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  1. Added "Closed Development" to Dappervolk and will update any other games accordingly. Please feel free to notify me if there are any games whose status changes! Added Folk of Lore: Kindling and Project: Petsite (apologies for the delay @Claws) to the list as well!
  2. @Sortie Ah yes, I thought I knew the style you do from somewhere. I knew you under the name Erde, gosh it's so nice to see you on here. 😃
  3. @Sortie Not gonna lie, as soon as I saw the carrot-like item at the start of the topic I thought to myself that your style looks like the one Lurapets had, did you do work for them at all? I really like what you've shown so far though, you've got a really nicely defined look to your items!
  4. @Boltgreywing Apologies if I should already know this (I'm probably dumb, lmao), but what is an Action 52 type of game? I've honestly never heard that term before so it's pretty new to me to see someone coin it.
  5. @Reav Yeah, I second what @Makazu is saying, it would be beneficial to provide people with images of what your sites contents are (so far) to enable them to get a better handle on what you're wanting, though it's completely understandable that you might not want to make it public yet so I'd advise putting it up if you want it via PMs. Though based on what you've wrote regarding your idea I think that your game has a good chance of succeeding if you can get the right people involved, good luck on finding a partner. Hopefully you'll find one soon!
  6. @blackjashin Feel free to check out our Open to the Public List. There are some really good games on there and are all seperated by categories.
  7. @Boltgreywing I don't think we have done these game owner interviews in a long time Bolt, but I can look into this and add your name to the list if we plan to start doing them again in the future.
  8. I don't often do them as I never usually remember/stick to them. But if I was to do one this year, I'd say that I should keep on the path I'm on of bettering myself and not letting people/myself drag me down to the stage I was in January 2018. It wasn't worth getting that low and I aim to never let that happen again! What about yourself Peps? You got any New Years Resolutions?
  9. Added Dappervolk, DuelingPets & MythAura to the list now. I'm waiting on replies for two other games which I've found, so hopefully they'll be fine with being added to this list. Kaylune has been moved down to the Closed Games area and has a link to its For Sale page.
  10. @Bravefoot Gosh, that's a list and a half right now. Jeez. Sailon Moon was by far one of my favourite animes back in the day, I really need to rewatch it sometime. It'll probably look a little dated now but it'll still be great to reminisce. @Mobotropolis Haha, I've never heard of most of these (except Sailon Moon and Fullmetal Alchemist). I've been meaning to get into the second of those for years but I know there is a part in it that brings back memories up for tons of people and I'm worried that it'll get me in the heart too. Without spoiling it, is it really that bad?
  11. @Boltgreywing Many apologies for the mass delay in replying, I've been busy in real life and unfortunately that stopped me from regularly coming onto the forums. I've now updated the post with your game and it's content.
  12. @Tyler I'm very sorry to hear that Kaylune had to close, but I wish you all the luck in finding someone who can bring it back in all its glory. It was an honor to have had a chance to work on it in it's early stages.
  13. @Anoua Ah, apologies. I replied at like 5am my time. If you're wanting to change the theme then at the bottom of the page there is a Facebook and Twitter badge, just under that is three option with one of them being Theme, if you click that then you can change your theme. :)
  14. @Anoua Ah, this might be due to us upgrading the forums software recently. Sometimes an upgrade can cause themes to have errors in certain areas of the site, in the meantime you can go to the bottom and select "default" from the theme menu and that should allow you to access Account Settings without an error. I'll refer this onto @Digital and get him to look into it. :)
  15. I've recently decided to get back into anime, which may partly explain my absence from here, and started binging BnHA (Boku No Hero Acadamia). I've got up to half way through ep. 27, but I've recently also finished watching playthroughs of the 1st and 2nd Danganronpa games and the 2nd anime (Danganronpa 3: The End Of Hope Peak High School). So you could say I've got my hands full with it all. Is there any anime you are currently into?
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