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  1. Hi All, Looking for someone to build avatars for a new mobile game. Looking to go for the traditional base + features setup where a player can choose the head/color, then add hair, eyes, nose etc. To start it will just be the heads, but will also want to allow the players to customize whole bodies as well. If it's easier, we can design it all at once. This is a paid position. If interested, please respond or PM me. It would be most helpful to see examples of similar work. Thanks!
  2. ah so it will be browser based for android and ios too?
  3. This sounds pretty cool. Are you going to be using crossplatform tools to build this?
  4. are you open to customizing/expanding on them?
  5. I feel like there used to be a section here for selling/buying games. I was going to point you to it to see if something there caught your eye, but it seems to be no more haha
  6. Bump, still looking to fill a few more spots. Could use an NPC artist for some of the modals
  7. Thanks guys! Reaching out. As some assets are more time sensitive than others (like the calendar), I am prioritizing those and speed!
  8. Hi all, I'm building an advent calendar for players to open every day from the first through the 25th. I am in need of various art assets that I will list below. I've worked with many talented folks here, but realize that this may be a bit much for one person, so am willing to parcel it out. If you feel you can handle a certain piece or item, please let me know and we can go from there. The Calendar I should preface this by saying this calendar will be interactive in that players will roam it like a map. Each "tile" of the map is 200x200 pixels. I'm looking to have it tree-shaped, somewhat like this The outer frame can be generally tree-shaped, but I'd like the rows to look something like this: 25 23 24 19 20 21 22 13 14 15 16 17 18 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 As for style, as this will be at the north pole, I'm looking for old-school christmassy. Something made back when nut crackers were still carved from wood (ad the advent calendar should be wood too). There are some considerations to keep in mind for having this work with our map system, but I will delve into more details with whomever decides to tackle this. Reindeer I'd like to have individual art for each reindeer (Reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph), drawn at about 500x500, and then a thumbnailed version to fit within a 200x200 square (for display on the map) I would also like a stall designed with all the reindeer in it for the players to walk up to The Boxes The daily boxes will require the players to crack the combo on them before they can open them. Going to that day’s box will open up a dialog that will be 550x300. On it will be an ornate combo lock that the player will have to spin (or enter numbers with keyboard) to try different combos. Somewhat like this, but more in-line with the aforementioned Christmas/wood style. Some days the players will only need to find one number, others the combo may be 6 digits long, so an adaptable design is best. Avatars I’d also like to add to the avatars available to users. I’d like to add an abominable snowman and the grinch. Here are some examples of previous avatar work. I can provide the templates to whomever is up for the task. Misc Items An ornate key to be used to open the daily boxes (200x200) A present that says 2018 on the bow or wrapping (200x200) A christmas tree that says 2018 either on the decorations or whatever is thrown up top (400x600) The players will need to feed the reindeer hay/grass, so a bundle of this will be needed (200x200) A bottle of Champagne that says 2019 on it There will be various stalls to visit within Christmas village, so looking for a few designs for stalls with people in them and signs above (i.e. gift exchange, buy reindeer food etc) Here are some examples of current/previous items to get the art style I will be updating this post as more art needs arise. Thanks!
  9. It sounds like you want simple and fairly generic to start. If so, there are many pet site engines out there that you may want to use to get started. I believe @Design1online has one available.
  10. Not going to question their decision, but I will say that The Pokemon Company can be very aggressive with pursuing things like this, so I'd be careful. As for the game, I echo those above. Also seems you guys are pretty rude to constructive criticism in your reviews https://www.facebook.com/pg/Pocket-Monster-170390946941758/reviews/?ref=page_internal
  11. Used Pepper a couple times now and have been very pleased both times. Thanks!
  12. I feel your pain on this one. It also doesn't help that PayPal has quadrupled the dispute time from 1.5 to 6 months at this point. Not that that stops them by the way, I had to deal with chargebacks from an irate player earlier this year (January) for transactions dating back to May of 2017 Some of my games incorporate ad-based rewards, which pay less, but are more guaranteed. There's also in-app purchases from the app stores, but those can also be charged back, and they take a big chunk in fees (30%). I don't think shipping the player a redeemable code would work well since most players are impulse buying.
  13. Hi all, Looking for someone to design ads for a mobile app campaign. The ads will be for interstitials and should be 1120x1500 (I can resize for other devices). Will give some base assets to work with. PM me if interested!
  14. Curious to hear what others have to say as well. This is all a bit reminiscent of the 2257 thing that shook the adult industry in the early 2000's. Suddenly there were requirements that you had to have ID records on file for every "model" that appeared on your page, even in ads. Tons of confusion, and industries popping up to take advantage. In the end, IIRC, it settled out to be more practical than onerous. I'm hoping to see similar here, as I think this is more aimed at protecting users from the big data mining companies that abuse the data than someone storing information useful to manage the user's account. I imagine if they close their account, you may have to remove some info, but if they purchased things from you for example, then I'd hope you are within right to store that transaction info -- so long as you aren't selling/sharing it.
  15. Hi all, wrapping up an event for St Patrick's day. I have a forest map (top-down view) and have some grass and colorful bushes, but the tree assets that I have are kind of drab for what's supposed to be spring (see top left): Hoping to get some brighter green trees. Some multi-tile like the partial drab tree top in the top left (each tile is 200x200) and some single tile ones. PayPal only and looking to have it done by Wednesday so I have time for changes. If interested, please shoot a PM. Thanks!
  16. The website and FB is a little sparse on info. Sounds intriguing, where can I read more?
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