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duck_march_by_reviro-db7pj7s.pngDRAC'S ART CARTwandering_wood_duckling_by_reviro-db7pji

Hi, I'm Drac. I do art n'stuff. If you're interested, just drop me a line. Might be willing to do some separate pricing for bulk orders but I'm happy to do small projects as well!

Deviantart | Tumblr



$6 cellshade *bulk discount $4 each*


$10 painted *bulk discount $8 each*





Pet Bases/NPCs: $40+





Pet/Avatar Clothes $3+


I do npcs, backgrounds and other stuff too. Feel free to browse my other galleries and inquire about different stuff. Thanks for looking!



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@SingSong I can as long as the sketch is clear enough (but I'm cool with taking some artistic liberties as needed too). Prices are based on shading rather than 'style' so the harder shading is $20 but the shading on that lion is blended so it'd be $35. Something like this would be $25. Cellshading basically is just one hard shadow and a hard highlight rather than being more softly blended; it doesn't necessarily have to be cartooned in style though. Hope that makes sense!

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@dracula I hadn't seen this before! Your work looks great. Do you have more examples of horses perhaps? I could use another artist for Horse Reality from time to time who could draw a new horse breed. Would you be able to draw something similar to this style in greyscale? We colour them ourselves. 


The painted icons also look good. Might be interested in that too.

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It's been a while since I've done horses so I really don't have anything recent. Here's a wip from a couple years ago:


(Got to love his spaghetti legs!) And maybe something to show off some shading or whatever:



Anyway I think I could match the style. I'm assuming it's just a flattened grayscale rendering?



Thanks @Elm! I always have fun painting items ;3 The squid was especially great to do. Don't get to do weird things like that very often.





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