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  1. You can post it in the "marketplace" channel. I would go to your profile on TGL and add your Discord account information so that it gets linked, so then your username will be updated and you get the "Verified" role.
  2. @Eve 2 Welcome! I've poked the Discord channel as well to see if anyone is interested.
  3. Welcome @RFumachi! You should come into our Discord server as well!
  4. I love the art, really enjoy where this is going!
  5. I'm loving this! It's terrible that it ended up going down but I'm glad we have fans that are willing to bring it back up!
  6. @Chaz I've reached out to them on the channel I know of linking here!
  7. I think @halichu has been doing a fair bit with Imagick lately and may be able to help. I'll poke around a little too.
  8. This reminds me of the Professor Layton games which every time you start the game up again, it will give you a "previously on" to bring you back up to speed. I really liked this mechanic.
  9. @sf9 Great question! On IcePets, we don't have any breeding or anything, so they effectively only hunger/get bored on days you show up at the site, that said they do age. But that's when it gets complicated in your situation. As bad as it may sound, I think "the show must go on" and more importantly it's the user's decision for not showing up on the site, would trigger me to essentially say if there are core mechanics that work with the site, your first goal is to make those stable. Unforunately it does punish some users who disappear for a while and then come back. That being said, the likelihood of returning after being gone for 6ish months is already pretty low IMO. It becomes back of mind to them. So, it's best to almost treat them as a churned user and then move on. If they come back, you could always offer a "welcome back" bundle which could help restore some aspects of their pets in order to re-incentivize.
  10. I absolutely love this concept! I can't wait to see what comes next.
  11. Awesome @Recurrence I'm looking forward to seeing how this evolves!
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