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  1. @andrheathecat Take a look at OnlineGaming.Directory - it's a companion site to this one, which is working to list and provide details about other game sites.
  2. The planning of projects is typically what I really enjoy, followed by working the the problems that come up. Being able to make sites more "dynamic" with less code is also fun
  3. I love this project How can I help?
  4. @Leaftrill I just got an email from Verpets this morning. I tried to log in, and that account didn't work, but I was able to make a new one!
  5. @MissyMaster Any luck finding one for this price tag? I know there are a few free ones out there that are being worked on, like LoreKeeper, and Haunt Framework. Less than $100 is very cheap for all of the work that would need to go into a product like that (with such a niche market).
  6. @pastosaurio It looks like their servers don't have the packages that you need to run it. You may be able to add Smarty templating engine in, but I'm not 100% sure.
  7. @pastosaurio I would start by trying the following, in index.php add: ini_set('display_errors', 1); ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); Then start seeing what it says, if anything.
  8. @pastosaurio Is PHP 5.6 an option? That's what I have my local environment set up using.
  9. @pastosaurio On your cPanel, or wherever you are publishing it to, are you able to retrieve the error logs to see what it is erroring on? My first guess is the version of PHP, but that is without much information.
  10. @Dinocanid not sure if you are looking for a gig or not
  11. I tried a whois lookup but all there is, is a "[email protected]" email address
  12. I have not tried it - but @Design1online is here if you have questions @TrevorMRose
  13. @rajira What are you trying to change / what questions do you have for it?
  14. About the same here - a few weeks ago my city was deemed a "hot bed" but I haven't heard much of that lately (thankfully). Apparently Ontario is talking about opening up offices starting July 1st. I hope we don't go back that early. I see everyone daily on zoom calls, so don't feel the need. That being said - I'm off for a week and a bit at that point so I'm less worried. I found out this past week that my cousin had lost their job for covid which sucks hopefully this sparks a re-entrance into work for him too.
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