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Melon Gaming Game Dev Contest


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The game industry is escalating rapidly with an ever-growing amount of players. 

It has been predicted that by the end of 2018, there would be approximately 2.3 billion active gamers spread across the globe.

Seeing how big the enthusiasm for games is all over the world, Melon Gaming Ltd. brings you MELON GAMING GAME DEV CONTEST; an international game development competition. 

We aim to gather game enthusiasts, developers, animators and producers from all parts of the world, and give them an opportunity to enhance their creativity and showcase their own games to the world. 

By joining this competition, the chosen participants with the best games will get the chance to publish their game through Facebook Messenger. On top of that, the winners of this competition will earn a total of $15.500 of prize money.

Unlike other game developing competitions, this particular competition requires all of its participants to use MelonJS—a HTML5-based game engine created by Melon Gaming Ltd.—to develop their games and make them as interesting and original as possible. This competition will be fully held virtually, where the participants have to submit their works online.

There will be 3 main winners and 5 favorite winners chosen by the judges. Each winner will get their own prize as follows :
•    First-Place Winner           : $ 10,000
•    Second-Place Winner      : $ 2,000
•    Third-Place Winner          : $ 1,000
•    Honorable Mentions (5)  : @ $ 500

Additionally, we will be publishing each winner’s games on Facebook Messenger, and the winner gets to keep 50% of the revenue gathered from their games.

For those of you who are interested to join Melon Gaming Game Dev Contest, you can go ahead and register yourself or your team, starting from September 15th 2018 until December 18th 2018. Meanwhile, the chosen winners will be announced on January 12th 2019.

To register, go to Game Dev Contest and you will also find any additional information there.

Melon Gaming Game Dev.jpg

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You'll be taking 50% of the games revenue? And looks like you gain rights to games submitted but not used too? At least it specifically says you retain rights to submit to facebook. Do those creators also get 50% proceeds or does it all go to MelonJS?

Sounds more like a way to make MelonJS money unless I am missing something. Sure if you win you'll get a chunk in exchange, but MelonJS gets the rights to many high quality games for less than 20k if a lot of people compete.

Could be a fun competition if non winning submissions didn't lose anything, but with that clause, cant see how it'd be worth my time. If the game is that good, will likely get plenty of money outside of the contest anyway.

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This seems like a horribly bad idea for the developer.  They put in all the work and money to develop a game, which they have to do with a specific game engine, and then at the end they have a CHANCE to win some money but have to give half the profits from the game to the contest promoter - which if it is any kind of a good game has a good chance to earn well over the prize money amount in its lifetime.  I am not seeing any upside for developers here at all.

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