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  1. This is a good suggestion. Although you can and are allowed an opinion, these posts should be kept strictly to parties involved when it comes to evidence and investigations. I am glad to hear you have decided to stop here.
  2. Let’s keep this discussion about facts. Having an interaction that supports either party is useful and encouraged. This is a pet site forum, not a court of law, questioning someone’s grammar or intentions isn’t helpful. Also... there is no need for independent investigations. This is not a forum for drama. This is a forum for people to either commend others for wonderful work, or to issue experiences that may not have resulted in a great end result. Also, moving forward there will be a lot of eyes from the staff to make sure this doesn’t get out of hand. I would encourage replies fro
  3. Text manipulation and parsing is a pain, agreed.
  4. Form submission/validation/return. So tedious but necessary. After doing it for 14-15 years it feels painful.
  5. Please keep in mind everyone that although we welcome honest discussion, we will lock this thread if it becomes to heated or disruptive. Keep the discussion going, but not the expense of others opinions.
  6. This statement is missing several points that I can (as the founder of this community) clarify. 1. There is no direct bitterness between myself and cpvr. I actually have never had any direct communication with him, although many attempts were made. 2. TGL did not directly benefit from VPL. Members for this community were found through social media AFTER VPL was offline for 2 weeks. Members here were contacted directly by myself and through word of mouth. 3. This community exists as a direct result of cpvr’s actions, public and personal. This community has existed for years becau
  7. @Hare amazing updates as always, and this guy is my new spirit bunz.
  8. A tentative buyer has been found, and sale should be moving forward around the new year. I will not be accepting new offers immediately unless the offer falls through, in which I will update this post. Thanks for all the interest!
  9. Closing this as a buyer has been found. I will be sure to update the community in more detail once the final details are worked out as to how they want to move forward. I appreciate the communities patience and support. I do not plan to leave the community, and will still be active, and look forward to seeing where it goes moving forward.
  10. I have about 3 or so pet site "ideas" half coded over here. One day... I have found as I get older, and life gets going that although I have ambition to work on fun things, the ability to follow through is limited by other engagements. It is now not a matter of "I can do that!", but now a matter "of should I do this?"
  11. @Boltgreywing the site will not be going down, I am hoping through this to engage a new owner that is driven to grow the community and it’s content even more.
  12. While I remain the owner I will be maintaining the site, I just don’t have the time to grow it beyond what it is, and I honestly feel it can be so much more then it is!
  13. Thank you both for being members and participating in the community as well, this whole thing would not have happened without members like you all!
  14. I am interested in selling novilar.com and it's assets to someone who would be interested in taking over the game. If you are interested in getting an up and running game base, please get in touch. It is developed in Laravel, version 5.7 (so recent), and is for the most part working outside of some features that are not large where they would be quality of life improvements. Currently it is hosted on DigitalOcean, and the codebase in hosted at bitbucket.org. You will receive all assets, as they are all owned by the site. I am open to discussing more in private chats, and can offer mo
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