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  2. I hope they can get their job back. I know that's the most scariest part for many, even for us here too. If jobs don't start picking back up at least, there's far too much talk of layoffs and just being let go. Then of course, if people don't have money to pay their bills, that's gonna increase the homeless rate and such. It also doesn't help that companies, due to the loss of having to cut back their employees, also raise the price of their products in order to make up for their losses, but then that doesn't help because no one can afford it. I hoping things get better soon, but even if places are opening up again, I hope people still take it serious and take precautions when going out and going to work.
  3. Things are going alright in that department here at least. It seems to have slowed down in our town and places are starting to open back up bit by bit, but just still required to wear a mask and most sit down restaurants are still closed, which is fine. How about you?
  4. Such an adorable art style, especially with your people! Keep it up
  5. You have some beautiful works here! Well done on those beasties
  6. Yeah, scary for sure. Luckily, things seem to have calmed to a degree, enough at least that my family is fine. Finally found a doctor that would/could see my mother and turns out she has bronchitis...so joy, but at least it's not Covid. Otherwise, we've been doing our part and staying cooped up, turning into hermits and only going out to really walk our dogs. I'm sorry for your loss Tmra. My condolences. It is a strange world right now for sure.
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