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Looking for Quotes for Long-term Artists and Loremasters [Paid]


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Hello everyone! Shino here with a bit of an ad. My husband and I are looking to do some serious work getting some new simulation and roleplay games running and in order for us to do such a thing, we're looking to hire dedicated artists and loremasters that we can have completing work regularly for persistent releases of new content across multiple projects. We're hoping, within the next coming month or two, to take out a bit of a loan to use as a startup fund for the projects that are top priority: my horse sim, Pony-sim, and a DeviantArt based art role play (possibly 2) SucoCats. A possible second ARPG is under review, but Pony and SucoCats are currently at the forefront, but there are several other projects sitting on the back burner until those both are off the ground. For a bit of detail of what we'll be needing, I'll provide a bit of a synopsis of the assets I'm looking for for both SC and Pony.

If you would like to be considered for a role, please post examples of your preferred area (literature, creature art, items, maps) and a price range for each. If you're capable of providing art for multiple roles, please mention so! I would love if the style is cohesive and matches all aspects of each game!

Primary needs are going to be RED

:: Loremasters ::

Loremasters are going to be the literary experts that help with building on the concepts and ideas I've already got rolling for both Pony and SucoCats (Please be aware tho, these are two separate games and none of their lore is intertwined). Your job will be creating a range of descriptions, locations and history for the game(s) that you choose to sign onto and will be compensated either negotiable rate for locations and character development or flat rate for a bulk of succinct item descriptions (I'm not asking, or paying, for a history of for equine tack if you catch my drift). All loremaster work will be checked for plagiarism. Please be honest with the work you produce! Here are a few major points Loremasters will be handling:

  • Location Descriptions for Pony or SC
  • Personalities for NPCs in Pony or SC
  • Accurate descriptions of Pony's breeds and disciplines
  • Brief descriptions of the items on Pony or SC
  • Developing the encompassing world of Pony or SC based on what lore currently exists

:: Pony Assets ::

Over all preference is the assets can be stylized / cartoony as I'm not wanting the hyper realistic style a lot of other horse sims have been gravitating towards. Pony is meant to be a break from realism so giving it a less realistic look is 100% what I have in mind.

  • Breed art - Currently, Pony has 90 breeds that are in need of art, but this number is going to grow as the site does. An adult and a foal image is requested so a quote for both is needed. To start, a 3-part crossbreed bundle (3 adults, 3 foals) is going to be commissioned all at once.
  • Human Avatars - 3 separate avatars (male, female, neutral) with multiple different facial feature bundles (eyes, noses, mouths, eye brows, hair styles, etc).
  • Avatar Clothes - These will typically be standard clothing options (shirts, jeans, dress clothes, etc) but some holiday themed clothes will also 
  • Backgrounds - A large variety of backgrounds are needed; to start, I'll be commissioning a stable stall, stable pathway and paddock area as the first set of images
  • Companion Animals - There's a small number of these to start, but I do plan on expanding the list
  • Item Art - Pony currently has ~250 items needing redone plus some additional new features that haven't been accounted for
  • Town Map - I'm hoping to find someone capable of creating an elegant and cohesive map that helps pull the site together
  • Stable Art - Barns, paddocks, Office space, Training Arenas (there's several different ones of varying sizes) are the main things needed
  • Miscellaneous Art - Statues, trophies, seasonal and event pieces, as well as any other odds and ends that don't fit other categories

:: SucoCats Assets ::

Bordering on semi-realistic, SucoCats has a concept sketch started and much less art needing completed.

  • Species Import Completion - The concept sketch is already started, but adjustments may need to be done. Task will include adding physical attributes (I can provide a comprehensive list of all the traits I'd like), new mane types, new pelt varieties and other odds and ends (I do have some sketches started and can continue to provide additional sketches to follow). Additionally, a dwarf build needs completed as the current sketch only includes a standard size Suco. [Here is the original concept, which has some of the examples of adjustments/manes in mind]
  • Design Guides - Creating realistic color palettes, pattern examples and compiling a clear, easy to read guide for users to follow based on the genetics and markings SucoCats will carry.
  • Backgrounds - I have 2 starting backgrounds in mind, but would eventually like to expand the collection to have 2 or 3 different backgrounds for each of the canonical zones of the SucoCat world
  • World Map - Once the Loremaster(s) help with developing the world of SucoCats, I'll be needing a nice, crisp map made by a skilled cartographer!
  • Item art - I don't have a complete list of items I need (I'm still combing through the different aspects of the game), but currently, I need ~60 items and the standard items will be given precedence until a complete list is finished
  • Companion Animals - There's a small number of these to start, but I do plan on expanding the list
  • Miscellaneous Art - Statues, trophies, seasonal and event pieces, as well as any other odds and ends that don't fit other categories


Please know that we are putting together an NDA that will encompass both games (and will also cover if you'd like to continue work on our team for future projects) so all applicants need to be 18+

Payments will be via invoicing to our Paypal and will not be given until work is completed.

Don't want USD? I'm willing to offer other payment options!

  • If you'd like payment in game currency from either game, I'll gladly do so with a 25% value increase (so for every $1 USD, you'll get $1.25 worth of in-game trade-in) that will stack for every $50 worth of art completed!
  • If my time permits, I could trade programming scripts for bulk art of equivalent value. I need to compile a price range of my different script capabilities, but this option would be very limited!
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I’d be very interested in working on item art, companion animals and miscellaneous art, I can style match to an extent. I’ve got a board here, but plenty more examples aside from that from unreleased projects that I can’t put out in the open yet. 


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Hey there! I'm looking for work as an artist and I'd be happy to give it a shot. I could also help with writing lore/descriptions if needed as I use to write many fan fictions and original stories, and my writing is pretty good. Here's my DeviantART gallery with all my work. Let me know if you're interested! I look forward to your response. Thank you.

I'm going to assume you're too busy or gave up, so I'm going to have to decline my initial interest in the position. Good luck.

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Sorry for a bit of a late reply (my 4 month old is starting his teething so he's been a little more restless)

@CaityJuju I'd love if you could link some of your literature examples! I may also have some SucoCat items I'd love done from you! If you have any price quotes for both, please let me know ❤️ You can DM me here or give a boop on Discord

@CynicalRaptor You can either DM me here or we can talk over Discord!

My discord ID is Shino#5863

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