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Found 15 results

  1. Hello! Im searching for a coder who knows mysidias framework and is willing to help me! If payments what you want I can try to pay (I dont have alot of money)..Or maybe we can make out some other deal? I do arts and crafts and whatnot- and I love drawing- I'd be willing to trade or something! Theres new features I'd like to add that I cant code... so any help would be appreciated. please message me and maybe we can work something out!! http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com PLease Email me at Ittermat[at]gmail.com or message me on the discord- https://discord.gg/fRX6M2 Thank you for
  2. (before I begin, does this go here? idk...) Mysidia DeluxeMysidia Deluxe is an open-source custom version of the Mysidia Adoptables script, based off of v1.3.4 and maintained by the community. It is available on GitHub.The "Why"Mysidia is a fantastic framework, but it's pretty old and outdated. Mysidia v.4.0 has been hinted at for years but at the moment it's a general consensus that it's never coming at this point, and the script desperately needs an update. The goal here is to modernize it and add more built-in features so more people will be inclined to use it, as well as keep it
  3. I am the owner of virtual pet site, Solpets.com. Currently I am the only programmer for the site and would like a little help with getting some new games coded. I would like to have someone experienced in javascript. I now very little javascript. It is helpful you know php, but right now is not required. This is a volunteer position. Which to Solpets means you will not be paid in real money, but with our site currency. Our site currency is sPoints and sCoins. sCoins is how you will be paid - you get paid monthly. If interested please contact me here or even on Solpets is fine.
  4. I'm looking for a programmer to get my site up and running, once you agree I will show you all the plans and did I meantion this is a paid gig I was wondering if you would be interested in opening a petsite with me and some of the best artist in the business You would be a partner in this project and I really looking forward to working with you. This is a paid position Chaz [email protected] 573-703-3950
  5. Hi, Just a question that ive been wondering recently as im teaching myself Front End Web Design. For pet sites / web and text based online rpgs, it seems they are predominantly coded in PHP. Do you code it solely in PHP (ignoring the DB element) or do you incorporate frameworks? Edit : Found a few of you use/d Laravel; so, do you find following a framework either or does it have its own set of problems? Thank you!
  6. Hey folks! I am on the look out for a PHP Laravel developer and a Front end developer to join the Mythaura team. Mythaura is an upcoming virtual pet game where you can own and raise a wide variety of different mythological beasts such as Dragons, Griffins and Unicorns. You can breed them to create new hybrids, battle them, train them and customize them with hundreds of unique items. You can check out more about the game here on tumblr, our patreon and our live Beast Demo. PHP Laravel Programmer - Understanding of full stack PHP application development. - Proficient with the PHP
  7. I'm looking to hire someone to write PHPUnit tests for my pet game framework to increase my code coverage. I'm paying $10USD per function that's completely covered. I have 241 of 966 functions already covered which means I have 725 more to go so that's potentially $7,250 if you want to go all out on them. I will pay weekly or bi-weekly through PayPal, whichever you prefer. You must be familiar with php, OOP and have written tests using PHPUnit before. If you do more than $400 worth of work and are a US citizen you must also be able to complete a 1099 for tax purposes. Experience with composer
  8. Hello! Many of you may know me from other community forums as Peanut! My husband and I recently just had a baby girl and she is now 4 weeks old. My husband is a stay at home dad while working part-time as an IT technician, but we are becoming financially stressed since I use to make all the primary bills when I was working before I gave birth. Experience I was working at Smucker's locally here in Northeast Ohio, but my contract ended a week before my due date. Now that we have things under control with the little one, I am trying to find work since Smucker's does not have the budget
  9. Edit: I found a volunteer spot! Hello! I am looking around for a volunteer job. I've been coding with PHP and SQL on my own site for a while. I use mysqli (I don't know PDO). CSS and HTML too. I also have experience with Imagemagick. I have never worked for anyone before and have no idea where my skill level is, or what to expect. This is why I'd like to volunteer somewhere. I'm looking to work on an already established project (in development is fine) where there is already a more experienced programmer working on it who's willing to approve my code (make sure the
  10. Coders, Artists,Etc... If you have knowledge and experience in PHP and SQL, please help WolfSol out as she's our only developer! We are trying really hard to get into open Beta and we are a completely volunteer group who live what we do and believe in our vision. Please read all requirements for the Guide position of Alchemist while applying. Also meet our newest stall keeper, Asherei, she is the dollmaker, her artist Crystal foronda created her just for us, see all the fantastic art Inumimi Images does for us as well as she is our main artist, along with Kiley who assists and help u
  11. Hello, I am currently available for any development needs you may have. I am flexible on rates depending on your budget. I am well versed in the following languages: PHP/MySQL HTML5/CSS3 Javascript/jQuery Bootstrap AngularJS (version 1) Any others just ask. Any project, small or large, please give me a shout. References for previous work are available upon request. You can inbox me, Skype Me: paul.s.cook88 or email me at [email protected] Thanks, Paul. Edited to add: 10% of any profits that come from work recei
  12. Introduction This is the second tutorial in my ‘MySQLi for Beginners’ series. If you haven’t already done so I would recommend starting with Part 1. MySQLi for Beginners Part 1 Prepared Statements Prepared statements can be complex to get your head around at first, but they’re really useful and can help remove a lot of potential issues when escaping user input. Prepared statements essential work by placing a ? where you want to substitute in user input, whether it be string, integer, blob or double. Prepared statements substitute the value into the SQL query so the issues w
  13. http://imagine17.com Status: Available Price: £15 per hour Contact: business[at]imagine17.com I have previously worked as a WordPress developer, taking designers ideas from images to fully responsive sites; built on Bootstrap, Foundation or a custom CSS framework. More recently I have also started working with Vue.js to enable a better and more responsive user experience on the frontend. On the backend I have experience working with PHP and the Laravel framework (version 4 and 5). Current Client(s): Mystfell - Building the project on Laravel 5.4 with Vue.js and a custom CSS framework
  14. Hello everyone, my name is Cayda and I have been doing PHP based web development for almost 10 years. I started out doing basic HTML webpages like everyone else and went up from there. I am entirely self taught and love what I do. I offer a wide range of services - everything from bug fixes to small add on scripts to full games. I can provide samples and references upon request. I can be contacted here, via Skype ([email protected]), email ([email protected]) and discord (message for ID, I don't have it right now). Later on I will update this post with samples and referenc
  15. Introductions Most of the sites you visit these days have some sort of database storage behind them. Most sites that use PHP will opt to use a MySQL database. You are able to interact with your MySQL database using the MySQLi class. MySQLi will only work with a MySQL database, whereas if you were to use PDO, it will work with various different database systems. MySQLi can be coded via objected oriented or procedural. Today I am going to be looking at the object orientated approach. PHP MySQLi Class Connecting Connecting to a MySQL database is done by instantiating a ne
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