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  1. Oh crap I posted it on the thread. That's what I get for posting on mobile.
  2. I got hung up on the last three but here it is so far.
  3. The title says TV snow, I wanted to let you know.
  4. I agree with Dino that having a mobile compatible site. Mobile has a stigma attached to it (a stigma that is rightfully earned) the app may not net you many extra players. Who knows if you have to adhere to any additional rules or laws to make the app.
  5. This is just my opinion based on playing sites since like 2008. I personally think when opening to the public the players go in with a wrong mind set. People join, get bored quick and leave little feedback. I'd see 200ish people join and like maybe 10% are actively doing bug reporting or suggestions. Some people also put a frustrating importance on low account numbers. (Hell I had a person who wanted to buy my aywas account) Also I'm going to be blunt, I do not believe in paying to get in early. Maybe because I've been burned a few times. Aside from a low number you run the risk of paying for nothing. While I did not pay for it, I do remember winning a alpha for a site that was charging $10 only to find it was a few coded pages and a forum. As for the two sims I did pay for one had hardly anyone playing( like 5 active people which left a lot of features unused) and the other just stopped updating for over a year. Honestly I'd rather have a donate option for a alpha/beta because the account bundles and cash shops really hard for me to justify buying. What am I going to do with 10,000 credits when the cash shop has 5 items or i paid $10 to test a site that is a few pages and a forum with like 8-12 active testers.
  6. ~ Corsair Item Art Commissions~ I am kind in the mood to do more pet site work. It's quite a bit of fun but not a useful skill out side of this forum so I don't get to do it as much as I'd like to. $2.50 - free basic recolours) | .50 -for anything beyond a basic recolour (I'm not sure about items that require animations) More Example: Kalune Art -Verpets - Other examples (needs updating) I also do pixel art if that is a thing you need. - -
  7. I am here for all that's worth.
  8. I deleted my account i don't really use it that much because the ads cause it to load annoyingly slow.
  9. 1. I'm kind of stuck right now. I want to draw every day but when I go to sit down I don't know what to draw. Do anyone have any suggestions? 2. I was wondering if anyone knows a good place to find podcasts or long video that are podcast-ish I normally listen to the animated anarchy podcast and totalbiscuit's podcast but I've already listen to most of them and the animated anarchy podcast is slow on updates right now. I find I can't focus ironic without something in the background.
  10. I would hate to see this forum go down the same rocky road VPL went down. I talked to a few devs who refused to go near VPL for this reason. I think we should respect devs and owners if they wish to not have things like this posted.
  11. Do you think a viewer/reader rooting for the bad guy the sign of a well written villain or is it a sign of poorly written protagonist? ---- I'm slowly trying to learn about story telling and these kinds questions fascinate me.
  12. I hate the idea that just being exposed "bad things" will corrupt you as if you were pure by default. Maybe it's because I've gone to theory groups with adults desperately trying to pick up the pieces of their lives but I tend to think us humans are far to complex for that. There are just so many factors that go into who we are and how are shaped to be who we are. I guess my question is; Was little Timmy going be a good person before being exposed to video games? Was the game really the spark or was he going to break down some how regardless?
  13. I'm confused I can't seem to find any information about how artists donate one.
  14. Clanheart kind of struck me as a site with to much trying to be achieved. That's why the fact it's so polished bothered me. It seems to want to put out a lot of quality. While wanting to put out quality and polish is important you could fall into the trap that mind set puts you. If you already invested so much into art why not just go with it? If you're not happy with the art that should have been a choice you made before investing into it. Why not do a proposed redesign and then kickstart for the rest. I'm very confused. EDIT: On second glance. Maybe is trying for too much. Maybe it's straining under the cost? Who knows? Edit2: Okay so here is my theory(?). People liked the familiar art style and they went through with upgrading the main pets? I was not really looking forward to going through 64 pages and chancing player's tumblers but that's what I gleemed. Weird thing about it was this post from a year ago saying they could not pay for it and didn't want to delay.
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