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A Game to Link Together Petsites - Open Alpha


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Hi everyone!

My name is Nicole, and I was a frequent user on virtualpetlist.com a while ago.  Over the years I have worked on quite a few browser based games, mostly petsite, adoptable, and rpg related.  While many of them never left my desktop, I finally have a game online that I am exited about and I'd like to share.

Collectry.com is a browser based collecting game.

To those familliar with traditional petsites, it's kind of like a petsite without the pets?  Items are organized into series and are assigned a rarity.  You can purchase a random item from the series in a "blind bag" type manner, and the goal is collect them all!  A prominent feature of the site is trading and increasing your luck via gifting items.  Any user can upload a series of their own too!

In itself, I admit, it's not the most fun game to just spend hours playing - this is where the most exciting feature comes into play:  

Collectry.com is an OAuth2 resource and authentication server.  

This means that just like how you can login via social media on some sites, 3rd party sites will be able to let users "login"/link their collectry accounts to their own game.  Once the collectry user is identified, the 3rd party site can access all their applicable collectry data, such as which items they have, or what series are completed.  With just a quick check to the API, petsites and games can award items to users or unlock special features.

For example, if users complete an entire holiday themed series on Collectry, they could receive a special holiday item on the petsite.

Likewise, it can work the other way around.  When a user collects a particular item on the petsite, the site can communicate with collectry and reward the user with a special item.  The ability to directly purchase an item from a series can be turned off, so participating on the petsite could be the only way to get the item!

...and to take it even further, two petsites could even collaborate and interact!  An action on petsite 1 could result in an item, which is then sent to collectry, which petsite2 could access.  This could unlock a feature on petsite2!  So many possibilities!



So... I'm looking for people to play test the site, find bugs, and suggest improvements!  The site is live right now at Collectry.com, and is currently using public domain images for items.  No emails will be sent out, so just register and sign in!  Code was prioritized, so it's definitely not the most visually appealing site yet.  Some pages may seem a little confusing due to the lack of good UI design.  (sorry!)

All of the data on the site will be purged at some point in the future before the Beta release.  Possibly several times, so don't get too attached to your username or items or anything.

Feel free to upload your own series too!  Items need to be PNG images with transparent backgrounds.  I'm quite proud of the user interface to do so (although I am aware of a few minor bugs/usability issues).  Once submitted, I will need to personally review and approve it, so send me a message or email if I forget.


I'm also looking for in-development games that are interested in taking advantage of the OAuth2 server, preferably someone with access to a developer who is willing to work with me to get it setup/linked correctly.  I've tested it locally, but not with a real 3rd party site.


Thanks so much and I look forward to continuing to develop and refine this game!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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