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    Hello! I'm a digital illustrator pursuing a path in creature design! I love fantastical creatures ranging from commonly known mythological beasts, to creatures from Star Wars and Monster Hunter. Currently I have a huge interest in the ARPG scene on deviantart, so I've spent a bit of time participating in that! I am relatively familiar with the pet site scene, I've done work for Sylestia, Cybura and helped with assets for other projects here and there as well. I would love to get involved in such work again, but I am also readily available for other positions as well! Anything from game assets to concept art, colorist positions, and illustrative work. I am most comfortable with animal subjects, but can edit accessories/hairstyles/etc onto pre-created human linearts (for avatars and such!) I'm willing to adapt to different subjects as well if discussed! For more of my work; deviantart - artstation - twitter custom creatures designed to your specifications - from existing animals to fantasy creatures of your wildest imagination! if you dream it, i can do it! I will work closely with you from start to finish to make sure your creature is as close to your vision as possible. pricing concepts only - $15 for 3 sketches greyscales - $25 coloured (NPC) - $35 shop items, loot items ( from hunting, exploring etc), food, craftables, etc armor and decor are another possiblity as well. I have not yet done any item work! pricing is up for negotiation. already have your creatures designed, but need some markings, genes or mutations to customize them? I can do that as well! If you'd like to see more recent examples, here are some of the ARPG designs I've done! here is also a collection of older gene work I did for some sites! have something else in mind? shoot me a PM here or message me on discord (skellri#0837) Thanks for looking!
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    I remove everything apart from financial data (their purchases, the tax I owe to the government based on that, etc.) which is stored in another system. I do this because it's awkward having orphaned records in the database, and typically when a player wants their account deleted, they want everything gone. From an operational point of view, it's also easier to have everything deleted at the time. I'm one person and I can't really imagine it being a good use of my time to respond to after-the-fact requests to have content deleted when it could have just been deleted at the same time as their account. Also, I take the view point that ultimately account data isn't necessarily "mine" to control. The player provided it (e.g. their forum contributions, etc.) and I want to respect the fact that they can control whether it stays on the site or not.
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    Working on these guys' animations for a survival/crafting style game. First time doing animations. So tedious! Still need to make improvements to these over time. In order: Aquillops, Dakotaraptor, and Utahraptor.
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    A basic run cycle for a little infinite runner game I'm working on <:
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    Took me a while to remember I haven't posted art here in a while. Not gonna post everything, but I'm this here.
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    I just made my first adopt, and I want this little goober to get sold.. :v
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    I'm working on a human avatar base for the open marketplace. There will be several premade feature options, several hair options that would work for both male and female avatars. I may make some basic clothing items, but it all depends on what the demand is like. I have to figure out how I'm going to color things first. Not sure if I should go for a more basic shading look or something a little more painterly, maybe I'll do both. Each feature comes with multiple adjustable layers for maximum customization. Here's a preview of a hair, Lip, Nose and Eye combo.
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    Yet another two commissions done for people!
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    Will do, Mortain. Update; This is my latest painting. I have been extremely busy with my freelance work and recently acquired a new job too, so haven't had much time to paint. This might be the last thing for a while haha.
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    More commissions for people! Because getting back into the groove is great! And sometimes I have pretty bad humor. Especially for these two.
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    Getting closer to full code coverage on Pet Game Framework! Yeah so code is boring, here's some cute pets that come free with the framework including their layered .PSD files. PGF is fully responsive so it works on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. It comes with a comprehensive admin panel so there's no programming required for out of the box game functionality. It also comes with nifty things like wysiwyg editor, date picker, time picker and color pickers! You can see the full list of features and more screenshots on my website: http://design1online.com/downloads/pet-game-framework/
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    And back again with a birthday doodle for a friend! EDIT: Added this in case anyone was wondering how small my stuff sometimes gets.
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    And another two more commissions I've done on Furvilla. Mmmmm~
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    Two OC commissions for some people on Furvilla. Mmm~
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    Tehcnically not drawing..... but crochet is a form of artwork.... I've been busy making ornaments! Here's my reindeer I made for my work party tonight for an ornament swap. <3
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    got inspired earlier to work on a concept for something and wanted to try my hand at drawing site items again in a new style (teeny tiny t-bone steak!)
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    I drew a doodle to take a break from sketching some items.
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    1st sketch. Started with insects and water in mind, turned out mammalian. They're omnivorous but mostly eat plantfood. Insects on the side and any meat they can scavenge. They make horrible fishers so forget fish. They live in small groups and live a semi-nomadic life. Moving around ensures the aquatic plants they eat can grow back. They're rithm loving creatures and occasionally come together for rituals, dancing and drumming and tapping on their bellies. Predators are often chased away by their loud beats. Now I've just got to refine the concept before making a full colour piece.
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    Was making a work in progress thingie by trying for the first time e conte, and I ruined it (But it was expected to get it ruined) Anyways, starting a digital version of the same picture:
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    This is great news. Teripets was one of the vpet sites that I spent most of my time on in the past haha.
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    A peppy little Bellburn. FurAffinity / Weasyl / Tumblr And with this little overlay, I'm done making overlays for all my pets., at least on Kaylune. So I'm gonna post all of them here, in case any one else was interested in the "collection".
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    Thought I'd post these little things here. I have a set of Imperial adoptables for FR. All markings included. They pretty great as a form of stress relief: mindless recolors and occasional actual accessory/accent work. lol

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