all. So the community was growing slowly through word of mouth and I was able to integrate feature after feature and get immediate feedback of what is liked and what not or what the players would like to see. Also while playing the game myself, I found out what I wanted to see integrated. And so the game grew and grew and now it is very feature rich. Not all ideas I had were great and fit into the game. I removed features I thought that were not that great as I imagined them to be. This was a learning progress. Overall this was the right way for me. Probably because I was so inexperienced in programming, game design and overall management. Nowadays with already one game up and running, I would definitely develop the second game to a more polished state, before I would launch, but I would still only make a vast concept instead of planning each detail out. The details come while developing. At least for me.
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    I think the question to ask yourself is What do you want to accomplish? Adam was pretty candid about what he wanted to do when creating Neopets. He wanted to make a place where people could go when they're bored and maybe make a little revenue off banner ads. He accomplished both of those things. And he did it without really giving an immense amount of thought into the story or lore or even the mechanics behind how Neopets worked. Years and owners later there still isn't a decent or even a coherent story behind how the world of Neopia works but it still manages to draw a enviable amount of traffic. It seems during the first few years of the site they focused more on gameplay than world building. That came after Adam was bought out. How's it going for me? I'm back to Square One. After spending three years planning out everything from the concept, story, art, lore, pets, and characters and about two months actually building the game ... I decided that this wasn't what I wanted. Like @Dinocanid I thought that the game struggled with being interactive and ultimately fun. I decided to scrap the idea and change my approach. Now, I have a concept. This week, I was working on Theme and Style. I've come up with what I think might be a really good and ... unusual idea when compared to what you might see in a more Traditional Pet Game. There are some elements still there. You still get your dailies. You still get your pets. You are still raising and attempting to create the best ... something ... in a specific way that makes sense with the theme. I ditched the Medevial Fantasy feel from the original concept and decided to work on something set in the not-so-distance past. Research was done to capture that style, those trends, and most importantly that aesthetic since I want it to hit people as soon as they land on the page. Now, I'm going to start building the game. I have a vague idea of how the mechanics of the game will work, but I don't think I'll get a good-enough grasp of it until I actually start building. If there's any advice I could give from my experience -- is that you should start building sooner rather than later. You're not going to know what works or what doesn't on paper. I want to get people in front of it as soon as possible.
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    What I did was learn programming alongside worldbuilding and concept ideas for the site. The reason being that a lot of things can sound good on paper, but the challenge comes in at "how can I properly convey this lore on the site in a functional way?" For Wild Souls, I did minimal worldbuilding before I went all out into making the site (so just the setting and a tiny bit of lore). Afterwards I did more brainstorming and coded different features to see what sticks and what doesn't. I don't believe you need to have absolutely everything planned out lore-wise before coding the site. Even AAA games have scrapped features. My current obstacle is figuring out how to make an idea work in a way that is interactive. In Wild Souls for example, there's a hunting mechanic (which is done by yourself) and a pack hunting mechanic (which is done with others non-frequently). The thing is, I've yet to figure out how to implement this without it being a simple dice roll from a button. Other than that issue, I would say development for it is going really well. I've had to put Foodbabs on hiatus because I wanted to redesign pretty much everything with it lol. I'm in the process of working on a murder mystery visual novel, which would be my first ever commercial game. Hopefully it sells well, but I plan to use the money to better improve my sites, like premium servers, domain names, and staff. I plan to make a topic about it actually once it's a little more done (I've been keeping it hush-hush until I have a playable demo, but in some places I post about it to build hype)
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    Automated tests are bits of code that you write that you then run before uploading the codebase to your site. In other words, you write the tests in the style of how you expect the code to be, and the tests confirm whether that is actually true or not. For example, below is a piece of code I wrote to check that my emails are being sent out with the correct details. The language is different but the principle is the same. describe "new_forum_post" do let(:mail) { ForumPostNotification.new_forum_post(forum_post(:first), users(:matthew).email) } it "renders the headers" do expect(mail.subject).to eq("A new forum post was made by example!") expect(mail.to).to eq(["matthew@example.com"]) expect(mail.from).to eq(["contact@example.com"]) end it "renders the body" do expect(mail.body).to include("A new forum post was made!") it "includes the unsubscribe link" do expect(mail.body).to include("https://example.com/notifications/unsubscribe") end end These tests run every time I make a change in the codebase, as well as on upload to GitHub (code storage) and the servers. If any of the tests fail (e.g. perhaps the email no longer includes the unsubscribe link, or maybe the subject has changed), the upload will stop and I need to fix whatever is broken before I can upload again. These save you a lot of time and effort over manual testers. Manual testers are important, but it's not realistic to expect people to go and test out every part of the site to make sure nothing has ever broken. These automated tests will probably cut down on the number of regressions (where a feature stops working) and bugs you encounter. Not sure what language you are using, but there are likely to be things that can do this in PHP for example.
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    - I usually test features privately before having them live on the site, usually through local testing like XAMPP, although it can't be helped that bugs arise when making a feature public. I've never had to do it, but I'd only shut down a feature if it's causing a lot of users grief and/or it's ruining other aspects of the site. During the downtime I would take user input into account and re-release the feature when it is better. - Pretty much what matthew said. If I can reproduce the bug then I'll reimburse any affected users ASAP. If the bug can't be proven or reproduced by anyone though, then they don't. (People can and will lie about a valuable pet or item disappearing in order to obtain it for free) - I've never done this. I would only do this if a user was able to obtain things through illicit means (like scams, hacking, or exploiting of bugs) - I prioritize them from game-breaking to minor inconvenience. If a bug causes major problems I would prioritize that over, say, a bug that makes pets appear upside-down. That being said, if a bug is extremely minor and easy to fix, I'll actually prioritize that over a larger bug since I can fix it in about 10mins and go about fixing the other ones afterwards. - My method goes like this: Respond to let them know I've acknowledged the bug exists (and possibly the approximate cause if I know it) Give regular updates as I'm in the process of fixing a bug (like if it's going well, if I'm still figuring out the source, etc.) Mark the topic or help ticket with a "resolves" tag once the bug has been fixed. - It depends honestly. Development is pretty slow for me, so I usually jump on bugs as soon as someone reports it and it's done within a day or so. I would the wait time should be relevant to how complex the bug is. If it's just a spelling error or something, it shouldn't take a month to fix. - I would prioritize a bug like this pretty high and look into it as soon as I'm able. If it's confirmed to be a real bug, I'll add the money back to their account and inform them to avoid the bug until a fix can be made. - I plan on having built-in help ticket systems on my site so I can easily track and label bugs (preferably a setup similar to github's bug section), but that's it. I would say test features extensively before adding them to the site as well (preferably with a team dedicated to testing new features, since they're more likely to spot bugs than one person alone), but of course it can be hard to predict what one out of thousands of people will do so some bugs are only spotted after release. Having an easy to navigate and use place for bug reporting will help keep things organized and under control.
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    1. Do you have a test suite implemented for your code base? I find that automated tests before deploying a new version of the game catch most bugs which will help reduce the number of bug reports you have to deal with. As for what a good rate of fixing bugs is, that depends entirely on your team and playerbase. I'd say fix the bugs that are going to have the most impact on your revenue first. 2. I don't typically shut down a feature as such, if a test fails I simply don't deploy the code until it's fixed, but if it somehow breaks in production I immediately revert the change to get back to a known stable state. 3. If I can reproduce the bug and confirm it's had an impact on the player, they get reimbursed with no further questions. 4. No, I've never temporarily taken and held something to determine whether it's a bug or not. 5. By the impact on revenue. If a bug is going to cause me to lose revenue, I need it fixed ASAP. 6. I add them to an internal issue tracker where they can get updates by email. 7. Depends on the type of bug. If it's a cosmetic issue, it's probably not a high priority and they can wait a few weeks. If it's a systems issue (e.g. causing items to disappear) or a payments issue (e.g. they get charged twice or something), then it's a high priority and I aim to get it fixed within hours. 8. I give them the thing back, make a note, and ask them to avoid using that system until I can deploy a patch. 9. The best bug report system are automated tests run before you deploy new code to your servers. :-) They'll help catch regressions, etc. before your players do.
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    Trick or Treating started October 1st! This year it has changed a bit. Last year, you did not need the items. This year you must have eggs, rotten eggs, and/or toilet paper in your inventory to trick someone. And you must have candy to treat someone. For every 5 people you TRICK you will get 2 candies to do whatever you may wish. For every 5 people you TREAT you get 500 sPoints. You can only trick/treat a user every 2 hours (1 hour if premium). Have fun Trick or Treating! Also - in spirit of the holiday - for the whole month of October profiles will look a little different, so don't be startled by the change. It will go away in a month. I would like comments and suggestions for it though. Our artist Loki has been working really hard getting new Halloween items ready for the season. They will be released later this week. She also updated some of our old items: We also have new item descriptions from CandyCanes added and a new writer - welcome TheSilentOne! Loki has made some new Halloween items that are now in stock at the Holiday Shop. It's time to stock up! 2 New candy holders to choose from for trick or treating also! She has also made us a few new forum icons: Nightfury3200 has made us some new user shop shopkeepers so you are able to customize your own shop a little more. We also now have discord for everyone to use: https://discord.gg/mR75D5r Everyone has been working really hard this month. Let's keep it going!
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    Woot! Update time! As you all know, Halloween is coming up, and we have some fun things planned for all of you. Cybura is proud to announce its brand-new moderation team. Following the closure of mod apps, we selected two outstanding applicants to be our first moderators. Please congratulate both @Ellelemental and @ShadowStrike(r), who are our new mods in training. Please feel to break them in, just not too much. Additionally, Cybura is looking into creating our very own writing and art teams. We are looking for artists who can match the current style of art. Artists would be tasked with a variety of projects, including, but not limited to backgrounds, characters, items, and markings. If you are interested in applying, you can find the artist applications here. Artist applications will be open for 3 weeks. The deadline for artist applications is October *, 2018, 11:59 pm CT, extensions may be given to applicants, but messages requesting them must be sent to Spitfyre no later than October *-3. To become a part of our writing team, you can find the application here. The application will be open for two weeks, and will close October *, 2018, 11:59 pm CT. Writers will be focusing in developing site lore, as well as working on item and page descriptions. Halloween, which I’m sure is what everyone is looking forward to, will be celebrated this year with two events. Staff will be running a design contest! Please be prepared to design your scariest, spookiest companions. The contest will be launched soon, so keep an eye out for it. We will also be having a Premium Halloween Event too! Yet another mystery occurring in the Haunted Forest, and this time it is not Trick-or-Treat Buckets laying about but rather large, creepy looking Jack-O-Lanterns instead! Officials have no idea where they come from and advise all Citizens to keep clear of the Haunted Forest! But not all Citizens are listening to this warning, they need to see the "Evil Jacks" for themselves, some would swear that they were being followed, some even claim that they have heard the Jacks speak! And well... some even resort to crushing the poor things with a Demonic Mallet, due to the rumor going around that you will find items inside the Evil Jack if you do. And there is a second rumor that claims if you call for the Evil Jack by shouting "Oh Evil Jaaack!", then they are guaranteed to appear... Welp! Guess there is only one way to find out! *takes out Demonic Mallet* "Oh Evil Jaaack~!" So, this year, our Halloween Event will run similar to the 15 Days of Christmas one, except with 31 all new spooky items, a bonus item for those who place at least one Demonic Mallet on each day and a Super Bonus for those who max out by placing 5 Mallets per day! Super bonus will be an exclusive outfit chest that contains a full, themed outfit! So here's a quick summary on how this event works. First, purchase however many quantities of Demonic Mallet you want from the Token Shop. Next visit the event's page located under the "Play" tab to place your Mallets on the desired days, if you place multiple on one day then you will receive multiple of that day's item(s). Also, remember that you MUST place your mallets BEFORE each event day begins, if the day has begun or passed, you will no longer be able to place mallets on that day, so be sure to start placing immediately! And that's it! Wait for the event to start on October 07, 2018 and you will receive a popover like below each day and well... SMASH THOSE EVIL JACKS AND GET WHAT'S YOURS! (Click to see larger image) Lastly, Lyro has been hard at work fixing bugs. Here are the bugs which have been fixed, and the bugs that are currently in the process of being fixed. ~Bugged companions should no longer be appearing. We have compiled a list of bugged companions and are slowly working through fixing them all manually. ~Grass is now functioning correctly. Look forward to the next update with nests!
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    I've been heavily improving the art in the game this past week. It's so nice to be able to go back to just a month ago and see the improvements I've made so far. Here's a preview! More to come! 🙂
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    Read this week's blog to checkout the art asset changes and upcoming dinosaurs! https://blog.toyowlet.com/2018/09/devblog-4-grass-improved-tiles-more.html
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    There's actually another battle system made for mysidia using AJAX (and it allows players to battle other pets). It's not real-time, but it is an improvement. I'll have to ask permission to include it.
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    This is another old guide of mine that I've spruced up a bit. -- Moderators are an important aspect to any company, that includes pet site games! They're the face of your business, the ones dealing directly with your userbase and customers. They're the ones keeping everything safe and organized for your players. They uphold the rules and regulations of the game, dish out any necessary punishments, and help keep you sane. They keep the site's community strong and held together, leaving you with focusing on building the site to be even bigger and better. Unfortunately, most pet site games from my experience tend to hire, well, not the greatest of people for the job. It can often lead to drama, misunderstandings, accidents, and other negativity. That can shed a bad light on, not only your game, but your role as the leader/business owner. So, what can we do about it? We can stop the mess before it happens. But how? Oh, it's so easy, yet so many owners take it for granted. Test them. Test every single person who wants to be a moderator. But, most of you do that already, right? Wrong. I've never seen a site pose more than a few basic and extremely generalized questions about "what would you do if a user did this?" or "how would you handle that?". Such generic questions with such a WIDE (very wide, if you ask me) range of answers and possibilities, how can you possibly judge the person on how they would be as a moderator? "So, what? We add more questions? That's what you're saying?" Not entirely. Adding more questions that are equally as general and basic does not help the problem. Give them SPECIFIC situations and details. Give them a multitude of scenarios and options. Make them THINK! while they are typing their answer. (Emphasis on "think" as some of these tests are so simplistic that all you really have to say as a response is "I'd ask them to stop and give them a warning blah blah generic basic answer blah.") This means NO multiple choice answers. Don't even give them any hints. "So detailed questions with specific scenarios, got it. If that's it, you're wasting my time." Ah, this is where you are wrong. See, you should not stop at just moderation questions, but go beyond that to the personal side. What are their ethics? What would they do in real life situations of some real life scenario? How do they feel about something? What is their opinion on something? If you want people to work for you, shouldn't you know a thing or two about who they are and what they believe/how they think? These people will be in control of a vast amount of your site. Don't you want to see if they can be trusted to do their job right? "Okay okay, specific questions, ask them about their ethics, this seems like a bit much, right?" 100% wrong. This is not enough! They should also have read the entirety of your privacy policy, terms of service, rules, help pages, and/or anything else relevant to their jobs. But more than just read it, UNDERSTAND it! I cannot stress this enough. Sure someone could easily enforce a rule, but if they don't understand it, how can they do it right? If you ask them any question about any rule (or otherwise), they should take no time at all to answer it and be detailed about it. Moderators (and staff in general) who do not understand their own site's rules should NOT be a moderator (or staff in general). "Well they're gonna be mods, of course they know the rules and stuff. That was stupid to include." This is the part I hate the most. Because someone is a mod/staff, users and other staff assume that they know (and understand) the rules. (And often blindly follow.) In some cases, this may be true, but in the majority of cases I've seen, this is completely false. Never assume something about your staff members. If you don't know, then ASK them. -- Now for my next point - friendship. This is the main killer of sites. The owner/other staff members is best friends with all their staffies. And of course, as friends, they could NEVER do any wrong, right? Well, sadly no. Friends can be real butts sometimes. Not only that, but they have the capacity to be wrong and also make mistakes. So what happens if your friend isn't up for the job? Well, you either keep them on your staff and cross your fingers that they improve, or you do something about it. Let's start with option one - firing. It's not scary and you should not be afraid of it. In fact, this is one of the main powers that separates the owner from the rest of the staff. You can toss people left and right like no tomorrow. I know you may care about your friendship and that firing them is sure to upset them, they're just going to have to deal. Do remember, that friends can still be friends even if they are not all together on the same staff team. Ya'll can be perfectly happy with a staff/user relationship. It's for the betterment of your site and can possibly open your friends eyes to what they were doing. (This could also save the friendship too, as there would be less of a strain between you.) Option two - meeting. This one is probably recommended to do before option one, but I felt like listing it second. (Just because I can.) It is entirely fair for a staff member (yes, any staff member, ya'll are a team) to call for a group meeting for any reason. That reason could possibly be the behavior of any (this can include you, as the owner) staff member. In that meeting, I highly suggest honesty for things to get done faster. Of course doing it in a gentle manner could help keep peoples moods in check. Once ya'll assess the problem, it's time you move onto the "thinking of a solution" step. Let all the staff members (including the one causing the issues) come up with possible ideas. And keep all of them, even if you do not end up using them. After you pick whatever one you see fit, execute it. If, over time, it ends up not working, try another one of the ideas. Keep at it until things just seem like they won't work out. (In that case, I refer you to "option one".) -- So, for my next point - hiring moderators offsite. Lots of you do this, no? Well, it's not exactly a bad thing, but I do have to make a suggestion. Before you even think about testing them for the job, make them play the site. I say at least a week to a month, but obviously the longer the better. Even if they read and understand the rules, if they don't understand the site and it's community, it's just as pointless to hire them. Be wary of hiring moderators before you actually need them. If you're site is still in development, they have nothing to moderate. The only thing I can think of to use them while in development would be for them working with developing the rules, TOS, etc. (Though you would ideally have a lawyer help you with those.) If you want people to join and help give ideas, then ask for that. I'm not saying that moderators can't help with ideas, but if you're hiring them to moderate then that should be their only job. Moderating is hard work and they don't need extra jobs or distractions from that. "Okay, so I've tested them. The results seem fine. I'm gonna hire them." STOP! Before you do anything, just stop. First of all, send their application to every other staff member, moderator or not. This person will be joining the family. If not everyone can agree on letting them in, then you're going to have issues later on. If a staff member has personal issues with the applicant, then that's a major problem. The staff need to work as a team or else the whole site falls apart. If everyone but that one staff member (or a few) have issues with the applicant, then ask all of them about their feelings on working with each other. If it's not possible, then it's not possible, and you're going to have to make some sacrifices one way or another. Secondly, if you have any questions about their answers or just further questions to test them on, it is completely in your right to do so, and if they really want the job, they'll answer. Don't stop testing/asking questions until the entire staff team is completely satisfied. No matter how minor the question is - ask it! It could make all the difference later on. I hope you're starting to get it. Now, you should know why this is all important, but if not, I shall say it in a few simple words: a site is only as good as it's weakest staff member. (Yes, I turned a few words around from an old famous quote.) I don't care if your site is full of godly rainbow artwork with crazy original features that just blow your brains apart and writing that just makes you cry your eyes out because it's so beautiful. If your staff aren't up to par, it's soiled and people are going to leave. View full guide
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    Still haven't heard since June and I'm stuck between concern for him and frustration that I've yet to see any sign of getting the refund for the work he wasn't able to do.

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