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Hello! Our site is currently in development, and we would love to add it to this thread. 

Site Name: Lorwolf
DescriptionLorwolf is a browser-based virtual pet RPG game currently in development. Users will be able to create their own fully customizable Lorwolf that will lead the pack as they bite, claw, and rip their way through the chaotic lands of Loria. 
Instagram: @lorwolf_official

Thank you so much, let me know if you need anything else! 

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HI! I would like to have my site added to the SIMs list!

Leviathan Myth

Leviathan Myth is a free-to-play browser sim where you breed and battle dragons to make your way to the top of the Great Wall! Enjoy dynamic images on 11 dragon breeds, seasonal maps, and many useful items to collect. We are in a development stage but we are open to the public.

Discord | Twitch Channel | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

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Apologies for the massive delay in adding your game to the list @HeroKnight, it's now been added albeit without a description. If you want us to add one then just reply to the thread with one and I'll add it asap!

I've added Lorwolf here as well @JimJim, however I noticed that you had a Homepage and a few other links available on Google as well so I've added them. If you want them removed then just say and it'll be done! The same applies to you @Azrael with Leviathan Myth. :)

I've added you HeroKnight to the Game Owners role, this will be your main one with the Members one becoming your secondary.
I noticed that you @Perseus were not part of the role above, so I've added that as your secondary one as you were an Artist first.

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