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  1. Mysidia Deluxe

    I pushed through another biggish PR this morning. Removing the config.php file from the code in favour of using a .env file from the auto-loaded dependency.
  2. Mysidia Deluxe

    Yup - I got that too. It has to do with the attempt to cast as a Mystring. I've put in a PR to add in PSR-0 autoloading support which also fixes that (since I couldn't test). ~judda
  3. Mysidia Deluxe

    Well for things like configuration - you can use: https://github.com/vlucas/phpdotenv And stuff like that.
  4. Mysidia Deluxe

    #1 is literally just moving everything down one folder. That way when deployed to a consumer's web server they can have things stored at least a bit more securely. #2 use composer for common libraries that you can use from the internet (packagist.org)
  5. Mysidia Deluxe

    @Dinocanid A few small suggestions: Move all of the web content down one folder in the repository and make this in a "public" folder. That way in the future you can have a safe environment. Set up composer for at least some of the dependencies/namespaces. Instead of making the repository under your username, make a group/team "mysidia-deluxe" with one repository for now (this one) ~judda
  6. Looking for a Project

    @BeingI had Syntax set up to work on my stuff and then she just disappeared
  7. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    June 15th was the only day I heard from him. I messaged him a little while later (June 23rd) and low and behold, he had vanished again. ~judda
  8. The umbrella company is something that I plan to do in the upcoming months. Please Note: I live in Canada - so some of this may not apply to you. If I make an incorporation for my "brand", I separate my personal assets from the company (therefore protecting me from losing everything). I will then spawn off several different companies from this incorporation. For now, they will be: Freelancing IcePets.Com CheckItOn.Us With the intention of adding more as I build up more sites. With it, I will also be able to write off some purchases (or portions of them) during tax season. In essence, the LLC/Incorporation helps protect you, and by using that, you can have other companies under it which have the same protection because of the parent brand.
  9. I've tried to reach out a few times about buying MyVPS - are you guys willing to sell the assets?
  10. Are you on Discord? It may be easier to discuss there. For data types, if you are just doing on/off - TINYINT(1) would work. Even with multiple options, TINYINT may work better for you. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/storage-requirements.html I'm a little confused about what you are saying. You say that the database as a whole is 150 MB but for every 5-10k rabbits, it grows 1 GB. This tells me that the issue isn't with your database but with the actual images that you store for the rabbits?
  11. You say that most of the rabbit data is INT in order to save space - do you have a need for such high numbers? Or would smaller data types do you better? I would love to help if you have anything that I can help with - I have been working with larger data sets for a while now (doing point of sale analytics and reporting). ~judda
  12. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    I have had the same thing happen to me on several occasions sadly. I even paid him upfront because he was doing a lot of work for me trusting that I would see the code ... I have yet to see it (this was about a year ago now). I have limited to no faith that I will ever see that code which I paid for.
  13. IcePets.com is looking for help. We have been working on some massive changes to the site recently. We are converting the layout from using strings built up in the code to use a proper templating engine (Twig V1). Technical Requirements: PHP 7 Eloquent Models VueJS jQuery (removing most of it - but it's still there) npm/yarn Composer - We use this to bring in the models Twig git You will be working directly with me (developer) and my team to convert not only the layout over to using Twig, but also lots (all) of the database queries from using the mysql_* functions over to use Laravel's Eloquent models. I have done a fair bit of work already setting up the groundwork for it, however, to take it home I may need a bit of support. Applicants - please provide: Resume References Code Samples
  14. Long term developer

    @Vix is amazing to work with. She has a great (non-technical) understanding about what is going on behind the scenes of the site and is very understanding about time commitments and devotion.
  15. Stripe.com

    Stripe is amazing. I've implemented both PayPal, and Stripe, and I can honestly say I like developing for it more, I like well, everything about it a lot more. The only concern people have nowadays is "it's not PayPal". You can test with PayPal but I've always found it sketchy, Stripe just makes it so much easier for the developer, and you don't need to go to PayPal's site!

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