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  1. Firstly, your site looks amazing, it's honestly gorgeous. One thing that I would add in - from the looks of it you are looking for a developer who is used to Laravel (my assumption based on my poking around and the 404 page). Since I don't have an account I don't think I can answer these myself (at least entirely). Are all of the things listed in "Site Functions" complete already? When I first read that post, I assumed that you were saying "these are already here and we are adding on to it". But then when I started poking around it looked like they may not be? I was going thr
  2. @Vix is amazing to work with, I hope you find some great candidates!
  3. This past week's stats!
  4. That's really tough - I know a lot of sites have "non-competing product" clauses in their terms and conditions. Some possible locations would be: On TGL (Banner Ad top right) Apex Web Games PBBG
  5. Sorry for the delayed update from this week!
  6. @Syntax There was a conversation about the 500 error on Discord, the message was: Which tells me there is a weird pathing issue which used to work in "the old days" of KittoKittoKitto but now after a few steps it's not working.
  7. @Syntax - Welcome back
  8. Another week - another ad report:
  9. I really like the idea of this
  10. @Azrael Is your code using Laravel or a specific framework? Or is it straight PHP?
  11. @oakhearted I've seen a bunch of things with Chicken Smoothie but never actually looked at it myself (other than navigating to it). Is it just a forum (that's what my first impression was) or are there other things you can do on it?
  12. @Vix Noticed a mistake (they missed one of the ad locations was missing) so they added it and credited us two weeks!
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