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Digital art versus physical art.


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Most of my finished and view-able art is traditional because I started before the digital revolution (I'm a little bit aged, LOL).  I have a lot of digital works in progress that I just haven't finished yet, a lot of it being for my own browser based game that I've been developing (non-pet related).  I do need to make some finished art though for my website portfolio so I can prove that I can do digital art.

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It's typically referred to as "traditional" and not "physical" :)

I have to do both or I'll never be happy x'D I grew up drawing with a pencil and paper and came into digital art a bit after the initial boom. Least for places like Deviantart and online art communities. It took me a couple years to get the hang of digital, and now I'm just back and forth x'D

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I find myself drawing better traditionally because I'm still getting the hang of using my tablet but Fire Alpaca and SAI's stabilizers help a lot since my hand wiggles without it.

My career choice though is focused on Digital for interfaces and web designs, but sometimes sketches are required.  I still prefer to do sketches digitally since I don't need to worry about scanning or taking pictures of the sketches when done.

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I used to draw traditional only up until about 5 years ago, since then I've been strictly digital; though I do still have my pencils and things for whenever I want them. I mainly switched since digital appears to fare better in the online market, and I can finally color my pictures through the magic of layers. I used to never color my pictures because I was afraid of messing up the sketch lol.

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I do both. My styles are insanely different for each though. Typically I do badges and other small things in traditional, as I usually take them at a convention, and its easier to work with them right there. though, I *do* now own a phone with pressure sensitivity and a stylus. so I *could* take commissions digitally at a con. but the program I use doesnt allow me to do the type of shading I do on sai. 

this is my traditional vs digital::
and this is my art on my phone:
there's just so much variation between them all, that I'd have to take completely different commissions for each. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to the differences in mediums.

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I do mix it up on occasion.
I prefer doing my sketches and drawings on pen/pencil and paper, but for that nice crisp clean feel, I go with digital.
Traditional, because I feel a lot faster drawing things out and getting my ideas out.
Digital, just because it's cleaner.

But it's also no small secret that I have been dabbling in traditional/digital mixes.
It takes a while to work on, but I like the way it looks after.


Pure Traditional ----- Traditional+Digital Mix ----- Pure Digital

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Until 4 years ago I was strictly traditional since I didn't even know digital art existed ?

Then I found it out and now Imm just in love: digital art is more versatile and easier to work with. It's also usually what people want and you can really get money out of it.


i still love and do traditional every now and then; I don't think I'll ever leave it ??

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I actually regularly work in both. Majority of the work I do is digital, but there are some comics I work on that are just pen and paper. Sometimes I'll merge the two, like with comics, I may add in the word bubbles and text digitally to keep it looking clean since my penmanship isn't always the greatest. 

Recently I've been trying to delve back into some traditional works. For me, the better I can understand things on a traditional basis, the better I can replicate and make it even better digitally. 

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