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Eqcetera is a horse simulation game that is player-driven in development.

About the Game

Eqcetera is a horse simulation game that is player-driven in development. It has beautiful auto images, realistic genetics, and 12 different disciplines for horses to compete in. A newly revamped showing system means that new and old players face new challenges to their old championship lines while still being able to start a new line. In addition, it has associations (based on performance or breed), a wonderful community, and realistic crossbreeding (i.e: a QH x Arab = Quarab). 

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  2. Thanks for the update and wonderful news, as more happens let us know and I will promote it here as much as I can. We love to support games!
  3. For the past few years (read forever and a half), Eqcetera has been undergoing a full recode that will replace the current version. It started under the era of Cayda and Starry and I'm continuing it. This recode is built on a fully custom MVC framework that took a year to develop. Now that most of the pieces of that are nailed down, features are actually being added quite quickly. We've gotten the following features in, and work continues on making them better in every update. Features: Login/Registration Account settings Online players News Forums Private messages Chat Bank Barns Rescue Purchase horses Breed horses Create shows Enter horses into shows Board horses Vet Assocations ... and more as features are added! If you're interested in viewing the progress, there is a demo for V2 happening on June 10th: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/v2-demo-2 After that, we'll start slowly letting older players into the new game to start testing and suggesting how to make it better. Any further updates will be posted on this thread.

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