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Aethria invite codes!


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Aethria is now open for free accounts!  We do require that you use a registration code at this time, in order to keep the numbers of new users to a reasonable amount per day so we can evaluate the site stability.  Codes are free!  If you encounter anyone trying to sell or trade a code, please let us know so we can deal with that!  If you'd like a code, please hop over to our discord server!   I will hand out some codes each day.  The site is in active alpha testing and still has some glitches and bugs, so be aware of that before joining!



The site is pretty advanced for a game in alpha testing and has a lot of activities to do.  The game is free to play but you can buy perks with premium currency. 

There are three Lands available within the world of Aethria: Khimeros Caldera, Aluriya and Calligra, with a new land, Merb'y Island, in the works.




Each land has a different type of "pet" (we call them companions), different items to collect and different activities.



So if you'd like to participate in alpha testing, head to the discord server!  We'll only be allowing a certain number of new users per day, so you may have to be patient if there are those ahead of you.





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