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  1. Hoi! I make various types of art as commissions, from sketches to items to logos to full pictures. I'm open to many topics and I'm able to mimic an existing style with high accuracy. Please check my profile regularly for the open/closed status. *** >>>>> TOS AND PRICING <<<<< *** More examples not included in the sheet: gamedev and design-oriented (open the files in a new tab if they shrink awkwardly, pretty sure some do): Once in a while I post I don't record progress anymore, however here are some timelapses: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Wu7v_qE-SnnFKgAy-dV7Q Contact via PM or info in my forum profile! ***
  2. Hello everyone! It's about time I posted my art gallery here to show case some stuff I've been working on and things I'm still working on. I have one on every site now I do plan to open commissions here in the other thread soon since my June slots have opened. I'll start with the newest commission work I have then add to it as it goes on, some are older but only by 3 years. ^ - ^ Some Personal and Commissioned Artwork over the last 3 years. Older WIP painting Personal Adoptable work Dollies Species made by: Me and my Fiancèe, Emelie. (These will be up for sale soon on another site once they are closer to being done. Let me know if your interested in them) The "Blessed" stage. ^ Is a WIP, still need to render the male's joints and the "Cursed" side. Will come with baby stage, 3 hair and tail styles and 3 items. WHOLE reworked adoptable, original art was by Willow on PI but I redid it due to it not aging well when I bought it. Added new ears and tail mutations. (Will also be sold on another site, let me know if your interested!) ^ wip Longer mane. Cosplays I completed for an adoptable offsite that I'm an artist for. Note: I did not do the main art (The creatures) for these, just the extras. Mutations and items for the same adoptable. Full on finished adoptable with mutations for someone offsite. Thank you for looking ; v ;
  3. Info: Hello My name is Shex, I've been playing online pet and sim games since 2006 and never really grew out of it. I still occasionally enjoy to play, collect and breed on several sites, and I am also fascinated by the game creator community, especially since so many of these games are made by small teams and just regular people. I just finished studying and my job won't start until late August this year, that leaves me with a lot of time to draw! I've drawn for Novilar in the past and also a couple of small commissions for wolfplaygame, but that was about 3-4 years ago. I'd love to draw more game art, I don't really have a set style and I can always try to imitate your site's style! My comfort zone is rather realistic, but I enjoy simpler styles or chibis just as much Things I am comfortable to draw: animals (especially canines, dragons and dinosaurs, but also felines and fantasy creatures), items, backgrounds, miscellaneous illustrations, chibis, linearts I'd rather not draw humans because I am simply not good or experienced with them. I can draw items or clothing for human bases though! Art Examples: Find a quick overview in my main gallery at https://salon.io/shex item art creature art background art misc --> info on what I won't draw Prices: Prices mostly depend on complexity and detail level/canvas size of your project. To give some averages (in USD): items: 3-4 for low detail/unshaded; 5-6 for medium detailed, 8+ for detailed items background art: ~25 for an average detailed background with foreground, middle-ground and background creature art: really depends on what is needed. Simple lineart would start at 20, a cell-shaded base could be around 40-50 Schedule: I have one more commission on my list at the moment, but apart from that, I got several hours each day to spend drawing Right now that means short turnaround times for you, probably within a couple of days! Contact: telegram (quickest): @shiggedi discord: Shex#0633 email: shex.arts (at) gmail.com References: In the past I've worked mostly for Novilar. Recently I finished background commissions for Faenaria and Folk of Lore, too.
  4. Howdy all! The team and I are looking for someone to draw a couple scenic backgrounds for us. If all works out we would love to continue making periodic commissions going forward as well. We have a budget of around $25-35 a piece, though I'm willing to haggle. Desired canvas size is 600x850px. Below are some examples of existing BGs to give an idea of the style/quality that we're looking for. (each one was done by a different artist so some variation is okay) Obviously the avatar base wouldn't be part of the final image, but I included it to give an idea of scale, etc. She was naked so I put a dress on her. Feel free to PM me here or add me via Discord: Rhowyn#2419
  5. Hello everyone! Shino here with a bit of an ad. My husband and I are looking to do some serious work getting some new simulation and roleplay games running and in order for us to do such a thing, we're looking to hire dedicated artists and loremasters that we can have completing work regularly for persistent releases of new content across multiple projects. We're hoping, within the next coming month or two, to take out a bit of a loan to use as a startup fund for the projects that are top priority: my horse sim, Pony-sim, and a DeviantArt based art role play (possibly 2) SucoCats. A possible second ARPG is under review, but Pony and SucoCats are currently at the forefront, but there are several other projects sitting on the back burner until those both are off the ground. For a bit of detail of what we'll be needing, I'll provide a bit of a synopsis of the assets I'm looking for for both SC and Pony. If you would like to be considered for a role, please post examples of your preferred area (literature, creature art, items, maps) and a price range for each. If you're capable of providing art for multiple roles, please mention so! I would love if the style is cohesive and matches all aspects of each game! Primary needs are going to be RED :: Loremasters :: Loremasters are going to be the literary experts that help with building on the concepts and ideas I've already got rolling for both Pony and SucoCats (Please be aware tho, these are two separate games and none of their lore is intertwined). Your job will be creating a range of descriptions, locations and history for the game(s) that you choose to sign onto and will be compensated either negotiable rate for locations and character development or flat rate for a bulk of succinct item descriptions (I'm not asking, or paying, for a history of for equine tack if you catch my drift). All loremaster work will be checked for plagiarism. Please be honest with the work you produce! Here are a few major points Loremasters will be handling: Location Descriptions for Pony or SC Personalities for NPCs in Pony or SC Accurate descriptions of Pony's breeds and disciplines Brief descriptions of the items on Pony or SC Developing the encompassing world of Pony or SC based on what lore currently exists :: Pony Assets :: Over all preference is the assets can be stylized / cartoony as I'm not wanting the hyper realistic style a lot of other horse sims have been gravitating towards. Pony is meant to be a break from realism so giving it a less realistic look is 100% what I have in mind. Breed art - Currently, Pony has 90 breeds that are in need of art, but this number is going to grow as the site does. An adult and a foal image is requested so a quote for both is needed. To start, a 3-part crossbreed bundle (3 adults, 3 foals) is going to be commissioned all at once. Human Avatars - 3 separate avatars (male, female, neutral) with multiple different facial feature bundles (eyes, noses, mouths, eye brows, hair styles, etc). Avatar Clothes - These will typically be standard clothing options (shirts, jeans, dress clothes, etc) but some holiday themed clothes will also Backgrounds - A large variety of backgrounds are needed; to start, I'll be commissioning a stable stall, stable pathway and paddock area as the first set of images Companion Animals - There's a small number of these to start, but I do plan on expanding the list Item Art - Pony currently has ~250 items needing redone plus some additional new features that haven't been accounted for Town Map - I'm hoping to find someone capable of creating an elegant and cohesive map that helps pull the site together Stable Art - Barns, paddocks, Office space, Training Arenas (there's several different ones of varying sizes) are the main things needed Miscellaneous Art - Statues, trophies, seasonal and event pieces, as well as any other odds and ends that don't fit other categories :: SucoCats Assets :: Bordering on semi-realistic, SucoCats has a concept sketch started and much less art needing completed. Species Import Completion - The concept sketch is already started, but adjustments may need to be done. Task will include adding physical attributes (I can provide a comprehensive list of all the traits I'd like), new mane types, new pelt varieties and other odds and ends (I do have some sketches started and can continue to provide additional sketches to follow). Additionally, a dwarf build needs completed as the current sketch only includes a standard size Suco. [Here is the original concept, which has some of the examples of adjustments/manes in mind] Design Guides - Creating realistic color palettes, pattern examples and compiling a clear, easy to read guide for users to follow based on the genetics and markings SucoCats will carry. Backgrounds - I have 2 starting backgrounds in mind, but would eventually like to expand the collection to have 2 or 3 different backgrounds for each of the canonical zones of the SucoCat world World Map - Once the Loremaster(s) help with developing the world of SucoCats, I'll be needing a nice, crisp map made by a skilled cartographer! Item art - I don't have a complete list of items I need (I'm still combing through the different aspects of the game), but currently, I need ~60 items and the standard items will be given precedence until a complete list is finished Companion Animals - There's a small number of these to start, but I do plan on expanding the list Miscellaneous Art - Statues, trophies, seasonal and event pieces, as well as any other odds and ends that don't fit other categories Please know that we are putting together an NDA that will encompass both games (and will also cover if you'd like to continue work on our team for future projects) so all applicants need to be 18+ Payments will be via invoicing to our Paypal and will not be given until work is completed. Don't want USD? I'm willing to offer other payment options! If you'd like payment in game currency from either game, I'll gladly do so with a 25% value increase (so for every $1 USD, you'll get $1.25 worth of in-game trade-in) that will stack for every $50 worth of art completed! If my time permits, I could trade programming scripts for bulk art of equivalent value. I need to compile a price range of my different script capabilities, but this option would be very limited!
  6. Hello! I'm Skellri! I'm a digital illustrator pursuing a path in creature design! I love fantastical creatures ranging from commonly known mythological beasts, to creatures from Star Wars and Monster Hunter. I also absolutely enamoured by equines and dinosaurs/other paleo creatures! Currently I have a huge interest in the ARPG scene on deviantart, so I've spent a bit of time participating in that! I am relatively familiar with the pet site scene, I've done work for Sylestia, Cybura, Folk of Lore, Faenaria, and helped with assets for other projects here and there as well. I would love to get involved in such work again, but I am also readily available for other positions as well! Anything from game assets to concept art, colorist positions, and illustrative work. I am most comfortable with animal subjects, but can edit accessories/hairstyles/etc onto pre-created human linearts (for avatars and such!) I'm willing to adapt to different subjects as well if discussed! For more of my work; deviantart - artstation - twitter TENTATIVELY AVAILABLE Custom creatures designed to your specifications - from existing animals to fantasy creatures of your wildest imagination! if you dream it, I can do it! I will work closely with you from start to finish to make sure your creature is as close to your vision as possible. AVAILABLE Already have your creatures designed, but need some markings, genes or mutations to customize them? I can do that as well! Its actually one of my favorite types of art to do. If you'd like to see more recent examples, here are some of the ARPG designs I've done! Below is also a collection of gene work I did for some sites! TENTATIVELY AVAILABLE, LACKING EXAMPLES shop items, loot items ( from hunting, exploring etc), food, craftables, etc armor and decor are another possibility as well. I have not yet done any item work! pricing is up for negotiation. have something else in mind? shoot me a PM on discord (skellri#0837) or email me at: [email protected] Thanks for looking!
  7. Hello! I'm Myla, an admin and artist on Mycena Cave. We're looking for 1 - 3 additional artists to add to our art team which is currently a team of 12! We have some great artist interfaces which promote collaboration between our artists, and have a variety of art needs (items, event art, unique pet creation, etc.). Now Seeking Artists Role Description & Responsibilities A Mycena Cave artist creates art assets for the site which can include art for site events and activities, coat and item sets for monthly or seasonal release, sprout, custom, or edit queue orders, and game-related art. Much of the time, artists are creating either equippable items or unedited or edited pets. Artists are carefully selected based on their experience, artistic ability, ability to execute the Mycena Cave style, and on conduct and professionalism. Artists are expected to create art contributing to the overall feel and look of Mycena Cave, and extending it with their own personal and professional touch to the site. At this time, we are looking for general artists with excellent communication skills who are interested in helping out in various different areas, including queue and event artwork. A willingness to collaborate on projects with other artists is also preferred. General Expectations & Requirements Listed below are our expectations for a Mycena Cave artist: Artist must be at least 18 years old Artist conducts themselves in a professional manner Artist exhibits confidence with their artistic ability Artist responds to and incorporates critique into their work Artist has the time and the motivation to work on Mycena Cave regularly Artist meets deadlines and follows instructions Artist communicates effectively and professionally with Mycena Cave players and staff Artist is willing to use echoes, staff forums, and staff discord to communicate with staff Artist is friendly and gets along with Mycena Cave players and staff Artist keeps staff-only information in confidence Artist mimics the Mycena Cave style willingly and effectively Artist uses SAI, SAI2, Photoshop Creative Suite, or Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex Artist is familiar with clipping, masking, layer effects, group folders, and .psd and .png file formats Responsibilities and Duties A site artist has access to a variety of art-related tasks consisting of different levels of creative input from the artist. Coat and item creation will form the bulk of an artist’s weekly work. Periodically, an artist will have an opportunity to create other, miscellaneous site art and graphics as needed during events and activities. Some art tasks allow for artistic freedom—for example, designing an Out of the Shadows set (our monthly release which consists of a coat + two items) is usually done by the artist who claims the slot. Other art tasks have more specifications—for example, an artist may take a custom order with a mock-up attached, and the artist strives to make the custom to those specifications. An ideal candidate will be flexible and industrious, willing to collaborate with the team to meet artistic goals and often balancing multiple projects at a time. Creation of event, seasonal, and queue related work will have hard deadlines which will need to be met. In addition to artistic ability, effective time management will be a valued skill in a potential candidate. If this sounds interesting to you, more information, including compensation rate and the application process and form can be found here: https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/announcements/18415/seeking-artists I'm happy to answer any questions here (in this thread or via PM), or through the Mycena Cave communication systems (forums/PM)!
  8. Welcome to Grifflies, a breedable griffin forum & art game! The game is undergoing a critical revamp and is still very much under heavy development. But our Discord updates every week, so feel free to join and read up on the news! Baby grifflie art, pictured above We are looking for artists to help color grifflies for users who breed them, users who age up their grifflies from baby to adult, and for help with adding new markings to the grifflie bases. If you are familiar with PaintTool Sai and are interested in the game, please consider applying! PaintTool Sai is not necessary to edit this file, but it is HIGHLY recommended. You must have access to Discord, the Grifflies forum, and DeviantArt to apply! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here, or on Discord at Tanya #9358 APPLY ! || Discord || Forum || DA Group
  9. Hey all! I'm seeking a canine artist to produce shaded lines for me (ie. 'Templates')! Looking for someone experienced with canine anatomy - all art will be of real dog breeds. Initially looking to commission a couple of pieces as a trial, but would be looking for up to 42 total pieces over the next six months to a year. If you're interested I'd love to see examples of your portfolio and pricing structure!
  10. Hey there! I'm a student artist pursuing a career in concept art but pet sites have always been a side interest of mine and I'll be more than happy to help with your project. ~~~ My style is very flexible. I can draw cartoon to realism and everything in between. All the better to learn your site's style and fit in -or help tailor something unique for you! Visit my Artstation for more! I am most responsive on discord (pen#7903) but you can also reply here for quotes!
  11. Hello all! Long time no see ~ I thought it was time to make a new updated board with lots of awesome new art to share! I am an illustration artist who dabbles in a bit of everything - creatures, animals, items, NPCs, backgrounds, etc. I have several regular customers from virtual pet sites and am hoping to expand the client list for some new juicy work. Some clients include(d) Egg Cave, Dappervolk, Kuepets, and some other more secretive projects names. I am open to both one-time gigs as well as being added as a permanent artist on any projects. Feel free to post, private message, or contact me through my other social medias: Instagram | Twitter | Portfolio | Discord: Vlorrie#2548 Pricing $5 USD each 3 for $12 10 for $35 Recolors: $0.50 each Bulk pricing available Pricing is set for 100px images and includes PSD files Pricing Sketched, lined, colored, and shaded Waist-up: $35 Full Body: $50 Bulk pricing available Pricing Sketch Only: $15 Sketch + Lines: $25 Lines + Color: $35 Lines + Shading: $35 Lines + Color + Shaded: $50 Bulk pricing available Base Packs Base packs include 2-3 family/related creatures with PSD templates that can be altered/recolored. Mutations, genes, or accessories can be added, either by yourself/another artist or commissioned by me. 2-Base Pack Pricing Sketches Only: $30 Sketch + Lines: $40 Lines + Color: $60 Lines + Shading: $60 Lines + Color + Shaded: $80 3-Base Pack Pricing Sketches Only: $45 Sketch + Lines: $60 Lines + Color: $80 Lines + Shading: $80 Lines + Color + Shaded: $100 Bulk pricing available Illustration Prices vary depending on complexity and style. Please message me with specifics so I can give you a quote! Goodies For Sale I also have a few miscellaneous goodies available for anyone interested. Specifics/details can be given if requested. Wildebeest Family set - Removable Tails and Horns, recolorable PSD files Asking $75 Angelic Donkey Family - Removable Horns (not pictured), Manes/Tails, Wings, and Halo, recolorable PSD files Asking $40
  12. Hi there, I'm Azrael! You might have seen me on my thread where I sell premade items, but this is where you may hire me for custom work! I've worked with a few websites regarding artwork on some degree, Such as StrayDays, Leader's Luck, Santae, and two of my in development sim games. I work at $4 USD an item with payments via paypal invoices. Here are some works of mine! Feel free to contact me on Discord at Azrael#8121 or email at [email protected]
  13. Hiya!~ I’m a digital character and environment artist hoping to find some work doing what I love, creating creatures and the worlds around them! I’m very interested in the art of world building and take a lot of inspiration from worlds like Avatar the Last Airbender, Pokemon, and Zootopia. I enjoy streaming and entertaining others with my art! I have a lot of experience doing freelance and commission work and have worked in the toy industry in the past. As far as pet sites, I had a skin chosen for the Flameforge Festival on Flight Rising (idk if that's worth bragging about but hey, it's something!) and have done some writing drafts for an upcoming pet site called Saylua. I’m reasonably familiar with pet sites in general and would love to get involved with all the work that goes in bringing them to life! My main focus is on world building and concept art. I can adjust my drawing style to fit your needs and can mimic most styles. I am able to work from both written and visual reference and can either work from scratch or paint over existing art to create things such as outfits. Whatever you need me to do, I'm game! A lot of my concept art work comes from my own personal world building project. I'm working on creating a world from the ground up in pages that I hope to someday print if it becomes popular enough. I've uploaded my progress so far to a googledrive for people to view. Check out the full resolution and the rest of the pages HERE! --- I can do both character design and environment work. Here's a few examples I think may be relevant: Those are just a few examples of work I thought would be relevant. My entire portfolio can be found here: https://www.theartsyaxolotl.com/ I can also be found on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram! Pricing: I typically base my pricing on the complexity and time consumption of the work. I am perfectly open to working with you on pricing! But just as a starting point, here’s some ballparks of what to expect: Characters/Creatures (sketch): $10-$40 Characters/Creatures (full art): $40-80 Environments (sketch): $20-$50 Environments (full art): Starts at $40 I am also able to edit or recolor existing art to create new genes or variations and create icons for things like inventory or shop layouts! Icons and general site graphics could be done for a bulk price since they’re small. If you have any interest in hiring me, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am most easily reached at my email, [email protected] I look forward to speaking with you! Thanks!
  14. I know there's a lot of SUPER talented artists on here, so I wanted to share a contest in case anyone was interested! Simple horse coloring challenge, and first place gets $40 via PayPal! Contest details: https://tinyurl.com/yap7fgnw
  15. Hey there, I'm Brit a concept artist that specializes in environment designer. Here are some example of work I can do. If you are interested, just send me a message or email at [email protected] Thanks for your time!
  16. Hello everyone! The titles says it all, I'm just a young artist looking for work! :v Here are my regular prices for regular commissions: My rates for pet site apparel, items, and bases are negotiable, but any background work will be treated as a regular commission. Some Art I'm Willing to Sell/Revamp: (You'll receive the PSDs for the images you buy)
  17. Hi I'm Azrael, I currently make assets for my own two games that are in development, but sometimes I like making things that don't quite fit. None right now! Feel free to PM me. Preferred form of payment is Paypal. Thank you!
  18. I am starting a new project and would like to gain some input from investors. Investors like pretty art and all the things that I'm not capable of doing well ? The topic is llamas, it will be a mobile app in unity, and it is rather unique in that it's not a pet game. I am looking for either one or two artists: Llamas, items - I'm struggling to find a style I want. Not super realistic, though GUI - make a few mockups of the app's flow and future functionality You will need to sign an NDA if you choose to work with me. It's been so long since I've tried to hire an artist, I'm sure I'm missing something. Please feel free to ask questions. There are some things I will not be able to talk about, but I'll answer everything that I can! Thank you
  19. [email protected] | pepperishstudio.com | Twitter, IG, FB: @pepperishstudio STATUS: CLOSED FOR REVAMP [ Check Commission Que ] HOW IT WORKS After the commission details are approved, I'll have you sign a contract that outlines expectations for me as well as usage rights for the assets. I balance commissions between my full-time job. Let me know if you have a deadline you'd like me to work with! Payments handled via Invoices on Paypal. I provide sketches (sometimes more than one per item) for approval before finalizing assets. All assets listed in this thread are examples of previous commissions. --------------------- ITEMS - $8 per item, $0.25 per basic recolor Currently looking to do cell shaded, toony, and semirealistic You will receive the full & resized images. --------------------- BADGES - $10 per icon for 'Toony', $15 for semi-realistic rendering* (lacking examples) You will receive the full & resized images. I can also convert these to vectors at no charge! PET CLOTHING - Quoted per item & style BACKGROUNDS - Petsite-specific samples coming soon. Please view my portfolio for more of what I can do. --------------------- CHARACTER ICONS - $20 Bust/Icon or $40 Fullbody Have a NPC or even personal character that you'd like an icon for? Look no further - I love doing these! ILLUSTRATIONS / OTHER - Message or Email for a quote Looking for something else? I'd love to hear! You can find more of my work on PepperishStudio.com --------------------- Thank you for looking!
  20. hey all I am an artist and I am open to help peo out in thier visuals for thier game. I am new to this but I wrk hard and pretty fast people have told me. so I will be posting art here to show what I have got. this will de random suff but if there is sommething you want to see let me know and I will show it off or create it. I make : avatars animals/creatures goods buildings backgrounds ... thanks for your time ps, most that can be posted here can be ideas for my own gae. rough ideas and art for a game I would love to make one day.
  21. Well, after almost a year of being and doing some down time. We are finally working our way to be back on track. We found ourselves a good coder, Picking apart the site and looking at what needs to be scrapped and what we can salvage starts on November 14th when The coder gets back. But in the mean time we're hiring! HIRING!: Volunteer Artists Yep, you heard us right. We’re looking. We’re trying something new this time and going through an actual application process this time. These positions have the potential to work into paid positions, and in order to be considered for a paid position you must have been a volunteer at some point in your work history with us. Pop over to this link, fill out the form, do the art test, and submit your final thoughts. Pretty simple and straight forward! Volunteer Artist Application: https://goo.gl/forms/wWgqvAM9RgCeudGf1
  22. So I want to get a proper logo done for Eliyo and am looking for a logo artist. I do not 100% know what I want, so someone who can do concepts and work with my ideas to get a concept we are satisfied with would be needed. I want a full sized logo that says the name (Eliyo) as well as a smaller simplified version. I am really not sure what I want, but would like to incorporate the crystal we have been using already somehow, perhaps being the main for the smaller icon, and the i dot for the bigger one? The shape of the crystal can be played with though, since the one there is really just a temporary pulling from other crystal items we had for other purposes. The crystal should have the blue tones that are used now which should be incorporated somehow. We have talked about the letters being more wooden and so tan, but that was just an idea. But we like the idea of using natural elements since that suits the world.
  23. I haven't mentioned much about my game to the public yet, but we are in need of a landscape artist. We had found an artist on ConceptArt, but unfortunately he has not been responding to our emails for the past 2-3 months now. We were talking to a potential candidate, but haven't heard from them in over a week so we are keeping our options open for now. Lurania Kingdom We are an in development RPG/simulation browser-based game. We have a small team of six people: four artists, one admin, and then me, the game owner. We have been in development for about half a year now and plan to release the game late this year or early next year. We do not want to release a definite month to the public (we are keeping that within staff as an ultimate goal). We focus heavily on scientific breeding and genderless pets meaning you can breed any specie with any other specie. There will be genetic mutations and markings that are passed to the offspring who will have two stages (baby and adult). Once fully grown, your new guardian will be available to hire into your adventure party from your habitat to explore the surrounding regions and battle. This posting isn't meant to provide a lot of spoilers for the game as that will be detailed in a later post when we get more of the art completed. It is being developed with Python and AngularJS. Below, you will see a small list of our main features: Breeding - Once adults, your guardians can be bred together if the relationship status meets the requirements. Breeding two species together will require resources and scientific knowledge meaning you will have to visit the local Scientist to make this happen. Adventuring - Adult guardians will set out on adventures and quests to gather resources and protect the lands from possessed creatures. Regions range from the plains of the Kingdom to marshlands and deserts. Habitats - This is where your guardians relationships will happen (whether that is gaining friendships or creating enemies). All of your guardians will be available in your habitat, but once they are adults, they can be created into parties to set out to adventure the regions beyond the Kingdom. Farming - After hours of adventuring, your guardians will need to replenish their hunger which you can do so by fresh crops. Some guardians will prefer crops over other food sources (even specific crops) so this skill is always nice to enhance. Fishing - Another food source, you can fish at local lakes, oceans, and ponds for different types of fish. Can you discover all different breeds of fish in the regions? As some guardians prefer certain crops, some guardians will prefer fish. Job Summary The role we are seeking is a landscape artist who can produce artwork within the style of the game. We communicate weekly on Slack for notifications and information regarding the game so it will be required for you to check in weekly. However, you can report progress in different ways other than Slack. We use Jira as our tasking software. Each task will allow you to upload concepts and finished art pieces (including PSDs). Every two weeks, we have sprints that run with specific tasks outlined in those sprints. At the end of each sprint, payments are sent out and any unfinished tasks gets put onto the next sprint. This is an easy way for us to keep track of progress that was made and payment schedules. Requirements Provide concepts along the way to make sure everybody is on the same page of the direction of the composition of the art piece. Compile artwork into PSDs that will be delivered upon payment Update Jira tasks to keep the status in line of your progress Artwork Examples Below, you will see an image to the right, this is merely a closeup of the piece to the left. Sizing & Pricing This is a description of the prices we had from our previous artist. We understand every artist has different pricing, but this worked well with our budgeting. Overview/Safe-zone Landscapes (first sample listed): 6000 x 3000 (Final Size: 1000 x 500) - The super large isn't NECESSARY if you are able to match the style in a smaller canvas Unsafe-zone Landscapes (second sample listed): 10800 x 1500 (Final Size: 3600 x 500) Overview Landscape: $250 Safe-zone Landscape: $125 Unsafe-zone Landscape: $85 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To submit your application, you can either private message me on here or email me at [email protected] Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your applications!
  24. I commissioned Pepper-Head for some artwork for my site. I was very impressed with the quality, the work is fantastic! Easy to work with and it was a pleasure to work with them, great experience.
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