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  1. @Justin thank you for the patience, we do own all of the art that was created for us. Over the last little while we have been cleaning up lots of the historical artwork that is there. I do not have numbers for how many need to be replaced off hand though.
  2. @Justin 1 - No 2 - No 3 - None - the code is pretty easy to understand once you look through it. The code for the layout updates is a lot easier to understand and a lot more self documenting. Yes I would be willing to do that.
  3. As previously mentioned, I have a number in mind however, I am not sharing it in order to get offers. 1 - Gold Accounts and ICE Purchases should be able to help sustain it for it a bit however, may not be able to pay for a ton of art at the same time. The budget for a year depends on your overall expenses. I am a programmer, so all I needed to do was pay for hosting and art. 2 - I have no control over what the owner does however, I do believe that if you cleaned house, the community would not like you as a lot of the staff are long time members who love the site. If I were the new owner, I would not do this. 3 - It is all held under my sole proprietorship.
  4. @Mobotropolis I have a number in mind however, at this point I am not sharing it with anyone in order to not muddy the waters.
  5. Hey All, First and foremost, I want to say thank you for the last 5 years! Your continued support and friendship has meant a lot to me. Unfortunately, I come to you today to inform you that IcePets.Com is now going up for sale. Although the website is up for sale, the team is continuing to add new Items and run events. The only thing on pause will be any new features and the progress of our alpha website. All I.C.E. purchases will continue to go back into the site as it always has been, but we understand if the site for sale gives you reason to pause in purchasing. Our goal is to continue to give you a fun place to play as well as events to keep you busy. You have given us many great years, and we hope with a new owner IcePets can give you many more as well. Why is it up for sale? Since purchasing IcePets.Com in 2014, the amount of time that I am able to devote to IcePets has dropped to the point that it is no longer fair to the most important part of the site. You, the users. I (and the rest of the team) have put countless hours into IcePets and definitely do not want to see it fail. That is why I'm looking to sell IcePets to find a new owner who has the passion that I once had and drive the layout updates past the finish line. What Are the Layout Updates? The original code for IcePets was written back in 2009 back when PHP was a much different language. There was no "composer" to install third-party libraries into your code, or anything. It was also coded with a bunch of back doors by the original developer. Because of this, the goal was to give the whole site a fresh coat of paint. The problem was to do this, we needed to change how the pages were built. They moved from being dynamically created in a PHP script (as a string) and being emitted with "echo", to use a full templating engine (twig) to handle them. In the meanwhile, we also improved some of the functionality (i.e. galleries were made nicer, and quick stock now works with every location instead of just your shop). These changes are all available here: icepets.dev. The majority of this is complete, including the biggest thing which were the items, just a few kinks need to be worked through, and enhancements made. So although this was branded as layout updates, after going through the first round, I quickly realized that it was going to be bigger than I had anticipated. What you get: A highly motivated and flexible team to work with Ownership of all of the art assets Pets - 17 Species with up to 37 different colours Trophies - 600 different Items - 4,500 World Maps Avatars - 770 Features: Adoptable pets Forums Messaging Multiple Flash games (most rebuilt using Construct 3) Weekly Raffle Trivia Trophies User Profiles Wishlists (layout updates) NPC + User Shops Trades Quick Stock (way better version in the layout updates) Technology Stack: The technology stack is currently in flux between the live site, and the layout updates. All of the code is stored on Gitlab for the purposes of source control. Live Site: PHP 5.6 Mysql Database jQuery VueJS Must use Apache Support Site: Laravel 5.2 VueJS PHP 7.1 Slack Integration Staff Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 VueJS Slack Integration Slack Bot: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Discord Bot: Laravel 5.6 PHP 7.1 API Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Job Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Layout Updates (in the main repository): PHP 7.3 VueJS Twig Templating Engine MySql Must use Apache HTML 5 Games: Built with Construct 3 Please Note: The API and Job Sites could be merged into one application, this was originally split up so that we could scale up the API infrastructure if needed without running the risk of having scheduled jobs run multiple times. There are tools out there now (i.e. Laravel Vapor) which would automatically handle this for you instead of having it split out this way. Additional: I recently purchased a 6-month subscription for Laravel Shift (Shift CI Plan) which allows for the automatic dependency upgrade of any number of Laravel applications, as long as they are currently on running Laravel 6.0 or above. As long as I have that subscription active, if you do not have any issues with me having access to the code, I am more than willing to have it set up as one of my projects to automatically receive the upgrades (PRs will be submitted from time to time). Also, if you upgrade the other applications to Laravel 6.0, I can enable it for those repositories too.
  6. @Dinocanid - You can't unset $this because it's a PHP object that defines itself. The only way to do it is to unset the variable using the object. That will free it up.
  7. @Digital based on this thread - could we have @PaulSonny's "Programmer" title revoked for now?
  8. You've heard the rumours. You've seen updates. You may have lost faith. But we're here to tell you the layout updates are happening in the very near future! Starting on May 4, we will be opening an Open Alpha Testing Server for all interested Users to participate in finding bugs and working out kinks before the live launch. This will be on an entirely separate server, so your actions over there will not affect your account in any way, but rather serve as a dummy account for you to play around with. The layout updates aim to provide a clean, modernised user interface and improved game experience, as well as large amounts of behind-the-scenes programming to make your IcePets experience the best it can be. We've prepared a preview of some of what's to come! Everyone is welcome to join in the alpha testing, and for your help you'll receive a Participation Trophy. Bugs discovered will be recorded publicly, and there will be special rewards for anyone who brings new bugs to our attention. Please be aware that because this is an alpha test, there may be lag and glitches, which is why we need your help to smooth things out before transferring it all to the live site! We appreciate everyone bearing with us this far. We know it's been a long time coming, and we have heard your feedback in the meantime. After the updates go live, we will be able to refocus Staff resources on new features and games for the future, as well as continued improvements to existing features and artwork. Everyone on Staff is excited for what's coming, and we hope you will be, too!
  9. @Tasinei awesome Can't wait to see the application!
  10. @Tasinei Can you PM me a screenshot of what you see and the error?
  11. @Tasinei - If you started with the link, you will be logged in as a guest on the support site for 10 minutes (a small hiccup based on the way we handle one thing). Can you try again now?
  12. I pushed through another biggish PR this morning. Removing the config.php file from the code in favour of using a .env file from the auto-loaded dependency.
  13. Yup - I got that too. It has to do with the attempt to cast as a Mystring. I've put in a PR to add in PSR-0 autoloading support which also fixes that (since I couldn't test). ~judda
  14. Well for things like configuration - you can use: https://github.com/vlucas/phpdotenv And stuff like that.
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