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Found 11 results

  1. This is going to be a bit of a rant, but if there's one common thing that pet sites do that I absolutely despise, it's when they ban any and all mentions of other pet sites on their forums. Chicken Smoothie, Lioden and Wolvden are some of the most active pet sites around, yet they believe in this frankly damaging idea that mentioning competition will drive their playerbase out of the game and to their competitor. That usually doesn't happen unless your game sucks or you know your game sucks enough if you think people will hoof it the moment they hear of any other game like it. The market for pet sites is becoming more and more scarce and I honestly think it's because adults and kids alike believe that only Flight Rising, Chicken Smoothie and Neopets are the only pet sites that exist, and it's no wonder why! You can't talk about any other site. I think this mentality should stop, but that's just me. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  2. So recently i've seen a lot of petsites that can use critiquing. So uhh does anyone here wanna critique a site but they still like it, yeah I guess its common but what I most likely hear is "ohhhh this site is the WORST, bad mods, bad eveeerything". So anyone with constructive criticism for some petsites? Dappervolk The grindddd.. everyone speaks about this. OKay so Dappervolk is lovely but repetitive quests, and you have to grind. Stat gates are torture. Okay so ways to improve that: *When asked to play a minigame make it only x1 *Stat gates should only go as high as 20 for each stat Eliyo Yes this is in beta, but that is why it needs constructive criticism! So in Eliyo you start out with 10 coins! But prices for lots of stuff is around 300 coins.. you can earn coins by battling but not as much as you should be getting for the high prices. Im not saying the game should be easy, but it should make people want to stick around. Then you also cant get attached to Elons because to get more pets you need more nest space, simple right? No, because nest space costs Elytes, 50 Elytes to be exact just to expand. Now its already hard to earn coins but now nest space? So you have to sell Elons to get a few new ones, you start out with 5 nest space. Its not enough for a growing player. Elytes are a purchased currency, but not enough players are around to circle Elytes for non-paying members. The only guaranteed way to make money is to sell Elons to an NPC for around 300-600 coins depending on lvl. And also then toys cost around 100-300 coins. And the toys you get in battle are barely interesting to the pet. This makes it hard. There is also a lack of male Elons. And so without being a paying member it hinders your gameplay experience, now yes paying members should get slight advantages and perks but.. it should not hinder the ability of a non-paying members gameplay. And also the tutorial is not super obvious, and without the tutorial you do not get any Elons or the breeding herb. And also even with a breeding herb that costs around 300 coins, your OWN Elons are not gaurenteed to breed. RRRR at least make it free to breed your own Elons. Okay ways to improve: *Start out with 100 coins *make it free to breed YOUR own Elons *reduce prices or get more coins *start out with 8 nest space (you do get 3 group space for fighting but its not really ideal for storing) Exabyss Exabyss is in its early stages, open beta or something like that. Add forums, just do it. Also make the bodies called body 1, body 2, and a non-binary body. Because currently its male & female bodies. Ways to fix this: *make bodies named body 1 & 2 & 3 (for non-binary) *addd forums, any way to communicate!! Thanks for listening to my constructive criticism!!
  3. Email Me: [email protected] Discord: Ibbit#8513 My Portfolio ___________________________________________________________________________________ (Updated 12/25/21) Hello there! I'm a commercial game artist and freelancer and I've been in the art game for about 15 years now. I currently work as a freelance artist for various commercial petsite + game companies when work is available, and occasionally work for private commissioners when I have the time. I'm currently looking for some single contract jobs or part-time work to fill my schedule and pay the bills. If you like my work enough, I'd also be open to more long-term project work down the road as well depending on the project ~ I'm an all-purpose kind of assets artist, so if you aren't sure if I can do something just ask and I'll likely be able to! Items/Object Icons Cartoon/Celshade or Semi-realism | Fullsize: 500x500px | Websize/Preview: 100x100px Buildings/Floors Assets Cartoon/Celshade or Semi-realism | Fullsize: 1200x1200px | Websize/Preview: Depends on Dimensions Wearable Avatar Items/Outfits Background/Illustrated Scene + Map Art Character/Creature Design If you have something else in mind, or don't see an example here that suits your needs/requirements - feel free to ask and I can provide more examples (or whip one up for you) no problem! I have a wide range of experience/style ability so feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] if you'd be interested in hiring me for project work. Thank you for reading! - Ibbit
  4. Lots of the pet sites that we have today stem from Neopets, either people started their "pet site career" there, or on a site inspired by what Neopets has done. Recently, I found two new projects that are being built (with Patreon supporters) which I find really interesting. They are rebuilding the Classic Neopets site. They are: Neopets Classic: https://neopetsclassic.com/ Modern Neopets: https://www.moderneopets.com/ I'm very curious though if Neopets would just shut them down because it's a direct copy of their old site. What do you think about these clones?
  5. What is Northern Call? Northern Call is a wolf sim site much like flightrising or Lioden. The site is currently being revamped completely and will be opening sometime this year. What makes Northern Call unique? All the wolves on the site are hand-colored. When a player signs up they are able to provide any 3 colors using a color picker for their Alpha. A lo of time and care go into designing all the wolves on the site, be it from a player's first wolves to all the explore wolves. What can you do on the site? When the site opens you'll be able to hunt, explore, enter your wolves into the weekly breeding raffle, go on quests for items, shop in the marketplace and interact with other players in the forums and private messaging system. We will also have site wide events during the course of the year. We're always open to more suggestions for thing to add to the site. Is there a development page I can follow? Yes, we have a DA page as well as discord server. The DA page is https://www.deviantart.com/northerncall and the Discord server is https://discordapp.com/invite/D56qfFm Is there anyway I can support of the site? Yes, we've recently opened a Patreon to help take some of the costs of the site. All money earned on the Patreon goes directly into the site. https://www.patreon.com/NorthernCall
  6. I'm so excited to post that we got a new Kickstarter launched! The staff and I have been working on this project for the last couple of months. Originally we were just going to do a site fundraiser, however, in the end we thought something more official might bring in new members and further grow our community. This also gives us a chance to bring back the KS rewards from our first Kickstarter, allowing users to get them who missed out before. Ultimately, we really believe that this is the best course of action for the site. These upgrades will make our future better and brighter! So please, head on over and check out the campaign, share it with your friends, and if you can, pledge to get amazing rewards! As always we love each and every member of our community! We look forward to undertaking this new journey with you all! PORTAL TO KICKSTARTER
  7. Welcome to Synodic! A mysterious sickness is spreading across the realm, and inhabitants are on high alert, as the cause remains unknown. Creatures are mutating at an unprecedented rate, sprouting astounding new adaptations and never before seen colors. The town calls for heroes to arise and discover the source of the madness. Join forces with an interwoven community to discover the true source of the scourge. Tame new beasts, battle hidden foes, and explore uncharted territory. As your journey progresses, you’ll realize every decision matters in the unfolding story of Synodic. With 9 faction options to choose from, players will be able to find one that best fits their play-style! Over 30+ customizable markings available at launch, 5+ mutations, and 4 Breeds, the combinations are endless! Each pet can have customized stats, which can help the player explore, battle, and quest! What is Synodic? Synodic is a web-browser fantasy role playing game which aims to entertain young adults. We want players to feel freedom in the way they navigate the game and create lasting friendships through an interwoven story focused on community and engaging character development. Our game is created by players, for players -meaning we are aiming to put the control back into the consumer’s hands. This team is focused on promising each event, item, creature, and consumable is crafted with the player’s enjoyment in mind. Choice has been something we feel has been lacking in currently available games - our aim is to hand it back. Through the integration of decision based story progression and complete transparency (i.e. no loot boxes), we hope to make an enjoyable and unique experience. Stay connected by following us on Twitter! Launch Time Frame We are a small team hoping to launch in the Spring of 2020. All species assets have been created, and web design is being tackled. We are moving into the programming phase! Synodic is aiming to have a crowd funding campaign towards the end of the year, details to come. For now, if you have an interest in joining the team or about possible opportunities, please email us at [email protected]
  8. Why hello! My name is Tori, but I also go by Small moose the little moose! I'm happy you're here! I've been around the petsite scene since I was nine years old, I started out on neopets and actually met my husband there! Petsites have always been a major part of my life just because of how gorgeous the art styles are and how nice and supportive the people are! I would like to now actively contribute to the sites that played a major role in my life! It's always been a dream of mine to be able to work full time on just doing art and working for petsites, and now that I've found this website I feel it might actually be a possibility. ? I don't have much of a portfolio right now, I'm working with the Atrocity petsite team to help them with art and to help beef up my small petsite portfolio! I'll be updating this page as I get more art to actually post, but for now you'll have to bare with me! What I'm looking for I'm currently looking for full time work! I need to make at least $1,500 a month for this to be possible. Or about $50ish a day. I would like to be hired on for a site and stay with that site, but I know that sort've budget on art per month can be taxing for a single site. So I am also looking to be hired on here and there for random projects! I am most comfortable with 2d celshaded style but I am working on a bunch of other styles as well. Examples of my work Pets/Battle Monsters Items Minipets Other (Commissons, personal, ect) Prices I suppose this is the part you need to know if you want to hire me on for stuff! I'm not entirely sure what the norm is for items and the like, but here we go! =Items (100x100) $3 each =Pets/Battle Monsters (300x300) $25 =Minipets (150x150) $10 =Everything else, hit me up and I'll tell you how much the project will be! Even if you don't need anything but you know someone that might need something done, let them know about me! I do anything and everything!
  9. DRAC'S ART CART Hi, I'm Drac. I do art n'stuff. If you're interested, just drop me a line. Might be willing to do some separate pricing for bulk orders but I'm happy to do small projects as well! Deviantart | Tumblr Items $6 cellshade *bulk discount $4 each* $10 painted *bulk discount $8 each* Pet Bases/NPCs: $40+ Pet/Avatar Clothes $3+ I do npcs, backgrounds and other stuff too. Feel free to browse my other galleries and inquire about different stuff. Thanks for looking!
  10. Happy Thursday! Enjoy these new otter pup minipets, craftable by all players crafting level 3 and above.
  11. I'm collaborating with someone on making a game. It's been in the making a long time so right now we're seeking someone to do some items in a similar style to these. (I know the style fluctuates a little.) Please pm or post with examples and rates, thank you! We are looking to have full psds. If that's something that affects the price, please state so in your post. I'm hoping to have someone found and starting on these by late next week.
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