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Aethria is Opening Soon!!


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It has been a long time coming, but Aethria is nearly ready to open for Alpha release!



What is Aethria?

Aethria is a virtual world with several distinct lands with different types of pets, items and game play.  The site will open with three active lands, Khimeros Caldera, Aluriya and Calligra.

What kind of pets are available?

Each land has its own activities and pets. 

Khimeros Caldera features "Khims", which are available in both collectable and unique colors.  Khims are available for a limited time before they rotate out.  Site members can find khim totem stones via foraging, playing the dice game, questing, etc., which can be redeemed for points toward purchasing "collectable" and "unique" khims.  Unique khims are hand colored, with no two exactly alike!   Unique khims can also be purchased through the cash shop.  The khim breed available during alpha release is the Lambkin!



Aluriya features "aethers", which are custom pets available to create via the custom demo.  Members can also create second generation "doppels" of their customs to sell, and these doppels can also be fused together to create new pets!  A single breed of Aether can have several different bases.  Aethers can be general release or limited edition.  The first available aether is the Kaze, which will be available in two different bases during Alpha release!



Calligra features "inklings", which are grown using stone eggs scribed with magical dragon quills and mystical ink.  Gather the items and bring them to Aysha and she will craft a growable egg for you!  Care for your eggs to make them grow, and when mature, you can either keep the resulting offspring, or allow it to germinate into a new egg or eggs that you can grow again to work toward different color combinations.  Colors will continue to morph for as many generations as you grow your eggs!  The first Inkling available during Alpha release is the Swift!



I'll be posting more updates as we count down to Alpha release!  For more information you can find us on:

Discord Facebook Tumblr Instagram


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