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  1. Show off what you are working on

    Been working on various things, but after a couple years, was picked up again for some work on a rather graphicless game at the moment. I did some art for it those couple years back, but not till recently did this game pick back up and here I am. Here are some most recently completed fish items for this hero themed game.
  2. Moving and thus will be gone till April 5th

  3. Digital art and coloring

    Looks pretty good actually. The roll of paper is the best thus far!
  4. Seeking Item Artist(s) for ARPG

    Hello, if you're interested, I'd love to do some items for you! I can sure tone down my detail level and create a more cute and simpler style for you. For 15 items, in the style I have shown here, would be a total of $30 usd for the entire set! That makes it $2 per item. Please PM me or you can email me at the following: inkdogstudios.founder@gmail.com
  5. I'm actually working on a project. Wild Howlz may be on an indefinite hiatus, and there are reasons for putting it on hiatus. A lot of it is personal. I'm currently writing up the material, story and so forth for this semi-new game idea. The rough idea itself was developed back in college for a class, but was never put to actuality since, in all terms of the class, it was just to experience the process on the artwork and creation end of it. It wasn't a coding class, so we weren't responsible for physically coding and creating the game. Just developing the idea and creating artwork and materials, sorta like for a mock-pitch. I hope to have parts starting to be revealed this year.
  6. What size of item image works best?

    For me, I often get asked for sizes that run anywhere from 100x100 to 300x300 at maximum. It really depends on what the item is used for
  7. Digital art and coloring

    I personally don't have many tutorials and such up publicly, but I do know that sometimes watching people draw and color, like sped up videos of how someone completed an artwork is helpful. I also enjoy looking at people's process works, to see how to put things together and how they break apart their layers. I mostly know that layering in any art program is your best friend. Here's some of my own vids, process works and tutorials: https://aminirus.deviantart.com/gallery/64744335/Tutorials This video is a tad old, haven't made a new one as of yet, and the quality sucks a bit, but it still shows a bit of my coloring process. Small bits of how I do things have changed over the years of course, but it may help too. The program used in the video is quite old and I actually use Manga Studio now, but since it was a simpler program, it may be a good start to help you with yours.
  8. Check out these adorable these little froggies!! Yes, they are for sale on a first come, first serve bases. You can use the design for anything you desire! The size you will receive is 483x389 They are $5.00 usd each, Paypal only or Digital Tip Jar if you want to pay via credit card! Want me to design one for you? FANTASTIC! I do that too. Prices can be $2-$5.00 depending on the complexity. I use the same lines and size as the little guys above.
  9. Still trying to sell this wonderful traditional artwork:

    Blackburnian Warbler Original (for sale)

    Please contact the email below if you're interested:


  10. Seeking Long-term Artist

    I've done a few feline artworks and I do quite well with items. Here are some examples below. If you like what you see, then I'd be happy to negotiate prices and details. Artwork examples from DA: https://aminirus.deviantart.com/gallery/61633960/Personal-Best-and-Favorite-Artworks Portfolio: http://hayleydubay.artworkfolio.com/ I've also done all the artwork here which is for an ARPG game, so I designed the cats, backgrounds, items, achievement badges, familiars, and so on. The folders to the left are all labeled with the type of content they contain: https://explrz.deviantart.com/gallery/ If you're interested, you can contact me here or through the email below: inkdogstudios.founder@gmail.com THANK YOU! Hope to hear from you soon!
  11. Seeking Long-term Artist

    Is this is available by chance?
  12. ARPG assistance

    Okay, I got some solutions for others off this site so no worries here peeps. :3
  13. ARPG assistance

    Wasn't fully sure where to put this since it's sorta like a game, but... different: Sorry for the weird coloration going on here, but copied this from the Discord since i'm too lazy to type it again Any help or advice would be awesome! Okay, this is going to seem like a strange question, but anyone familiar with ARPG groups? Basically it's sorta like a game meant for artists and writers where you are given a critter and some things you are allowed to do with it. Like if you submit artwork of it exploring, an admin will reward you with random items, and you'd have to submitting different images to see what sort of stuff you can get. Anyways, one large aspect of these games is of course the breeding of your critters. Each critter has a genotype code... most of these games have a breeding roller, like this one: http://felvargs.com/roller/breeder/roller.html Where you type in the genotype of both parents and it produces potential genotypes of offspring. My question is, being not code-savy at all or a bit on the financial downside, I was wondering if anyone have/has any ideas of other methods? I heard there was one you can created in google docs, but waiting on further info about that... but yeah, if you know anything, it would be super helpful
  14. Can we talk about Digit the mascot?

    Thanks guys, glad you love her :3
  15. For me, I usually start in one of two ways: Method 1: I come up with two animals that are far from each other, like a snail and a cat, and then work out several rough designs of how I can combine the two animals. Sometimes I'll come up with 3 or 4 different animals and combine them. Other times, I'll look to dinosaurs or creatures described in ancient mythologies and start combining them with things I see today. Method 2: I usually do this one when I feel super particularly stumped that day. I start taking pictures of things and then import that picture into Sketchbook Pro drawing program and use the mirror tool. This tool splits the canvas in half so whatever side you have your image on, it mirrors it on the other side. I then move the picture around close to the line, kinda like what they do with those ink things where you splat the ink on one side and fold the paper, open it up again, and see what new image it creates. I'm basically doing the same thing here. Usually the longer I fiddle with moving the image around and seeing what is mirrored on the other side, I start seeing and making out shapes. I can usually get some really weird critters this way. Usually need a head to work with and then the body just seems to fall into place afterwards.

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