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Found 13 results

  1. Hello! Im searching for a coder who knows mysidias framework and is willing to help me! If payments what you want I can try to pay (I dont have alot of money)..Or maybe we can make out some other deal? I do arts and crafts and whatnot- and I love drawing- I'd be willing to trade or something! Theres new features I'd like to add that I cant code... so any help would be appreciated. please message me and maybe we can work something out!! http://atrocity.mysidiahost.com PLease Email me at Ittermat[at]gmail.com or message me on the discord- https://discord.gg/fRX6M2 Thank you for
  2. I am the owner of virtual pet site, Solpets.com. Currently I am the only programmer for the site and would like a little help with getting some new games coded. I would like to have someone experienced in javascript. I now very little javascript. It is helpful you know php, but right now is not required. This is a volunteer position. Which to Solpets means you will not be paid in real money, but with our site currency. Our site currency is sPoints and sCoins. sCoins is how you will be paid - you get paid monthly. If interested please contact me here or even on Solpets is fine.
  3. I recently lost my last programmer and am sadly looking to find someone else who may be interested in constructing a graphical chatsite similar to wolfing (https://wolfkodi.dyndns.org/wolfing/) or wolfhome (www.wolfhome.com). I am willing to pay for your work as well as share some of the profit of the site with you; it would be a long term gig and a source of some income. I'll be creating the artwork for the website. below I list some beginning features i would like to have constructed: a graphical chat site with basic chat functions (moderation and administration tools, scrollbar/l
  4. Update 12/05/2017 Due to the volume of requests, I am now handling my volunteer work as a feature queue! I will complete one feature for a given project before bouncing it to the back of the queue. Paid work will take priority. Paid Work PM me to hash out details for paid work. I will try to offer rates appropriate for your budget, and I prefer to be paid per feature than per hour. Paid work takes priority over queued volunteer work. Prerequisites, Conditions, & Miscellaneous I will not work on a project that does not have version control and a remote repository,
  5. IcePets.com is looking for help. We have been working on some massive changes to the site recently. We are converting the layout from using strings built up in the code to use a proper templating engine (Twig V1). Technical Requirements: PHP 7 Eloquent Models VueJS jQuery (removing most of it - but it's still there) npm/yarn Composer - We use this to bring in the models Twig git You will be working directly with me (developer) and my team to convert not only the layout over to using Twig, but also lots (all) of the database queries fro
  6. Hey! I'm looking for a quote from a reliable programmer for a site/app that includes a mix of pet site and social media aspects. The coding completed I would need would be; A secure log-in and account creation A password reset A pet-site style inventory and trading system (for both items and "pets") A private messaging system Profiles that show a bio, an avatar, an achievements section, an option to send them a message or friend the user. The ability to search for users by their name. The ability to upload an avatar (100x100px) and edit a text
  7. Hi I am Boltgreywing and I am looking to work with someone who is designing a game project. I am proficient with C++ and Ruby on Rails languages but am looking to learn about game programming as well as design. I'd like to create a simple game in C++, Flash, or Java with someone that has more experience than me so I can learn how to develop games eventually on my own. I am looking for some volunteer work that I can fit around my schedule. Plus I'd like to gain some confidence in my own coding skills as it has been kind of lacking as of late.
  8. Hey folks! I am on the look out for a PHP Laravel developer and a Front end developer to join the Mythaura team. Mythaura is an upcoming virtual pet game where you can own and raise a wide variety of different mythological beasts such as Dragons, Griffins and Unicorns. You can breed them to create new hybrids, battle them, train them and customize them with hundreds of unique items. You can check out more about the game here on tumblr, our patreon and our live Beast Demo. PHP Laravel Programmer - Understanding of full stack PHP application development. - Proficient with the PHP
  9. Hello. I'm a Game Owner of an online avatar forum website. We'd like to expand our team in order to produce more progressive development source, and possibly help us attain a more "2017" feel. For a long time we tried to stay local to our staff team (as being natives to the website), but we really need dedicated applicants who are truly willing to help us move forward. These are long term positions. Requirements for Any: Must be 18 years of age or older. Must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Must use Discord as the main sourc
  10. Hey guys! I am looking for someone to code a wordpress theme for a one-page art portfolio. I will provide more details by message to those who are interested. This is a paid project. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am a current student studying computer programming and looking to go into video game design and programming. I have about eight years of experience working on a number of programming languages and was recently pointed toward this site as a place to market myself. Experience I am proficient in C, C++, C# and Lua having used those languages as my go to for any schooling and projects I have worked on. Programming logic and code flow are things I work very hard on and have a lot of experience working with and tinkering around with to the most perfect as I can get them. I am
  12. Hello everyone! I'm the head artist for RIME We are a prehistoric big cats simulation game in the works, still in extremely early development. Currently working on our pet art, we're hoping to have a functional demo up on our domain in the next couple months. That said, past basic html I'm still pretty in the dark, and so RIME's owners and myself decided to set our eyes on some programmers! I'm able to design page mock ups and the likes for exactly what we're looking for once we've settled on that. Right now we're sort of just dipping our toes in the water. This is an interactive sim
  13. Hi guys! I'm looking to hire a Game Maker programmer for a mobile game I am working on. Please post or PM me some examples of your GML code and any links you may have for Game Maker games you have worked on, as well as your rates and whether you charge per hour or per project. If you charge per hour, I would like to know if you would be able to estimate a price based on a detailed project document. Thanks! Nova EDIT: The budget is flexible, and more information on the project can be provided over PM. The general theme of the game is a dungeon clicker, where you click
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