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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone with a good eye for RPG GUI layouts. The layouts that I need are partials of full screens meant for mockups used in presentations and a pitch deck to various investors I'm in contact with. I'll provide the following for you to work with: - Art assets including templates, icons, items, etc. - Any additional art assets you feel you need (I'll purchase them for you to use) You'll be paid immediately for the layouts based upon what we negotiate. I'd prefer someone that has interest in being part of the project in the future. My goal is to add a few interested talents to a pitch deck that will be going out to investors along with estimated salary requirements, etc. However, it's not a requirement to be committed to this, but -again- it's preferred. Thank you and please reach out to me, Alan
  2. I've been having trouble designing a nice looking layout for Wild Souls. The current one is okay, but not at all on-par with most similar sites: I can handle the actual CSS part myself, it's just the overall design I'm having trouble with. It's not eye-catching enough and pretty bland. Would anyone be willing to help by providing sketches of possible layouts? If needed I could pay for some sketches, but my budget is pretty low ($20 max)
  3. You can now change the layout style by going to your settings. Some layouts are only available for premium users. New unlock-able layouts are coming soon for everyone. AbbieGoth has redone our candy canes! Loki has made us some new cookies and of course, milk!
  4. Hey folks! I am on the look out for a PHP Laravel developer and a Front end developer to join the Mythaura team. Mythaura is an upcoming virtual pet game where you can own and raise a wide variety of different mythological beasts such as Dragons, Griffins and Unicorns. You can breed them to create new hybrids, battle them, train them and customize them with hundreds of unique items. You can check out more about the game here on tumblr, our patreon and our live Beast Demo. PHP Laravel Programmer - Understanding of full stack PHP application development. - Proficient with the PHP Laravel framework. - Understanding of version control such as git (BitBucket) - Experience with mySQL. Front End Developer - CSS/JS, jQuery, HTML5. - Experience with responsive web design. - Able to design layouts from conceptual mock-ups. - Understanding of Laravel a plus. - Understanding of version control such as git (BitBucket). You will be joining 3 other casual programmers. Tasks will include working with pre-existing code, database config, PHP/Laravel or layout development of the core game, and assisting other team members where necessary. A person with exceptional time management skills and regularly demonstrate work in progress will be highly valued! We are aiming for a beta release this year. We are currently planning to build: User profiles, User Account Settings, Forums, Pet Breeding, Pet Profiles And more. The team collaborates within a team environment via Discord. If this interests you, please send a message with your rates and availability or post here. Thank you!
  5. Hello! ovo/ I am looking for both a logo designer and someone to make a web layout design for an early dev pet site. -Payment is in USD via Paypal; rates are flexible! -The logo will be essentially just text, no creatures or items or anything. -I can provide a sketch of what we're looking for in our web layout. No coding or anything will need to be provided, just the design. If interested please feel free to post or PM me examples of your work and what your rates would be! Thank you!
  6. I'm looking for a layout that is clean, concise, and nice to look at. This would be a layout for a breeding pestite, so this layout will be on every page. I originally did this messy mockup to give you an idea of what I'm particularly looking for, however, I'm completely okay with you taking any creative liberties as well: There should be a placeholder image for the page background. Any placeholder will do. This little box hovers in the corner and follows you down the page. Can be collapsed/closed. Placeholder image banner/button Navigation bar Bar for stats/info Main text area Please let me know your price range! At the moment, we have $200 to spend on other assets, about half of that comes from our Patreon. If that is not enough to cover your fees, this may not be the job for you. If there is any further information that you need, please post or privately message me, I would be happy to answer any questions that you have, thank you!
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