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STATUS: Open for the Summer Season.

Accepting payments in USD or GBP only, at their current exchange rate. 


I am a freelance artist, familiar with the sim/virtual petsite scene. I am proficient in both 2D and 3D work. I am also capable of pixel work. Some of you may know me! 

I am also available for game assets, comic work, illustrative work and personal commissions. 

Please note. I am also a proficient writer and available for such work!

Current Situation: Open full-time, indefinitely.

Links: [email protected] | artofelm.com | All Socials: @artofelm 

My Process: 


If you have commissioned me before, some things may have changed. Currently, when accepting a quote, I will draft up a contract using the current exchange rate on that day. Whether or not the rates fluctuate, will not matter as this quote will be frozen until completion. Quotes with current clients will remain the same (mutuals are free to ask my availability whenever throughout the year. :))

If you haven't commissioned me before, my process is fairly straight forward: 

1. Planning: I like to collect as much information and references as I can before beginning. We will discuss the finer details of what is needed, as well as tailoring elements to your specific project. 

2. Sketches & Confirmation: Unless told otherwise, I will update you with several sketches/stages for your approval before continuing onto the final work. After the confirmation of the final sketch, I expect half of the payment to be paid. 

3. Creation & Revisions: You will typically hear from me again once the work is completed, however feel free to request updates. I am online most times and will reply as soon as I can. At this point I will send you a low res screenshot of what I consider to be the final image, where you can ask for any revisions if necessary. Once happy with the final product, the rest of the payment is due. 

4. Files - After receiving the final payment. I will send you the full high res images and/or any PSDs if necessary. 

* I'm willing to polish any fine details I or you notice before and after submission as a courtesy, but will not do major changes that greatly alter the image, or require paintovers free of charge.


Price Quotes and Examples

The following examples have been used in commercial projects, and are here for portfolio purposes only. Please do not use, redistribute or copy under any circumstances as they are copyrighted to their respective owners. 

Estimates are based on a rate of £8p/h or $10.50p/h. Please note that this is between the National Minimum Wage, and the London Living Wage. 

Humanoids: A semi-realistic Style *

Headshots and busts: £30

Halfbody: £65 (waist - knees) 

Fullbody: £85





Humanoids: A cell-shaded Style, that is cartoonish in nature*

Headshots and busts: £20

Halfbody: £50 

Fullbody: £75


Avatar Sets: A cell shaded style

Prices negotiable. 

Price quote will depend on how many base bodies, facial elements and outfits are needed. 


Items: Cell-shaded Style



Items: A Semi Realistic style.  




Larger items: A Semi Realistic Style



Backgrounds & Maps

Prices negotiable. Please expect anything from £60-300 depending on complexity.

Sketch Example



Please expect prices to be similar to humanoids. 

See Humanoids for example of a stylised semi-realistic example. 

*At this price I can throw in an optional expression change if asked. No more than 2 extra expressions. 

Extra miscellaneous work (One Possibly NSFW)



Previous Clients

- Novilar 

- Lacuna Cube/ Lurania Kingdom 

- Splatterpunk 

- Misc Clients 


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14 hours ago, LIZ said:

i love your art work! ^__^

Thank you!

10 hours ago, tiff said:

Your art is awesome! :D I hope you can find enough work to cover your costs. 

Thank you! I hope so too. You always think you're prepared, but there are plenty of unexpected costs when it comes to moving home. 

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Hope everyone is well. I am re-opening my commissions for the Spring/Summer 2018 period. I am looking to fill work from now until April 15th aswell as any work for after May/Summer and possibly long term as I will be graduating in June. 

Item update, I particularly like how these came out as liquid is a first for me. 




The reason I am only accepting commissions for a short amount of time, is because I am currently in the middle of my final major project, alongside my dissertation and convention trips that are happening through March and April. However, it is quite possible my funds may not make it to the end of this month, and I would like to do something about that! So light commissions until then, although I am happy to discuss any work needed from May.

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Hello everyone! 

I'm officially available for some work, whenever and wherever you need it. As I am now done with Uni, and should my dissertation go through alright, then I'll be done for good. 

Here's some work I had in the meantime.  Please feel free to get in touch for Petsite work, comic work, illustration and/or character development. I also do general 2D game assets and marketing. I have more examples of work on my site www.artofelm.com . 


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