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  1. Yarr ... we be pirates now! I love events like this always adds a little flare. Also makes me miss Misticpets a little bit because I remember writing a function to convert all forum posts to pirate-speak for the day
  2. Neopets Classic has a Google form to request an account, but sounds like they are picking and choosing: https://forms.gle/BfMP9VQQeJBt5tWU6
  3. Absolutely amazing job! This is not an easy thing to do.
  4. Great addition to the auctioning system! Just like real-life auctioning sites.
  5. Exciting news! I am loving the previews for Horse Fable!
  6. @teatime is amazing to work with, really high quality work!
  7. Congratulations @Vix on the fully funded Kickstarter! I'm curious what my nephews will say when they get the colouring book
  8. I know this feeling *way* too well. It's hit me several times on many different projects. The feeling absolutely sucks. Take a break from it, enjoy time with loved ones. The site will be there when you are back and ready for it
  9. This morning I was looking through my email, and I noticed an email from Amazon Web services about a service I use of their's which will have small changes soon. Very technical, but still, when I read it, I thought "this is really good customer service", they are proactively telling me what is going to change in 3 months time!. So, do you do that with your site? How is it typically received?
  10. Oooh - exciting! I can't wait to see where they take it, and hope that one day they release it to more than just Patreons *crosses fingers*.
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