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Found 2 results

  1. Whenever I try to click the 'join us' button in the Discord widget, I get an error message saying that the invite link has expired. The same also happens with the Wolf Souls Discord invite link and many others. So, I have an idea! Why not pin a thread dedicated to games' Discord servers that provides permanent invites to said server? This eliminates the frustration of not being able to connect, increases ease of use and accessibility, and would make me feel less like banging my head against my keyboard.
  2. If anyone takes this idea, let me know! I don't mind. You don't have to give me any info other than that you're doing this. I want to avoid wasting time building it if someone else is going to do the same thing. I have an idea for a game that is based around the players being able to create their own species of creatures and breed them. The game would be developed around the interests of artists and others who enjoy adoptables/virtual pets/animal SIMs. It would not require you to be an artist or ever use the creation feature—it would have other features for gameplay, and there would be plenty of new creatures being created by players for everyone to enjoy, so creation would be more of a foundation for the game than a central gameplay mechanic. Is this original enough? I know Aywas has some similar stuff with players creating new colors, so I'm not sure if this idea is orginal enough to do. It would be more species-creation oriented, though. A creator can make a new species, and allow or disallow others to create new colors for it. Also the breeding would automated (no staff involvement). I would love to see lots of different styles flourish, so the artwork would not be as consistent, but we would have some kind of quality control. Copyrighted content? Not sure how this would be handled. It might get weird if people uploaded pictures of Donald Trump or Pikachu, so we'd have to have some requirements here. You can only upload creatures that you own the copyrights to (or have expressed written permission from the copyright holder/artist who made it). We could have it so the game only gets a license to use the creature (explained in a legal agreement before uploading), so artists retain their copyrights. The creator could remove their species at any time. However, it would not be removed from players who already have the creature. It just wouldn't be distributed anymore (aside from breeding if players already have them). Not just anyone can sign up and create... Of course, we don't want just anyone creating creatures off the bat. Payers would have to progress to a certain point in the game where they gain access to the area where they can create creatures, then they need to have certain items to use the feature. This would be part of the quality control and lore. Creating Creators could upload their layers. There'd be a set maximum of layers per creature, maybe 10. Each layer would have its own settings such as the ability to change color. Colors could be set with hex values or genetics (see genetics/breeding). Maybe creators could choose whether or not there are male/female differences, baby stages , eggs, etc. (maybe these are things for later down the line) You could decide what preset colors/genetics they come in (we'd have preset genetics for basic colors like yellow, green, brown, white etc.). And of course when you create a creature, you get to decide name and a bunch of other settings. You could decide how/if you want to release it to the pubic, allow or disallow other creators to add new colors, allow or disallow breeding, etc. Genetics/Breeding Each species would have a genotype with a set number of genes. Creators could add new alleles to the genes and set their properties (such as being recessive, dominant co-dominant, and how that allele will interact with layers). This could get complicated, so if you're not into genetics stuff, there would be simple preset genetics/colors to work with. So this is all just really basic ideas. I would love to hear any feedback, and whether this would be of any interest.
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