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  1. okay starting a new thread to sell art on here, items are $3.50 each. here are some examples. toys (copy righted to Sensipets) soups (copy righted to Sensipets) meat (copy righted to Sensipets) ice-cream (copy righted to Sensipets)
  2. Hey, I've been around here before, but I'm back to looking for work again. I'm currently open for commissions or work on a website- I've previously worked on Verpets, Spielpets & several others that I've since forgotten as it's been so long. I can make relatively quick turn around, depending on what you need and I'm willing to try about anything. I have previous experience with tattoo designs, linearts, childrens books and some technical drawing. Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of a portfolio any more, but keep various things saved here, which I'll upload, or can provide further examples if you let me know what you need! I'll update this as I find more examples, but if you're interested, shoot me a message and we can figure something out. ? Pet art/Overlays: Items: Maps:
  3. Hello all! I'll add more as inspiration hits. Available for commissions - please PM me for more details (examples here)! All art be provided in .SAI, .PSD, and .PNG formats. All payments through Paypal, please. Greek Tablets [200x200px] - $55 USD [Zeus, Hades, Poseidon / Demeter, Artemis, Apollo / Ares, Aphrodite, Dionysus] Heart Potions [200x200px] - $14 USD Sold items:
  4. Hello everyone, Right now we are looking to add a couple new artists to the Solpets team. A few examples: Items Wearables It is a volunteer position, but you will be compensated in site currency (sCoins). If you are interested you can message me here or on Solpets. We are also looking for graphic artists to do icons, banners and layout images. Thanks!
  5. I do artwork. What kind of artwork? Well, usually just character pieces and concept art. But I want to get into more, so I'm looking for work! I even made a little banner to go along with it! Banner This was kind of effortless not as interesting as other pieces, but I'm rather proud anyway! Here's some sample art for you guys, though I haven't drawn all that much due to lack of motivation. Concept Art Rovoxer is a username I have on another platform, this is a concept art I made for a WIP game on said platform. There's more concepts, I just don't have them saved on the computer I am typing this from. Personal Sketches and Doodles (Mostly me being random)
  6. Hoi! I make various types of art as commissions, from sketches to items to logos to full pictures. I'm open to many topics and I'm able to mimic an existing style with high accuracy. Please check my profile regularly for the open/closed status. *** >>>>> TOS AND PRICING <<<<< *** More examples not included in the sheet: gamedev and design-oriented (open the files in a new tab if they shrink awkwardly, pretty sure some do): Once in a while I post I don't record progress anymore, however here are some timelapses: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Wu7v_qE-SnnFKgAy-dV7Q Contact via PM or info in my forum profile! ***
  7. Email Me: [email protected] Discord: Ibbit#8513 Recently come into hard times, have a lot of medical/debts coming up this year so I'm going to setup a little shop post here for any creatures/items/assets I'm willing to sell while I look for more freelance work. Email me at [email protected] to buy or directly on Discord via Ibbit#8513 to purchase available assets (also please feel free to check out my freelance gig post if you'd like to hire me for custom work) ASSETS FOR SALE Elemental Lizards Set | HD Fullsize 2500x2500px | $60 USD Per Design Asset or $300 USD for Full Set Wild West Woman Character Design | HD Fullsize 4344x3936px | $100 USD for Character Asset Water Superhero Gal | HD Fullsize 3600x5400px | $200 USD for Character Asset Alien Street Gal Character Design | HD Fullsize 1050x800px | $200 USD for Character Sheet Asset Various Concept Sketches | HD Fullsize 2000x2000px | $10 USD Per Sketch Asset Various Creature Designs | HD Fullsize 2000x2000px | $50 USD Per Design Asset Various Item Designs | HD Fullsize 2000x2000px | $10-15 USD Per Design Asset
  8. Info: Hello My name is Shex, I've been playing online pet and sim games since 2006 and never really grew out of it. I still occasionally enjoy to play, collect and breed on several sites, and I am also fascinated by the game creator community, especially since so many of these games are made by small teams and just regular people. I just finished studying and my job won't start until late August this year, that leaves me with a lot of time to draw! I've drawn for Novilar in the past and also a couple of small commissions for wolfplaygame, but that was about 3-4 years ago. I'd love to draw more game art, I don't really have a set style and I can always try to imitate your site's style! My comfort zone is rather realistic, but I enjoy simpler styles or chibis just as much Things I am comfortable to draw: animals (especially canines, dragons and dinosaurs, but also felines and fantasy creatures), items, backgrounds, miscellaneous illustrations, chibis, linearts I'd rather not draw humans because I am simply not good or experienced with them. I can draw items or clothing for human bases though! Art Examples: Find a quick overview in my main gallery at https://salon.io/shex item art creature art background art misc --> info on what I won't draw Prices: Prices mostly depend on complexity and detail level/canvas size of your project. To give some averages (in USD): items: 3-4 for low detail/unshaded; 5-6 for medium detailed, 8+ for detailed items background art: ~25 for an average detailed background with foreground, middle-ground and background creature art: really depends on what is needed. Simple lineart would start at 20, a cell-shaded base could be around 40-50 Schedule: I have one more commission on my list at the moment, but apart from that, I got several hours each day to spend drawing Right now that means short turnaround times for you, probably within a couple of days! Contact: telegram (quickest): @shiggedi discord: Shex#0633 email: shex.arts (at) gmail.com References: In the past I've worked mostly for Novilar. Recently I finished background commissions for Faenaria and Folk of Lore, too.
  9. Hello everyone! Shino here with a bit of an ad. My husband and I are looking to do some serious work getting some new simulation and roleplay games running and in order for us to do such a thing, we're looking to hire dedicated artists and loremasters that we can have completing work regularly for persistent releases of new content across multiple projects. We're hoping, within the next coming month or two, to take out a bit of a loan to use as a startup fund for the projects that are top priority: my horse sim, Pony-sim, and a DeviantArt based art role play (possibly 2) SucoCats. A possible second ARPG is under review, but Pony and SucoCats are currently at the forefront, but there are several other projects sitting on the back burner until those both are off the ground. For a bit of detail of what we'll be needing, I'll provide a bit of a synopsis of the assets I'm looking for for both SC and Pony. If you would like to be considered for a role, please post examples of your preferred area (literature, creature art, items, maps) and a price range for each. If you're capable of providing art for multiple roles, please mention so! I would love if the style is cohesive and matches all aspects of each game! Primary needs are going to be RED :: Loremasters :: Loremasters are going to be the literary experts that help with building on the concepts and ideas I've already got rolling for both Pony and SucoCats (Please be aware tho, these are two separate games and none of their lore is intertwined). Your job will be creating a range of descriptions, locations and history for the game(s) that you choose to sign onto and will be compensated either negotiable rate for locations and character development or flat rate for a bulk of succinct item descriptions (I'm not asking, or paying, for a history of for equine tack if you catch my drift). All loremaster work will be checked for plagiarism. Please be honest with the work you produce! Here are a few major points Loremasters will be handling: Location Descriptions for Pony or SC Personalities for NPCs in Pony or SC Accurate descriptions of Pony's breeds and disciplines Brief descriptions of the items on Pony or SC Developing the encompassing world of Pony or SC based on what lore currently exists :: Pony Assets :: Over all preference is the assets can be stylized / cartoony as I'm not wanting the hyper realistic style a lot of other horse sims have been gravitating towards. Pony is meant to be a break from realism so giving it a less realistic look is 100% what I have in mind. Breed art - Currently, Pony has 90 breeds that are in need of art, but this number is going to grow as the site does. An adult and a foal image is requested so a quote for both is needed. To start, a 3-part crossbreed bundle (3 adults, 3 foals) is going to be commissioned all at once. Human Avatars - 3 separate avatars (male, female, neutral) with multiple different facial feature bundles (eyes, noses, mouths, eye brows, hair styles, etc). Avatar Clothes - These will typically be standard clothing options (shirts, jeans, dress clothes, etc) but some holiday themed clothes will also Backgrounds - A large variety of backgrounds are needed; to start, I'll be commissioning a stable stall, stable pathway and paddock area as the first set of images Companion Animals - There's a small number of these to start, but I do plan on expanding the list Item Art - Pony currently has ~250 items needing redone plus some additional new features that haven't been accounted for Town Map - I'm hoping to find someone capable of creating an elegant and cohesive map that helps pull the site together Stable Art - Barns, paddocks, Office space, Training Arenas (there's several different ones of varying sizes) are the main things needed Miscellaneous Art - Statues, trophies, seasonal and event pieces, as well as any other odds and ends that don't fit other categories :: SucoCats Assets :: Bordering on semi-realistic, SucoCats has a concept sketch started and much less art needing completed. Species Import Completion - The concept sketch is already started, but adjustments may need to be done. Task will include adding physical attributes (I can provide a comprehensive list of all the traits I'd like), new mane types, new pelt varieties and other odds and ends (I do have some sketches started and can continue to provide additional sketches to follow). Additionally, a dwarf build needs completed as the current sketch only includes a standard size Suco. [Here is the original concept, which has some of the examples of adjustments/manes in mind] Design Guides - Creating realistic color palettes, pattern examples and compiling a clear, easy to read guide for users to follow based on the genetics and markings SucoCats will carry. Backgrounds - I have 2 starting backgrounds in mind, but would eventually like to expand the collection to have 2 or 3 different backgrounds for each of the canonical zones of the SucoCat world World Map - Once the Loremaster(s) help with developing the world of SucoCats, I'll be needing a nice, crisp map made by a skilled cartographer! Item art - I don't have a complete list of items I need (I'm still combing through the different aspects of the game), but currently, I need ~60 items and the standard items will be given precedence until a complete list is finished Companion Animals - There's a small number of these to start, but I do plan on expanding the list Miscellaneous Art - Statues, trophies, seasonal and event pieces, as well as any other odds and ends that don't fit other categories Please know that we are putting together an NDA that will encompass both games (and will also cover if you'd like to continue work on our team for future projects) so all applicants need to be 18+ Payments will be via invoicing to our Paypal and will not be given until work is completed. Don't want USD? I'm willing to offer other payment options! If you'd like payment in game currency from either game, I'll gladly do so with a 25% value increase (so for every $1 USD, you'll get $1.25 worth of in-game trade-in) that will stack for every $50 worth of art completed! If my time permits, I could trade programming scripts for bulk art of equivalent value. I need to compile a price range of my different script capabilities, but this option would be very limited!
  10. Hello! I'm Skellri! I'm a digital illustrator pursuing a path in creature design! I love fantastical creatures ranging from commonly known mythological beasts, to creatures from Star Wars and Monster Hunter. I also absolutely enamoured by equines and dinosaurs/other paleo creatures! Currently I have a huge interest in the ARPG scene on deviantart, so I've spent a bit of time participating in that! I am relatively familiar with the pet site scene, I've done work for Sylestia, Cybura, Folk of Lore, Faenaria, and helped with assets for other projects here and there as well. I would love to get involved in such work again, but I am also readily available for other positions as well! Anything from game assets to concept art, colorist positions, and illustrative work. I am most comfortable with animal subjects, but can edit accessories/hairstyles/etc onto pre-created human linearts (for avatars and such!) I'm willing to adapt to different subjects as well if discussed! For more of my work; deviantart - artstation - twitter TENTATIVELY AVAILABLE Custom creatures designed to your specifications - from existing animals to fantasy creatures of your wildest imagination! if you dream it, I can do it! I will work closely with you from start to finish to make sure your creature is as close to your vision as possible. AVAILABLE Already have your creatures designed, but need some markings, genes or mutations to customize them? I can do that as well! Its actually one of my favorite types of art to do. If you'd like to see more recent examples, here are some of the ARPG designs I've done! Below is also a collection of gene work I did for some sites! TENTATIVELY AVAILABLE, LACKING EXAMPLES shop items, loot items ( from hunting, exploring etc), food, craftables, etc armor and decor are another possibility as well. I have not yet done any item work! pricing is up for negotiation. have something else in mind? shoot me a PM on discord (skellri#0837) or email me at: [email protected] Thanks for looking!
  11. Hello there, Jin here (that gin and tonic with a J lol) i am looking for a little bit of work to do outside my own pet site project Venturepets. I would love to draw up some concepts if needed or if you have a style of items I can try to make a few while replicating your style. My concepts vary but i am always practicing with them and learning to make them a bit better. Here’s just a few , currently mobile and I’ll grab more examples in a bit. Let me me know what your looking for and we can go from there Thanks for looking ! EDIT: You can also contact me via discord (nerkcast#4787) or twitter (@nerkcast) I also do emotes for anyones channel as well as streaming overlays. (Just edited this in) Draco concept
  12. Pixie Commissions What I Do: - Pixel Art - Avatars - Banners - Page Revamps Please note I am currently not doing site layouts and logos. Examples: Pixel Art $10.00 Avatars $5.00 Banners $10.00 Page Revamps (PM for examples) From $15.00 Contact: Contact me either here, or on discord (Pixie#6685) to discuss details of your commission.
  13. Hey there! I'm a student artist pursuing a career in concept art but pet sites have always been a side interest of mine and I'll be more than happy to help with your project. ~~~ My style is very flexible. I can draw cartoon to realism and everything in between. All the better to learn your site's style and fit in -or help tailor something unique for you! Visit my Artstation for more! I am most responsive on discord (pen#7903) but you can also reply here for quotes!
  14. I know there's a lot of SUPER talented artists on here, so I wanted to share a contest in case anyone was interested! Simple horse coloring challenge, and first place gets $40 via PayPal! Contest details: https://tinyurl.com/yap7fgnw
  15. Hey there, I'm Brit a concept artist that specializes in environment designer. Here are some example of work I can do. If you are interested, just send me a message or email at [email protected] Thanks for your time!
  16. Hello everyone! The titles says it all, I'm just a young artist looking for work! :v Here are my regular prices for regular commissions: My rates for pet site apparel, items, and bases are negotiable, but any background work will be treated as a regular commission. Some Art I'm Willing to Sell/Revamp: (You'll receive the PSDs for the images you buy)
  17. Hi I'm Azrael, I currently make assets for my own two games that are in development, but sometimes I like making things that don't quite fit. None right now! Feel free to PM me. Preferred form of payment is Paypal. Thank you!
  18. Hello! Happy to do any sort of art assets for your game, logo, etc. I also do writing! Send me a pm or reach out on discord and we can discuss your project's needs. Thank you! Writing Samples: pricing: Items: $5 (& up depending on complexity) Item Recolors: $1-2 each Pets/Creatures/NPCs: $35-$75 (depends on style & complexity) Maps: $75-$250 (depends on style & complexity) Animated Avatars: $10-20 (depends on style & complexity) Writing: 6c per word. contact__ discord: Joanna#0325 or PM on TGL.
  19. Hello! I like to sketch/doodle some loose works here and there between work, and was hoping to perhaps sell them if anyone was interested. All prices listed ARE very flexible, and if you're looking to buy multiple sketches, I'm open to giving bulk discounts as well. Monster Dog Sketches(500x500): (1) $15, (2) $10, (3) $15 OR all three for $35 Korean Food Items Set (Full size for ea. sketch listed): $10 for the bundle Please post below or PM if interested! The sketches are sketched on a single layer, but if you would like them layered/made so that any overlaps are filled in (for pets), I can do that for an additional $2 per pet! Commissions are currently closed, but I'm open to selectively finishing sketches I've made. Samples available below, but I'm definitely flexible with style and shading, and can adjust as needed. Please PM if interested! http://twitter.com/moRonsense/media http://pilumvane.tumblr.com (works can be slightly dated) Thank you very much!
  20. ?Welcome all? about me: My name is Femke, I am an artist from Belgium. Here I show you what I can do, from gems to animals to fantasy creatures to other goodies to backgrounds even icons and banners. From pixel art to detailed painting and lined work even some realism. One day I plan on making a pet site for myself to, so I will be looking for coders as wel in the future. So if anyone ever plans out a new site I am also always willing to help build it from 0 This will get updated with more work as time goes on. my work: My price list and deals: places where I work at/ help: Atrocity owned by Ittermat contact me at: discord: blackjashin#1345 instagram: @blackjashin here: @blackjashin some more work of mine
  21. hey all I am an artist and I am open to help peo out in thier visuals for thier game. I am new to this but I wrk hard and pretty fast people have told me. so I will be posting art here to show what I have got. this will de random suff but if there is sommething you want to see let me know and I will show it off or create it. I make : avatars animals/creatures goods buildings backgrounds ... thanks for your time ps, most that can be posted here can be ideas for my own gae. rough ideas and art for a game I would love to make one day.
  22. Hmm, so I have these random items for Easter ? The items are all 400 x 400 px with transparent background. They will be sent as PSD files. The items are a large fancy chocolate egg (with 3 coloured ones that I’ll send as PNGs), a chocolate chicken, a chocolate bunny, and a chocolate mini-egg (with 3 coloured ones that I’ll also send as PNGs). I am looking to get £10 for them. I would prefer for all of them being bought as a whole, but maybe I’ll sell them individually if too much time passes... You will receive all rights to the items ? And payment will be done through PayPal. Thank you!
  23. Edit: I found some artwork. Thank you! Hello! I'm looking for feline art. Sketches, lines, colored, anything for sale or artists who take commissions. I definitely need a cat that's more on the realistic side, not a super friendly pose (either mean or neutral). Please let me know if you have anything available and prices.
  24. A pack of halloween themed items for sale. The whole pack is $10USD for five items with a fully customizable PSD file that you can use to recolor for different combinations. All of the items come on one PSD file, you buy full rights to all items included in the pack. Please mail me if you are interested.
  25. DRAC'S ART CART Hi, I'm Drac. I do art n'stuff. If you're interested, just drop me a line. Might be willing to do some separate pricing for bulk orders but I'm happy to do small projects as well! Deviantart | Tumblr Items $6 cellshade *bulk discount $4 each* $10 painted *bulk discount $8 each* Pet Bases/NPCs: $40+ Pet/Avatar Clothes $3+ I do npcs, backgrounds and other stuff too. Feel free to browse my other galleries and inquire about different stuff. Thanks for looking!
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