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Seeking Future Programmer! Volunteer or Paid

Miss Hades

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Hello everyone! I'm the head artist for RIME

We are a prehistoric big cats simulation game in the works, still in extremely early development. Currently working on our pet art, we're hoping to have a functional demo up on our domain in the next couple months. That said, past basic html I'm still pretty in the dark, and so RIME's owners and myself decided to set our eyes on some programmers! I'm able to design page mock ups and the likes for exactly what we're looking for once we've settled on that.

Right now we're sort of just dipping our toes in the water. This is an interactive sim site needing full program coding / a genetics system / breeding system / mutation system / website as a whole.

As of this current moment in time we are not able to pay for work, as our budget is extremely limited and we wish to finish developing key ideas / art first. If you are a programmer wanting to volunteer and work alongside the dev team it would be extremely appreciated in these early stages as all of us are currently working free. However we completely understand the need to pay bills! So we will be looking at programmers for hire as well! Just know that in this case, it would be for future work and not an immediate start, though we'd love to keep in contact with any questions / ideas to make sure the things we want implemented are viable options. In this case please let me know your usual rates so we can bear that in mind and discuss with you further if we are interested in hiring you in the future!

Whether volunteer or looking for paid work, please provide examples along with your resume.

We hope to have our domain purchased here soon. At the moment we've got multiple social media platforms and a discord to follow in our early development. The banner below shows off an example of our female Smilodon in her currently unshaded state, along with some social media links if you wish to take a look! I'll hyperlink it to our Facebook. Thank you!



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I would suggest using the framework from @Design1online to get your project started! I imagine she has a thread started around here that describes the features of the framework. It is very affordable and easy to customize to fit your game needs. I cannot remember it's exact price, but I am pretty sure it is under $500. This knocks out a lot of the boring items (registration, initial navigation, pet creation, genetics) that normally stalls development.

Just a suggestion! Good luck!

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