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Found 7 results

  1. Forum | Rules | Knowledge Base | Archives | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Wikia ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ What is Hewan? News, Updates & Future Plans Adoptable Species Our Sponsors More Information
  2. Hey there! I'm a student artist pursuing a career in concept art but pet sites have always been a side interest of mine and I'll be more than happy to help with your project. ~~~ My style is very flexible. I can draw cartoon to realism and everything in between. All the better to learn your site's style and fit in -or help tailor something unique for you! Visit my Artstation for more! I am most responsive on discord (pen#7903) but you can also reply here for quotes!
  3. Welcome! I've been a gaming artist for 5+ years now but have been doing artwork for games for longer. The style I work in is a semi-realistic like style bordering on realistic. It's a stunning and beautiful style and works for all kinds things. I've completed well over 500 items in this style over the years and over 100 creatures in this same style! Please feel free to browse through the examples and view the prices below those example. I do hope you enjoy what you see. You can contact me here or at any of the other provided contact methods at the bottom. Turn around time is based on how much work I currently have and what your deadline is like. Hope to work with you and your game. I do accept signing contracts and long or short term work. Items include any non-animal objects such as plants, materials, pelts, animal parts (like bones, fangs), minerals, stones, and other objects. The base price is $4 usd per item. I normally do items in sets or groups and they are around 600x600 in size or otherwise a size you have specified: - 5 items = $20 usd // - 15 items = $45 // - 25 items = $80 - if the item is something very complex, like detailed armor or has a lot of different parts to it, the price may be higher - At least half the payment is required up front. I usually use Paypal, but am open to other paying options, excluding checks. Animal and creature bases can be broken down into parts (such as head, body, tail, ears, eyes, legs) or just as single unit. You would receive the PSD file and I usually create these in a 1000x1000 size or whatever you have specified. The base price for a creature is $40 usd - base price may change due to creature's complexity, such as wings, large detailed horns, or other complex parts - equipment is not included and is treated as an asset, so please refer to the top price for assets - At least half the payment is required up front. I usually use Paypal, but am open to other paying options, excluding checks. The Way I Work: In normal circumstances, I will present you with a sketch of your creature before hand to confirm the pose and overall design. This may also apply to items that you wish to look a specific way. For large sets of items, I can present the sketches to you as I complete them, but in most cases, I just complete the item full and send it to you. Once at least half the payment has been up front, I tend to get to work as soon as I can, depending on my work prior to receiving your order. For a set of 25 items, it can take up to 3 weeks at the most. If the request is smaller, then I can clearly get the work done at a quicker pace. As I normally just present a completed item to you rather than sketches, unless specified otherwise, I do allow for request of minor edits for items, such as color changes, positioning, and minor design adjustments. For items, you do not receive the psd file. For creatures, once half the payment is made, I will do a final line and flat base color of the creature and check back in with you to make sure everything is still the way you like it. I will complete the shading and any other minor detailing. The second half of the payment is required when the work is complete. If the payment fails to be received within 30 days, I reserve the right to raise the cost for being forced to wait and waste my time. I also may remove the items from your access do they cannot be downloaded and if you use them without paying the full amount, I have a right to seek legal action. All items are unique and done for you. Once you have fully paid, you can do as you desire with those items, including re-coloring, reselling, and so on. I do have the right to present the material in portfolios and social media, though I will ask for a time as I know some games like to keep the content private till they publicly reveal it. Though I won't ask for it, I do appreciate receiving credit somewhere on the game or site for doing the artwork for it, even if it's just a simple credits page or located somewhere in the TOS. It's not required, but it is a kind gesture to the artist. If there is something else you're interested in seeing and having me offer, but do not see it here, feel free to ask! I am open to suggestions and your thoughts. Thank you! Feel free to PM me or contact me at the email below: [email protected] If you have a Discord, you can also chat with directly. I am known as: Aminirus #1824 Be sure to also ask me about background artworks in different styles too! Backgrounds or Environment based images can range in prices based on difficulty of the scene and it's style. The more cartoony style with the cherry trees is around $80 usd and the desert image would be around $35 due its more simple colors and less need for detail, but do keep in mind that the more realistic your background request is, the more it can cost. In general, forest and city scapes can easily hit around $100 usd while deserts and open plains can stick around $40 usd. Thank you!
  4. How many animals do other sites usually allow players to have, and does the limit include offspring? How many offspring do they have? What kind of restrictions are on players and their number of animals? What techniques are used for coding and database for breeding games that save space? Leporidae (a rabbit breeding SIM) currently allows: - A regular player to hold up to 150 animals. - If upgraded, can hold up to 600 animals. Rabbits can breed every 3 days and have 2-12 offspring per litter. Limits include offspring, so if a regular player has 50 rabbits, they can breed about 10-20 of them. If they have 100, they can breed about 5-10. Players are requesting that we not include offspring in the limits. This would bring a regular player's animal count from the restricted 150 to 1000+ potentially. I considered making the offspring have 'temporary data' that takes up less space, but I'm not sure how to do that because they need to have genetics. The genetics take up a lot of space in our rabbit table. We store each allele as CHAR 5 because they can be things like A, cchd, En, etc. There's 36 alleles in total. We can't change it to integers without completely recoding most of the site. I know I've asked about space-related issues before. I've taken quite a few pieces of advise and am still considering others like hosting our database on a different server. But I'm really curious about animals in particular and common practices or obstacles that other games face.
  5. Open for Commissions - 7/23/2018 Hello everyone! I am currently open for commissions for item art and animal base/re-color art. To keep the comments clean here, please message me with any orders. Or, alternatively, you can e-mail me at [email protected] Terms & Conditions Commissions will be done in the order that they were received. Please note that I do have responsibilities in life; cleaning, pets, family; and sometimes my work pace will fluctuate. I try to complete at least one painting per day, up to five linearts per day, or up to two greyscales per day; depending on what current orders are. Payment Policies I accept payment via PayPal. At least HALF of the payment must be made up front. I WILL NOT start sketching, lining or greyscaling until at least half of the payment has shown up in my PayPal. Remaining half of payment balance is to be made once I send a watermarked copy of the image. Once payment is received, I will send you the un-watermarked version. If remaining payment balance is not made within one week after notifying you of a finished image via a watermarked screenshot, I will repurpose the image (changing colors, anatomy features, etc.) and re-sell the image. You will NOT receive a refund of your first half of payment. Please ensure you are THOROUGH in describing EXACTLY what you would like your commission to look like. This includes poses, colors, anatomy, backgrounds, etc. Feel free to send me references to give me a visual representation. I will do TWO initial sketches based off of your description/request for poses/anatomy before extra fees are added. If you would like changes past the first two sketches, each following change will incur a $10 fee. By sending payment to my PayPal, you agree to all of the above listed terms. Work Process ~ Examples & Prices ~ ** Lineart - Starting at $5 ** Extra style: + $2 each Extra Style = Ear styles, hair styles, tail styles, etc. ** Flat Color - Starting at $7 ** Complex Markings: + $2 Simple Background: + $2 Complex Background: + $4 Per Extra Character: + $4 ** Greyscale / Bases & Recolors - Starting at $20** Base Price Includes: Greyscale, Two Color Variations Extra style: + $4 Extra Style = Ear styles, hair styles, tail styles, etc. Per 5 Extra Color Variations: + $5 ** Items - Starting at $3 each ** Pack of 10 Items: $30 Pack of 25 Items: $70 ^^ $5 Savings ^^ Pack of 50 Items: $130 ^^ $20 Savings ^^ Pack of 100 Items: $150 ^^ $50 Savings ^^ How long is your turn around? When it comes to items, I try to finish an absolute minimum of 20 per day, 7 days a week. (120 items per week). When it comes to bases and recolors, I try to finish a minimum of 2 bases per day, as well as the initial 2 free recolors for each base. (14 bases per week). If I hire you for a long term job, will you require specific days off or some sort of schedule? Preferably. I like to have a set schedule when it comes to long term jobs. This makes it easy for everyone. Things to think about including in a schedule can be found below: A day of the week set to sending your weekly order for items/bases. A day of the week set to send the completed order and collect payment At least one day off, depending on the work load. In Example: Monday --> You send me your weekly order. This means you send me a list of what you'd like me to complete for the week. Saturday --> You send payment, I send you the link to your completed order (which will be a deviantart stash file or a google drive file). Sunday --> A day to rest my hands (and back). What tools and programs do you use? I use Photoshop CC, SAI (for linework only), and a Huion GT-191 (basically a Wacom Cintiq with a different name on it).
  6. Considering this is a “feature” for many pet sites, this might be a heated topic, but here goes: What are your thoughts on breeding animals for profit/appearances? This topic is used to discuss both real world breeding and breeding in pet games. Looking now to games (such as pet games) which I’ve always enjoyed in my youth, I find it difficult sometimes understanding why breeding is such a heavy “feature.” Which in my mind comes down to this: - Animals/pets are bred to have certain appearances. Animals with unique or rare appearances are generally preferred and “worth more.” - Appearances tend to have more worth than personality or skills. - Pets/animals are regularly bred by choice of the user, not naturally breeding at the choice of the pet/animal (aka forced). - Pure breeds are often “worth more” than mixed breed or “base colours.” - Similarily coloured/painted/alternated pets tend to have more worth. Example “winged cat” is better than “base model orange cat.” How is this not abusing the animal/pets? I feel like I no longer understand nor have respect for this practice. Lets discuss. PS, although I have strong opinions for this, I’m not here for any fights. I genuinely would love to hear opinions (conflicting to mine or not) of others on this topic.
  7. Hi there. I'm new to TGL and wanted to introduce myself/my art. I currently work for a virtual pet website called Mythodreas.com, but I'm interested in selling some art too. Examples of my work are below. Note, these are NOT for sale. They are just examples of what I have done. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks for looking!
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