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Found 6 results

  1. I'm unsure on how to go about setting up a log in redirect, like, if a guest visits the site I would like every page to display some kind of message saying you're not logged in and have a button to login/register. right now logged in or not you can visit every page. I just really don't know how to go about this, I have tried googling but I haven't really found anything that i'm looking for. maybe i'm not searching the right thing?
  2. Hey guys! I dabble in coding every now and then, never for any sort of profit or commissions...mainly for personal use. The HTML/CSS stuff I've learned has mostly been from messing around with DeviantArt journal skins and I'm fairly good at problem solving with it now. I am starting an ARPG Species on DeviantArt and I'm attempting to do all of the work 100% myself (because I like a good challenge). Are there any coders out there that might be willing to take on a young grasshopper and help me code my own breeding roller? I understand Java enough to be able to read it. I just don't know where exactly to start. Even if I could just have someone help me with the first portion that controls the base coats in the genetics, I SHOULD be able to do the rest with very minimal questions. Alternatively, if someone is bored and just wants to code the whole thing and teach me how to do it as you go, that's fine as well. Basics of what I need: The breeding roller will be a tool for admins of the ARPG to roll the resulting litter of a breeding request from a player. Players will send in a comment with links to the two parents. I will need something that I can enter the genotype and a few other options into (such as if they have a breeding item that changes the chances for something). This breeding roller will need to randomly generate a number of pups between 1 and 8. It will then need to randomly generate genders for the resulting pups. It will then need to give genos for each pup based off of the genos from the parents, as well as a few random mutations and defects that have small chances of popping up in any breeding. I FEEL like this would essentially be a fairly simple project if someone were a master in Java, but I am nowhere near a master and don't even know where to start. It's like I can read the language, but I can't speak it. Lol.
  3. So once in a while, I code front end stuff (mostly content for the pages for tremder.) I know basic HTML and such (Bold, underline, links, and image tags) by hand and from memory. However i recently installed a trial version of dreamweaver CS6 or something like that, and i have used, and still sorta rely on Netbeans, however, I LOVE the split screen developing of Dreamweaver. So my question to the coders here... Is there a program that is similar to dreamweaver (the split screen developing - code and how it looks screen) for free anywhere or that is under 25$ for the program? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, I'm the head artist of a newly developing Deer-based SIM, which has fantasy-related elements to it as well. We're in need of a number of coded things such as registration, breeding/genetics system, currency system, etc For a short term.. honestly, I think if someone had basic codes that we might even be able to buy (starter package? Do people still do those?).. that'd be pretty big for us. For a long term, it would be unpaid (it kills me to say this) until we really have ground work under us (such as crowdfunding or a patreon, site splash set up, etc). Although, back pay for the work done will be paid when cash is available. The pay is something to talk about, whether you'd want cash money, site currency or art for your time. I'm not the creator of this site, but I'm willing to offer my artwork as payment for code. If you're interested, but not into not getting paid right off the bat for custom coding.. please, still reach out. If we have an idea of what sort of money is needed to purchase your time/programming, we'll likely be able to have a better idea of how to make it happen. We primarily use Discord for contact, if you'd like to talk on there my handle is Sunny#2841 Otherwise, please PM/reply here to me. Thanks, Percy
  5. Hello everyone! I'm the head artist for RIME We are a prehistoric big cats simulation game in the works, still in extremely early development. Currently working on our pet art, we're hoping to have a functional demo up on our domain in the next couple months. That said, past basic html I'm still pretty in the dark, and so RIME's owners and myself decided to set our eyes on some programmers! I'm able to design page mock ups and the likes for exactly what we're looking for once we've settled on that. Right now we're sort of just dipping our toes in the water. This is an interactive sim site needing full program coding / a genetics system / breeding system / mutation system / website as a whole. As of this current moment in time we are not able to pay for work, as our budget is extremely limited and we wish to finish developing key ideas / art first. If you are a programmer wanting to volunteer and work alongside the dev team it would be extremely appreciated in these early stages as all of us are currently working free. However we completely understand the need to pay bills! So we will be looking at programmers for hire as well! Just know that in this case, it would be for future work and not an immediate start, though we'd love to keep in contact with any questions / ideas to make sure the things we want implemented are viable options. In this case please let me know your usual rates so we can bear that in mind and discuss with you further if we are interested in hiring you in the future! Whether volunteer or looking for paid work, please provide examples along with your resume. We hope to have our domain purchased here soon. At the moment we've got multiple social media platforms and a discord to follow in our early development. The banner below shows off an example of our female Smilodon in her currently unshaded state, along with some social media links if you wish to take a look! I'll hyperlink it to our Facebook. Thank you!
  6. Coders, Artists,Etc... If you have knowledge and experience in PHP and SQL, please help WolfSol out as she's our only developer! We are trying really hard to get into open Beta and we are a completely volunteer group who live what we do and believe in our vision. Please read all requirements for the Guide position of Alchemist while applying. Also meet our newest stall keeper, Asherei, she is the dollmaker, her artist Crystal foronda created her just for us, see all the fantastic art Inumimi Images does for us as well as she is our main artist, along with Kiley who assists and help us create creatures and more. Mythodreas Administration
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