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  1. My two Deviantart galleries (first one is for Digimon fanart and 2nd is for general stuff) noki001.deviantart.com/gallery…soihtuss.deviantart.com/galler… As for pet game art, I have done greyscales (meaning the lights and shadows, not the sketch or the colors) for a site called Horse Reality, some examples being: http://horse-reality.wikia.com/wiki/Kladruber_horse, http://horse-reality.wikia.com/wiki/Mustang_horse, http://horse-reality.wikia.com/wiki/Norman_Cob, http://horse-reality.wikia.com/wiki/Oldenburg_horse, http://horse-reality.wikia.com/wiki/Trakehner_horse Feel free to message me and ask about anything
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