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    Ok, I finally have some news! I have finalized what will be in Alpha Phase 1. It's a bit less than what's on the trello, but I decided to roll out updates for Phase 1 after opening since I figured that if I continued to hold out until everything was in there, it won't reach you guys for a very long time (as you've seen lol) - Exploration system, each region will only have 5 random events to being with and 2 animals to hunt (deer and hares) - Not all npc personalities will have flavor texts when interacting - PMs and ally system (basically a friend list) - Most likely no trading. I still have to refine that - Only 1 enemy in the battle system, smilodons (found through exploring) - The spirit shop (seen after death) will only have 2 pelt colors available, spiritus and ember Will those things noted, I'm currently working now to add an extra layer of polish before opening registration. It may be incomplete, but I still don't want things to be messy. I hope to see you soon when the game opens in the next announcement!
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    I no longer work with IcePets as of fairly recently, but I want to publicly say this: The team working with IcePets is a group of some of the most dedicated, well-functioning, and knowledgeable people I have ever worked with on a project. There are people on this team who have been running the day-to-day operations of the IcePets website for multiple years and know how the game and community ticks. They are equally known by the community and they know how to keep the site going. Whoever purchases IcePets obviously gains the ability to do what they want with the hiring and firing portion of the site, but as someone who worked with this team for over 4 years: if you fire them, you are doing yourself and the game a major disservice. It might also be a boon to mention that if you purchase this game, you can rest easy knowing you have an absolutely fantastic team of people who will back you up, as long as you are willing to listen and dedicate yourself to improving the site moving forward. I obviously have no horse in this race any longer, but I will stand on my soapbox and yell awesome things about the current team to anyone who will listen, and figured it was a piece of information a potential buyer might like to know.
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    My co-owner Azrael and I are happy to announce our work on Leviathan-Myth.com, a dragon care and breeding sim. The site has been open since 2008, but we recently acquired it in 2018, along with a fantastic staff team. Some of the features we have on our site are: Hunting Battling Training Breeding 11 dragon breeds 25 colors (and more belong released on a regular schedule) 11 markings Events Seasonal maps The game is still undergoing development and modernization, so parts of the game are still being updated. That being said, the site is currently open to the public! Here is a link to our Discord as well.
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    Hey All, First and foremost, I want to say thank you for the last 5 years! Your continued support and friendship has meant a lot to me. Unfortunately, I come to you today to inform you that IcePets.Com is now going up for sale. Although the website is up for sale, the team is continuing to add new Items and run events. The only thing on pause will be any new features and the progress of our alpha website. All I.C.E. purchases will continue to go back into the site as it always has been, but we understand if the site for sale gives you reason to pause in purchasing. Our goal is to continue to give you a fun place to play as well as events to keep you busy. You have given us many great years, and we hope with a new owner IcePets can give you many more as well. Why is it up for sale? Since purchasing IcePets.Com in 2014, the amount of time that I am able to devote to IcePets has dropped to the point that it is no longer fair to the most important part of the site. You, the users. I (and the rest of the team) have put countless hours into IcePets and definitely do not want to see it fail. That is why I'm looking to sell IcePets to find a new owner who has the passion that I once had and drive the layout updates past the finish line. What Are the Layout Updates? The original code for IcePets was written back in 2009 back when PHP was a much different language. There was no "composer" to install third-party libraries into your code, or anything. It was also coded with a bunch of back doors by the original developer. Because of this, the goal was to give the whole site a fresh coat of paint. The problem was to do this, we needed to change how the pages were built. They moved from being dynamically created in a PHP script (as a string) and being emitted with "echo", to use a full templating engine (twig) to handle them. In the meanwhile, we also improved some of the functionality (i.e. galleries were made nicer, and quick stock now works with every location instead of just your shop). These changes are all available here: icepets.dev. The majority of this is complete, including the biggest thing which were the items, just a few kinks need to be worked through, and enhancements made. So although this was branded as layout updates, after going through the first round, I quickly realized that it was going to be bigger than I had anticipated. What you get: A highly motivated and flexible team to work with Ownership of all of the art assets Pets - 17 Species with up to 37 different colours Trophies - 600 different Items - 4,500 World Maps Avatars - 770 Features: Adoptable pets Forums Messaging Multiple Flash games (most rebuilt using Construct 3) Weekly Raffle Trivia Trophies User Profiles Wishlists (layout updates) NPC + User Shops Trades Quick Stock (way better version in the layout updates) Technology Stack: The technology stack is currently in flux between the live site, and the layout updates. All of the code is stored on Gitlab for the purposes of source control. Live Site: PHP 5.6 Mysql Database jQuery VueJS Must use Apache Support Site: Laravel 5.2 VueJS PHP 7.1 Slack Integration Staff Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 VueJS Slack Integration Slack Bot: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Discord Bot: Laravel 5.6 PHP 7.1 API Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Job Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Layout Updates (in the main repository): PHP 7.3 VueJS Twig Templating Engine MySql Must use Apache HTML 5 Games: Built with Construct 3 Please Note: The API and Job Sites could be merged into one application, this was originally split up so that we could scale up the API infrastructure if needed without running the risk of having scheduled jobs run multiple times. There are tools out there now (i.e. Laravel Vapor) which would automatically handle this for you instead of having it split out this way. Additional: I recently purchased a 6-month subscription for Laravel Shift (Shift CI Plan) which allows for the automatic dependency upgrade of any number of Laravel applications, as long as they are currently on running Laravel 6.0 or above. As long as I have that subscription active, if you do not have any issues with me having access to the code, I am more than willing to have it set up as one of my projects to automatically receive the upgrades (PRs will be submitted from time to time). Also, if you upgrade the other applications to Laravel 6.0, I can enable it for those repositories too.
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    I’m interested in this and do not understand why anyone would want to change the staff?? They know the site, you don’t, they know the community, you don’t, sure bring in a coder and hire a couple of artist but if the admin/mod/writing team is functioning by itself and doing an awesome job why change. Judda you you have my offer, just want to let you know if you were to sell to me the only thing I would bring on board would be programming and an artist or two i know now this is a hard decision to make but in the end it’s whats best for you and what’s best for the site who you sell to. Cheers Mate Chaz
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    Just wanted to let the community know, if you haven't noticed already, we have some fresh paint on the forums overall. I am still tweaking it here and there. If there are any comments or issues, please do not hesitate to let me know!
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    Ellie Cooper Art Commissions STATUS: Open Hello everyone! My name is Ellie, and I am currently a Concept Artist working in the games industry. I typically tend to do environments, but I do characters and animals too - nothing is too much hassle! I am currently available for some commission work! I am looking for either short-term or long-term contracts, whatever you may have. I can do sketches, all the way up to full completed pieces so whether you're thinking about landing pages, announcement images, marketing art then I'm happy to help. My Portfolio - Discord: #8157 (Ellie) - Feel free to PM me on here too. Prices on Application I am happy to just have a chat with you to give you a quote - please do not hesitate just to ask.
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    Over the past few months I've been recreating Vmons from scratch. Closed beta will be coming in November and I'm looking for people that can hang out in the Discord, provide input on ideas, and participate in the beta. The initial beta will focus mostly on the battle and rankings system. In our short term release, the site will include:| - A starter pet - Random pet encounters - Live turn based battles - Tournaments with prizes (not just in-game prizes, more like game consoles, laptops, etc.) In the long term, the Explore and Quest system is being built. A feature that never got released previously where you get to explore the 2D world of Vmons, complete quests, encounter Vmons in the wild, and embark on seasonal storylines. Feel free to join the Discord and let me know if you want to participate in the beta: https://discord.gg/9etYr2N
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    Updates since August 1st. We're still moving right along, and in this first year, have made lots of progress between August and October. Here's some of the bigger updates since the last post on this thread. New Palms - A lot of poses now come in the Palms color. New Jays - Many poses also now come in Jay. Skunks! - We now have skunk-colored rabbits. Referal System - A referal system has been added and can give you tons of rewards in the form of giftboxes! Open them up and see what kind of rare items you get. Navigation Updates - The Explore page has been made simpler and easier to navigate, and we added a Plaza for easy access to additional features. Quizzes! - We now have some fun quizzes you can do, if you're so inclined! There's three categories: general rabbit trivia, Warrenz-related questions, and rabbit genetics questions. Each has 3 different difficulty ranks. Player Leaderboards - For those who like competition, there's a new set of player leaderboards. No prizes, this is only for the honors. New Predator - There's a new predator on Warrenz, but this creature is unlike any other. It's a predatory rabbit you can add to your warren—if you can defeat one in battle. They will be around durring September (each year). Smaller updates include: - Faster loading images - Increased space for rabbits - A locking system - Many more little things!
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    Just wanted to leave a public review for Indy, letting everyone know that they are an exceptional programmer. Incredibly reliable, fast, and efficient, and happy to explain things in basic terms for me (I don't know too much about programming). Indy created a human avatar system for me that's absolutely stellar and I couldn't be happier!
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    Hey there, I'm Jin (Nerkcast) and I am developing Venturepets. While I am not up on an official website yet I wanted to go ahead and share a little bit on venturepets! I actually meant to do this ages ago but wasn't happy with my layout at the time and now making progress. Started as a way to help me learn new digital art and programming, Ive been an avid player of multiple sites for over a decade and Ive always wanted to do my own. The venturepets universe revolves around various worlds, pet species and stories that involve Stars and their patron Aeons (God like elven type characters) who havent been seen in eons and magic types! My hope is that players will be able to help advance the story and creative content almost like an "open source" project without being an actual heres my code now go forth kind of project. While I have had a little bit of help already its mostly just me creating and coding. Trying to get the main stuff done before launching to a website I hope to soon be able to pay a programmer for a bit of work that I am struggling with but the process has been an absolute blast and the art style is evolving as I go along with my friends artwork. Venturepets name might even change since the domain I want is taken ! I have attached a few things to let you have a little bit of view on what i've done so far. I have also started a Patreon and I post updates from today forward there as well as my personal twitter account Twitter: https://twitter.com/nerkcast Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/venturepets ((( Side Note: I do take commissions for item art, items I make for commissions are never used for my own project. I have plenty to do for mine but If you need new items for your project Please message me, I did make a Artist for hire post))) Let me know what you think!
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    I am going to try and be more active in the community, hoping to meet new people and create cool stuff together. I am an artist who has tried to pick up programming before but have had little luck, so while I may try again in the near future, I am here to showcase artwork. I do not have a partner or a programmer to make these projects reality, however i will create artwork and try to design some components of the game for the future. whether this is working with a programmer to make this project happen or learning to do it on my own ^^; I will most likely post about projects later, but for now I will just dump some random stuff. i can illustrate anything but really enjoy drawing wildlife, fantasy, machinery and monsters
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    This is one of my game ideas. I like the name Wolfterra but I have yet to buy the domain. The idea behind this is a graphical chatsite game similar to Chatlands, Wolfing, Dreamshift, The Palace, Club Penguin, Animal Jam, Habbo Hotel, Pony.Town and more. The idea behind this is that people can visit locations and chat with one another using unique avatars. For this game, I have decided to carry on the long tradition of using wolves as a focus for the character concepts and lore. The reason why I choose to do this isn't simply habit but for several other reasons as well: wolves are social creatures as evident to our dog companions, and this is a platform that is meant to encourage social activity as a focus. Wolves also have well recorded behaviors that are so fun to translate into human concepts (profile -> sniff for example, or howl instead of message). Rich in lore, the possibilities for writing about wolves are fun and endless, with even the capability of making pop-culture references and more. They are also a prosecuted species, misunderstood but important ecosystem players -- and conservation and charity have all I've ever loved sporting for my entire art career. Other games, such as Animal Jam, allow for multiple animal species which is good for a catch-all. But if the catch-all is already there, why bother? I'd rather expand on customizable options for a single species and put a focus on creating art for events, achievements, treasures, whatever else instead of create 20+ elaborate species with minimal customizable options. I did this with Lupinar, a graphical chatsite I created with a focus on the Cenozoic and paleoart. You can see some of that artwork & screencaps here: Lupinar Artwork So this is "Wolfterra", a place where you're a wolf more than once a month! Heh. I am just going to dump some of my poor rough drafts first and expand on the various concepts behind them as I work to complete art aspects to it. I am the first to admit that some of these concepts probably don't make sense. BTW, these wolf avatars are stationary with minimal animation, if any. You move the avatar around using drag and drop. The environment should be able to change with the avatars to create a color palette affect and make the images appear involved in the atmospheres of the landscapes.
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    Apologies for the massive delay in adding your game to the list @HeroKnight, it's now been added albeit without a description. If you want us to add one then just reply to the thread with one and I'll add it asap! I've added Lorwolf here as well @JimJim, however I noticed that you had a Homepage and a few other links available on Google as well so I've added them. If you want them removed then just say and it'll be done! The same applies to you @Azrael with Leviathan Myth. I've added you HeroKnight to the Game Owners role, this will be your main one with the Members one becoming your secondary. I noticed that you @Perseus were not part of the role above, so I've added that as your secondary one as you were an Artist first.
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    As someone who has managed games on and off for almost 20 years, I have to say that one of the hardest things to do as a Owner is realize when it's time to throw in the towel. No matter the reason, it only seems fair to yourself and your players to provide them the chance of having the best experience they can have. Whether it be under your helm or another's. IcePets was one of the games I "held over" after a recent audit of still-active games. The plan was to take a closer look around the game and get a feel for what the modern audience wanted. You're also using some of the technologies I'm learning for a more modern game (Construct and Vue). Think I'll definitely take a closer look now. Do you have a ballpark number you're looking for, or are you just fielding offers? You can PM me in case you do not want to share that information publicly.
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    Lore Monster Studios Email Me: abfeemster@gmail.com My Portfolio | DA/FA/Insta ---> @ibbitmonster ___________________________________________________________________________________ Hello there! I'm a commercial game artist and freelancer and I've been in the art game for about 15 years now. I currently work as a part-time game artist for two petsites remotely from my home to make things easier, but since each of my game development teams work on opposite time schedules, I don't really have time to balance an out-of-home day job anymore (recently lost/left my day job in order to keep up with my art obligations) -- so I'm returning to full-time game art and would like to offer my services here for work! I'm currently looking for some contract jobs or part-time work to fill in the extra time I have each week so I can continue to sustain my career as a freelance artist As of right now, I don't work on enough assignments to pay all the bills each month, so I'm looking to fix that! If you like my work enough, I'd also be open to more long-term project work down the road as well! ~ Below are a list of some example commercial/commission works and prices (my prices start at $8) and if you have any questions/inquiries just let me know here or contact me directly. You can find my professional resume and commercial portfolio here - I try adding to it when I can, but I'm usually too busy making assets/work to actually upload haha Quick Info/About Hiring I take payments via PayPal invoicing. Once a sketch has been approved, your commissioned artwork/assets will be finalized and a websize preview sent to you for final review/approval before I send an invoice. Once a payment clears, the full-resolution export and PSD file for your commission will be emailed/sent to you. Items/Object Assets $8 - 10 Cartoon/Celshade or Semi-realism | Fullsize: 300x300px | Websize/Preview: 100x100px Icons/Badges $15 - 25 Cartoon/Celshade or Semi-realism | Fullsize: 500x500px | Websize/Preview: 200x200px Avatar Clothing/Outfit Sets $15 - 75 (Depends on content/details) Cartoon/Celshade Only | Fullsize/Websize: Depends on Base Avatar Size Background/Illustration Art ($$ Ask/Inquire Artist - Pricing Varies) Cartoon/Celshade or Painterly Semi-realism Background Illustration in Portrait or Landscape Format (Can also draw maps/globe background art - just ask/inquire!) Character/Creature Design (Pricing starts at $25 - Ask/Inquire Artist) Cartoon/Celshade or Painterly Semi-realism Character Designs, Renders, Reference Sheets, and Game Assets (Art style is flexible/changeable depending on requirements) If you have something else in mind, or don't see an example here that suits your needs/requirements - feel free to ask and I can provide more examples (or whip one up for you) no problem! I have a wide range of experience/style ability so feel free to contact me at abfeemster@gmail.com if you'd be interested in hiring me for project work. Thank you for reading!
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    Hoi! I make various types of art as commissions, from sketches to items to logos to full pictures. Pricing sheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vfSVPLjxTpKTbvNSJjv8Yf0WAN7bA0hH More examples not included in the sheet: gamedev and design-oriented (open the files in a new tab if they shrink awkwardly, pretty sure some do): Once in a while I post timelapses, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Wu7v_qE-SnnFKgAy-dV7Q Contact via PM or info in my forum profile.
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    Hi, it has been a while since an update of smallix came out. I'm happy to announce that we've moved out of the preliminary conceptualizing phase, both for Game Play & Art Design style. Smallix is a side scroller simulation rpg with forest manipulation in mind.
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    NeverGuardians has the best logo ever
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    I commissioned Artsy from this post, the experience couldn't have been better! the art was amazing, after just a bit of describing what I wanted she perfectly captured what I wanted and then some! She worked fast and did a great job. The prices are great and more than worth it for the quality and what a great person she was to work with
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    Lol um because bills? Art jobs don't just fall in your lap so you need something to hold you over until you land one. Don't mean to be passive or anything but right now I'm working a "day job" until I can get an industry job. I work part-time so I have time to freelance and work on my portfolio.
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    @Mobotropolis I have a number in mind however, at this point I am not sharing it with anyone in order to not muddy the waters.
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