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Rain World (Story of a Slugcat)

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I've been playing a game called "Rain World" lately.

It's a game where you, a slugcat, journeys alone through a harsh and unforgiving environment.
And as basics: Be Cautious. Nope a LOT. Watch out for the Rain.

But without compressing it like nuts:
Rain World is a game where you play as a helpless slugcat.
Progressing through the game requires you to find Gates and unlock them by having the right Karma level.
Karma is raised by eating the minimum amount of "food points" (min of 4, max of 7) and Hibernating in Shelters.
There is a timer of rain. And when the rain hits, it is IMPOSSIBLE to escape it. Except by Hibernating in Shelters.



Currently I have two videos up on Hitbox.tv for my own gameplay of this... Terrifying game.
Industrial Complex (Area 2, 07/04/2017, 55mins) - http://www.hitbox.tv/video/1299537
- features a lot of deaths. a lot of crying. and death by rain at the end. (video is a tad laggy.)

Industrial Complex (Area 2, 08/04/2017, 35mins) - http://www.hitbox.tv/video/1299707
- features actual progression, and opening of the gate to the Shaded Citadel.


Has anyone else got this game and cried at how ridiculous it is?

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I haven't seen this game before but it has a very eerie feeling to it; It feels very similar to Inside. The art styles are totally different but the feeling of helplessness is so strong. If you haven't played Limbo or it's follow up, Inside, I totally suggest it!



Loved watching your play-through, thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try to get my hands on this game. That slugcat is too cute :love:

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I have both Limbo and Inside! And they are both excellent games!


Recently got to the Shoreline in Rain World, and finally realized that there IS a plot to the game. And oh god oh god everything is 20 times scarier



EDIT: I'm actually considering restarting because I feel like I have fucked up royally in one area.

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On 4/19/2017 at 3:52 AM, jakdacrowe said:


I'm crying right now :laugh:. I highly doubt I'd be able to play the game. I don't seem to have much stomach anymore for these kinds of nail-biters. But PLEASE keep the play-throughs going, I'd love to follow the adventure with you. 

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