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  1. Explore system!

    That is really looking wonderful @Dinocanid
  2. Account Setting Error

    The default theme is now fixed for account settings and a lot of other areas. Pesky updates to the forum software lead to customized themes falling a tad behind, and the fault is mine for not combing though the changes.
  3. Novilar is a game in beta that has been online for roughly 3 years. I am looking to bring on board a Lead Artist, who I hope will be able to produce art, but also refine the art style moving forward. This position is paid, but I am also looking for a person who is willing to accept perhaps a partnership arrangement. The site does generate revenue, and is technically live and open to the public. Please visit the site for a sense of the current art, and reach out to me to discuss the opportunity in greater detail. https://www.novilar.com Thanks.
  4. Novilar: Combined updates

    @CorleoneIt should? I will have to test it. Can you pm your email?
  5. Recent Changes to the Forums

    @Onyx That is a great idea, and something we will see about creating for the community.
  6. Novilar: Combined updates

    I wanted to write this for a while, but felt I wanted to give it time for a little bit before I actually announced. Novilar, a site originally created by two members (one of whom is a member here, has been in development for a few years. It went on a hiatus for about a year last year. The previous owners decided that it was time to sell it. I was lucky enough to have the ability to purchase it. So yes, I am now the owner of Novilar. My first goal was to revitalize it, as it had fallen on hard times with a server move that broke its image generation, and several rather large bugs that had broken it's functionality. It has been a fun ride and the game now improves daily. The reason I am writing this is to let this community know that I am now the owner, that the game is actually back to being relatively playable, and seeing regular updates. I will probably be posting more regular updates here as well as time goes on. https://www.novilar.com
  7. Wow, I am totally in love with that Wolf! If your first game is any indicator, this one will be awesome too!
  8. Recent Changes to the Forums

    Thank you @Hare and @Pepper-Head! I appreciate the support, and have always valued the wonderful input from you both as well as the rest of our members. It was not easy to say "Let's ditch these two sections." It took a lot of time to let it sync in that sometimes too much doesn't really make something better.
  9. Recent Changes to the Forums

    Just to back up what @Martyn added. We are not going anywhere, nor are we "dying". In this industry things get slow, people get wrapped up with life and projects. It happens. The amount of time and energy that went into the Marketplace and Game Directory weren't wasted, but weren't valuable either. I would rather spend time reading the amazing posts by you all, then trying to guess why this feature is working or failing. I would rather have engaging discussions over the merits of multiple accounts or no multiple accounts on your sites, then figuring out which game in the directory is being maintained or is incomplete. This change is more to simplify and bring back the main focus of TGL, to be a place for new game development, and secondarily to what games are out there. The changes to the forums allow everyone to participate in game news and information more freely, which to me is more important then the Game Directory or Marketplace.
  10. http://wern-ancheta.com/blog/2014/01/26/getting-started-with-caching-in-php/ Could be a useful read on caching strategies. There are few different approaches, so have to do some digging to find one that works, or a set of them that provide you benefit.
  11. Novilar has a max limit of 200 pets currently per user. It is also quite a challenge to increase your territory to that size (so it feels rewarding). Users can go over their limit, but are unable to breed any additional animals until they are under that limit. Offspring is included in the counts. There are some additional strategies, but they are strategic, and have pro and cons. Some can implemented easily, others not so much. If you are not constantly checking the genetic values of the pets, you can serialize and gzip them into a Blob field in the database. This can save some space, but you lose the ability to see that data without ungzipping and deserializing. However if this data is only looked at every 3 days, it might be worth it. Serialization and compression are costly, so this is really only a good strategy for data that you need to access often or you know you only need it on occasion. Another way, if you are finding your database is the one struggling would be to perhaps cache of this information outside of the database. There are a boatload of methods or this type of thing, so not knowing more specifics, I couldn’t recommend anything in particular. Caching your pages strategically or even doing some query caching for common queries can provide a boost also.
  12. Stripe.com

    I have used it in the past, it is wonderful. Easy to implement and has the ability to be very powerful.
  13. You have made some purchases in the past, so if you are looking at one of the items you previously bought, you will see a download link instead of a buy button. If you still have issues, please send me a screenshot of the page via PM and we will get you fixed up!
  14. Digital art and coloring

    I went ahead and attached some of my rough sketches for items.
  15. Word Association

    Sparkly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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