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Found 6 results

  1. **As a head's up, while this thread has been recently revived, it's an old thread and the site is actually open now, though we aren't releasing new items at the moment while we work on figuring out some post-early-beta programming tweaks** I am VERY PLEASED to be able to make this post regarding Aethria, as until recently we were at a stand-still due to lack of a competent and reliable programmer. As a recap, for those who may have previously been following development of my Inkborne/Seraphel sites, who may have been members of Aluriya in the past, or whose hopes of a revival of Teripets were dashed when we encountered so many difficulties in reviving the site - Instead of developing all these ideas into separate sites, we decided to create a single virtual world with different lands within, each forming a sort of mini-petsite with different activities, different pets and different ways to obtain those pets. Items obtained in all areas however, can be used across the entire site! There is so much to tell you about Aethria that I don't even know where to start! But I guess the best place is to share news regarding where we actually are now with development. The basic site framework is up! Previous members of Aluriya will recognize some features of the layout, as the world of Aethria is Aluriya's home world You can view the front page here, though registration is not open. www.aethria.com - We have most of the basic functionality working, including forums, private messaging, user inventories, news, help desk, banking and currency system, item creation, friends' list and similar site functions. - We have different methods of pet creation in each different land, and thus far have worked through: -----the "growables" system is functional up to the point of actually having added the first growable base and growable "seed" item via the admin panel, and are ready to actually start testing the system, which is essentially in place, but will require some tweaking to bring it in-line with aethria game play. The growables system will be used to obtain pets in the land of Calligra (Inkborne). -----the "custom demo" system is also functional to the point where we are able to load up the bases and markings into a working pet demo, and will soon be at the point of testing actual pet creation. - Item creation is fully functional and we have already loaded about 150 items to the site with more being added every day. - Main map and essential locations for the land of Aluriya are in place. Regarding Art Assets We already have a huge amount of art in the process of being uploaded to the site! We have enough pet bases with markings and enough items to put us well on the way into our first opening months without having to scramble. We also have packages of Limited Edition pre-opening items ready to go, and a Limited Edition alpha tester pet base for Calligra! However, pets previously featured on Aluriya still need to have their shading re-created to match Aethria style. What's the Plan, Stan? The current plan is to open the site when all basic functionality is in place and with a minimum of two Lands open and ready to use - Aluriya and Calligra (Inkborne). Once the site is open we have plans to add new lands for Seraphel and a mini-Khimeros Land. We are also strongly considering a Teripets-land if there is interest for such, using the same pet and site concepts but with all pets redrawn to avoid the kind of conflicts with former site artists that we previously encountered. We hope this news is as exciting for you as it is for us! If so, please follow our thread in Game Development as we'll be posting most of our updates there, though we may post some milestone news in the News section as well. We also encourage you to like and follow us on Facebook as we will post some exclusive content sneak peeks there
  2. NOTE: There will be free accounts available once alpha release phase is complete. Account sales are set to open at 6 PM ATLANTIC time, Saturday, August 11.CHECK OUT THE SITE PREVIEW VIDEOS ON YoutubePlease note we are NOT opening the site at this time, we are opening sales of accounts so that we can start getting the information loaded into the database to prepare for opening, which will happen some time this month.The only reason you need to be around/purchase your account immediately at 6 PM, is if you are purchasing a deluxe or deluxe+ package and want a specific account number and don't want another person to claim it first, if you are purchasing ANY account level and want to be sure that you claim your chosen username, or if you are purchasing a basic account and want to be sure you get the lowest remaining unclaimed account number possible. Account sales will continue for some time, until we prepare for beta release.In order to participate, you will need to join the Discord server. You can find the Discord server here. You don't need to participate in discussion on the server, but you'll need to be able to post your information there on the designated channel if purchasing a package. You must send in your payment via paypal to khimeros@gmail.com clearly marked as a payment for an aethria account package, BEFORE you post post your desired username and ID on the appropriate Discord channel! You don't have to wait until 6 PM to make your payment, you can do so any time from now onward. However, any account and ID information post timestamped as BEFORE 6 PM Atlantic time on the Discord server will NOT count and you'll have to re-post!NOTE: We WILL be giving out bonus beads for outside US users to compensate for exchange rate, but you'll have to wait till the site opens to receive them."Forever Upgrades" WILL be available separately at a later date, but will cost more than they do when you buy them bundled into the Deluxe+ package.PACKAGES**The specific backdrop versions and Alpha growable tablets (tiger, wildcat and ink owl) will only ever be available by purchasing these account packages. They will never be made available again.**Note: you may grow your limited edition Alpha tablets or sell them, however any growable tablets GENERATED from the original are account-bound like all user-generated tablets. Grown Alphas ARE sellable to other users, however.)Basic Account Package $15: You will receive an official alpha account of the lowest remaining user ID that is available after Deluxe and Deluxe+ account holders have chosen their user IDs. You will be awarded a bronze Alpha trophy for your profile. You will receive a Big Sky Backdrop - Twilite and a "Soaring Alpha - Tiger" growable tablet. Deluxe Account Package $50: You will receive an official alpha account, and may choose the account ID you desire, as long as another user has not claimed the ID. ID selection is first come, first served. You will be awarded a silver Alpha trophy for your profile. You will receive a Big Sky Backdrop - Twilite , a Big Sky Backdrop - Dawn, a "Soaring Alpha - Tiger" growable tablet, and a "Soaring Alpha - Wildcat" growable tablet.Deluxe+ Account Package $100: You will receive a Forever Upgrade to your account. You will receive an official alpha account, and may choose the account ID you desire, as long as another user has not claimed the ID first. ID selection is first come, first served. You will be awarded a gold Alpha trophy for your profile. You will receive a Big Sky Backdrop - Twilite , a Big Sky Backdrop - Dawn, a Big Sky Backdrop - Summer, a "Soaring Alpha - Tiger" growable tablet, a "Soaring Alpha - Wildcat" growable tablet, and a "Soaring Alpha - Ink Owl" Tablet.You may purchase additional packages to get additional items, however you cannot hang on to more than one account. So you can purchase an additional package and give the account to a friend, or you can purchase an additional package and discard the account but keep the items, but you cannot purchase two accounts and hang on to the additional account to sell later. Anyone caught doing this may be banned from the site... please don't risk it. There will be a one month grace period beginning the day we allow alpha users on site, for you to sell any extra accountsAccounts and items ARE tradeable for other site currency ONLY where the other site also allows such. Anyone is free to purchase packages and sell the account or items at a later date, including other site owners, for site currency only. USD or other "real currency" sales are not allowed.
  3. This is a heads up that my new site, Aethria, will be opening some time this month! Pre-opening account sales are tentatively set for Saturday, 11 August. There will be more information and demo videos of the site, but I wanted to just get the word out there. If you are interested in participating or think you might be and want more info, please get yourself set up on our Discord, as that is where you will need to post to claim your account number when the time comes. You can use this link
  4. It has been a long time coming, but Aethria is nearly ready to open for Alpha release! What is Aethria? Aethria is a virtual world with several distinct lands with different types of pets, items and game play. The site will open with three active lands, Khimeros Caldera, Aluriya and Calligra. What kind of pets are available? Each land has its own activities and pets. Khimeros Caldera features "Khims", which are available in both collectable and unique colors. Khims are available for a limited time before they rotate out. Site members can find khim totem stones via foraging, playing the dice game, questing, etc., which can be redeemed for points toward purchasing "collectable" and "unique" khims. Unique khims are hand colored, with no two exactly alike! Unique khims can also be purchased through the cash shop. The khim breed available during alpha release is the Lambkin! Aluriya features "aethers", which are custom pets available to create via the custom demo. Members can also create second generation "doppels" of their customs to sell, and these doppels can also be fused together to create new pets! A single breed of Aether can have several different bases. Aethers can be general release or limited edition. The first available aether is the Kaze, which will be available in two different bases during Alpha release! Calligra features "inklings", which are grown using stone eggs scribed with magical dragon quills and mystical ink. Gather the items and bring them to Aysha and she will craft a growable egg for you! Care for your eggs to make them grow, and when mature, you can either keep the resulting offspring, or allow it to germinate into a new egg or eggs that you can grow again to work toward different color combinations. Colors will continue to morph for as many generations as you grow your eggs! The first Inkling available during Alpha release is the Swift! I'll be posting more updates as we count down to Alpha release! For more information you can find us on: Discord Facebook Tumblr Instagram
  5. Our programmer is back at work finishing up the last few programming tasks for Aethria, so we should be able to launch soon, though we don't have an exact opening date yet! We will be offering choose-your-own-account ID packages, standard alpha account packages, and pre-opening merchandise as soon as we feel comfortable that we have a reliable date for alpha release. While we will certainly continue to add features during the life of the site, Aethria will be a full-featured site upon opening, with several activities already available. For more details on each of Aethria's three lands that will be available when Alpha release begins, please check out the Features tab of our entry in the Game Directory in the upcoming days, or check out the information posted on our Discord server! Why purchase an alpha account, why shouldn't I just wait for free accounts to become available, you may ask? You are certainly welcome to wait for free accounts to become available during beta release! Alpha accounts are meant for those who are anxious to get a head start, enjoy alpha testing new sites, and/or want to get their hands on the goodies that come attached to the alpha account packages. More information on exactly what will be available, as well as price points, will be coming soon! For now, enjoy a few teasers for pre-opening goodies!
  6. Important Aethria news - if you have followed our facebook page, please follow our new page: https://www.facebook.com/Aethria-100974820568190/ I had to restore my computer and then change my facebook pw and apparently to facebook this means I'm an imposter, and they kicked me out of the account associated with the old page. Because they are only offering a single method of authenticating my identity which will not work, I cannot reclaim that account. So please follow and like this new page for all future updates! We will continue to post new content and updates on our main thread here in this forum but I didn't want to post this important info on that thread and have it missed
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