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  1. @Tmra I'm the same in that I have two chronic conditions which I believe would make me be classed as being at risk (Asthma and hEDS). Both my parents have conditions which would probably put them in the risk bracket, I'd originally been planning to travel to America at the end of June until halfway through July but this is putting a real strain on me wanting to even board the plane.
  2. In my personal opinion I'd like a much more immersive and lore filled experience on Virtual Pet Sites of the future, the things I've found that causes me to lose interest in a game is usually the repetitive aspects to the game and the recycled event structures. I would love to see a game which utilizes new and innovative plot structures/tricks that might take inspiration from movies/tv shws/other games in order to give off a new vibe to the player.
  3. Great pieces of art from both of you guys.
  4. Back when I was working on Seripets between 2009 an 2014 I often found people through mutual friends, virtual pet site forums and DeviantArt. This applies to admins, moderators, programmers, artists and writers. It's an all encompassing way of finding people. Currently I don't have an active team as Seripets is in hiatus and thus not in development just now. But if I were to get a new team arranged (with some of my original members) I'd probably have a good percentage of people I class as friends/close friends hired as I'd trust them a lot more than people I don't know. I was rather naive back in the day and that caused me to lose money on a few occasions.
  5. So as many of you might've seen around the world, there is a virus called COVID-19 (also simply known as Coronavirus) which is causing a massive problem for the world in terms of the health of the general population but also an economic issue which almost certainly will have a lasting effect on money in the business sector. Whilst this is all going on, I've not noticed many discussions about how it's been affecting people from a personal persective. So with that in mind I'd like to talk about how it's affecting me and would like to hear how it's been affecting you. I stay in the Northern area of Fife in Scotland which is fairly isolated in the grand scheme of things, but around 40 mins from where I am was the first diagnosed case of this disease in my country and since then there has been a few other individuals diagnosed. My college doesn't have any set idea of what their plan is if the Coronavirus starts to take more of a prominent role in the area and I personally haven't planned anything if it starts to strike locally to me. I guess I'd be more likely to decide what to do as things develop, what about you guys? What's been happening in your life in relation to the virus?
  6. @jakdacrowe God, these are really well done. ? How much would it set someone back if they were to commission you for one of these?
  7. @DaRule VPL is benefiting because they still have members within the community (which we helped keep afloat) who hear about it's return through here, their FB page isn't massively active and there isn't many other places to find out about its return from. The fact it's posted here and we're fine with it being posted here allows others to check it out for themselves.
  8. @DaRule It wasn't only through Twitter that we reached out to people, I reached out to people I've known in the community since before I was even on Virtual Pet List and informed others who I became close friends with through it. They chose to pass that information on to others through the word of mouth. Digital wasn't ignoring the efforts Carlos had put into his forums, but neither is he obligated to list them all. Also while I'm here, as much as I don't want to comment on your copy of VPL comment, I'd like to raise a question. If we're using that logic then isn't the majority of Virtual Pet Sites just copies of Neopets?
  9. @DaRule If you took what me and @judda said as being some level of bitterness then I do apologise as it was not intentional, we are more upset at the fact that it actually got to the point of Virtual Pet List going down for 3 years rather than any of our anger being directed at Carlos himself. We view him as a good guy and in my case a friend considering I worked alongside him for well over 5 years. I know what went on prior to Virtual Pet List going down as well as what went on during it's time down for at least a year after it, although I'm not at liberty to divulge information as it's between me, Carlos and a few other individuals. Just let it be known that there was many ways in which the forums could've stayed up, it just so happened none of those were taken on board. In some ways you are correct that this community wouldn't have existed without Virtual Pet List going down, however you are incorrect that it was as simple as "a large amount of those members moved here". They didn't just move like that because me, Digital or any of the other staff just clicked our fingers and they trotted after us. We actually had to go out of our way to get in contact with people through other means since the quick and easy private messaging service that Virtual Pet List had provided was no longer in action. A lot of the reasons why people are on here is through networking and informing people that whilst their main forums is down, there is a way of staying connected and not letting the community fall apart. Our main focus wasn't to take for our own gain, but rather make sure that we didn't lose the level of community that Virtual Pet List had grown. That being said, I don't take kindly to being accused of trashing another site publicly. I don't care either way if people join Carlos' forums, they can do what they want and I can express my opinion on it. I have my reasons for not being terribly excited about the return, most of them consisting of how much time and effort I put into not only the site when it was active, but more so trying to keep it up at the cost of my mental health and what little money I had. I'm rightfully allowed to be hurt by what went on behind the scenes and I wasn't the only one who got hurt by what went on either (I won't name names, but they can come and comment on that if they wish). I wish Carlos the best with the revival of Virtual Pet List but I simply won't feel comfortable rejoining it until I'm provided with some clarity as to why it went down, why it took so long to return and why what me and others did back then wasn't good enough.
  10. I'm honestly not excited about this, he treated previous staff members like myself (and a few other moderators) like dirt when he just vanished and allow VPL to go down. He was offered a year of free hosting from another moderator and money from myself to keep it up and he still took it down without reason. He's yet to offer an explanation for it and it's been 3 years since it was around, I put so much of my time into those forums and many other people did the exact same as me. The least Carlos could do is provide an explanation as to why VPL vanished.
  11. @tavsangel I think the person who'd be able to give you an update would be @Onyx. Hopefully he'll have news for you!
  12. @LIZ That's a really good book, Elz is a friend of mine and a very talented artist. You could use some of her works as a guide for the level a lot of people like! ?
  13. @Pepper-Head I'm honestly surprised that Photobucket have managed to stay afloat after this entire fiasco. I mean it's great that they lowered the price but the fact that they thought they could charge that to their customers for something which should not be classed as a luxury just shows what of company they've become in recent years.
  14. @Boltgreywing I guess it depends on what your own personal views are on the definitions of the terms in development & not in development are, as that would affect what way in which you choose to use them on your own site or any which you play. In my personal opinion.. a game which is classed as in development means that they're continuously working on said game whether that's on a semi irregular basis, like monthly or weekly, but can be still open to the public in order to allow bugs to be found. Whilst a game which is classed as not in development can mean that it's either ceased development before opening/as a result of opening or it is currently on hiatus/being put up for sale. Take my game Seripets for example, it's been on hiatus for a number of years now and yet I still do a bit of development on it. Would I class this as a game that's one of the terms above? No, I probably wouldn't. I'd say it's an in-development game (currently on hiatus) which alerts user to the fact I intend at some point in the future to resume development. So yeah, it's rather subjective but I hope this clears up the definitions for you a little. Even if it is my own view point.
  15. @LIZ There used to be quite a community on DeviantArt for art tutorials relating specifically to items. Once I'm home tonight I'll go try and find some of the ones I remember for you. ?
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