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Artists, Do You Use Multiply Layers?


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SAI is my primary drawing program and PS Elements is my secondary, But when it comes to shading I tend to use the same techniques.
I use several layers for different reasons, First I start out with the base flat colors, then use darker tones of those flat colors on a different layer, then do a layer of lighter colors. Then I move onto using a black color but with the 'overlay' layer setting as my main shading. I'm told to never use black in shading, but for me it tends to look really nice when used under Overlay. From there I use another overlay layer for light, and mess around with other layers until it looks nice. Here's some examples of what the end results tend to look like under the cut!




I tend to never use the multiply option, but I'm not opposed to it either! I'm interested to see what they can do with it. 

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For me personally, it's a mixed bag. I tend to pick out the colors I want for shading and highlights, but I often do use multiply for pet site art, and sometimes to enhance the shading of multiple areas with one color. I like this technique sometimes, but it doesn't work on multiple items so well if there is a large difference in the values.

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I still use it. I'm fairly bad at picking the right colors for shading, so I heavily depend on the blending modes to work for me.

Usual work is usually be using a mix of linear burn and multiply for shading.
Then a mixed grab bag of overlay, screen, soft light and/or luminosity for highlights.

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