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  1. The Menagerie Nook, a little corner on the internet where you can collect and take care of virtual pets, is now LIVE! Please go to https://www.TheMenagerieNook.com OR https://www.TheMeNook.com and sign up. If you have any issues, please shoot me an email at [[email protected]]. Sign up is free. Playing and progressing is free. You can support us by purchasing pet credits and a percentage of proceeds go towards animal charities. You can find me on facebook, i mean.. Meta.. too: The Menagerie Nook | Facebook I am grateful for this community! Thank you!
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  2. I was fortunate to find a programmer through here and though he was talented and got far, he dipped out of the project and got away with the money in 2020. Now that Chatlands / Wolfhome has closed indefinitely, I really want to bring up the discussion of graphical chatsites. For a long time graphical chats were sidelined in the virtual pet world regardless of how fourth wall breaking they are. The two could have a harmonious relationship if treated right. I would love to see a serious competitor arise as now CL has closed it's doors. The point of this topic is simply asking for suggestions, opinions and any other discussion concerning graphical chats. How can you create one and what steps can be done? Whether or not they are financially worth it is besides the point as there are ways to suitably fund these types of sites due to their cult following. At this point the problem doesn't seem monetary as much as it is based on commitment to such a project. I would love to create a chatsite but as an artist I can only do so much. But I'd love to see pet game programmers take the idea seriously and please entertain the idea for a second on how one might accomplish it. And if you are interested in creating a graphical chatsite, as any type of creator, pls feel free to contact me.
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  3. There are two programmers right now who may be interested in extra help. If you're interested in the project, feel free to DM me and I can set up an arrangement to join the developer discord group! I think it would be great to have additional hands, thank you guys for your interest
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  4. We are kicking off the new year with a highly targeted ad campaign to revive TGL by acquiring new customers and sellers within the gaming community. This campaign is vital to ensure browser game owners and freelancers alike have access to an active community within a very niche category. We have selected FurAffinity as our primary advertising outlet with the intention to run an Adwords campaign at the conclusion of the FA ads depending on performance. To make this happen, we are asking game owners, artists, developers, and loyal pet game players to support this endeavour by donating to our fundraiser via PayPal. Help us reach our goal of $450! How the $450 will be spent We will be purchasing a 6-month package which includes 3 ad sizes (300x90, 300x200, and 728x90). FA serves ads to 1.1 billion customers each month, so we expect quite a few new faces to pop up once the ads are activated. Any additional funds will be put towards the forum licensing, and an Google Adwords campaign at the conclusion of the FA ad run. Thank you all for your continued support and dedication to the gaming community!
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