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Found 21 results

  1. I've been thinking about this for a while now and can't pin point the best way to go. I wanted to ask if I'm heading in a good area or if I'm going the complete opposite direction or if there's another option I completely over looked. I needed a break from learning coding so I started working on a design/layout for my creature generator that I will be using for my future site. My first plan was to design it in PS or Adobe X D then program/code it into Unity. But that is where my question of "Does it work like this or is there another program to code it all in to post on the site? does the code from unity get transferred to the site or did I misunderstand the tutorial?" This generator was inspired by another site I've been apart of for many many years now. The generator in question will be setup for the players to pick/choose the genes, breed, gender and color of their creatures parents or the creatures starting two genes (this one is most likely what I'll be going with). There will be a roll/percent chance to get the color they wanted or a different shade of that color based on the parents. Let's call them starters as they do not have parents in their history once made. The starters can either have no genes at all, carry two but not show it or show one gene only. For each creature created a fee of in game currency will be charged to the player. I'm still in the designing area but if I'm designing it in the wrong program I would like to stop where I'm at and finish it or restart it in the correct program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Is there a way to add Equus Nation to the big list of sim games sticky? EquusNation.com
  3. ?Welcome all? about me: My name is Femke, I am an artist from Belgium. Here I show you what I can do, from gems to animals to fantasy creatures to other goodies to backgrounds even icons and banners. From pixel art to detailed painting and lined work even some realism. One day I plan on making a pet site for myself to, so I will be looking for coders as wel in the future. So if anyone ever plans out a new site I am also always willing to help build it from 0 This will get updated with more work as time goes on. my work: My price list and deals: places where I work at/ help: Atrocity owned by Ittermat contact me at: discord: blackjashin#1345 instagram: @blackjashin here: @blackjashin some more work of mine
  4. Thank you Silcoon for the game artwork and Loki for the graphics. Play now!
  5. Hi everyone! My name is Nicole, and I was a frequent user on virtualpetlist.com a while ago. Over the years I have worked on quite a few browser based games, mostly petsite, adoptable, and rpg related. While many of them never left my desktop, I finally have a game online that I am exited about and I'd like to share. Collectry.com is a browser based collecting game. To those familliar with traditional petsites, it's kind of like a petsite without the pets? Items are organized into series and are assigned a rarity. You can purchase a random item from the series in a "blind bag" type manner, and the goal is collect them all! A prominent feature of the site is trading and increasing your luck via gifting items. Any user can upload a series of their own too! In itself, I admit, it's not the most fun game to just spend hours playing - this is where the most exciting feature comes into play: Collectry.com is an OAuth2 resource and authentication server. This means that just like how you can login via social media on some sites, 3rd party sites will be able to let users "login"/link their collectry accounts to their own game. Once the collectry user is identified, the 3rd party site can access all their applicable collectry data, such as which items they have, or what series are completed. With just a quick check to the API, petsites and games can award items to users or unlock special features. For example, if users complete an entire holiday themed series on Collectry, they could receive a special holiday item on the petsite. Likewise, it can work the other way around. When a user collects a particular item on the petsite, the site can communicate with collectry and reward the user with a special item. The ability to directly purchase an item from a series can be turned off, so participating on the petsite could be the only way to get the item! ...and to take it even further, two petsites could even collaborate and interact! An action on petsite 1 could result in an item, which is then sent to collectry, which petsite2 could access. This could unlock a feature on petsite2! So many possibilities! ----- So... I'm looking for people to play test the site, find bugs, and suggest improvements! The site is live right now at Collectry.com, and is currently using public domain images for items. No emails will be sent out, so just register and sign in! Code was prioritized, so it's definitely not the most visually appealing site yet. Some pages may seem a little confusing due to the lack of good UI design. (sorry!) All of the data on the site will be purged at some point in the future before the Beta release. Possibly several times, so don't get too attached to your username or items or anything. Feel free to upload your own series too! Items need to be PNG images with transparent backgrounds. I'm quite proud of the user interface to do so (although I am aware of a few minor bugs/usability issues). Once submitted, I will need to personally review and approve it, so send me a message or email if I forget. I'm also looking for in-development games that are interested in taking advantage of the OAuth2 server, preferably someone with access to a developer who is willing to work with me to get it setup/linked correctly. I've tested it locally, but not with a real 3rd party site. Thanks so much and I look forward to continuing to develop and refine this game! I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  6. hey all I am an artist and I am open to help peo out in thier visuals for thier game. I am new to this but I wrk hard and pretty fast people have told me. so I will be posting art here to show what I have got. this will de random suff but if there is sommething you want to see let me know and I will show it off or create it. I make : avatars animals/creatures goods buildings backgrounds ... thanks for your time ps, most that can be posted here can be ideas for my own gae. rough ideas and art for a game I would love to make one day.
  7. I am looking to play somme fun games. its hard to find these games imo what am I NOT looking for: 3D games horse games egg clicking games.
  8. so was wondering. a fishing game? would it be worth it to make? i have like 20 sketches of fish, like packaged fish,fish with a mustache, jellyfish, flatfish and 10 items you can find like ring,tire,sock,fsh head...extra. would anyone be interested in a fishing game? and if so how big should i do them like 200x200 or 100x100?
  9. EDIT: SOLD Hello. I am the owner of leporidae.org and warrenz.net. I began working on a third site, eggadopt.com, but I'm not as interested in pursuing it. It features:- Adoptions- Hatching- Breeding- Dynamic image layering system- Database- Registration, login,forums, private messages, and other basic featuresYou can view the live demo at https://www.eggadopt.com Current Specs Running MySQL 5.7 PHP Version 7.1.26 Imagick compiled with ImageMagick version ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2017-03-22 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org Imagick using ImageMagick library version ImageMagick 6.7.2-7 2017-03-22 Q16 http://www.imagemagick.org Domain expires 6/12/19. Contact me if you're interest or have any questions.
  10. The game industry is escalating rapidly with an ever-growing amount of players. It has been predicted that by the end of 2018, there would be approximately 2.3 billion active gamers spread across the globe. Seeing how big the enthusiasm for games is all over the world, Melon Gaming Ltd. brings you MELON GAMING GAME DEV CONTEST; an international game development competition. We aim to gather game enthusiasts, developers, animators and producers from all parts of the world, and give them an opportunity to enhance their creativity and showcase their own games to the world. By joining this competition, the chosen participants with the best games will get the chance to publish their game through Facebook Messenger. On top of that, the winners of this competition will earn a total of $15.500 of prize money. Unlike other game developing competitions, this particular competition requires all of its participants to use MelonJS—a HTML5-based game engine created by Melon Gaming Ltd.—to develop their games and make them as interesting and original as possible. This competition will be fully held virtually, where the participants have to submit their works online. There will be 3 main winners and 5 favorite winners chosen by the judges. Each winner will get their own prize as follows : • First-Place Winner : $ 10,000 • Second-Place Winner : $ 2,000 • Third-Place Winner : $ 1,000 • Honorable Mentions (5) : @ $ 500 Additionally, we will be publishing each winner’s games on Facebook Messenger, and the winner gets to keep 50% of the revenue gathered from their games. For those of you who are interested to join Melon Gaming Game Dev Contest, you can go ahead and register yourself or your team, starting from September 15th 2018 until December 18th 2018. Meanwhile, the chosen winners will be announced on January 12th 2019. To register, go to Game Dev Contest and you will also find any additional information there.
  11. I recently lost my last programmer and am sadly looking to find someone else who may be interested in constructing a graphical chatsite similar to wolfing (https://wolfkodi.dyndns.org/wolfing/) or wolfhome (www.wolfhome.com). I am willing to pay for your work as well as share some of the profit of the site with you; it would be a long term gig and a source of some income. I'll be creating the artwork for the website. below I list some beginning features i would like to have constructed: a graphical chat site with basic chat functions (moderation and administration tools, scrollbar/log, ignore/block, friend, etc) simple profiles a variety of species for avatar sets; the ability to customize with a hex-color palette a map to access room locations and who's online function that lists the users online interactive objects in room (i.e. can hide behind a bush or sit behind a waterfall) a dual currency system; one based on real money and the other an in-game currency that can be earned some items i would like to eventually be able to add: ability to upload custom avatars with an administrator-ran review system to ensure no stolen artwork professions (alchemy, crafting, exploring) items that can be discovered, earned or crafted and applied to the default avatar pose sets an auction house to sell goods quests relying on completing tasks achievements and badges to display on profiles gifts to send and receive to be viewed on profiles If you're interested or would like to know more about this project, please contact me via e-mail ([email protected]) with examples and your pricing. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.
  12. Are multiple accounts allowed on your game? Not allowed? If so, why? If not, why? And what do you do to deal with them? I'm having a problem on my game. I would prefer if multiple accounts were allowed, but we need to be able to limit the number of animals each player has so the site doesn't break. Right now, players are allowed a set number of animals per account. We are getting a lot of people signing up multiple accounts, though. We are banning them accordingly, but the amount of work involved in banning people for this is ridiculous. Any suggestions? Or even if you don't have any advise for this, I'm interesting in hearing what everyone else thinks of the topic.
  13. My friend sent me this site that has a lot of good information about laws of good interface design. Super helpful for all sorts of web projects, not just for games. Enjoy! https://lawsofux.com/
  14. Lots of free programming eBooks available for all sorts of different programming languages on http://books.goalkicker.com/. Here's a few book titles to give you an idea of what they have: .
  15. DerpWolfie here! As we work on growing TGL, we are working on implementing a new feature to help highlight a game every month. I'm looking for January's feature game! If any @Game Owner would like to have an interview (preferably over Discord, might be able to work something else out if you don't have Discord) and be featured for January, please leave me a note here and I will message you privately to set up an interview! Also, for those who might be interested for February, please leave a note as well and I will get a hold of you later on this month to set things up. Please note, you have to have an interview in order to be featured.
  16. Hello, I am a current student studying computer programming and looking to go into video game design and programming. I have about eight years of experience working on a number of programming languages and was recently pointed toward this site as a place to market myself. Experience I am proficient in C, C++, C# and Lua having used those languages as my go to for any schooling and projects I have worked on. Programming logic and code flow are things I work very hard on and have a lot of experience working with and tinkering around with to the most perfect as I can get them. I am also familiar with Java and Python, though any project requiring those might be a little slower to work on as I would have to pick up the language a little bit as I go along, though it wouldn't be a problem. I am also more than happy to learn new languages for whatever project you work on. It tends to take me about 3-5 days of solid study to get comfortable with a new language's syntax and idiosyncrasies. Payment I would like to negotiate payment with each client based on their needs, length of project and all those other fun factors. If anyone is interested in a well rounded game designer I am also fairly well practiced at that, be it level design, combat balancing, economy testing or what have you. Though I don't do any of my own art, sadly that is not a skill I possess. My availability will be based around my school schedule, that said most of my work will probably get done on weekends and late evenings during the week. I can be contacted most easily at [email protected] Thanks!
  17. This is a simple HTML5 version of the classic game of pong. Play against the computer for as many levels as you can. The computer gets faster and more competitive the higher the level gets. The game can easily be customized to grow/shrink the paddles and the computer’s difficulty if you’re looking for a challenge after you’ve finished putting the tutorial together. You’ll need a current version of a browser (Chrome, Firefox) that supports HTML5 in order to complete this tutorial. Enjoy! Try the working version and Fork on Plunker Create the HTML File The beauty of html5 is that you can program it using javascript. This makes your html file small and super simple. All we need to do is create a canvas for the game and then include the javascript file: <html> <canvas id="battlePong"></canvas> < script type="text/javascript" src="battlePong.js"></script> </html> Create the Javascript File /** * File: BattlePong.js * Purpose: HTML5 pong game * Author: Design1Online.com, LLC <[email protected]> * Created: 6/7/2016 **/ //global game variables var game = { debug: true, canvas: null, canvasContext: null, frameRate: 1000, framesPerSecond: 30, fonts: { header: '30px Arial', regular: '15px Arial' }, colors: { net: 'gray', background: 'black', header: 'red', text: 'white' }, screens: { winner: false, startGame: true, levelUp: false, continue: false }, ball: { x: 50, y: 50, speedX: 10, speedY: 4, threshold: 35, radius: 10, color: 'blue' }, level: 1, pointsPerLevel: 3, player: { score: 0, lives: 5, paddle: { y: 250, thickness: 10, height: 100, color: 'green' } }, computer: { score: 0, paddle: { y: 250, thickness: 10, height: 100, speed: 6, color: 'red' } } }; /** * Start the game when the window loads **/ window.onload = function() { //init the canvas game.canvas = document.getElementById('battlePong'); //adjust canvas to window size game.canvas.width = window.innerWidth - game.computer.paddle.thickness; game.canvas.height = window.innerHeight; //create the context game.canvasContext = game.canvas.getContext('2d'); //add event listeners game.canvas.addEventListener('mousedown', mouseClickHandler); game.canvas.addEventListener('mousemove', mouseMoveHandler); //start buffering the screen setInterval(function() { buffer(); }, game.frameRate / game.framesPerSecond); }; /** * Figure out the player's mouse position **/ function mouseMoveHandler(e) { var mousePos = mousePosition(e); game.player.paddle.y = mousePos.y - (game.player.paddle.height / 2); } /** * Return the x,y coordinates of the mouse in * relation to the screen **/ function mousePosition(e) { var rect = game.canvas.getBoundingClientRect(); var root = document.documentElement; return { x: e.clientX - rect.left - root.scrollLeft, y: e.clientY - rect.top - root.scrollTop }; } /** * Handle mouse clicks **/ function mouseClickHandler(e) { if (game.debug) { console.log('mouseClickHandler()'); } if (game.screens.startGame) { if (game.debug) { console.log('Removing start screen'); } game.screens.startGame = false; } else if (game.screens.continue) { if (game.debug) { console.log('Removing start screen'); } game.screens.continue = false; } else if (game.screens.levelUp) { if (game.debug) { console.log('Removing level up screen'); } game.screens.levelUp = false; } else if (game.screens.winner) { resetGame(); if (game.debug) { console.log('Removing winner screen, showing start screen'); } game.player.score = 0; game.computer.score = 0; game.screens.winner = false; game.screens.startGame = true; } } /** * Start the game **/ function startGame() { if (game.debug) { console.log('Starting game...'); } if (game.player.lives <= 0) { game.screens.winner = true; } game.ball.speedX = -game.ball.speedX; game.ball.x = game.canvas.width / 2; game.ball.y = game.canvas.height / 2; } /** * Move the ball and the computer mouse paddle **/ function move() { var deltaY = 0; //move computer paddle var center = game.computer.paddle.y + (game.computer.paddle.height / 2); if (center < game.ball.y - game.ball.threshold) { game.computer.paddle.y = game.computer.paddle.y + game.computer.paddle.speed; } else if (center > game.ball.y + game.ball.threshold) { game.computer.paddle.y = game.computer.paddle.y - game.computer.paddle.speed; } //move ball game.ball.x = game.ball.x + game.ball.speedX; game.ball.y = game.ball.y + game.ball.speedY; //check for paddle collisions hitCollision(); if (game.ball.y < 0) { if (game.debug) { console.log('Inverting ball Y speed 1'); } game.ball.speedY = -game.ball.speedY; } if (game.ball.y > game.canvas.height) { if (game.debug) { console.log('Inverting ball Y speed 2'); } game.ball.speedY = -game.ball.speedY; } } /** * Check for ball/paddle collisions **/ function hitCollision() { //player paddle check if (game.ball.x <= 0) { if (game.debug) { console.log('player paddle collision check'); console.log('ball', game.ball); console.log('player paddle', game.player.paddle); console.log( 'hit or miss', game.ball.y > game.player.paddle.y, game.ball.y < (game.player.paddle.y + game.player.paddle.height + game.ball.radius) ); } if (game.ball.y > (game.player.paddle.y) && game.ball.y < (game.player.paddle.y + game.player.paddle.height + game.ball.radius) ) { game.ball.speedX = -game.ball.speedX; deltaY = game.ball.y - (game.player.paddle.y + game.player.paddle.height / 2); game.ball.speedY = deltaY * 0.35; } else { game.computer.score++; game.player.lives--; game.screens.continue = true; startGame(); } } //computer paddle check if (game.ball.x >= game.canvas.width) { if (game.debug) { console.log('player paddle collision check'); console.log('ball', game.ball); console.log('player paddle', game.computer.paddle); console.log( 'hit or miss', game.ball.y > game.computer.paddle.y, game.ball.y < (game.computer.paddle.y + game.computer.paddle.height + game.ball.height) ); } if (game.ball.y > (game.computer.paddle.y) && game.ball.y < (game.computer.paddle.y + game.computer.paddle.height + game.ball.radius) ) { game.ball.speedX = -game.ball.speedX; deltaY = game.ball.y - (game.computer.paddle.y + game.computer.paddle.height / 2); game.ball.speedY = deltaY * 0.35; } else { game.player.score++; //increase score //level up if (game.player.score > 0 && game.player.score % game.pointsPerLevel === 0) { game.player.lives++; //get another life game.level++; //level up game.computer.paddle.speed += 1.3; //increase computer paddle speed game.screens.levelUp = true; } else { game.screens.continue = true; } startGame(); } } } /** * Draw the game board **/ function drawBoard() { //draw the net for (var i = 0; i < game.canvas.height; i += 10) { drawRectangle(game.canvas.width / 2 - 1, i, 2, 1, game.colors.net); } //draw the score text var offset = 100; //set the header text var header = "BattlePong!"; game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.header; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.header; game.canvasContext.fillText(header, offset, 30); //set the colors and font style game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.net; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.regular; //set the score text var score = "Score: " + game.player.score; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.text; var scoreSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(score); game.canvasContext.fillText(score, offset + 5, 50); //set the lives text var lives = "Lives: " + game.player.lives; var livesSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(lives); game.canvasContext.fillText(lives, offset + scoreSize.width + 25, 50); //set the copyright text var copyright = "Games by design1online.com, LLC"; var copyrightSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(copyright); game.canvasContext.fillText(copyright, game.canvas.width - copyrightSize.width - offset/4, game.canvas.height - offset/4); //player paddle drawRectangle( 0, game.player.paddle.y, game.player.paddle.thickness, game.player.paddle.height, game.player.paddle.color ); //computer paddle drawRectangle( game.canvas.width - game.computer.paddle.thickness, game.computer.paddle.y, game.computer.paddle.thickness, game.computer.paddle.height, game.computer.paddle.color ); //ball drawBall(game.ball.x, game.ball.y, game.ball.radius, game.ball.color); } /** * Draw the ball **/ function drawBall(centerX, centerY, radius, color) { game.canvasContext.fillStyle = color; game.canvasContext.beginPath(); game.canvasContext.arc(centerX, centerY, radius, 0, Math.PI * 2, true); game.canvasContext.fill(); } /** * Draw paddle **/ function drawRectangle(leftX, topY, width, height, color) { game.canvasContext.fillStyle = color; game.canvasContext.fillRect(leftX, topY, width, height); } /** * Reset for a new game **/ function resetGame() { if (game.debug) { console.log('Resetting game...'); } game.level = 1; game.computer.paddle.speed = 6; game.player.score = 0; game.computer.score = 0; game.player.lives = 5; } /** * Draw the winner screen **/ function screenWinner() { var center = game.canvas.width / 2; var height = game.canvas.height / 2; var header = "Game Over!"; var score = "Score: " + game.player.score; //set the header text game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.header; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.header; var headerSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(header); game.canvasContext.fillText(header, center - headerSize.width/2, height); //set the score text game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.text; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.regular; var scoreSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(score); game.canvasContext.fillText(score, center - scoreSize.width/2, height + 25); } /** * Draw the continue screen **/ function screenContinue() { var center = game.canvas.width / 2; var height = game.canvas.height / 2; //set the header text var header = "Missed Ball!"; game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.header; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.header; var headerSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(header); game.canvasContext.fillText(header, center - headerSize.width/2, height); //set the info text var info = "Click anywhere to start the next ball"; game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.text; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.regular; var infoSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(info); game.canvasContext.fillText(info, center - infoSize.width/2, height + 25); } /** * Draw the level up screen **/ function screenLevelUp() { var center = game.canvas.width / 2; var height = game.canvas.height / 2; //set header var header = "Level " + game.level; game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.header; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.header; var headerSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(header); game.canvasContext.fillText(header, center - headerSize.width/2, height); //set the regular text color and font game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.text; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.regular; //set the level text var info = "Click anywhere to start the next ball"; var infoSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(info); game.canvasContext.fillText(info, center - infoSize.width/2, height + 25); } /** * Draw the start screen **/ function screenStartGame() { var center = game.canvas.width / 2; var height = game.canvas.height / 2; //set the header text var header = "BattlePong!"; game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.header; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.header; var headerSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(header); game.canvasContext.fillText(header, center - headerSize.width/2, height); //set the info text var info = "Click anywhere to start playing"; game.canvasContext.fillStyle = game.colors.text; game.canvasContext.font = game.fonts.regular; var infoSize = game.canvasContext.measureText(info); game.canvasContext.fillText(info, center - infoSize.width/2, height + 25); } /** * Buffer the screen **/ function buffer() { //black out the screen drawRectangle(0, 0, game.canvas.width, game.canvas.height, game.colors.background); //draw one if the screens if they're active if (game.screens.winner) { screenWinner(); return; } else if (game.screens.continue) { screenContinue(); return; } else if (game.screens.levelUp) { screenLevelUp(); return; } else if (game.screens.startGame) { screenStartGame(); return; } //playing the game move(); drawBoard(); } Test Your File Open your html file in a browser. Make sure that your javascript file is located in the same place. Voila! Now you can tweak and refine it to your hearts content.
  18. If anyone takes this idea, let me know! I don't mind. You don't have to give me any info other than that you're doing this. I want to avoid wasting time building it if someone else is going to do the same thing. I have an idea for a game that is based around the players being able to create their own species of creatures and breed them. The game would be developed around the interests of artists and others who enjoy adoptables/virtual pets/animal SIMs. It would not require you to be an artist or ever use the creation feature—it would have other features for gameplay, and there would be plenty of new creatures being created by players for everyone to enjoy, so creation would be more of a foundation for the game than a central gameplay mechanic. Is this original enough? I know Aywas has some similar stuff with players creating new colors, so I'm not sure if this idea is orginal enough to do. It would be more species-creation oriented, though. A creator can make a new species, and allow or disallow others to create new colors for it. Also the breeding would automated (no staff involvement). I would love to see lots of different styles flourish, so the artwork would not be as consistent, but we would have some kind of quality control. Copyrighted content? Not sure how this would be handled. It might get weird if people uploaded pictures of Donald Trump or Pikachu, so we'd have to have some requirements here. You can only upload creatures that you own the copyrights to (or have expressed written permission from the copyright holder/artist who made it). We could have it so the game only gets a license to use the creature (explained in a legal agreement before uploading), so artists retain their copyrights. The creator could remove their species at any time. However, it would not be removed from players who already have the creature. It just wouldn't be distributed anymore (aside from breeding if players already have them). Not just anyone can sign up and create... Of course, we don't want just anyone creating creatures off the bat. Payers would have to progress to a certain point in the game where they gain access to the area where they can create creatures, then they need to have certain items to use the feature. This would be part of the quality control and lore. Creating Creators could upload their layers. There'd be a set maximum of layers per creature, maybe 10. Each layer would have its own settings such as the ability to change color. Colors could be set with hex values or genetics (see genetics/breeding). Maybe creators could choose whether or not there are male/female differences, baby stages , eggs, etc. (maybe these are things for later down the line) You could decide what preset colors/genetics they come in (we'd have preset genetics for basic colors like yellow, green, brown, white etc.). And of course when you create a creature, you get to decide name and a bunch of other settings. You could decide how/if you want to release it to the pubic, allow or disallow other creators to add new colors, allow or disallow breeding, etc. Genetics/Breeding Each species would have a genotype with a set number of genes. Creators could add new alleles to the genes and set their properties (such as being recessive, dominant co-dominant, and how that allele will interact with layers). This could get complicated, so if you're not into genetics stuff, there would be simple preset genetics/colors to work with. So this is all just really basic ideas. I would love to hear any feedback, and whether this would be of any interest.
  19. A question which has been brimming on the minds of almost any gamer for the last four years is 'WHEN will we see the next episode of The Elder Scrolls?!?!?!'. Bethesda have been very shady on such information, however have made it clear we aren't likely to see this high-demand game for another few years at least. They are currently working on two other projects, both of which are larger than Skyrim or Fallout ever have been, and these will take priority before TES VI is even put into development. It's safe to say, however, that with Skyrim being one of the most successful games of all time and both Skyrim and Oblivion winning so many awards each, the likelihood of Bethesda not making the next episode at all is very very slim. Why not throw some rumours you've heard around down below, or maybe talk about your favourite moments from the previous TES. Mine probably has to be riding Shadowmere up mountains and then shouting him straight back down again... that horse was indestructible!
  20. Matt Thompson is the creator of a Steam game called "In the Dark" that has just been Greenlit! (Check out the game here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912663128) 1. Can you tell us a little bit about the game? The most basic premise of this game is a horror story told from the point of view of a blind character. The main character, who's real name is never revealed, wakes up at the beginning of the game after having suffered from a severe concussion, destroying his sight, as well as muddling his memories. Meanwhile, a young girl by the name Ester helps to lead him through the world, avoiding monsters and horrid set on killing the player. The game's plot deals with themes or perception versus reality, guilt and forgiveness, and percussion. The game play has been described by a few as link to the past style game play with a horror feel. The game forces you to discover the map by "feeling" around a blank map, revealing objects as you come across them. A few objects are revealed by their sounds, while others are revealed by Ester pointing them out. Using the information, the player must piece together enough of the map to survive. 2. Your game got successfully funded on Kickstarter. Are there any suggestions you can give for a successful Kickstarter? The vast majority of backers were people I personally contacted, friends and family who wanted to help me succeed. It actually wasn't until my Kickstarter made its goal that I saw a significant number of people I didn't know contribute. However, "have nice friends who are willing to give you money" is not something that is easily changed in time for a Kickstarter run, so make sure you are contacting and networking long in advance. 3. How long did you work on the game? This game was first conceived 4 years ago, when I first learned the basics of game design. Unfortunately I did not have the skill set at the time to finish the game, so it went in the wayside for a few years until last Fall, when I went back to working on it full force. I have been working on it ever since, with people coming in and out to help as needed. 4. How big was your team? Our team has been entirely comprised of freelancers or one-time contractors. At its smallest, the team was just myself in my room for several weeks. At the busiest point, I had 5 other people working on different aspects of the game at a time. 5. What was your role in the project? I have been acting as head of development, which for a large part meant I was doing everything, from programming, to composing music, to writing the script, to marketing and advertising. Some of the roles I have given to others, mostly art, voice acting, and marketing related fields where I do not have any training or experience. Everything else has been my work. 6. If you could go back and give yourself advice on creating this game, what would it be? The biggest advice I would give myself I'm not sure if I should be saying on here, because it involves financial planning mistakes I made fairly early on. I will say, for those wanting to start at a game, make sure you have everything planned out, and know everyone you are expecting to work with 7. When is your game going to be released? Our game is expecting to be released July 31st of this year. Check out the game below: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912663128 Blog: https://inthedark.blog/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InTheDarkTheGame
  21. Hey guys! I have been working on a mobile game for a little while and am finally getting some programming done. This is the mock-up preview for it so far: In a few weeks I'd love to have your help with testing the first rough! EDIT: Also, any critiques/suggestions about the art and placement of objects would be very much appreciated
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