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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I’ve been on and off pet sites and sim games for the past 7 years, and I’ve dabbled between art and writing. I decided to mainly pursue art in the end (I will also post my art later on) but right now I would love to be hired as a writer since writing is also something I love doing! I haven’t been in any official positions yet, but I do enjoy writing short stories as a hobby, and I also did some writing for my own game. Below are some examples: 1) “You find an apple on the forest floor! You quickly snag the sweet fruit for yourself before the worms get a catch of it.” 2) ”You struggle through the dense vegetation, hacking at any grabbing vines with your trusty machete.” 3) ”This book looks to be ancient. Its leather cover is wasting away and, upon opening it, the pages reek of mold. It’s curiously empty of any words...” 4) “The sun has just broken the horizon, bathing the world in soft morning light. Droplets of dew flash on the field as you trudge your way through the clearing.” • My pay starts at 5c per word for item descriptions (but the price will lower for longer pieces), however we can easily negotiate • I don’t mind signing any contracts, etc... • I accept payments through PayPal. • I can do anything from short item descriptions to >5,000 words stories, as long as I’m given enough time to complete the work! • I write in British English. Thank you for any interest
  2. Hello folks! My name is VVren, previously known as Splatterpunk - had trouble getting into my old account, so I wanted to pop back in and make myself once more available to the writing world. My experience stretches back over the last decade, with my early credits as an item and world writer for Icepets when I was still in high school and later as a bestiary writer for Beastkeepers. I currently own and run an ARPG at deviantart known as Vesper-End, and am the primary writer for the ARPG as well, responsible for creating everything from new items and their uses to enormous free roam locations and quests for players to complete. I am a professional freelance writer, working primarily as a ghost writer for fantasy novellas aimed at kids and teenagers, and now I'm looking to get back into the virtual pet area if there is a need. I am comfortable creating Items & Item Descriptions ($1 per item & brief description!) Locations & Lore Creatures / NPCs Large and Small scale storylines Reviews & blog posts, based in both fiction and nonfiction work Ask me. I've likely got experience with it somewhere down the line. I'm also available as an editor wherever is needed, with a primary focus on plot development and fluidity of a work. I'm down to earth and pretty chill, and I'm open to most projects, be it short or longer term, one time, whatever. So let me know!
  3. I am a freelance writer with too much time on my hands and an interest in getting into game writing. Whether you're looking for a full time writer, someone to help you flesh out a couple of lore documents or plot ideas, or you just want someone to proofread and edit your work, I am willing to help! If education matters to you, I have a Bachelor's Degree in English. My rates are negotiable and I can work with your budget and timeline expectations. There are very few things that I will not take a shot at. I am proficient in writing lore documents, assisting with worldbuilding, and writing dynamic narrative pieces (perhaps to aid in a game's advancing plotline). Please take a look at my examples to make a decision on whether or not my style suits your project! PM me your questions and your ideas! Example Key The following links redirect to google docs with specific writing samples that fit various genres and styles. Please feel free to visit any applicable examples or ask any questions you may have. Please be aware that there may be blank spaces in the narrative examples, as they are just portions from larger writing projects that I cannot share in their entirety. Location Descriptions + Species Lore for 16+ Pet Sim Basic worldbuilding examples of how I tend to flesh out species and their places in the world. I am capable of writing more lighthearted material, these are just the most recent and accurate stylistic examples. Third Person Omniscient Excerpts This is an accurate example of my normal narrative style, which is third person omniscient. This contains two excerpts from the same story. First Person Science Fiction Narrative Short snippets from a personal project as an example of first-person writing and some world building. I am capable of writing everything from sci-fi to high fantasy given the proper prompt and assets. Character Descriptions Some various character descriptions that I've worked on for a personal project! This is the general structure of my character backgrounds when I am asked to develop a character for someone. The Worst Fanfic I've Ever Written This is truly the worst example I have, do not waste your time.
  4. Hello, I'm a 17 year old high school student with dreams of pursuing a creative career and am currently looking for work writing for pet sites because they've always been something I loved. I've written since I was very young and my writing has been complimented by various people so I'm hoping it's of appropriate quality for this type of job. Because I have low experience in this area, I would be willing to work for fairly cheap prices just so I can become more knowledgeable and experienced. Please contact me if you're interested in discussing working together! Writing sample attached. Writing Samples.pdf
  5. So, at TGL, we want to encourage creativity, and I was thinking this would be a good start for those that like to write or want to try doing something for fun. Think about the last thing you searched on Google (or another search engine), and try to remember exactly how it was worded. Initially, I was thinking that people would write about their last search, but I think it will be more interesting if we write about the last search of the person that posts before us (that way we can really think outside of the box and be introduced to new topics). I was doing some art, so I looked up a reference: "Bottom of a Lion's Foot." This will be the title of the "book." The next person will write a short summary about what the book is about and write a short excerpt of the book involving one of the most exciting scenes from it. Make this as long or short as you want. Then include your book title (last search) for the next person. Try to be creative and think differently about these topics. If someone gives you the topic "How often to apply sunscreen", you don't have to write an informative book. You can put a twist on it, making it about a monster that blows fire or a teen's dramatic life and dealing with the "burn" of a ruined friendship. I hope you choose to partake in this with me. It's meant to be fun and lighthearted. You don't need to feel confident in your writing ability to post. These are not meant to be judged. I will try to participate as much as I can. Here is the first topic again: "Bottom of a Lion's Foot"
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