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  1. No news so far, as far as I'm aware. Here's to hoping though.
  2. Ayyyy hey there Chevy! Long time no see. I got hope for the revival of Verpets.
  3. Pretty sure it wasn't intentional. But for now, it's just gone. Again.
  4. They really don't want this site to die, do they? Just keep it in its zombie state since 2018, huh? Have a bot just keep creating random accounts that make the site look like it's active and still visited by people? As Carl told me once, huh? As the dingus who didn't snap a screenshot of that particular convo before he straight up purged all of his convos/comms from everyone's inboxes on site, I ain't got proof but I'm putting this out there. There are no more admins on the site that actually care about Ver. The only (ex-)admin who was trying to get content out was powerless to do much about it. No one's able to buy of this site just because the site owner is literally uncontactable. Why is this site still up? What are you guys hoping to achieve?
  5. Well uh. You have the site owner, who's as good as missing since he's actually impossible to contact. The programmer, who is also our only admin now, who won't release stuff on the site, quoting that he isn't getting paid to do it. And he's the only one with ANY contact with the site owner. We HAVE some content for events we were supposed to release in the back. The assets are DONE. It's just sitting there. Only thing now is a miracle of someone somehow getting in contact with the owner, and offering him a serious offer on the site.
  6. I still use it. I'm fairly bad at picking the right colors for shading, so I heavily depend on the blending modes to work for me. Usual work is usually be using a mix of linear burn and multiply for shading. Then a mixed grab bag of overlay, screen, soft light and/or luminosity for highlights.
  7. I'd really suggest poking the admins at this point. Because as far as I know, Joe seems incredibly uninterested in selling the site. Ranging from asking a ludicrous amount for the site, or just ghosting everyone who texts or emails them. If Joe is somehow reading this: My dude? WYD?
  8. Still doing Art Fight this year: https://artfight.net/~jakdacrowe Here's more I've done so far!
  9. Doing Art Fight this year: https://artfight.net/~jakdacrowe So I'm just gonna post the ones I've done so far!
  10. ahahaha oh god this is awkward @Leaftrill @CynicalRaptor So uh, apparently Ver's email system hasn't been working for at least 8 months and they're not planning on fixing it. But- They CAN reset passwords for existing users.
  11. Sent a PM to one of the admins on the site for you guys, hopefully there'll be some kind of response. I'll let you guys know.
  12. From Singapore here. We're dealing with it alright, even if there's been a slight increase of cases in the recent days. Government warns us of becoming complacent with the situation. But we're still doing alright.
  13. Postin' various commissions I've done in the last few days. lol Sorry the somewhat massive post.
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