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  1. $7 until oct 31 11pm est. After that I'm keeping it
  2. Oh crap I posted it on the thread. That's what I get for posting on mobile.
  3. I got hung up on the last three but here it is so far.
  4. The title says TV snow, I wanted to let you know.
  5. 400x400 - Sai - Photoshop - $ 8 These are now sold.
  6. I decided if it does not sell by oct 31 I'll just keep it.
  7. I agree with Dino that having a mobile compatible site. Mobile has a stigma attached to it (a stigma that is rightfully earned) the app may not net you many extra players. Who knows if you have to adhere to any additional rules or laws to make the app.
  8. This is just my opinion based on playing sites since like 2008. I personally think when opening to the public the players go in with a wrong mind set. People join, get bored quick and leave little feedback. I'd see 200ish people join and like maybe 10% are actively doing bug reporting or suggestions. Some people also put a frustrating importance on low account numbers. (Hell I had a person who wanted to buy my aywas account) Also I'm going to be blunt, I do not believe in paying to get in early. Maybe because I've been burned a few times. Aside from a low number you run the risk of paying for nothing. While I did not pay for it, I do remember winning a alpha for a site that was charging $10 only to find it was a few coded pages and a forum. As for the two sims I did pay for one had hardly anyone playing( like 5 active people which left a lot of features unused) and the other just stopped updating for over a year. Honestly I'd rather have a donate option for a alpha/beta because the account bundles and cash shops really hard for me to justify buying. What am I going to do with 10,000 credits when the cash shop has 5 items or i paid $10 to test a site that is a few pages and a forum with like 8-12 active testers.
  9. Sound interesting. I look forward to seeing what you do with the concept.
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