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Community Round-up 5/30


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Happy Tuesday, due to the holiday over the weekend, I took a break Monday, however we return with today's community round up.

Again, if you haven't already, please vote in our community survey, your input helps shape our community!

Member of the Month Nominations

New monthly community event! Every month the community will choose a Member of the Month. Nominations are open, so get nominating!


New Members:

A warm welcome to @Bedouin, @ShadeTheDragon19, @rachelsaurus, and @LobstahMoney. All four joined over the weekend! We are happy to have them here!

Game Club game updates to check out:

@Bedouin has taken over the Eqcetera club, and posted this wonderful update about an upcoming recode.

@Nate also updated The Lost Fable club with another cool update post:


Topics to check out:

  • @Corsair wonders if a Patreon is worth while to start. Great advice from @kami and @Aminirus help navigate this question.
  • @judda offers some great advice in this thread that asks what the hardest thing are when it comes to building a game's community.
  • @tiff asks "Why do you play virtual pet games?", a great question - WHY Do we play them?
  • What are your life goals and ambitions?
  • What editors do you to code with?
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