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Aethria will be opening soon!


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Our programmer is back at work finishing up the last few programming tasks for Aethria, so we should be able to launch soon, though we don't have an exact opening date yet!

We will be offering choose-your-own-account ID packages, standard alpha account packages, and pre-opening merchandise as soon as we feel comfortable that we have a reliable date for alpha release.

While we will certainly continue to add features during the life of the site, Aethria will be a full-featured site upon opening, with several activities already available.  

For more details on each of Aethria's three lands that will be available when Alpha release begins, please check out the Features tab of our entry in the Game Directory in the upcoming days, or check out the information posted on our Discord server!

Why purchase an alpha account, why shouldn't I just wait for free accounts to become available, you may ask?

You are certainly welcome to wait for free accounts to become available during beta release!  Alpha accounts are meant for those who are anxious to get a head start, enjoy alpha testing new sites, and/or want to get their hands on the goodies that come attached to the alpha account packages.  More information on exactly what will be available, as well as price points, will be coming soon!  For now, enjoy a few teasers for pre-opening goodies!


39MR0IZQ.png 8RGWBOHA.pngO6I8KTMF.png OPHE5VUK.png


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Looking forward to checking this out once it's opened up. The idea of different worlds is a pretty interesting one and gives some cool possibilities to have a lot of different activities on site. The art is also really nice as well and definitely makes you want to collect the creatures.

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