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Seeking Canine Artist (Freelance/Recurring) (Paid)


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Hey all!

 I'm seeking a canine artist to produce shaded lines for me (ie. 'Templates')! Looking for someone experienced with canine anatomy - all art will be of real dog breeds. Initially looking to commission a couple of pieces as a trial, but would be looking for up to 42 total pieces over the next six months to a year. If you're interested I'd love to see examples of your portfolio and pricing structure! 

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I've done canines of all sorts over the years. Here are few examples that may suite whatever sort of style you may be looking for.

Thank you for the opportunity!

For examples of more completed pieces showing potential shading styles, please take a look at my gallery: https://www.deviantart.com/aminirus/gallery/61633960/personal-best-and-favorite-artworks

As to prices, this can vary depending on the detail level of the bases you'd be interested in and how many potential pieces a base could have. This can all be discussed privately if my style suites what you may be looking for in a base.
















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If you haven't found anyone yet, just thought I'd toss my work up for you and wish you luck! (I need to finish a few loose projects before I could take on anything large but if you're interested, my messages are always open.) I think these were around $50-60ish each??






Also wanted to say Aminirus  is SUPER with canines. Been watching their work on da for a minute.

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