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  1. I generally lend towards in place refactoring. The cases where a rewrite might be better. - The code is really bad to the point of being broken. - The code is incomplete with no significant amount completed - The code is really, really bad, not just spaghetti but serious architecture issues that affect the ability to refactor in place as well as the correctness (i.e. works but buggy). Case in mind, new table created everytime a user joins the site and the code relies on that table being in existence. Refactoring - The site is live with users - The codebase is siginificant - The codebase is more or less working Most sites are going to fall under the second set and so to just scrap it would be a waste of resources. It may seem like a great idea to just start everything over, but really it's a significant time investment, time that you aren't working on new features as well. And it is often the case that there is more to the code than your realized/remembered, so the refactor takes longer than you thought too. Refactoring allows you to work towards this better code base without starting over, so you can allows have the live site without having to manage two different ones. And you don't have to finish it all to see improvement. Working on pet profile? Okay refactor that when you make your change. This is the route I went for Animal Acres and I think it's been working out pretty well. There are some quirks to the code now having different paradigms ongoing, but there are so many features and sometimes even ones I don't realize about until I get into the code (was a purchase initially). Had I went the other route, I would still be working on it and new features would have been hard in that time. I'd either have to not have realized them or code them in the old poor style and in the recoded version. Instead I just code it one way which can then be released right away on the new site. It's not quite as nice as working on Eliyo, but it's really not bad either. Was able to pull in eloquent and blade, so much of it is
  2. Google Ads - Worth It?

    This thread isn't about Adsense being applied to a site, but about using google ads to advertise. Didn't realize the name was different, but corrected it now. I have not personally ran into issues with ads appearing when using Adsense. But I think it'd make more sense to create a new thread about it, and it might get more attention.
  3. Talk about Pokemon Mega

    I find the game to be somewhat confusing. My character just seems to walk around the screen on their own accord and battle gaining experience and coin without me doing anything? And the battling where you click battle on the screen (so different than the self battles above) also requires me to do nothing. But all the Pokemon just attack and I win. As far as I can see I have no choice. This game could run without me, and has been while I type this out. The display screen is so tiny, but has so many icons on it at once, so it's really confusing and feels chaotic to me. I am guessing it was a mobile game made available to web or something? Mostly it just feels like it was Pokemon skinned in order to gain popularity, but it hardly has any actual Pokemon mechanics. My Bagon and Chansey that I just randomly and with a forced 'tutorial' for the second are fire type. Pokemon don't just have different types randomly. And Pokemon is all about making your own choices. I could see it being fun for some people who just want something to 'play' casually. Watch the numbers go up I guess. But mostly I am just left confused.
  4. Google Ads - Worth It?

    @JWatkinsArt It's nice to hear from someone who has some inside experience with google. I do have a question though, you say you have to spend more than the credit, it's not enough money to get traction. How much do you need to spend for it to be worth it? I didn't even list how much the credit is, which actually it's just matching credit anyway, and it's up to $150 dollars. Meaning $300 worth of ads. I mean spending $150 dollars you really need to see some type of return for it to even be worth it anyway. And really if you can't see return on $50 (100 dollars of ad credit) why would spending more bring you a return in that case? Mathematically I am just not seeing it. I think my time and resources are better spent getting some feature updates done right now anyway, but would still like to know more for the future when I feel like it's more ready. Though if the return is so low that you have a spend a ton for it to even make a difference, seems like my money is better spent on more resources anyway.
  5. Animal Acres

    Goals Revamp Officially Live! Our long promised goals system revamp has officially been released!
  6. Thanks for all the feedback! Decided to go ahead and create one. Seems like the ability to discuss would be pretty useful and honestly something I've been wanting as I work on new features.
  7. Melon Gaming Game Dev Contest

    You'll be taking 50% of the games revenue? And looks like you gain rights to games submitted but not used too? At least it specifically says you retain rights to submit to facebook. Do those creators also get 50% proceeds or does it all go to MelonJS? Sounds more like a way to make MelonJS money unless I am missing something. Sure if you win you'll get a chunk in exchange, but MelonJS gets the rights to many high quality games for less than 20k if a lot of people compete. Could be a fun competition if non winning submissions didn't lose anything, but with that clause, cant see how it'd be worth my time. If the game is that good, will likely get plenty of money outside of the contest anyway.
  8. What inspire(s/d) you?

    What originally started me on this trajectory was Zelda Ocarina of Time on the N64. I remember the first time I went to Hyrule Field and the feeling of seeing the world and immediately wanting to create myself. I played a lot of web games back in the day as well and I guess the two ideas merged into wanting to create my own web game. I take inspiration from a lot of different sources now, many games (including Pokemon for Eliyo especially battling) and life as well.
  9. I haven't seen a lot of games that allow account deletion, but it is requested from time to time. I am not really against it, but it does leave some questions of what should happen to the data connected to other players? Mainly I am thinking of forums and private messaging. But there could also be things like previous owner list for a pets history and probably others I haven't thought of. My games don't currently have a built in delete feature. I think if I did I would handle similar to a frozen account removing data but keeping the connections for old forum posts especially. Has anyone specifically chosen to allow account deletion? How have you decided to handle the deletion? Has anyone chosen not to allow account deletion? How do you handle peoples request to delete an account?
  10. What are the percentages of these?

    Ah okay, that makes now. Well the numbers you put below are a little off. The high and medium are about 40/40% each based on what you have listed (give or take a percent depending on the >=). If you want it to be 50/30 then you'll want to set the 60 to 50 instead. Since 100-50 = 50, that would give land you in that bracket about 50% of the time, and then 50-20 = 30 giving you about 30% for the second one. Hope that helps!
  11. @Dinocanid I had not heard of Titan before that sounds interesting. Probably won't use it at the moment, but good to know my options. Thanks for the information! Definitely helps. @ToyOwlet I really haven't used discord that much myself and have never run anything on it,. I have only recently have been using it more and seems like a lot of games have one or recently started one. So all the information is useful to me. I think that level of community feedback would be nice. My game is live and open, but still in beta, and I am doing a lot of development for it. I think having a place to post smaller updates and discuss would be helpful. Thanks for all the information and thoughts.
  12. What are the percentages of these?

    I think you may need to give some more information, but given what you have listed. The high hp section is 100 to 60, that means it's 40 out of the whole assuming it is out of 100 (i.e. 100-60=40). The medium goes from 20-59, it goes into the low hp section when survival is 10-19, and otherwise 1-9 goes into the low. But if survival is HP, then it's not exactly a percentage, because it's not going to go into high health 40% of the time. It's going to into anytime health is high. This would only happen 40% if survival is a random number from 1-100. Maybe you could clarify what you are trying to do a bit and I may be able to help better.
  13. Does anyone have any experience with using Google Ads for advertising? I have some ad credit (as in pay 50 and will credit you 50) and thought about trying it out but wanted to see if anyone else had any experience with them and if they felt like it made any noticeable difference or if people actually clicked and signed up for there games with them? I have not really used or paid for any advertising before so don't have anything to compare it with, but since I have the credit thought I might utilize them to advertise Eliyo some.
  14. So recently I've noticed a lot of in development games with a discord. Anyone have any thoughts on this? If they are useful and good to have? What about after a game is already open with a live site? It seems like it can be a good way to do updates and discuss with the community more and I have been thinking about if I should open one for Eliyo or not, or whether that would even be useful. We don't really have live chat on the site, so it does add something I guess. But also seems like it might just be something else to maintain, which could be a pain. Curious as to what other people think in general and for those that have chosen to have one or specifically not have one on how they like it.
  15. Account Setting Error

    @Digital Thanks for the quick fix! As a fellow programmer I completely understand. Happens sometimes, not a big deal and easy to miss. Would be hard to remember and test every little thing after an update.

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