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  1. @Digital based on this thread - could we have @PaulSonny's "Programmer" title revoked for now?
  2. You've heard the rumours. You've seen updates. You may have lost faith. But we're here to tell you the layout updates are happening in the very near future! Starting on May 4, we will be opening an Open Alpha Testing Server for all interested Users to participate in finding bugs and working out kinks before the live launch. This will be on an entirely separate server, so your actions over there will not affect your account in any way, but rather serve as a dummy account for you to play around with. The layout updates aim to provide a clean, modernised user interface and improved game experience, as well as large amounts of behind-the-scenes programming to make your IcePets experience the best it can be. We've prepared a preview of some of what's to come! Everyone is welcome to join in the alpha testing, and for your help you'll receive a Participation Trophy. Bugs discovered will be recorded publicly, and there will be special rewards for anyone who brings new bugs to our attention. Please be aware that because this is an alpha test, there may be lag and glitches, which is why we need your help to smooth things out before transferring it all to the live site! We appreciate everyone bearing with us this far. We know it's been a long time coming, and we have heard your feedback in the meantime. After the updates go live, we will be able to refocus Staff resources on new features and games for the future, as well as continued improvements to existing features and artwork. Everyone on Staff is excited for what's coming, and we hope you will be, too!
  3. @Tasinei awesome Can't wait to see the application!
  4. @Tasinei Can you PM me a screenshot of what you see and the error?
  5. @Tasinei - If you started with the link, you will be logged in as a guest on the support site for 10 minutes (a small hiccup based on the way we handle one thing). Can you try again now?
  6. I pushed through another biggish PR this morning. Removing the config.php file from the code in favour of using a .env file from the auto-loaded dependency.
  7. Yup - I got that too. It has to do with the attempt to cast as a Mystring. I've put in a PR to add in PSR-0 autoloading support which also fixes that (since I couldn't test). ~judda
  8. Well for things like configuration - you can use: https://github.com/vlucas/phpdotenv And stuff like that.
  9. #1 is literally just moving everything down one folder. That way when deployed to a consumer's web server they can have things stored at least a bit more securely. #2 use composer for common libraries that you can use from the internet (packagist.org)
  10. @Dinocanid A few small suggestions: Move all of the web content down one folder in the repository and make this in a "public" folder. That way in the future you can have a safe environment. Set up composer for at least some of the dependencies/namespaces. Instead of making the repository under your username, make a group/team "mysidia-deluxe" with one repository for now (this one) ~judda
  11. @BeingI had Syntax set up to work on my stuff and then she just disappeared
  12. June 15th was the only day I heard from him. I messaged him a little while later (June 23rd) and low and behold, he had vanished again. ~judda
  13. The umbrella company is something that I plan to do in the upcoming months. Please Note: I live in Canada - so some of this may not apply to you. If I make an incorporation for my "brand", I separate my personal assets from the company (therefore protecting me from losing everything). I will then spawn off several different companies from this incorporation. For now, they will be: Freelancing IcePets.Com CheckItOn.Us With the intention of adding more as I build up more sites. With it, I will also be able to write off some purchases (or portions of them) during tax season. In essence, the LLC/Incorporation helps protect you, and by using that, you can have other companies under it which have the same protection because of the parent brand.
  14. I've tried to reach out a few times about buying MyVPS - are you guys willing to sell the assets?
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