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  1. @Demona What game from this list are you talking about?
  2. Many apologies to you guys ( @Demona @Issa @Herbal @MasterDaye ) for not responding to any of you for a long time. It would appear that the thread here hasn't informed me of replies so I just assumed that there was no responses. I'll update the topic with what you guys have added above!
  3. @LIZ Sure, I'll just drop them below this message.
  4. @LIZ Item Tutorial for Daelune by Elz-Art, it's a bit old now but her style is one I've always regarded highly and I think maybe looking at some of her other works could be useful. I could always provide you with items she did for me as reference points too, of course only if needed.
  5. @LIZ Shoot, I'm so sorry LIZ. I didn't get your reply and had to forgot to even send you the tutorial. Do you still want me to send you a link to it? I'll see if I can find it for you if you do!
  6. This topic is being locked now as it's becoming heated between both parties and unfortunately that will not help anyone. If you want to continue this then please take it off the forums, TGL is not a place for this kind of content (nor is the server).
  7. @JWatkinsArt You can usually make a thread on their forums or open a support ticket, that's if you have an account. You can create a support ticket here, however you can also email them directly at [email protected] I'd recommend contacting them via email first, then support ticket and as a last resort on their forums. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  8. Oh for sure, doing my best to stay safe. I've only been going out with my mum to get shopping when we need it, usually buying around 3 days worth of dinners so we don't have to go out as often. We are trying our best to go to small local farm shops in order to evade a lot of the crowds too. Hope all is well on your end just now since it's been a little while since I was free enough to get on here.
  9. @Tmra I'm the same in that I have two chronic conditions which I believe would make me be classed as being at risk (Asthma and hEDS). Both my parents have conditions which would probably put them in the risk bracket, I'd originally been planning to travel to America at the end of June until halfway through July but this is putting a real strain on me wanting to even board the plane.
  10. In my personal opinion I'd like a much more immersive and lore filled experience on Virtual Pet Sites of the future, the things I've found that causes me to lose interest in a game is usually the repetitive aspects to the game and the recycled event structures. I would love to see a game which utilizes new and innovative plot structures/tricks that might take inspiration from movies/tv shws/other games in order to give off a new vibe to the player.
  11. Great pieces of art from both of you guys.
  12. Back when I was working on Seripets between 2009 an 2014 I often found people through mutual friends, virtual pet site forums and DeviantArt. This applies to admins, moderators, programmers, artists and writers. It's an all encompassing way of finding people. Currently I don't have an active team as Seripets is in hiatus and thus not in development just now. But if I were to get a new team arranged (with some of my original members) I'd probably have a good percentage of people I class as friends/close friends hired as I'd trust them a lot more than people I don't know. I was rather nai
  13. So as many of you might've seen around the world, there is a virus called COVID-19 (also simply known as Coronavirus) which is causing a massive problem for the world in terms of the health of the general population but also an economic issue which almost certainly will have a lasting effect on money in the business sector. Whilst this is all going on, I've not noticed many discussions about how it's been affecting people from a personal persective. So with that in mind I'd like to talk about how it's affecting me and would like to hear how it's been affecting you. I stay in the Norther
  14. @jakdacrowe God, these are really well done. ? How much would it set someone back if they were to commission you for one of these?
  15. @DaRule VPL is benefiting because they still have members within the community (which we helped keep afloat) who hear about it's return through here, their FB page isn't massively active and there isn't many other places to find out about its return from. The fact it's posted here and we're fine with it being posted here allows others to check it out for themselves.
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