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  1. Re-bumping this as we are looking for artists again.
  2. @Design1online, not sure if they reached out to you, but just in case since this is PGF.
  3. Digital


    Wow, the art style as always is top notch, and the features are amazing!
  4. So I wanted to ask this to all of our Artists. What styles do you find to find to be in the most demand, or styles that are easily for multiple artists to generally replicate?
  5. Now you can keep your roles synced with Discord! We have added a rich discord integration to the forums, allowing you to link your discord account to our TGL discord. This will automatically not only invite you if you are not on our discord, but will also sync your roles over. How do I go this? Go to: https://thegaminglist.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=settings&area=discord And authorize your discord account with us. It is that simple!
  6. This is a good resource of the laws in the US regarding adult content, it is mostly in reference to images and geared more towards producers of the content, but mostly, gives the definition what the law says is adult content. https://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers/legal/adult
  7. Sure can @Demona, if you want to PM me the details!
  8. If you paid for the work, then you have the rights to use it, even if the full commission was not completed. If you didn't pay in full, or haven't paid in full, then it gets a little tricky. I would regardless attempt to reach out with the individual as much as you can.
  9. The expressions on those icons, love them!
  10. I have been doing well, had an incident with some ice in February and still waiting on ankle bones to mend so I can escape a cast, but otherwise been well. How have you been @Pepper-Head? Graduate yet?
  11. Another thing that helps is to layer your story into the players actions. Why are they doing stuff, what is that purpose? This is where I love background and lore. It provides the context for the user. When you add smaller story arcs to the game, it makes things fun and exciting. Whether it is foe A, storing stuff for winter, going on a hunt, etc. When you play those to the main lore, you add more substance to the entire game, leading to greater player immersion into the gameplay.
  12. First off, we upgraded the forums to the latest version of the software, no real changes to be noticed, but if you notice any errors, please report them! Also, you will now find a GIF icon in your toolbar, for when words escape you!
  13. Removed a lot of posts and replies between @juliet and @Vix about topics unrelated to this thread. This is a thread looking to fill a position, not a place to discuss social media etiquette. If @juliet would like to discuss the topic, she can create a general thread on the etiquette when using social media, and keep it general, not specific and constructive. Thanks.
  14. I look forward to seeing what happens with this one, the art looks amazing even if it is still conceptual!
  15. So signed up for this. Can't wait to hear more!
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