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Open for Commissions - 7/23/2018


Hello everyone! I am currently open for commissions for item art and animal base/re-color art. 


To keep the comments clean here, please message me with any orders. Or, alternatively, you can e-mail me at [email protected]


Terms & Conditions

  • Commissions will be done in the order that they were received.
  • Please note that I do have responsibilities in life; cleaning, pets, family; and sometimes my work pace will fluctuate. 
  • I try to complete at least one painting per day, up to five linearts per day, or up to two greyscales per day; depending on what current orders are. 

Payment Policies

  • I accept payment via PayPal. 
  • At least HALF of the payment must be made up front. I WILL NOT start sketching, lining or greyscaling until at least half of the payment has shown up in my PayPal. 
  • Remaining half of payment balance is to be made once I send a watermarked copy of the image. Once payment is received, I will send you the un-watermarked version. 
  • If remaining payment balance is not made within one week after notifying you of a finished image via a watermarked screenshot, I will repurpose the image (changing colors, anatomy features, etc.) and re-sell the image. You will NOT receive a refund of your first half of payment. 
  • Please ensure you are THOROUGH in describing EXACTLY what you would like your commission to look like. This includes poses, colors, anatomy, backgrounds, etc. Feel free to send me references to give me a visual representation. I will do TWO initial sketches based off of your description/request for poses/anatomy before extra fees are added. If you would like changes past the first two sketches, each following change will incur a $10 fee. 
  •  By sending payment to my PayPal, you agree to all of the above listed terms. 

Work Process



  • You send me a detailed description of exactly what you'd like, including references for color, pose, and anything you'd like specifically. You let me know which tier/type of commission you'd like from the list found below. 
  •  I respond to you with an acceptance or a denial. If I accept the commission, we will discuss whether you will be paying half up front, or the full cost up front. 
  • Once payment style is decided, I will request your PayPal e-mail and send you an invoice for your choice of either half or the full payment.


  • Once I receive the first half, or the full payment, I will sketch up a rough shape sketch of your commission. This is to ensure I get the pose correct. If you do not like it, I will scrap it and try again. If you do not like it the second time and request any other changes, please refer to the "Payment" terms above regarding fees for changes.
    1 by JeeperXJ95
  •  If/when you accept the rough shape sketch, I will flesh out the sketch with details and send you yet another update. You have two free changes in this phase as well before changes begin collecting fees. Note that this is your last chance to change any anatomy details as I will not change them after lines are completed. 
    2 by JeeperXJ95
  • Once the fleshed out, rough sketch is completed, I will line the sketch and send you another update. 
    3 by JeeperXJ95


  • This I where I will begin the greyscale - if your commission calls for it. 
  • I will send you multiple updates throughout the greyscaling process. 

4 by JeeperXJ955 by JeeperXJ956 by JeeperXJ95

8 by JeeperXJ959 by JeeperXJ9511 by JeeperXJ95


  • This is where I will add color to the greyscale - if your commission calls for it. 
  • I will send you a watermarked version of the completed / colored product in which you can request small changes in color. Any drastic changes will incur a fee. 

12 by JeeperXJ9513 by JeeperXJ95


  • If your commission calls for a background, this is where the background will be completed. 
  • I will send you progress updates throughout the painting of the background. 
  • Once the image is 100% completed, I will send you a watermarked version - this version cannot be changed without incurring fees other than small changes such as saturation and vibrancy. 
  • At this point, if you paid half up front, I will notify you that the commission is finished and you have 7 days to respond to the payment invoice. Please refer to the above Payment policies. 
  • If you paid in full, the image will be uploaded without a watermark and is yours to enjoy. 


~ Examples & Prices ~

** Lineart - Starting at $5 ** 

Extra style: + $2 each  
Extra Style = Ear styles, hair styles, tail styles, etc. 


P2U Baroque Horse Lineart by JeeperXJ95

** Flat Color - Starting at $7 ** 

  • Complex Markings: + $2
  • Simple Background: + $2 
  • Complex Background: + $4 
  • Per Extra Character: + $4  

PittieFlat by JeeperXJ95


** Greyscale / Bases & Recolors - Starting at $20** 

Base Price Includes: Greyscale, Two Color Variations

Extra style: + $4 
Extra Style = Ear styles, hair styles, tail styles, etc.

Per 5 Extra Color Variations: + $5 


11 by JeeperXJ95

Pitties by JeeperXJ95



** Items - Starting at $3 each **

  • Pack of 10 Items: $30 
  • Pack of 25 Items: $70
    ^^  $5 Savings ^^
  • Pack of 50 Items: $130
    ^^ $20 Savings ^^
  • Pack of 100 Items: $150
     ^^ $50 Savings ^^ 

Item Examples 1 by JeeperXJ95


  • How long is your turn around? 
    • When it comes to items, I try to finish an absolute minimum of 20 per day, 7 days a week. (120 items per week). 
    • When it comes to bases and recolors, I try to finish a minimum of 2 bases per day, as well as the initial 2 free recolors for each base. (14 bases per week). 
  • If I hire you for a long term job, will you require specific days off or some sort of schedule? 
    • Preferably. I like to have a set schedule when it comes to long term jobs. This makes it easy for everyone. Things to think about including in a schedule can be found below: 
      • A day of the week set to sending your weekly order for items/bases. 
      • A day of the week set to send the completed order and collect payment
      • At least one day off, depending on the work load. 
        • In Example: 
          Monday --> You send me your weekly order. This means you send me a list of what you'd like me to complete for the week. 
          Saturday --> You send payment, I send you the link to your completed order (which will be a deviantart stash file or a google drive file). 
          Sunday --> A day to rest my hands (and back). 
  • What tools and programs do you use? 
    • I use Photoshop CC, SAI (for linework only), and a Huion GT-191 (basically a Wacom Cintiq with a different name on it). 


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Completed updated terms, examples, etc.
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