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Found 7 results

  1. direct website url: http://hewan.altervista.org/ we are currently looking for artists, please pm me about that. thanks. we need animal species artists, as i am quite fine with doing the human / humanoid species lineart hewan was found via june - july 2018 and has been in the workings ever since, originally started on forumotion. if you need help there, pm me. you can roleplay and such take a read through the site. our official forum is kinda a mess at the moment! http://hewan.altervista.org/forum/index.php staff applications * Try to fill out the following below and send it in a pm to Oakhearted! * Username: What role have you chosen to be? (artist, moderator, forum manager, etc.): Have you ever been a staff member before?: What do you think of Hewan so far?: Do you have any suggestions? if so tell me here!: More information?: contact us: hewanwebsite@gmail.com
  2. Hello everyone! Ive been looking somewhere decent to expand my advertising! I have been recommended to this site by the amazing Regnant herself, whom has been very patient and understanding with me! I cannot thank her enough. About GMO adopts: Visit GMO Adopts here! we are a small but thriving community of about 16-20 members so far, who are very kind and active! Right now i am the only one working on the site, with my friend Mad Hyena helping with ideas and the archive! Right know everything is running smoothly! I am in dire need of an explore/battle system of ANY complexity! I an not picky right now as anything to make my community more interactive and enjoyable is a gift. I am also looking for someone to help me with item images! Nothing extravagant, just little (by little i mean from 80x80 to 250x250 max) images to go with drop items. Here are some of my beans dropping by to say hello! i also am in dire need of someone to help me run the site! Here are some of the things i need! You can answer them here or fill out a google form for privacy. Looking for: Sports Director Kennel Manager Show Judge Playroom Monitor How to apply: fill out this form! Position Applying for: # of GMO's Owned: (ignore this if you are new!) Website Account Name: (please put your GMO adopts name & ID and whatever site you found this from!) Amount of time you can put in: (please also state your time zone if you can Why do you want this position? What will you do in this position? Say someone is bullying you into trying to give them an item or service. How do you react to the situation? There is an arguement starting on your thread. How do you deal with it? Someone is starting to get into your personal business or threatens to expose something personal about you. What do you do? Last but not least, What will you bring to the team? <h3>please answer these honestly. when this site gets a little bigger and the extra hands are needed, i plan on setting aside money to pay staff. if i decline your application i will provide the most detailed explanation as to why. if it is because a spot is filled, feel free to message someone in charge of the position and see if they need help. do NOT bug them about it!! do not give a pity story or some excuse to bully your way into getting a position. it will not work. dont go boast about how you got a position and someone didnt either, because that is just as mean and annoying. if there is issues with who is staff and who is not, I personalty will address the situation. Google drive form: Google Form Thank you! I hope to see some new faces soon!
  3. Forum Adoptable Guide Our Adoptable’s are cute and fluffy and love to follow you around your travels here at The Gaming List. This guide is intended to answer all the questions and help you get introduced to your new bundles of joy. What are these Forum Adoptables? The Adoptables here on the forums are pets that you can hatch from Eggs purchased from our Store. We have a wide selection of different Adoptables available for you to choose from, and often have new ones that become available. Some Adoptables are even rewarded for contests or competitions or for certain community milestones. Even others may be for purchase for real currency from our store, their purchase supporting our community. There is no limit to the amount of Adoptables you may have, however you may only have one Adoptable available at a time. You can see all the available Adoptables on our Adoptable Codex! What is Power? Power is the force that helps your Adoptable grow and evolve. Each Adoptable has many different forms that they evolve into. You may choose to evolve your Adoptable, or you may choose not to. The choice is yours. You gain Power by participating in the community. You gain power through posting, users reacting to your posts, the daily streak mini-game, and the daily power contest. Daily Streak Mini-Game The Daily Streak Mini-Game can be seen on some pages, but is easily reached by viewing your profile. Every day that you post at least once, you will gain a stacking power bonus, after 7 days it resets. The more days you return and post, the more Power you earn. Daily Power Contest The Daily Power Contest can see on the sidebar, where you see Adoptables competing for who has earned the most power during the current day. At the end of the day, the top 3 Adoptables earn a bonus amount of Power. How do I get an Adoptable? You may purchase any of the freely (or premium for a small price) Adoptable form our Store. The free pets do not cost anything, so you will not be asked for any payment information. Some Adoptables are only available as rewards for competitions and community events, so always keep up to date with our Community News to know when these events are happening. How do I set an Adoptable as my Active Adoptable? On your profile is a tab for Adoptables, from this tab you can manage your Adoptables, including setting which one you want as your active Adoptable. Your Active Adoptable is the Adoptable that receives Power. You may only have one Adoptable set as Active at a time. Note: If you are on a mobile device, you will find your Adoptables tab under the Activity dropdown on your Profile. You may also find the Adoptables link under your Account menu. How do I evolve my Adoptable? When your Adoptable is ready to Evolve, you will notice a link that says Evolve in your Adoptables options. You will find this on your Adoptables tab in your Profile. Note: If you are on a mobile device, you will find your Adoptables tab under the Activity dropdown on your Profile. You may also find the Adoptables link under your Account menu. How do I turn off the Notification that my Adoptable is ready to evolve? Sometimes you don’t want to evolve your Adoptables, which is perfectly okay! To turn off your Notification telling you that you have Adoptables ready to evolve, go to your Account Settings, click on Notification Options, and then towards the bottom look for: “An Adoptable can Evolve” and toggle the switch to off. Remember to hit Save. Note: You will have to manually check your Adoptables tab to know when you can Evolve any of your Adoptables, we will no longer notify you at all of any Adoptable that can Evolve. You can always re-enable the notification later if you choose to. How do I transfer my Adoptable to another Member? You can transfer an Adoptable to another Member by choosing Transfer from your Adoptables options. This is found on your Adoptables tab on your Profile. Please note, once an Adoptable is transferred, you will be unable to get it back unless it is transferred back to you. Note: If you are on a mobile device, you will find your Adoptables tab under the Activity dropdown on your Profile. You may also find the Adoptables link under your Account menu. Backdrops and Customization You will find additional ways to customize your Adoptables in our Store, these include backgrounds, as well as custom paid options to either upload a custom Adoptable image of your pet, or a custom Background.
  4. In just a few weeks, a project much like squiby.net once was will be launching a closed beta. We are looking for interested testers to help us find bugs in the system but also to give us feedback about UI, features, community policies and the like. Anyone who is interested in joining the beta or just wants updates on the project going forward can get involved here: https://mailchi.mp/753694387517/join-the-beta We are fully expecting the BETA to launch before March, and also want to provide BETA testers with some extra perks when we are fully launched but we're hoping they will help us figure out what they want. Thanks for reading!
  5. Today is the big day! The ARPG I've been working on, World of Eniv, is finally going live. We've got accounts on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Twitter, and our official website here. What is World of Eniv? World of Eniv is a fantasy-based ARPG and community revolving around the Enivi, magical hybrids between cervids, canines, and kirin. These magical creatures have primarily lived peaceful lives, but the desire to explore and learn about their world could change that. Join us for monthly events, discovery, questing, and a lot of fun! What Can I Do in World of Eniv? We're just opening, but there's already a lot to do. You can either adopt an Enivi today, or start earning one by drawing images of the existing characters. Once you have your Enivi, you'll be able to battle, train, roleplay, customize your Enivi, and go on random quests. What Makes World of Eniv Unique? Our goal with World of Eniv is to keep the ARPG side of things active with monthly events and plot lines. Community engagement isn't required, but it does help drive the game. There will be areas to explore, boss battles, and treasure to be found. While we explore Eniv, we know it's also important to take care of the offline world we live in as well. We'll also be doing regular charity events and educational plotlines to help everyone remember that we need to care for our world, and all the living things living in it. We're also striving to form a comfortable, accepting environment for artists of all ability ranges, from the beginner hobbyist, to the advanced professional. We want everyone to feel safe posting their World of Eniv-related art. We accept both visual and literary work in our events, and both earn points within the game. How Do I Join? Joining is easy! All you need to do is follow one of our Official Accounts and start taking part in the game. When you've earned your first Crystal, adopted your first Enivi, or found your first item, your account will be created for you. If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ, or to reach out to us. We'll be happy to lend a hand. We hope we'll see you around!
  6. Hey there! Im opening up my commissions. Im not the best at Commission sheets currently so I just have a little thing thrown all together. These are basic prices. Recolors will be an extra $5 per one Recolorable PSDs will be a little more expensive, we can discuss pricing via DM The Discord/Steam Icon pieces are ofc just headshots. But price remains the same. Prices are USD via Paypal. <3 Payment due once you receive the sketch.
  7. I had this idea when I realized there were new adoptables recently added. It would be really nice to see them all together, kind of like a Poke'dex! I just like looking at cute adoptable art aha
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