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  1. I'm on the hunt for an artist who can do area location maps for a new project I am working on. The style is a more simple cell shaded one with gradients used at times to match our current item and pet assets. But we don't have any location areas done yet that need to be matched so this will be defining the exact style going forward. The first piece will be a fair grounds type area that's on a dock with a couple specific points of interest defined. But we have other areas and the full map that will need to be done as well. Let me know if you are interested with some examples. You can
  2. I'm not really an artist, but was thinking a fun experiment might be to take the item and draw it multiple times in different styles, maybe like a dozen or so. Would probably help to learn a bit more about style matching and drawing in different styles. Just a thought, but if you do would be cool to see your results. For me purchasing items for my games or projects it really depends on what I need, but having a style that matches one of my projects is pretty important too. So even if the items are things I might be interested in, it also has to fit into the project I would want it
  3. Sorry this job has already been filled. Thank you for you interest!
  4. I'm looking for an item artist that can create about a dozen wooden statues that look like our animal creatures for Eliyo. Something like this is the idea. And I would be interested in getting a stone re-textured version of them all as well. Some actual items from Eliyo that these items should align with. I also need a couple wooden toys. * Recreation of the old fashion dog wood but using a floppy eared Zorvic. * Pile of wooden blocks, Eliyo themed instead of letters * Spinning top painted like the old fashion tops * Block pieces
  5. A handful of updates went live yesterday for Eliyo. Badges You can now find badges around the site. Badges can be favorited so that they show up on your forum posts and your user profile. Currently there are 8 to find, with many more planned! I won't tell you how you acquire them, so play around and discover them all. A big thank you to Aaron for this update. This marks his first contribution as a programmer to the site and the first code update not done by me. Hope to have more in the future. Timezone Selection You can now set whatever timezone you want from yo
  6. Glad you have been able to run ads again. I don't know how long the review period was, guessing not very long if it was separate since it was showing the 30 days pretty much right away. I haven't really advertised much myself recently, but I do have analytics setup. That is frustrating that you pay for AdWords and then they flag your AdSense account. It's pretty ridiculous honestly. But glad things seem to running again for you now at least. Hopefully you won't run into any further problems.
  7. Mine was suspended for a 30 days and will be active again mid February. I can't remember if it was in a 'review' state first or not but it's a specific timeline for me now anyway. The official reason listed is 'Invalid clicks and impressions' and then gives some of that generic language I mentioned above when you click for more information. For me, nothing has changed on my site recently, so what can I fix? I just feel like it's a matter of time before they do a permanent ban anyway since if there is something on my end that's wrong, I don't have any real way to fix it. And if not, I sti
  8. Just recently had my account flagged for invalid traffic as well within the past couple weeks. And no, they don't give any actual information as to why other than the generic, 'ads must result from genuine user interest. Publishers may not ask others to refresh or click their ads etc..'. And I've never done that, and my adblocker is applied to my site to keep myself from accidental clicks so that wasn't the case. I don't think there is a real solution as I don't get the impression they care. I have heard of this happening a lot to other audiences such as bloggers. And per their terms, if
  9. This is old news, the $400 pricing didn't stick. Their current plans seem to be from $5-13 a month which isn't anywhere near $400. Plus they do allow some access for free again with blurring and watermarks if you go over that limit (but not broken). Not saying it's great, there are a lot of cheap and free alternatives out there anyway, but still very different than the 400 with broken images that was happening before.
  10. @Qwebs We had a server error earlier due to running out of space, but it's up and ready to go again now if you want to sign up. Note; Unfortunately the Kickstarter did not hit the goal, so while development is continuing it's at a slower pace and much of the mentioned KS features are still under development.
  11. It would be better to do an actual redirect to a must be logged in page of some sort than to just echo stuff out. Will be more flexible log term. You can do redirects in php with header() (make sure you use die() or exit() after the header call), however, you need to do the redirect before you output anything else, or it won't work. I recommend having it in a config file of some sort that you can easily require on every page that can check if the current page should require authentication, and if so, if not authenticated redirect. Make the 'should require authentication' a function
  12. Well you do have something weird going on, as addBreed doesn't equal add in the first place so if you are hitting add something has to be tying the two together. Which I don't know what exactly that is or why, but perhaps renaming it 'reset' that connection or something assuming it is something generated.
  13. Have you tried hard-coding what you send through addBreed or just within the add functionality? If the hard code works, then something is wrong with the input (not likely since you checked that but sometimes), and if not then something is probably wrong with whatever is making addBreed call add instead. One thing you could try, especially if there may be something else interfering, like the framework naming magic, is to just change the name of the method you are calling, or create a new method with a different name (same parameters) and call that instead. And of course you should ge
  14. Honestly it's a bit hard to follow as I am not very familiar with PGF. Does addBreed really call the add method directly? One thing to do for trouble shooting is jump back a step. So you see add isn't given the expected results, jump back to the first place the input in grabbed. So wherever the form submits, and check there. If the input is as expected continue down the line until you find the area where it's not what you expect and then you can more easily figure out what is going wrong. A side note, your labels are marked for ids that don't exist. minheight should b
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