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  1. Hiring Artist for Logo

    Cool! Talk to you later then.
  2. Hiring Artist for Logo

    How's this? Style wise
  3. Hiring Artist for Logo

    What sort of style are you looking for? I have a talent for style matching and can whip up a couple of examples in that general style to see if they work for you.
  4. Old Member Introductions

    Thanks so much! If I have to wager a guess: The typical four neopets, about 30 Flight Rising dragons (there were at least 70 but I cleaned them out recently), 12 Furvilla pets, 7 Dynasty dogs, 9 Sylesti pets and probably loads of others that I haven't been active on for a long time. I wonder if nintendogs count, haha.
  5. What is your art program of choice?

    @SingSong Oh wow that's so odd! I don't have any of those problems with SAI. I can save a transparent png in SAI anytime and have never experienced that glitch. Are you positive you have the latest version? I couldn't save a transparent png until I got the full latest version instead of the demo.
  6. What is your art program of choice?

    Oh man. I'm definitely a Paint Tool SAI lover. Sometimes I bounce over to Photoshop if I need some certain effects or a neat background or text. Sometimes I hop onto Clip Studio Paint for comics. SAI's my one true love though. The stabilizer is my best friend-- my hands shake constantly. I couldn't make an actual smooth line without it on a tablet. All my stuff would be all wiggly. If I had a cintiq or something where I could draw directly on the screen I wouldn't need it but I'm so used to SAI now I don't think I'll ever part with it. It's also only about $60 for a permanent copy? What a steal when you're on a budget.
  7. A Milestone: 50 members has been reached!

    Was that me? Dang, the timing works out. I feel special. Congrats! Glad to contribute. And a toast to many many more potential future members. Who will be #100?
  8. Old Member Introductions

    Yooooooo look at that. Hello! I'm SkullPuppy and I like to draw things and own a surplus of virtual animals. Pleasure, all.
  9. Hi there! I'm super interested in working for a virtual pet site creating pets/human avatars if possible. I'll get some actual pet examples up soon but for now here's just some general art examples. They're pretty large so under a spoiler they go. I've sold a lot of online commissions in the past and present but I haven't actually gotten to work for a pet site before. Rates are negotiable and vary greatly depending on the amount of hours per week I'll be expected to work as well as creative freedom and revisions. I also have some Shop Keeper styled examples using Flight Rising dragons and items from my selling threads over there.
  10. Snicket


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