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Found 4 results

  1. Email Me: [email protected] Discord: Ibbit#8513 Recently come into hard times, have a lot of medical/debts coming up this year so I'm going to setup a little shop post here for any creatures/items/assets I'm willing to sell while I look for more freelance work. Email me at [email protected] to buy or directly on Discord via Ibbit#8513 to purchase available assets (also please feel free to check out my freelance gig post if you'd like to hire me for custom work) ASSETS FOR SALE Elemental Lizards Set | HD Fullsize 2500x2500px | $60 USD Per Design Asset o
  2. Email Me: [email protected] Discord: Ibbit#8513 My Portfolio ___________________________________________________________________________________ Hello there! I'm a commercial game artist and freelancer and I've been in the art game for about 15 years now. I currently work as a full-time freelance artist for various commercial petsite + game companies when work is available, and occasionally work for private commissioners when I have the time. I'm currently looking for some single contract jobs or part-time work to fill my schedule and pay the bills. I
  3. Hi! As previously mentioned on the discord. Over a year ago (now two years), I was commissioned to complete some art. The client was a member of VPL, although not as active as others. However, communication ended and payment was not completed for the commission. They do have me on skype, and I did try to communicate for about 6 months with no response. There was also no contract, and I feel two years is beyond my artistic courtesy. The files have been sitting on my hard-drive for a while now, and I'd really like them to find a home. All Prices are in GBP. Please convert to your own
  4. Hiya! I specialise in environmental concept art and asset creation. >portfolio here: https://spiritedviolet.carbonmade.com Have more of a painterly style but can work with different styles also. Attached is a few picked out examples, the flower circles are of a Subeta customwear item I made not long ago. The dungeon sewer was stylised for a petsite a few years back that sadly never came to be. The other work was for an old game I was working on a few years ago. If you want to see other examples or anything please let me know! Thanks for looking!
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