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  1. Still trying to sell this wonderful traditional artwork:

    Blackburnian Warbler Original (for sale)

    Please contact the email below if you're interested:


  2. Seeking Long-term Artist

    I've done a few feline artworks and I do quite well with items. Here are some examples below. If you like what you see, then I'd be happy to negotiate prices and details. Artwork examples from DA: https://aminirus.deviantart.com/gallery/61633960/Personal-Best-and-Favorite-Artworks Portfolio: http://hayleydubay.artworkfolio.com/ I've also done all the artwork here which is for an ARPG game, so I designed the cats, backgrounds, items, achievement badges, familiars, and so on. The folders to the left are all labeled with the type of content they contain: https://explrz.deviantart.com/gallery/ If you're interested, you can contact me here or through the email below: inkdogstudios.founder@gmail.com THANK YOU! Hope to hear from you soon!
  3. Seeking Long-term Artist

    Is this is available by chance?
  4. ARPG assistance

    Okay, I got some solutions for others off this site so no worries here peeps. :3
  5. ARPG assistance

    Wasn't fully sure where to put this since it's sorta like a game, but... different: Sorry for the weird coloration going on here, but copied this from the Discord since i'm too lazy to type it again Any help or advice would be awesome! Okay, this is going to seem like a strange question, but anyone familiar with ARPG groups? Basically it's sorta like a game meant for artists and writers where you are given a critter and some things you are allowed to do with it. Like if you submit artwork of it exploring, an admin will reward you with random items, and you'd have to submitting different images to see what sort of stuff you can get. Anyways, one large aspect of these games is of course the breeding of your critters. Each critter has a genotype code... most of these games have a breeding roller, like this one: http://felvargs.com/roller/breeder/roller.html Where you type in the genotype of both parents and it produces potential genotypes of offspring. My question is, being not code-savy at all or a bit on the financial downside, I was wondering if anyone have/has any ideas of other methods? I heard there was one you can created in google docs, but waiting on further info about that... but yeah, if you know anything, it would be super helpful
  6. Can we talk about Digit the mascot?

    Thanks guys, glad you love her :3
  7. Full Colored Critters for Sale

    Thanks. Should be posting some more later on too
  8. Hello there guys, just wanted to let you all know that for this month of October, I'm making a critter a day! I currently have 8 critters here which have not been sold! They are all awesome and beautiful. I will be sure to give you the PSD file for them so you can color them and adjust the lines to which ever way pleases you. Once you have purchased, they are fully yours to do with as you please, commercial and/or private use... it is all up to you! Full size critters are much bigger than this and come in a 1748x1240 canvas size. Not all creatures are the same size. I'll be adding more on (one day till the end of October) so if you want to keep better track of what I have going on, be sure to check out my DA account: https://aminirus.deviantart.com/gallery/
  9. For me, I usually start in one of two ways: Method 1: I come up with two animals that are far from each other, like a snail and a cat, and then work out several rough designs of how I can combine the two animals. Sometimes I'll come up with 3 or 4 different animals and combine them. Other times, I'll look to dinosaurs or creatures described in ancient mythologies and start combining them with things I see today. Method 2: I usually do this one when I feel super particularly stumped that day. I start taking pictures of things and then import that picture into Sketchbook Pro drawing program and use the mirror tool. This tool splits the canvas in half so whatever side you have your image on, it mirrors it on the other side. I then move the picture around close to the line, kinda like what they do with those ink things where you splat the ink on one side and fold the paper, open it up again, and see what new image it creates. I'm basically doing the same thing here. Usually the longer I fiddle with moving the image around and seeing what is mirrored on the other side, I start seeing and making out shapes. I can usually get some really weird critters this way. Usually need a head to work with and then the body just seems to fall into place afterwards.
  10. Awesome @Elm. What kind of story? Graphic novel or like a normal written novel? @KingofCrows Nope, it never will actually. I mean, yes, you will get to the point where digital and traditional are similar, but I'm actually better with digital now than I am traditionally... though I've usually sorta sucked coloring things traditionally from day one unless it's in colored pencil or watercolor, any other medium and I feel like I'm drawing with my feet. The no is towards thinking you'll ever stop feeling like you could do better. 20 years later and I still think it... "I could have done that better" ... "I should have spent more time on this part (even though it's been 12+ hours later)" and so on. Artists are perfectionists, we never ever perfect our artwork, we just learn when to finally yell at our brain to shut up and tell it that it's time to move on to something new. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure every artist out there would still nitpicking even their best work and trying to fix it till eternity has come and gone. I hear yah about commissions though. I'd love to make money off my work and I know I can do it too... problem for me is that when you're the only person in your family and home who has this dream and knows what they are doing... you get no support, no understanding, and a lot of blank stares like I just ripped my arm off in front of everyone. Not to mention the endless questions of why am I wasting my life and why can't you be like a normal person; get a job, settle down, and raise kids? I get it all. It's hard. There's no doubt about it, but if it's something you want, you have to go for it. After all, you only have one life to live. Why waste it doing something you hate?
  11. Not a problem @Pear! Us artists need to stick together :3
  12. Kickstarter rewards?

    Hey, I actually did a kickstarter for Wild Howlz like...3 years ago now... I think Though I actually used Indiegogo at the time only because I had a feeling I could not guarentee receiving the full amount I needed at the time, and Indiegogo lets you walk away with whatever you earn, while Kickstarter I think requires you to earn at least what you wanted/need to earn and then will let you take it home, plus any extra that was earned for it. Anyways, it didn't fully reach it's goal, but it did manage to get a little over 1,600 at the time, which was what I needed back then. What I did for the reward tears was to offer simple things like for $5 they could access a private feed where I post artwork, news and not for public content. Then I offered things like special starter packs, premium game currency, access to a special shop in the game that normally would require difficult access to get into, rare creature breeds, and my top tier offered the ability to work with the artist and create a new creature to show up in the game that they personally really want to see (which I sold out of quite quickly). Otherwise, I would just say to take a look at what other games are doing, write down what appeals to you about their offers and what doesn't and go from there.
  13. Funny you say that @Pear. I read this quote on FB (don't remember who it's by) but it basically said the things you ask yourself of if you are meant to do, then is what you are meant to do because you never question the things you don't want to do. I feel you though. I've been getting the same frustrations lately and then I came across that quote a couple days ago and I guess I see things a little different because I'm right back at it. I was also watching this show that I finished recently about jobs in other countries (don't even remember what exactly it was) but I do remember something in the show that sorta stuck with and inspired me suddenly. Don't remember what the dialogue between the characters was, but I remember one of them was struggling with their job until they remembered something from a past mentor about 'breaking the rules' and 'thinking unconventionally' which basically means to take what you know or see all the time and do something with that isn't expected. Even if its something small, a small change, sometimes that can make a world of difference. And lastly, as an artist, that is what we all think, even me. We are natural born perfectionists in art and thus our artwork will always feel incomplete or that there is something wrong. It's a natural feeling. As they say, an artist never finishes their artwork, they simply know when to stop.
  14. Critters for SALE!

    The bear-dog critter with the flower and the goat-dog like thing have been SOLD! But fear not, you can still purchase those two as Sketches but the PSD option is no longer available. (Yes, that means it may be possible others may have the same sketch and be completing them in their own way)
  15. Hello there everyone! How you doing? I have these 5 cute critter sketches for sale! BUT THAT's Not All For $3 USD you can own the sketch which is in a 900x900 size as a PNG file OR For $20 USD I can finish the creature for you! From line to color, to shading, to best suit your game to the best of my ability and you will receive everything in an awesome PSD file with things neatly separated out in layers, including different layers for different markings, parts, and so on. Everything made easy for you to adjust in any which way you need. (please make sure to provide examples) You can message me here on the forums or contact me at: inkdogstudios.founder@gmail.com Payment options are Paypal or Digital Tip Jar (which I will provide a link for you) // Sales are final and you receive full ownership to do with the final results as you please!

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