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  1. New Years Resolutions!

    Mine is to continue to drive Novilar and TGL forward!
  2. To refactor or start from scratch

    Thanks @Anoua and @txtsd for the feedback. I really asked this question as I see this happen a lot when a site is purchased, or new programmers come into an existing project. All the sudden you have this "this is junk, lets redo it all", and then you see the sites suffer. I personally like small refactors that improve how something works. I have had to do a lot for novilar over time, to improve or adjust a function. I have not yet had a full case where I have had to point blank redo. Cross my fingers.
  3. Wanted to get some input on what other programmers on here think about the arguments for/or against refactoring. There are always features that need to be reworked, or work just fine, but feel so wrong in code. Where as a developer do you feel that line is drawn as to whether refactor something existing, or to just say... its time to redo this completely?
  4. I have worked with @bear in the past, and they have always been wonderfully attentive and on point. Some of the art for sale was a project we together on. I would recommend.
  5. TGL has discord, although not active, I am usually always there in case. I also have a discord for Novilar setup, it has allowed me access to communicate with some of the player base directly, and get direct feedback from them. With the early bugs that existed when I took over Novilar, this was immensely beneficial for not only myself, but the game's community as well.
  6. To Die or Not To Die?

    For Novilar, this is an interesting topic. Novilar is based heavily on breeding, it is not uncommon for a member to "breed" 15-30 pets a week, some do much more. Although we do not have a death mechanic, a lot of these pets are released by their owners (usually the non-sentimental ones). This covers the whole culling down to a users decision versus a forever decision. We don't carry too much in overhead for pets, which makes their data relatively light.
  7. Things You're Happy With

    Let's see, its been busy: Purchasing and taking lead of Novilar. Redesign of Novilar. Re-vamping exploration on Novilar. Lots a new game systems in place. I am happy with all of these, but there is a lot more to go. I sometimes feel as if when you get to one place where you feel happy, there are ten more items on your list to check off.
  8. I will be reaching out to those above who expressed interest. We did have a few months with an artist that was able to deliver great work, but alas, they had issues and had to leave us, so back to the drawing board. If you are interested in this position, it is open once again.
  9. Explore system!

    That is really looking wonderful @Dinocanid
  10. Account Setting Error

    The default theme is now fixed for account settings and a lot of other areas. Pesky updates to the forum software lead to customized themes falling a tad behind, and the fault is mine for not combing though the changes.
  11. Novilar is a game in beta that has been online for roughly 3 years. I am looking to bring on board a Lead Artist, who I hope will be able to produce art, but also refine the art style moving forward. This position is paid, but I am also looking for a person who is willing to accept perhaps a partnership arrangement. The site does generate revenue, and is technically live and open to the public. Please visit the site for a sense of the current art, and reach out to me to discuss the opportunity in greater detail. https://www.novilar.com Thanks.
  12. Novilar: Combined updates

    @CorleoneIt should? I will have to test it. Can you pm your email?
  13. Recent Changes to the Forums

    @Onyx That is a great idea, and something we will see about creating for the community.
  14. Novilar: Combined updates

    I wanted to write this for a while, but felt I wanted to give it time for a little bit before I actually announced. Novilar, a site originally created by two members (one of whom is a member here, has been in development for a few years. It went on a hiatus for about a year last year. The previous owners decided that it was time to sell it. I was lucky enough to have the ability to purchase it. So yes, I am now the owner of Novilar. My first goal was to revitalize it, as it had fallen on hard times with a server move that broke its image generation, and several rather large bugs that had broken it's functionality. It has been a fun ride and the game now improves daily. The reason I am writing this is to let this community know that I am now the owner, that the game is actually back to being relatively playable, and seeing regular updates. I will probably be posting more regular updates here as well as time goes on. https://www.novilar.com
  15. Wow, I am totally in love with that Wolf! If your first game is any indicator, this one will be awesome too!

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