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  1. I'd actually be interested in the job and would love to do artwork. Not sure how much of my artwork you've seen, but if you need to see more examples do let me know and I'll gather them for you right away. You can PM me here or also contact me at the email below. I think my style would be pretty fitting and I'm good at just about anything, from critters (fantasy, cartoony to near realistic), as well as assets and environments. Thank you! inkdogstudios.founder@gmail.com
  2. Wild Howlz is to Return

    Hello there, owner and founder of Wild Howlz here with a very important update! I realize it's been about 9 months since I last had anything completed or information posted regarding Wild Howlz. The main reason was a combination of financials and a bit of negativity that had centered itself around the game at the time. Many things happened, some good, and some not so good, which put me in a bad place regarding the game and I lost next to all motivation for it. However, I didn't want to let it go entirely and for those several months, I thought of ways to bring the game back into a positive light for me again. Its not an easy project when you only have 2 people for it, so it can get tiring, but regardless, I didn't want to give it up. What I needed was a new perspective and updated ideations and concepts for it. Throughout those 9 months, I had a lot of other things to work on, including other projects, so I was able to talk to people and get their views and advice on the situations I had faced and how to move forward rather than continue feeling "stuck". Taking that time off was helpful to get me back into the groove of things and catch up on the things that had been stressing me out and causing me vast amounts of worry. During one of these projects is when I suddenly started to think about Wild Howlz again. Then one day, a whole slew of new ideas hit me and I wrote them down frantically. These new ideas and the help of friends has helped me begin again! Wild Howlz had first began back in 2013, and as I started again, for the 3rd time, the progress in both artwork and writing have increased since my first frantic ideations were written and scribbled out in college those 5 years ago. This can be evident in the progress images above. The gray wolf is the current design and template for the Banal wolf breed you can find in the game. As I've said earlier, we are currently a two man partnership and we do get volunteers once in awhile to assist wit things like writing and artwork. @Anoua and myself still have high hopes for Wild Howlz, but we also work on Eliyo and have family obligations as well. Thus, we are quite the busy bees and Wild Howlz will take a lot of time and care before we reach the goal we desire. We do what we can for each other and we've been able to overcome a bad situation from the first version of Wild Howlz into what we have created thus far. We both desire something that can not only inspire those who play the game, but provide a challenge, a chance to make your own choices and experience the repercussions of those choices and actions. Wolves were chosen as the character or creature of the game due to the storyline I wrote back in college from a compilation of ideas and stories I myself had read and experienced in those college days. Our current goals are to continue WIld Howlz in the new light of things and hopefully start letting the public enjoy the game by January 2019, if not sooner. That being said, there is much to do yet still to implement the new ideas and update the artwork to fit our current standards. Wild Howlz is meant to not only be visually appealing, but also an enjoyable game that you'll want to play. This time around, we do want to keep the public as updated as possible on our current progress and happenings. As the owner of Inkdog Studios, LLC that funds Wild Howlz, the current finances are coming directly out of my pocket and from any sales I make on commissioned works. Life still comes first, but we want you to be more aware of it than we had been before. During this time, we will not be open to Beta Testers and we won't be selling any early bird specials till we are absolutely sure we are ready. However, the items we offered in the Kickstarter back in 2014 will still apply, including the wolf breeds that were created by those who purchased those rewards for their generous donations. We did also unlock an early bird special island explore from that Kickstarter and it will be there as well. We do not plan to do another Kickstarter or funding event. When we are ready, we will sell early bird accounts to those who had not purchased them during the original Wild Howlz account event. We do also want you to keep in mind that if you had purchased an early bird Beta account at that time, you will still be able to claim it in the new Wild Howlz, but we will need certain information before you do as proof of your earlier purchase. The main thing we do not want to do is leave the impression like we scammed you out of your money. The items that were purchased from our previous shop will also be made available in some form or another down the road, but at this time, I cannot guarantee how many of those items will be available as originally described. If we cannot offered something we had promised originally, we will find a way to make it up to you in-game and provide rewards equivalent to the purchases you've made. If you're interested in keeping tabs on Wild Howlz and seeing what's new and happening, feel free to check out any of the links below or contact us directly for any questions or concerns you may have. We thank you for your patience and we hope to see you when WIld Howlz rises again! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildhowlz Discord: https://discord.gg/h2aEzTh Email: inkdogstudios.founder@gmail.com
  3. Seeking partner

    Most of my own ambitions are going into my own game. I'm owner, artist, writer, and overall mastermind, but we are only a two man team with big plans. I'd say it's quite ambitious but I think in the end, when you put your mind to it and feel it is something right, then all will go well. I wouldn't be able to help on a financial level since I'm quite financially tight right now, but if you are ever looking to hire a critter, asset, or environment artist, do let me know as it's my specialty. If you need someone to just bounce ideas around as well, I can do that too. I have loads of ideas for all kinds of things, but right now Wild Howlz is my focus since I want it to be as unique and interactive and creative as possible. Have faith in yourself and your dreams and trust your gut instincts. The last thing you want is a partnership where the other person pulls you to ruin as I had almost had happen to me. Thus, I can't wait to hear your ideas and I bet you'll make something great too!
  4. I am capable of completing all kinds of animal artworks, real and fantasy and even environments. I am mostly a digital artist who has been perfecting her craft since 2012, but have been drawing for all my life. I have quite the knack for critters or all sorts and am developing further into more indepth and beautiful landscapes! I have dappled and learned many styles, which lets me adapt pretty well and I will do my best to make sure my style suites your game or personal work. If you're looking for something Traditional, I do that as well. Traditional artworks are usually of animal portraits and can be quite beautiful on their own. They are mix of watercolor, colored pencils, and inks to create a visually stunning masterpiece that will surely be one of a kind. I also provide a frame for the completed the work and shipping costs. Various references to my style of artwork can be found in the links below: - https://www.deviantart.com/aminirus/gallery/?catpath=/ (majority of artworks are here) - https://twitter.com/Aminirus0/media - https://www.artstation.com/aminirus - https://www.instagram.com/hayley.dubay/ (not many artworks are located here) Feel free to PM me or contact me at the email below: inkdogstudios.founder@gmail.com If you have a Discord, you can also chat with directly. I am known as: Aminirus #1824 Thank you!
  5. Lurania Kingdom - Landscape Artist

    Email sent. If you have a discord, you can also contact me with: Aminirus #1824
  6. In Development List

    Wild Howlz would be a Sim Game @Martyn Thank you!
  7. In Development List

    Would you mind adding Wild Howlz to the list? It's currently just in development. It hasn't been online for a few months now as it's been redone and edited. " We have been saved ... but not in the way we intended. Several generations ago, the world came to an end with a new dawn bringing forth a world humanity had believed to be all myth and stories. The remains of the past are scattered across the globe and things are no longer what they seem. Wake up to discover this new world through the eyes of the wolves, a creature once believed to be an ally to humans. You must find a way to survive, to grow stronger, and to find the answers to the mysteries scattered across this once glorious kingdom." Wild Howlz is a game where you raise and grow a pack of wolves and learn how to survive, battle, and explore a vast world full of mystery, wonder, and monsters. The game concept began back in 2013 and has undergone a few changes since then. It went on a several month long hiatus, but with new eyes, new inspirations, and new motivations, the game is coming back and is in the works once again. We are only a two man team right now, so the work is a bit slow, but we want to get this done and present not only a visually appealing game, but one that provides challenge and intrigue with near endless possibilities. Right now, we only have the facebook group that is live : https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildhowlz/ We do plan on getting things like a forum and such going too, but for now, this is it. You can also find updates about the game as well on my DA account, which is here: https://www.deviantart.com/aminirus/journal/ Thanks!
  8. Show off what you are working on

    Been working on various things, but after a couple years, was picked up again for some work on a rather graphicless game at the moment. I did some art for it those couple years back, but not till recently did this game pick back up and here I am. Here are some most recently completed fish items for this hero themed game.
  9. Moving and thus will be gone till April 5th

  10. Digital art and coloring

    Looks pretty good actually. The roll of paper is the best thus far!
  11. Seeking Item Artist(s) for ARPG

    Hello, if you're interested, I'd love to do some items for you! I can sure tone down my detail level and create a more cute and simpler style for you. For 15 items, in the style I have shown here, would be a total of $30 usd for the entire set! That makes it $2 per item. Please PM me or you can email me at the following: inkdogstudios.founder@gmail.com
  12. I'm actually working on a project. Wild Howlz may be on an indefinite hiatus, and there are reasons for putting it on hiatus. A lot of it is personal. I'm currently writing up the material, story and so forth for this semi-new game idea. The rough idea itself was developed back in college for a class, but was never put to actuality since, in all terms of the class, it was just to experience the process on the artwork and creation end of it. It wasn't a coding class, so we weren't responsible for physically coding and creating the game. Just developing the idea and creating artwork and materials, sorta like for a mock-pitch. I hope to have parts starting to be revealed this year.
  13. What size of item image works best?

    For me, I often get asked for sizes that run anywhere from 100x100 to 300x300 at maximum. It really depends on what the item is used for
  14. Digital art and coloring

    I personally don't have many tutorials and such up publicly, but I do know that sometimes watching people draw and color, like sped up videos of how someone completed an artwork is helpful. I also enjoy looking at people's process works, to see how to put things together and how they break apart their layers. I mostly know that layering in any art program is your best friend. Here's some of my own vids, process works and tutorials: https://aminirus.deviantart.com/gallery/64744335/Tutorials This video is a tad old, haven't made a new one as of yet, and the quality sucks a bit, but it still shows a bit of my coloring process. Small bits of how I do things have changed over the years of course, but it may help too. The program used in the video is quite old and I actually use Manga Studio now, but since it was a simpler program, it may be a good start to help you with yours.
  15. Check out these adorable these little froggies!! Yes, they are for sale on a first come, first serve bases. You can use the design for anything you desire! The size you will receive is 483x389 They are $5.00 usd each, Paypal only or Digital Tip Jar if you want to pay via credit card! Want me to design one for you? FANTASTIC! I do that too. Prices can be $2-$5.00 depending on the complexity. I use the same lines and size as the little guys above.

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